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The Source is: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs.
Transcribed by Donna Walton

Is situated in the southwestern part of the State, in the great bend, where the Missouri river changes from its southern to easterly course. This county forms the southern point of the Platte Purchase . The surface of the country is diversified with forests of valuable timber and undulating prairies, the soil of which is unsurpassed in fertility, and is generally well cultivated. The county is well watered by the Platte river, Brush, Rush and Bee creeks and their tributaries. In 1850 this county produced more hemp than any other county in the Union, more wheat and better than any other in Missouri, and was surpassed in the amount of corn raised by but one county. One farmer last season raised $1,600 worth of corn from 20 acres, besides feeding all his farm stock. A farmer extensively engaged in raising hemp informs us his average crop is 1120 lbs of Chinese hemp to the acre, and that he can raise hemp on his land twelve or fifteen years in succession without manure or rest. For particulars as to hemp culture, and statistics of this county, see " Missouri As It Is" pages 357 to 360. Population in 1860, 18,495.


Wooden Bridge in Platte County, MO

Established: Dec. 13,1838
County Seat: Platte City
Named After: Platte purchase, Platte is a French name for a low, shallow, or intermittent stream.







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