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Coroner's Inquests
1857 - 1906

Source: Missouri State Archives

Baer, Ferdinand - Died 1885 - Cause of death: Felony - Pistol shot by Henry Baer, brother of victim at the Baer Family Home in Cinque Homme Township.

Bedford, Sam - Died1903 - Cause of death: Drown near Birmingham, Mo., Mississippi River.

Berkbiegler, Anthony - Died 1905 - Cause of death: Suicide by hanging in Barney Baudendistle's Barn.

Black, Joseph Zeno - Died 1893 - Cause of death: Accidental shooting in St. Mary's Township.

Bond, Benjamin - Died 1879 - Cause of death: Blow on forehead by William Abernathy at Chester Ferry Landing in Bois Brule Township.

Bradeau, A. J. - Died 1858 - Male about 35 years of age. Cause of death: Scalding and drowning near residence of Nancy Warren in Bois Brule Bottoms.

Cargile, Charles - Died 1892 - Bois Brule Township.

Crane, Curtis C. - Died 1869 - Cause of death: wounds from fight with John H. Crane at the residence of John H. Crane.

Dauber, Samuel - Died 1859 - Cause of death: accident - log fell on his head at John Klob's residence in Cinque Hommes township.

Davis, Washington - Died 1861 - Cause of death: Drown in Mississippi River at Grand Tower Rock in Brazeau Township.

Eadens, Richard - Died 1895 - Male - Cause of death: drown at Logan's Landing, Mississippi River.

Feningar, Caspar - Died 1858 - Cause of death: Accidental drowning at Barranger's Pond, 1/4 mile North from Perryville.

Fourlin, Etienne - Died 1860 - Cause of death: Accident - Fell from wagon at Fredericktown Road near William Cissell's in St. Mary's Township.

Griffith, John - Died 1861 - Cause of death: drown in Mississippi River in Brazeau Township, Wittenberg, Mo.

Gruff, Julia - Died 1860 - Cause of death: Unknown at her residence in Brazeau Township.

Hackel, Anna D. - Died 1861 - Cause of death: Suicide by hanging (Insane) in Orchard at Hackel residence in Cinque Homme Township.

Harris, C. J. - Died 1891 - Cause of death: Excessive intemperance in Bois Brule Township.

Huffman, Francis - Died 1860 - Cause of death: Accidental drowning at Barringer Pond, 1/4 mile North of Perryville.

Hull, Mary E. - Died 1896 - Cause of death: Accidental drowning near her residence in Union Township.

Jones, Oliver - Died 1903 - Colored - Cause of death: Drown - death by violence at Ok Landing in Salem Township.

Jones, William J. - Died 1876 - Cause of death: Murdered - Shot by Henry Clay White and Louis Krimminger near Rock School House on Birmingham-Farmington Road.

Klemp, John Jr. - Died 1906 - Cause of death: Accidental Drowning at Apple Creek on Perryville-Greenville Road.

Knolle, Frederick - Died 1868 - 25-27 years of age. Cause of death: Suicide by hanging at Cooper Shop of Michael Hopfer.

Mangels, John - Died 1903 - Cause of death: drowning at pond near his home in Salem Township.

Montgomery, Charles - Died 1861 - Cause of death: tree fell on him while riding on his wagon near his residence.

O'donnell, Michael - Died 1880 - Cause of death: Murdered by Theodore and Samuel Wagner on Wagon ship of Herman Reuhling in Altenburg, Mo, Brazeau Township.

Paar, W. O. - Died 1904 - Cause of death: Accidental drowning at Willow Bar 1 mile south of Wittenberg.

Palisch, Ernst H. - Died 1876 - Cause of death: Drown in spring house near his residence in Frohna, Mo. Brazeau Township.

Polson, William L. - Died 1891 - Cause of death: Accidental discharge of revolver - shot in head at residence of Robert Gorner in Union Township.

Rector, Joseph - Died 1860 - Cause of death: drunken fit at Jones and Delassus Landing in Brazeau Township.

Riemer, Augustus - Died 1866 - Cause of death: Gunshot by William Tucker at Peter Casling/Carling residence in Perryville, Mo.

Rippstein, John B. - Died 1867 - Cause of death: fall from window of Henry Hooss Hotel in Perryville, Mo.

Robeson, John - died 1903 - Cause of death: murdered by Maly Johnson at Wischern Landing in Brazeau Township.

Springer, Pete - Died 1904 - Cause of death: heart failure in Bois Brule Township.

Stueve, John - Died 1897 - Cause of death: Accidentally shot handling gun at his home in Brazeau Township.

Tucker, Infant - Died 1868 - Age: infant - Cause of death: secretly buring a child - possible infantcide at Henry Tucker's residence in St. Mary's Township.

Wimsatt, Stephen - Died 1864 - Cause of death: shot 4 times by Soldiers of the United States Army on Jackson Road 1 mile from Perryville.

Wise, Christina - Died 1859 - Cause of death: wound infliceted on her head and face by unknown person at the residence of her husband John M. Wise in Cinque Hommes Township.

Wyn, Charles E. - Died 1883 - Cause of death: stabbed by Garner, Jr. at the residence of the victim's mother in Cinque Hommes township.

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