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Pettis County, Missouri
Genealogy and History

1889 Business Directory

Sedalia, Pettis County
Southwest Business Directory, 1889, McKenney Directory Company

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by a Friend of Free Genealogy

Adams Joseph, blacksmithing, Osage
Addor Louis G, watchmaker, 110 Ohio
Ahrens & Knesel (J L. Ahrens and Henry Knesel) boots and shoes, 308 Ohio
Arnott John, groceries, 316 Ohio
Avansino F, fruit store, 224 Ohio
Bahmer L, stalls 6 and 7 City Market, cor Osage and Second
Bard W E, drugs, wholesale and retail, 108 West Main
Barley Bros & Co, mfrs of agricultural implements, West Main
Barnard L, bakery, 200 Fourth
Barnett G W, lawyer, 210 Ohio
Baum W Z, groceries, cor Second and Lamine
Bauman George, saloon, 108 Osage
Beck William & J Henry Vitt, dry goods, boots and groceries, cor Second and Osage
Behrens E T, cigar factory, 204 Ohio
Beitler W L, books and stationery, 3018 Ohio
Bichsel George, jeweler, 226 Ohio
Bird A M, pianos and organs, 404 Ohio
Blair A J & Co, auction and commission, 117 West Second
Blair Bro, clothing, 124 Ohio
Blair Milo, justice of the peace, 319 Ohio
Blocher , agricultural implements, 115 East Main
Bonner Bob, propr European Hotel, 100 West Main
Bontele G N, saloon, 213 Ohio
Bothwell & Jaynes, lawyers, cor Second and Ohio
Bower Henry, barber, 112 Ohio
Brandt Peter, groceries, 420 Ohio
Brickel T B, groceries and provisions, 209 West Main
Bridges L L, atty-at-law, 309 Ohio
Buffham A T, photographer, 315 Ohio
Burnett A R, livery and feed stable, 322 West Second
Burr C W, carpenter and builder, 710 Ohio
Burt John, boot and shoe mfr, 1I3J East Main
Buske J G & Son, propr Merchants' Hotel, cor Lamine and Main
Cardella & Aivola, confectionery and fruits, 122 Ohio
Carter R Dr, physician
Cassidy E G, wholesale liquor merchant, 117 East Main
Chambers J R, physician, 205 Ohio
Chaney D T, clothing, 206 Ohio B CD
Clay & Heynen, marble works, cor North Ohio and Pacific
Coe E A Mrs, Cottage Hotel, cor Fourth and Lamine
Cohen S B, furniture and hardware, 205 West Main
Collins E L, atty-at-law, 121 Ohio
Courtney Wm & Co, boots and shoes, hats and caps, 228 Ohio
Crawford E D, propr Sentinel, 319 Ohio
Crawford W A, dry goods, 315 Ohio
Cyseler P, watchmaker, 213 West Main
David D & Co, clothing, 123 and 125 Ohio
Deutsch Louis, livery, Osage
Dillard & Boatman, restaurant, 111 West Main
Dugan Geo E, painting, graining and signs, Second
Dunlap W O Dr, physician, 110 West Main
Ehrgott Adolph, liquors and cigars, 212 Ohio
Emrich D. stalls 4 and 5 City Market, cor Osage and Second
Enterprise Roller Mills, B S Rembaugh pres, West Main
Espenscheid A P, ins agency, 309 Ohio
Ethridge E H, barber, 110 Osage
Evans W H Dr, physician, 420 Ohio
Fairley O J, confectionery, 520 East Third
Famous Clothing Co, clothing and furnishing goods, cor Ohio and Main
Farham & Gilman, livery, feed and sale stable, cor Third and Osage
Fast W A, atty-at-law, 121 Ohio
Fellow & Eastey, wholesale and retail books and stationery, 208 Ohio
First National Bank, cor Main and Ohio
Fisher A D, atty-at-law, 204 Ohio
Fisher L E, repair shop, 316 West Second
Fleischmann August, pharmacy, 402 Ohio
Fletcher T J, druggist, 418 Ohio
Fredenberger Chris, propr Bonner's Hotel Restaurant, 204 WestMain
Gentry & Offield (R T Gentry and J M Offield) Central Stables, Fourth bet Osage and Kentucky
Gilman Samuel, professional horse trainer and breeder of trotters, cor Third and Osage
Goetce Geo H, blacksmith, Osage
Gold Geo A, dealer in lumber, shingles, doors, sash and blinds, NW cor Third and Osage
Gordon A A, saloon, cor Main and Osage
Gray J P, dentist, 420 Ohio
Hain W, small groceries, 303 Ohio
Hall & Beiler (John L Hall and Samuel H Beiler) jobbers and wholesale grocers, 214-218 West Main
Hall R Mrs, dressmaker, 217 Ohio
Hanelly & Rockford, lunch room and restaurant, opp Union De­pot
Hardin M E, groceries, 213 West Main
Harris R H, coal and wood, Osage
Harris R O & Son, feed store, stable and wagon yard, 114-120 Osage
Heckman & Yamg, groceries, 414 Ohio
Heinrichs H J, watchmaker, 113 Ohio
Henry & Ritchey, ins agts, SE cor Second and Ohio
HLicks & Titsworth, groceries, 412 Ohio
Hildebrand C, city market, cor Osage and Second
HillisJ E, undertaker and embalmer, 120 Ohio
Hoberecht Charles, saddle and harness mfr, 319 Ohio
Hoffman Bros, hardware and stoves, o05 Ohio
Hous J W & Son, stoves and hardware, 110 West Main
Houston Franklin, atty and loans, 410 Ohio
Hoy T P, atty-at-law, 204 Ohio
Hulland F, design works, 317 Ohio
Hye & Guenther, dry goods and notions, wholesale and retail, 302Ohio
Ilgenfritz C E, hardware, 214 Ohio
Ingram M G, job printing, 307 Ohio
Jackson & Montgomery, attys, 410 Ohio
Jackson Wilber S, atty-at-law, 309 Ohio
Jacobs Bros, clothing, 215 Ohio
Jacobson & Lebartz, galvanized iron works, 206 East Second
Johnes S P & Son, lumber yard, 321 and 323 West Main
Johnston E E, clothing, trunk and furnishing goods, 207 Ohio
Kahrs August, watchmaker and jeweler, 511 East Third
Kahrs George, groceries, 513 East Third
Kaiser & Fischer, Hotel Kaiser, cor Second and Lamine
Keck & Dickman, mfrs furniture, East Third
Kelk Bros, carriage factory, Osage
Keyton Z, atty-at-law, 202 Ohio
Kiesling E J, blacksmith, 314 West Second
Kingsbaker Sol, cigars and tobacco, 113 Ohio
Knopfli Henry, street sprinkler, 601 West Second
Kobrock & Pehl, restaurant and saloon, 114 Osage
Koock Charles, tailor, 112 East Third
KRUGER FRANK whiskeys, wines and cigars wholesale and retail, 113 West Main
Kruse Frank, tailor, 119 East Second
Kuhn Peter, tobacco and cigars, wholesale and retail, 114 Ohio
Lamy J A & Co, clothing and wholesale furnishing goods, 119 and 121 Ohio
Lange F G, produce and groceries, 304 and 306 West Main
Latour Wm, photographer, 402 Ohio
Laupheimer Henry, hides, wool, pelts, tallow, furs, deer skins and feathers, 301 and 303 West Main
Leist H E, boots and shoes, 116 Ohio
Leist H V, loan office, 121 East Second
Levens H C, lawyer, 205 Ohio
Long W J, groceries and feed, 306 and 308 West Second
Longan Geo F, lawyer, 226 Ohio
Lyons J D, restaurant, 118 West Main
Mackey W S, boots, shoes and rubbers, 122 and 124 East Third
Major T T, dentist, 308 Ohio
Maltby W J, wholesale coffee and teas, 212 West Main
Mareau H H, dry goods, 321 Ohio
Mayer L Mrs, millinery, 317 Ohio
McCarty J D} boots and shoes, 218 Ohio
McClellan , books, wall paper and stationery, 408 Ohio
McCubbin M C; restaurant, 114 East Third
McGinley Bros, staple groceries, East Third
McLaughlin Bros, furniture and undertaking, 118 and 120 East Third
Meier Aug, upholsterer, 205 East Third
Menefee & Hughes, livery stable, West Main
Mertz & Hale, drugs, 210 Ohio
Messerly Chas E, gen mdse, cor Second and Osage
Messerly & Meuschke, dry goods and notions, 232 Ohio
Meyer Frank B & Bro, wholesale and retail dry goods and no­tions, 304 and 306 Ohio
Meyer Lumber Co, Ferd Meyer propr, lumber, cor Third and Massachusetts
Miller L T, photographer, 205 East Third
MILLER R T, druggist, 230 Ohio
Minter Bros (Joe and C D) dry goods, 308 and 310 Ohio
Missouri Trust Co, cor Ohio and Fourth
Monahan M E Miss, millinery, 217 Ohio
Montgomery J T, lawyer, 321 Ohio
Morey & Crawford, real estate and abstracter, 410 Ohio
Moss & Crowell, carpenter and builder, 216 Kentucky
Munger W E, builder, 108 Osage
Murphy J B, novelty store, 111 West Main
Nangle Spencer, packer and shipper butter, eggs and poultry, West Second
O'Brien James, cigar factory, 228 Ohio
Ourick John, beer and liquor, 119 West Main
Overstreet W C, physician, 312 Ohio
Parmelee W, lawyer, 321 Ohio
Parmerlee Bros, saddlery, shoes hardware, leather, hides and wool, 208 and 210 West Main
Patt Joseph, groceries, Main
Pfeifer Phil Jr, mfr fine cigars, 712 Ohio
Pilkington J M. China and glassware, 307 Ohio
Planck J M, agt Wood's Harvesting Machine Co, 218 and 220 West Second
Porter, Van Riper & Huffman, 108 Ohio
Ramsey W H, groceries, 416 Ohio
Rautenstrauch J, propr Queen City Trunk Manufactory, 225 Ohio
Richardson Chas, atty-at-law
Riley W J, saloon, 210 West Second
Ripper J, plumbing and gasfitting, 210 East Second
Ritchey J E, real estate and loans, SE cor Second and Ohio
Rod Gallie, tea and coffee store, 215 West Main
Ross John, horseshoer, West Main
Rosse S A & Co, coal yard, 606-630 East Third
Sampson E A, atty-at-law, 314 Ohio
Sannebeck C, propr Pacific House, 120 Pacific
Saugree & Lamm, attys, 309 Ohio
Schilling Carl, physician, 312 Ohio
Schneider & Botz, proprs Sedalia <i>Weekly Journal,</i> 310 West Second
Scott & Bronson, physicians, 226 Ohio
Sedalia Egg Co, wholesale shippers eggs and butter, 632 East Third
Shirk W S, atty-at-law, 224 Ohio
Shobe Jacob, wines and liquors, Osage
Shultz F W, wholesale hats, caps and furnishing goods, 217 and 219 Ohio
Siebe John W, saloon, 203 West Main
Slack Q C, drugs, 312 Ohio
Smith D H Smith Hardware Co, hardware, iron and wagon material, NE cor Main and Ohio
Smith E J, lawyer, 321 Ohio
Smith Wm, meat market, 703 Ohio
Snell L G, barber, 117 Ohio
Stark & Son, candy factory and music store, 314 Ohio
Stafford P G, lawyer and real estate agt, 321 Ohio
Steel W D, atty-at-law, 224 Ohio
St Louis Clothing Co, SE cor Second and Ohio
Swalley H, printing and blank books mfg, 203 East Third
Sweed R C, sec Equitable Loan and Investment Ass'n and House Building and Loan Ass n, 309 Ohio
Sweet & Son, meat market, 711 Ohio
Taylor Chas E, watchmaker and jeweler, 109 Ohio
Tessmer A F, feed and commission store, West Main
Third National Bank, 301 Ohio
Townsley Geo W, mfg jeweler, 230 Ohio
Truxel J W, music store, 216 Ohio
Union News Co, 104 Ohio
Van Wagner Bros, boots and shoes, 221 Ohio
Vaughan & Neeson, proprs City Mills, Pacific
Walch Chas H, propr City Hotel, cor Osage and Main
Wallace E M, furniture, stoves and second hand goods, 109 West Main
Wallace E M Mrs, millinery, 227 Ohio
Wamsley & Co, merchant tailor, 223 Ohio
Weise Jas, barber, 222 Ohio
Westenberger Geo P, furniture dealer, 112 Osage
Whipple Coal Co, wholesale and retail yard, 819 East Third
Whisman C T, barber, 117 East Second
White T E, veterinary surgeon, cor Osage and Third
Whitehead M E, millinery, 313 Ohio
Wilkerson B G, lawyer, 210 Ohio
Williams F L, photographer, 104 West Main
Williams H T, lawyer, 226 Ohio
Willis W H, gen mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co, 320 Ohio
Wilson I N, restaurant, 211 Ohio
Wise C, laundry, 211 West Main
Wolf Isaac, dry goods and carpets, 106 West Main
Wood H W, druggist and propr Wood's Opera House, cor Second and Lainine
Wood Jacob, shooting gallery, Osage
Woodfin M H, real estate and insurance, 334 Ohio
Wright S & Son, grocery and meat market, 108 East Third
Yeater J K, groceries, 114 West Main
Yost F, hay, flour, feed and provisions, 312 West Second
Zimmerman & Harter (Samuel Zimmerman and Morris Harter) proprs Farmers' Roller Mills, 410 and 420 West Main
Zimmerschied John A, boot and shoe mfr, 317 Ohio
Zunz Jacob, fancy store, glass and queensware wholesale and retail, 103 West Main

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