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Pettis County is rich in history, located in the western portion of the state it has 686 square miles,

over 100 Cemeteries, and is home to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia which is the largest city in

Pettis county.   Pettis was founded in 1833 at a little place called St. Helena, today all that remains of the

First county seat is a stone marker at a little place called Pin Hook.

There are a couple of little known places in Pettis County that are very dear to many families….

One is known as Pin Hook, where Thomas Ryland Wasson built a grist mill on the Muddy river around 1826 when

It is believed that he was the 14th man to purchase land in what is now Pettis County.  His land patent was signed in

Washington D.C. June 15, 1826.   The second is Longwood,  although the town was not formed until 1873,

By 1827 men were carving out homesteads on the gently rolling hills, first called Hermantown, while the post office

Was called Oak Grove, but names didn’t seem to matter because  by 1881 125 people made their home in

Longwood, Pettis County Missouri………



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Established: Jan. 26, 1833
Parent County: Cooper and Saline
County Seat:
Named After: Spencer Pettis,
Missouri congressman.



Green Ridge * Houstonia * Hughesville * Ionia * La Monte * Sedalia * Smithton * Windsor



Website updates: September 12, 2018 added Church History & Records,  Longwood Methodist Church Destroyed by Fire (1915)

 June 4, 2018,  added the following obituaries, Bessie Dixon Greer, Ellis A. Greer, Frances Pruitt Greer, James M. Greer, Joseph Greer, Leonard Leroy Greer, Leonard Greer, Mattie Ellen Greer, and Myrtle Thurman Greer.

June 2, 2018 added V section for Obituaries, and placed the following Obituaries under it,  Walker Vaughan and Annie Cornelia Schlomer Vought,   Added the following obituaries: Jay Anders, Augustus Blake, Ira C. Baldwin, and Viola May Sutherlin Baldwin.. 

 April 7, 2018,  added 15 obituaries for the Settles Family, from a family collection.

March 11, 2018: added Political News link with Republican meeting article, Hopewell and Newland School news, birth announcement 1905, Hopewell Church news (1914, and 1927), added marriage of Broyles – Polley; Greer – Cathey; Hammond – Greer,

 March 7, 2018 Added Marriage announcement of Rumsey-Karrick, Newland Wagner, Wagner Jerrell; Obituaries of Edward Isaac; Sylvia Greer Trent and Dora Greer Durley,

March 6, 2018 added deaths of Rebecca Hammons, Infant Hammond, and John Moon,  give by anonymous submission;   March 5, 2018, added Greer-DeWitt Wedding;

February 17, 2018, add Family tree link and added Family Tree of James Nelson Bartlett added,

February 12, 2018 Added Crown Hill Cemetery to Cemeteries list,  working on the A’s,  will add more as time allows.  

February 10, 2018 Add 5 Glazebrook family Obituaries,

September 2017 added G’ Obituaries, 57 Greer Family Obituaries added, 6 George Family Obituaries added, working on Glass Family Obituaries

Added August 2017- Darwin Nelson Bartlett, submitted by Jamie Jones, Marjorie Rumsey Bartlett (Campbell), submitted by Jamie Jones, (Rumsey Family Obituaries added, 3 generations), ‘







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