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Missouri Union Provost Marshall Papers
1861 - 1866

Source: Missouri State Archives

Ackfeld, Francis - Linn - Nov. 6, 1862 - Sworn statement about stolen property.

Barhart, Marion - Jul. 25, 1864 - Bond is too high because of six children.

Bishop, Geog R [sic] - Nov. 6, 1864 - On Oct. 6, 1864, rebels took his mare.

Blair, D.W.; Giboney, Lycurjus - Linn - Jan. 30, 1863 - Trimonthly report of prisoners

Boepen, John - Westphalia - Nov. 15, 1864 - Letter to General Rosecrans about property taken by troops of Brig. Gen. McArthur & Colonel Hubbard.

Boessen, John - Oct. 14, 1864 - Testimony and description of horses taken from him.

Boillot, Charles - Nov. 12, 1864 - Farmer and mail carrier, statement that F. Swap gave him a mule in lieu of stock taken by the rebels, that Maj. williams of the E.M.M. took the mule and refused to return it saying that Jefferson City officials had not authority in Osage county.

Bonnot, Felix - Bonnots Mill - Sep. 12, 1864 - Certification that G. W. Sanders, arrested for being a bushwacker at Osage City, is the mail carrier and is loyal.

Bowen, Ed. K. - Linn - Feb. 28, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance.

Bowen, John A; Hunter, A.M. - Jul. 24, 1863 - Statement that they know Jonas M. Shole, that he has always been loyal and opposed to the rebellion.

Branson, Washington; Hale, Edmund - Nov. 15, 1864 - Affidavit to the statement and character of Nancy Shockley concerning the impressement of her husband and sons into the rebel army and that it was against their will and upon threat of violence.

Bronson, Washington - Oct. 8, 1864 - Statement about being held by General Price.

Chapman, L. B. - Linn Township - Uttered disloy remarks in front of witnesses Michael Cashion, Frank Rake, Hermann Sonnen, and Maximilian Vacke.

Chapmand, L. B. - Linn - Oct. 15, 1862 - Statement as to his comments on the Oath he took for public office not being binding.

Christopher, Henry - Jul. 11, 1863 - Will be released from prison on oath and $1000 bond.

Clark, W.W. - Cooper Hill - Aug. 5, 1862 - Report on recruiting by area residents and himself.

Cole, Joe; Rhey, Elijah; Talbot, William; Ruter, Jacob; Talbot, Thomas; Poindexter, Joe; Price, Alfonso - Linn - Sep. 30, 1863 - Letter from George Hopkins to Gen. O. Guitar that he learned form George Bawmaster that cole is in the area and is being assisted by various men. W. Talbot, for instance, is providing ammunition. State that only way to get Cole is by going in disguise.

Compton, G.W. - May 6, 1863 - Oath

Corbett, Thomas - Jun. 23, 1863 - Oath

Corbett, William [aka Charles] - Nov. 18, 1862 - Proceedings of Military Commission; charged with encouraging rebellion against government while enjoying its protection; recommended for trial; name Charles marked out and replaced by William.

Corbit, William -
Apr. 27, 1863 - Letter from Joseph Bilbie, Sugar Creek, detailing the disloyal acts opf Corbit and naming witnesses; association with Crabtree; Corbit claiming damage last summer by soldiers.
Apr. 25, 1863 - Letter from Lt. William E. Lanston, E.M.M., St. Thomas, regarding the long-standing rebel actions of Corbit re: his claim for horses taken while imprisoned.

Corbitt, William - Sep. 15, 1862 - Charles and Specifications; rebellion against government while enjoying its protection; aiding guerrillas under Crabtree; taking Confederate oath.
Sep. 12, 1862 - Transmittal of prisoners to Jefferson City provost; when Crabtree went south Corbitt and others did also; when Stockingmeyer's horses stolen Corbitt and brother Tom seen inspecting them.

Cornwell, R.C. - Medora - Sep. 27, 1864 - Requesting permit to buy, ship and sell ammunition; reference: John N. Laughllin, Esq., provost of county.

Crider, Daniel - ??-??-18?? - Statement that he gave himself up in Linn because heard they were going to oust people for county home; sympathizes with south but never acted; has taken oath; file notation: released.

Daggett, Jesse - Rich Fountain - Feb. 27, 1864 - Daggett's montly report re his parole.
Mar. 26, 1864 - Daggett's montly report re his parole.

Dallmeyer, William Q. - Cooper Hill - Aug. 24, 1862 - Seeks compensation horses and tack taken by Capt. William J. William of Co. C., Osage Enrolled Militia and vindication as a Union man.

Davis, Frederick - Sep. 18, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance.

Davis Joseph F. - Nov. 12, 1862 - Bond in the amount of $500 & oath of allegiance.

Davis, Joseph J. - Sep. 16, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Dennis, Ed; Roads, F. - Baileys Creek - Dec. 10, 184 - J. A. Wright states that all those conscripted by Price's army are rebels with the exception of Dennis and Roads.

Dodd, Belinda E. - Oct. 24, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance.

Dodd, James S. - Sep. 24, 1862 - Union troops committing depredations and destroying property.

Dodd, John - Nov. 12, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Dodd, John S.; Hall, Samuel; Wicker, M.; Feagans, D. L. - Linn - Dec. 20, 1862 - Tri-monthly report of oaths administered and bonds filed at the post of Linn.

Doke, John - Charges against him and prison record.

Dudgeon, E. A. - Sep. 11, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance

Eady?, J. - Linn - Dec. 17, 1864 - Satisfied that witnesses are truthful.

Ehemien, Charles - Linn - Oct. 15, 1862 - Statement that L B. Chapman claimed his Oath wasn't binding.

Feagan, William; Ivey, George B.; Ivey, Henry C.; Wicker, M. C.; Wicker, C. M.; Gillian, Robert - Linn - Oct. 7, 1862 - Statement of Maj. Daniel M. Davis detailing how he arrested Feagan et al. None of the men had arms when arrested.

Feagans, Dabney L. - Nov. 12, 1862 - Oath, before Provost Marshal John N. Laughlin.

Fechter, Geo. - Linn - Jul. 7, 1864 - Cover letter, George W. Hopkins to Asst. Provost Marshal, Jeff City, for certificate for Fechter to get one or two barrels of whiskey and a keg of brandy.

Ferguson, H. J. - Bonnets Mill - May 13, 1865 - Letter to Maj. Gen. Dodge re boat; his is the only boat on the island where four families live.
May 1, 1865 - Seeks permit of Maj. Gen. Dodge to keep a small boat to enable him to commute from/to his home on Osage Island.

Ferguson, William B. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath before Geo. W. Hopkins, Asst. Prov. Marshal; witnessed by John N. Laughlin, Provost Marshal.

Fitzpatrick, Andrew J. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance.

Gallion, Robert; Wolf, Hampton - Linn - Jan. 1, 1863 - Letter from John Laughlin asking Capt. John S. Minick what to do with a contraband horse which had been taken from Gallion, a deceased rebel. The horse had been traded by Wolf on the order of Maj. Davis. Gallion's widow wants the horse.

Glasgow, Henry B. - Sep. 25, 11862 - Oath.

Glover, C. - Medora - May 6, 1865 - Letter to Lieut. Mahan in Jefferson City that although he has been appointed circuit and county court clerk, he hasn't taken office, and therefore is returning the papers in cases of those arrested for offenses committed in the county.

Green, Harrison - ??-??-186? - File notations. Price's Army.

Gregory, Samuel - Linn - Nov. 8, 1862 - Bond of $1,000.

Gress, Michael - Dec. ?, 1861 - Deposition regards service in Home Guards and his arrest

Griffith, William T. - Sep. 28, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance.

Hancock, Benjamin; Chapman, L.B. - Linn - Dec. 26, 1863 - Letter from I. Lauglin partially illegible. File notation states that evidence against Hancock and Chapman is being enclosed.

Hancock, Henry B. - Chimois - Jan. 20, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Hancock, William L. - Report that he was taken prisoner at Springfield, released upon taking the oath, was arrested again with no charges proffered, requests release

Hancock, William S. - Feb. 5, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Haslag, Herman - Oct. 25, 1864 - Swears before notary Francis Roer of Cole Co. that the rebels, on their recent raid, took two of his mares ($250) on or about 7 Oct 1864. Henry Poettgen and John M. Husgen attest.

Hawkins, Joseph - Feb. 24, 1862 - Oath of loyalty.

Holtschneider, Charles Gregory - Oct. 14, 1864 - Statement that rebels under Gen. Price took four mules and one mare from him.

Hoops, David - No Date - Affidavit of Joseph Buschman that Hoops was one of the men who shot at him. J. Buschman states he was trying to prevent Hoops from shooting at Henry Buschman.

Hopkins, George M. - Linn - Oct. 15, 1862 - Charges and specifications of disloyalty against L. B. Chapman, a justice of the peace.

Hopkins, George W. - Linn - Jul. 23, 1862 - Letter to Thomas C. Fletcher apprising that he has recommended him for enrolling officer of Osage County to Brig. Gen. Schofield..
Jul. 24, 1862 - Request to be appointed enrolling officer for Linn, so the citizens don't have to go to Jefferson City, also recommendation to appoint Doctor Ed Rheiner of Westphalia for the German settlement.

Howerton, Lewis M. - Linn - Aug. 12, 1863 - Howerton was taken to Rolla. About a gunfight; both shooters missed.

Hucksless, James; Compton, G. W.; Feagans, William; Ivie, H. C.; Gallion, Robert; Wicker, J. C.; Wicker, C. - Linn - Oct. 26, 1862 - Letter from Z. Isbell about bonds filed for 4 prisoners. 4 additional prisoners listed in Gratiot Street Prison to be examined and allowed to file bonds.

Hughes, Moses - Feb. 7, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Hughs, William; Knabzier, Calvin; Hoops, David; Hoops, John; James, David; Hoops, David; Stewart, Vincent; Chrisman, William; Rowden, Robert; Chrisman, John; Chrisman, Stephen; Mackey, J.; Chrisman, Isaac; Wiles, Thomas L. etal - No Date - Document labeled "Items for Osage, Maries and Miller Counties." Included is a note that Lt. Peter M. Fritz burned a schoolhouse in Dist. 3 of Maries County. Also includes list of individuals whose homes were burned.

Hull, H. C. - Dec. 14, 1864 - Statements re his loyalty wishes to ship and sell livestock.

Hurt, J. A. - Nov. 27, 1863 - Requests extension of parole limits to State of Missouri for six months; limited to Osage and Cole Counties; file notation: recommend granting.

Husgen, John M. - Nov. 25, 1864 - Statement that Nov. 6, 1864 rebels under Price took a mare worth $150; attested to by George R. Bishop and Herman Haslay. Statement that rebels under Sterling Price took his mare; George R. Bishop and Herman Haslag vouch for this statement.

Isbell, Unknown - Dec. 16, 1863 - Transmittal of Isbell's testimony from Linn, Osage County to provost at Rolla

Isbell, Zachariah; Williams, William J.; Miller, Adam - Linn - Aug. 1, 1862 - General Order No. 3 and Special Order No. 120 appointing county board.

Jackson, James - Oct. 1864 - Captured by Price's command at the time of the raid through Missouri.

Jeffery, Peter - Jan. 24, 1865 - Statement and examination in the case of Augustus Chowwicker.

Jockson, James - Oct. 9, 1864 - Statement of Jockson that he was taken prisoner by Price. While prisoner, said that the rebels claimed they would capture Jefferson City and complained of not having enough food to eat.

Jordan, James - Oct. 9, 1864 - Document noting property taken from Jordan by guerrillas from Callaway County.

Kidd, J. K. - Aug. 4, 1861 - Letter from H. L. Elsworth complaining that Kidd, a recruiting officer, was providing arms to secessionists. These arms were samples he was given to aid in his recruitment.

Koeltze, E. - Koeltztown - Apr. 22, 1865 - Letter stating that he is unable to travel to Vienna due to illness, but is willing to give evidence for or against any person to any magistrate deemed proper.

Koschland, N. - Linn - Jun. 16, 1863 - Purchase order to Parker, Russell and Co., St. Louis, for powder, lead, caps and shot. The commanding colonel recommends that subject be permitted to purchase ammunition..

Lackey, R. J.; Isbell, Zachariah; Williams, William J.; Miller, Adam - Jun. 26, 1862 - Letter from Lackey suggesting three persons suitable to compose the Osage County Board per Gen. Schofield's General Order 3

Lamkin, William M. - Nov. 15, 1864 - County clerk, certificate that the signature of R. H. Mason, Justice of the Peace, is genuine on the affidavits of Nancy Shocklee, Branson Washington, and Edmund Hale.

Lamskin, William W. - Linn - Dec. 17, 1864 - Satisfied that witnesses are truthful.

Laughlin, Amos - Nov. 18, 1862 - Oath of Allegiance and banishment from the state. Parole.

Laughlin, John N. - Linn - Feb. 1, 1864 - Report of contraband and confiscated property: a horse taken from Henry Steinman because he couldn't account how he came in possession of it; horse left in the care of old man Steinman, subject to orders.

Lefeld, Francis - Jan. 3, 1863 - Bond, $500 to sell liquor, security Fred Leneman. Oath, bond and permit for the introduction and sale of liquors and other articles within the limits of the Central Division of Missouri

Mason, Robert H. - Jan. 17, 1865 - Justice of the peace, statement that Robert J. Shockley, age 16, was impressed by the rebels into the army and escaped at the first opportunity, that he can neither read nor write.

McAfee, James M. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of allegiance, witness John N. Laughlin.

McAffee, John - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of allegenace, witness John N. Laughlin.

McDaniel, John N. - Aug. 31, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

McDaniel, William A. - Linn - Aug. 10, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

McDonnel, John N. - Dec. 8, 1864 - Statement that John Dillon is loyal.

McFarland, George - Apr. 22, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

McFarland, George; Wilhoit, B.; Hughes, David; Reynolds, John; Shockley, L. B.; Higby, A. A.; Dodd, J.; Dodd, H.; Hughes, Robert; Herndon, Whit; Feagans, D. L. - Linn - Jan. 19, 1865 - List of people who joined Price's army.

McFarland, Robert - Sep. 28, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Miller, A. - Chamois - Aug. 1?, 186? - Letter from Mrs. Miller largely illegible. Miller writes of the dire straights of her family and her husband's poor health. States the militia took two of her horses and asks for their return.

Miller, Davidson - Sep. 20, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Mills, Richard - Dec. 10, 1862 - Bond in the amount of $2,000.
No Date - Charges and specifications against Mills for violation of oath of allegiance.
1862 - Charges and specifications against Mills, charged with joining Crabtree's outlaws in 1861.
Oct. 16, 1862 - Charges and specifications against Mills, charged with violation of his oath of allegiance and bond.
No Date - Charges and specifications against Mills, charged with violation of oath and bond. Mills accused of joining Crabtree's guerrillas and engaging in hostilities against the U. S. government.
No Date - Note stating Mills is 29 years old and surrendered on October 13. Mills violated his oath and forfeited his bond.
No Date - Note stating Mills violated his oath and bond.
Nov. 21, 1864 - Proceedings of Military Commission against Mills, charged with violation of oath and forfeiture of bond. Board recommended that Mills be held for trial before Military Commission.
Ketts Town - Dec. 1, 1862 - Petition from acquaintances and neigbors of Mills asking that he be pardoned. Petitioners believe that Mills, if released, would comply with all requirements. Refers to Mills' three children.

Mosby, William - Benton Township - Sep. 20, 1862 - Oath of Loyalty.

Newman, A.T. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Oberkrom, Henry - Feb. 13, 1864 - Statement of Oberkrom that during Price's raid three horses were taken from him. He was given one horse in return which was later taken by Major Jefferson Williams.

Ortonezer, Stephen - Westphalia - Sep. 2, 1864 - Statement that Agness A. Clark, wife of James Clark, member of Crabtree's gang and rebel soldier, claims a horse taken from her by Captain Steininger of Cole County Militia and sold in Jefferson City.

Page, Jasper - Linn - Mar. 26, 1865 - Letter from Z. Isbell marked as "confidential" to F. Swope. Isbell states that Page is a notorious character who the people consider a bad man. He has been in the area wearing a revolver. Asks that 2-3 good men in disguise be sent down to take Page.

Party, Luchin; Party, Delpkna; Jessiot, Charles; McMillan, Thomas; Party, Joseph; Vaughan, B. H.; Vickers, E. P. - Bonnots Mill - Sep. 12, 1864 - Affidavit to the loyalty of G. W. Sanders.

Patterson, Peter P. - Apr. 30, 1862 - Oath and safeguard.

Penitition, George W. - Oct. 15, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Pennington, Issac - Linn - Oct. 4, 1862 - bond of $1,000.
Oct. 11, 1862 - Oath of loyalty.

Phelps, John H. - May 6, 1863 - Oath of loyalty.

Piel, Henry - Dec. 19, 1864 - Statement of William Crouse and L. B. Chapman attesting to Piel's loyalty; file notation: permit to ship (illegible) from Osage County.

Ramsey, Seander - Linn - Nov. 27, 1862 - Letter informing Col. Dick that David Hoop is very sick with pneumonia and will be unable to enroll in the militia or file his bond, but will as soon as he can.

Rechtien, Louis - Richfountain - Apr. 23, 1865 - Letter to Lieut. James T. Berry in Vienna saying he is unable to report due to illness, but imagines the matter concerns his statement of two men robbing his store, and that his wife knows more of the incident.

Reynolds, W. C.; Hughes, [unknown]; Dodd, Mrs. B.; Townley, Dr. K. W.; Hancock, Catharine - Linn - Jan. 19, 1865 - List of southern sympathizers.

Rhrone, H. T. - Sep. 1, 1864 - Statement against him. Schoolteacher making secessionist statements.

Roettzen Henry - Nov. 25, 1864 - States that two mares were taken from him by men under Sterling Price

Roina, L. - Linn - Dec. 17, 1864 - Satisfied that witnesses are truthful.

Role, J. B. - Oct. 24, 1862 - Bond ($500) for the sale of liquor. Oath for the introduction and sale of liquors within the limits of the central division of Missouri.

Roll, S. B. - Dec. 14, 1864 - Statement that Benjamin McGill of Cole County is loyal and the stock in his possession is his and he has the right to dispose of it.

Schulte, Anton - Apr. 24, 1865 - States that men came to his house and stole money and four horses

Shelley, Michel - Dec. 31, 1864 - Affidavit of John M. Pamara and Daniel Carroll that Shelley owns 25 hogs and is a law-abiding citizen.
??-29_1864 - Letter from Jefferson City requesting to ship 25 hogs from Chamois, Osage County, to St. Louis; raised stock himself.

Shockley, Nancy A. - Nov. 15, 1864 - Statement that her husband, John W. Shockely, and sons, Robert J. Shockley and Francis M. Shockley, were taken by the rebels against their will, have since been arrested by Federal soldiers and imprisoned at Gratiot Street Prison, requests their release.

Sholey, James M. - Chamois - Jul. 27, 1863 - Letter to T. A. Switzler at Jefferson City requesting that his papers be promptly sent, and worries that the delay will create difficulty in the overtaking of his blacks.

Smith, James - Dec. 21, 1861 - Statement of Smith that he received a passport to travel from St. Louis to Jefferson City. Smith left his passport at his home in Osage County.

Stackemeyer, Heinrich - Linn - Nov. 6, 1862 - Statement that guerrillas under Crabtree stole some personal property worth $100.

Stiefermann, Mathias - Loose Creek - Oct. 29, 1863 - Request of Gen. Brown to send a whiskey permit to Peter William Munks, the postmaster at Loose Creek.

Thompson, George; Kemp, [?] - Linn - Jan. 25, 1863 - Letter from George W. Hopkins detailing the circumstances surrounding a horse taken during an expedition into Callaway County. Thompson's horse gave out at Kemp's house. When Kemp was arrested as a rebel, Thompson traded his worn out horse for Kemp's.

Thornton, Joseph E. - Feb. 21, 1865 - Oath sworn at Alton Military Prison; physical description: dark complexion, black hair, grey eyes, 5' 9".

Thornton, Presley M. - Nov. 12, 1862 - $500 bond; limited to Osage, Phelps, Maries and Crawford Counties; securities James Thornton and James Gaines. Oath.

Tinsley, Charles W. - Linn - Aug. 29, 1862 - Oath of loyalty.

Townley, K. W. - Sep. 21, 1862 - Oath of alliance.

Tracy, Amanda L. - Linn - Mar. 1, 1864 - Deposition against her as landlord mistreating a Negro woman

Tyree, John H. - Jul. 6, 1863 - Oath and bond for the introduction and sale of liquor and other articles within the limits of the Central Division of Missouri; statement that liquor or beer will not be sold to soldiers

Vaughan, Burde - Dec. 8, 1864 - Statement that John Dillon is loyal.

Vaughan, James L. - Linn - Sep. 13, 1862 - Oath of loyalty.

Vaughan, Peter - Dec. 8, 1864 - Statement that John Dillon is loyal.

Vaughan, Richard - Dec. 14, 1864 - Statement.

Vaughan, Robert - Dec. 8, 1864 - Statement that John Dillon is loyal.

Vaughan, Seth H. - Linn - Sep. 13, 1862 - Oath of loyalty.

Wellimens, Wm. J. - Linn - Apr. 24, 1865 - George Compton and John Phelps are good and loyal men.

Welton, Laban H. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

West, Mark - Sep. 7, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Weton, Henry J. - Sep. 6, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Wheeler, William E. - Jan. 17, 1865 - Statement that Robert J. Shockley has never been a member of any political organization, has always been a Unionist, and was forcibly taken by the rebels under Price until he esccaped.

White, George C. - Sep. 2, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

White, James W. - Linn - Aug. 12, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Wicker, Chestine H. - Charges and specifications against him, charged with violation of the laws and customs of war.

Wieberg, Henry - Oct. 30, 1862 - Antone Dauk's statement about the murder of Mr. Wieberg. Fritz Wieberg's statement about his brother's murder. Thomas A. Wilson's statement about the murder of Mr. Wieberg.
Dec. 29, 1862 - Mr. Latham states that he has not forwarded information on the case of Mr. Wieberg because he sent his clerks after three rebels passing near Vienna.

Weiberg, Josephine - Linn - Oct. 30, 1862 - Mr. Hopkins sends the petition of Mrs. Wieberg, widow of Henry Wieber who was murdered by rebels.
Dec. 4, 1862 - States that her husband was murdered by a gang of 200 rebels.

Wilhart, Milton - Benton Township - Sep. 18, 1862 - oath of allegiance.

Willing, Cicilius - Apr. 10, 1862 - States that property was taken from him and asks that it be returned to him

Wilson, D.B. - Linn - Apr. 10, 1863 - Z. Isbell to Judge Zevely re: order delivered to Wilson to confiscate his property; know nothing of matter.

Wilson, Hugh - Linn - Oct. 15, 1862 - Statement concerning L. B. Chapman, Justice of the Peace, claiming the Oath he took for his office not to be binding; witnesses Mr. Ehmien, Captain Hopkins, and L. Zevely.

Wyatt, James W. - Sep. 8, 1862 - Oath of allegiance.

Zewel, L. - Linn - Mar. 20, 1865 - Request for travel permit for Thomas F. Baker of Osage County

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