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Source:  GNIS

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Adams Cemetery 375406N 0913621W  
Allen Cemetery 374933N 0915211W  
Ames Cemetery 375918N 0915018W  
Asher Cemetery 375052N 0913329W  
Beaver Cemetery 375241N 0914710W  
Beeler Cemetery 380243N 0914117W  
Bell Cemetery 374841N 0913529W  
Benton Cemetery 375111N 0913829W  
Benton-Hale Cemetery 375153N 0913631W  
Beulah Cemetery 373710N 0915455W  
Black Cemetery 373912N 0914918W  
Boulware Cemetery 374849N 0920106W  
Brainard Cemetery 375957N 0914923W  
Branstetter Cemetery 380510N 0913435W  
Brick House Cemetery 375911N 0915754W  
Brookshire Cemetery 374525N 0915223W  
Brown Cemetery 375701N 0914100W  
Bryant Cemetery 375631N 0915945W  
Burton Cemetery 375956N 0914437W  
Butledge Cemetery 375611N 0915036W  
Camp Creek Cemetery 375954N 0915207W  
Campbell Cemetery 375530N 0914859W  
Catholic Cemetery 380008N 0913612W  
Cave Spring Creek Cemetery 375848N 0915531W  
Cedar Hill Cemetery 374118N 0915016W  
Christ Episcopal Church Columbarium 375706N 0914624W  
Cook Western Star Cemetery 375105N 0915955W  
Corn Creek Cemetery 374812N 0915228W  
Cowan Cemetery 374113N 0915353W  
Cox Cemetery 380158N 0914030W  
Craddock Cemetery 373822N 0914959W  
Crawford Ousley Cemetery 374728N 0920122W  
Davis Cemetery 373608N 0915748W  
Dawson Cemetery 380543N 0913450W  
Dewing Cemetery 375529N 0914325W  
Dexter Smith Cemetery 375808N 0915309W  
Duncan Cemetery 375613N 0915910W  
Dyer Cemetery 380022N 0914849W  
Edgar Springs Cemetery 374231N 0915202W  
Elk Prairie Cemetery 375100N 0914400W  
Elliot Cemetery 375529N 0913926W  
Falkenrath Cemetery 375609N 0914922W  
Fet Cemetery 380057N 0915159W  
Flag Spring Cemetery 380141N 0913636W  
Flat Grove Cemetery 375942N 0914327W  
Fuhring Cemetery 380832N 0913452W  
Gabel Cemetery 374555N 0915307W  
George Lane Cemetery 374755N 0915100W  
Goggins Cemetery 375918N 0914738W  
Goodall Cemetery 375354N 0920000W  
Gorman Cemetery 375917N 0913426W  
Granny Baker Graveyard 380121N 0915549W  
Greig Hale Cemetery 375139N 0913606W  
Gronholt Cemetery 380209N 0913550W  
Grubb Andrew Cemetery 374901N 0913249W  
Grubb Cemetery 374910N 0913242W  
Hall/Heavin Cemetery 374429N 0914941W  
Harrison Number 2 Cemetery 375607N 0915811W  
Harrison-Pillman Cemetery 375445N 0915814W  
Hawkins Cemetery 375731N 0914437W  
Hawkins Cemetery 375759N 0913504W  
Hazzard Cemetery 380007N 0915039W  
Hoss-Ray-Miller Cemetery 375440N 0915057W  
Hudgens Cemetery 375328N 0915146W  
Hughes Cemetery 380418N 0913329W  
Huskey Cemetery 375000N 0914953W  
Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery 375946N 0913643W  
Jackson Cemetery 374639N 0915215W  
Jocoy Cemetery 374250N 0914906W  
Joshau Light Cemetery 375505N 0915046W  
Kaintuck Cemetery 375031N 0915407W  
King Cemetery 374843N 0915130W  
Kitchell Cemetery 375306N 0915732W  
Knapp Lawson Cemetery 374440N 0920105W  
Kolb Cemetery 375933N 0914952W  
Krewson Cemetery 380729N 0913222W  
Laney Smith Memorial Garden 375350N 0914334W  
Lennox Cemetery 374915N 0914053W  
Light Cemetery 375917N 0914656W  
Line Cemetery 375703N 0914859W  
Luckey Chapel Cemetery 375619N 0915236W  
Lula Yowell Cemetery 375421N 0915158W  
Macedonia Cemetery 380155N 0914612W  
Maramec Cemetery 375740N 0913234W  
Matlock Cemetery 375105N 0914129W  
Matlock Cemetery 380211N 0913935W  
Maxwell Cemetery 380158N 0915118W  
May-Hoffmann Cemetery 374930N 0915310W  
McDole Cemetery 375703N 0913215W  
Miles Cemetery 380422N 0913644W  
Mill Creek Cemetery 375101N 0915721W  
Miller Cemetery 380246N 0914916W  
Mitchell Cemetery 374114N 0914909W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 375659N 0915333W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 375100N 0914913W  
Newburg Cemetery 375518N 0915439W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 380857N 0913316W  
Old Dean Cemetery 375535N 0914249W  
Old Edgar Springs Cemetery 374231N 0915209W  
Old Philadelphia Baptist Church/Fore Cemetery 374658N 0915131W  
Old Saint James Cemetery 375941N 0913633W  
Ousley Cemetery 375223N 0920108W  
Ozark Hills Memorial Gardens 375511N 0914641W  
Pea Ridge Cemetery 375733N 0915129W  
Peace Lutheran Cemetery 375253N 0914139W  
Pecks Cemetery 375146N 0914742W  
Pilot Knob Cemetery 374856N 0914801W  
Pine Hill Cemetery 375559N 0913529W  
Prewitt Cemetery 380149N 0915407W  
Ramsey Cemetery 375802N 0915923W  
Ray Cemetery 375919N 0914730W  
Reed Cemetery 373703N 0915002W  
Relfe Cemetery 374312N 0915858W  
Renaud Cemetery 374209N 0914858W  
Rhea Cemetery 374849N 0914615W  
Rolla Cemetery 375624N 0914612W  
Roseberry Cemetery 373741N 0914931W  
Saint Anthony Cemetery 380111N 0913205W  
Saint James Catholic Cemetery 380008N 0913612W  
Saint James Cemetery Corporation 375920N 0913655W  
Saint James Veterans Home Cemetery 380015N 0913704W  
Scantlin Cemetery 380909N 0913455W  
Schweitzer Cemetery 380443N 0913229W  
Scott Cemetery 374817N 0913835W  
Sellers Cemetery 380229N 0914350W  
Sisco Cemetery 375844N 0915358W  
Smith Cemetery 374418N 0915405W  
Smith Farm Cemetery 375831N 0915452W  
Spencer Cemetery 380304N 0914952W  
Strawhun Cemetery 375710N 0915012W  
Thomas Cemetery 375427N 0914244W  
Trout Cemetery 373801N 0915956W  
Upper Mill Creek Cemetery 374957N 0915357W  
Wash Cemetery 380725N 0913636W  
Western Star Cemetery 375111N 0915629W  
Wiese Cemetery 375803N 0914843W  
Williams Cemetery 375439N 0915449W  
Williams Cemetery 374755N 0914339W  
Wishon Cemetery 375836N 0914039W  
Wright Slave Cemetery 374707N 0914951W  
Wynn Cemetery 380157N 0914952W  
Wynn-Richards Cemetery 375952N 0915615W  
Yowell Cemetery 375118N 0915237W  

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