1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Anna Parks)

Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Starr, William B. Ayersville disease of lungs $4.00 Aug., 1881
Moore, Catharine Ayersville widow $8.00 Sept., 1873
Masterson, Eliza Jane Ayersville widow $14.00 Dec., 1879
Draper, Thomas Ayersville g.s.w. rt. arm  $4.00  
McReynolds, Newton W. Central City g.s.w. left hand  $8.00  
Humphreys, Isabel M. Graysville widow $8.00  
Vestal, John W. Graysville chr. bronchitis  $6.00 May, 1882
Heyser, William H. Graysville injury to abdomen $6.00  
Gilstrap, Jesse M. Graysville dis. of lungs and result'g disease of heart $8.00 Oct., 1882
Casady, Charles Graysville injury to abdomen $8.00 Oct., 1880
Livezey, Martin Hartford g.s.w. left forearm  $6.00 May, 1882
Triplett, James C., jr. Hartford g.s.w. left arm  $4.00 Jan. 1881
Guffey, Crabtree Hartford chr. diarrhea  $4.00 Oct., 1878
Shaw, Benaniel S. Livonia inj. r. side & res. dis. Lungs $10.00  
Ryland, Daniel C. Livonia g.s. wd. breast  $8.00  
Gorrell, Mary Livonia widow $8.00  
Martz, Samuel J. Livonia g.s.w. rt. thigh  $4.00 Mar., 1878
Techtling, John Martinstown partial hemiplegia rt. side  $6.00  
Mullen, David M. Martinstown inj. hip & thigh  $8.00  
Husted, Lester Martinstown wd.r. hand and amp. 3d & 4th fingers $5.33-1/2  
Crooks, George Martinstown g.s.w. of back  $2.00 Nov., 1880
Gray, William F. Martinstown g.s.w. left hip  $3.00  
Johnson, Daniel Martinstown disease of lungs  $8.00  
Campbell, Elizabeth Martinstown dep. mother  $8.00 Mar., 1867
Young, George W. Martinstown inj.rt. knee, res. Anchylosis  $8.00 Dec., 1880
Admire, Silas Martinstown g.s.w. rt. leg  $6.00  
Brown, David Martinstown total deaf. rt. ear, res. from severe deaf. & severe deaf.  Left ear & rheumatism $12.00 Dec., 1882
Sparks, Tatton E. Martinstown g.s.w. left chest & lung  $12.00  
Terrell, Wiliam Martinstown chr. rheumatism  $8.00 Mar., 1878
Vestal, John H. Martinstown chr. diarrhea  $3.00 Aug., 1878
Smith, James R. Martinstown g.s.w. right leg  $2.00 Jan., 1879
Campbell, Lewis W. Martinstown chr. diarrhea  $4.00  
Livezey, Newton Martinstown g.s.w. left arm  $8.00  
Morgan, Peter Martinstown chr. diarrhea  $8.00 Aug., 1881
Marshall, Benjamin C. Mendota g.s.w.l. hand  $6.00  
Perkins, Wesley Mendota chr. diarr., bron.  $10.00  
Myers, David R.P. Newton g.s.w. of breast  $2.00 May, 1880
Vandervot, John P. Newton g.s.w. lft. arm & sacral groin  $14.00  
Craig, James Newton loss of sight  $18.00 Oct., 1870
Allen, Elias P. Newton g.s.w. rt. hand  $4.00  
Johnson, Henry Omaha chr. bron., affect rt. lung  $12.00  
Mitchell, Warren Omaha para.,caus. entire helplessn's $72.00  
Wright, Susan B. Omaha widow $8.00  
Cullum, Hodges C. Omaha injury to abdomen  $6.00  
Miles, Peter M. Omaha g.s.w.r. elbow  $1.00 Oct., 1881
Olmstead, Mahew Saint John g.s.w.rt. arm  $18.00  
Martin, Charles W. Saint John g.s.w. through left wrist  $6.00  
Howser, Minerva Saint John widow $8.00 Jan., 1860
Pore, Chauncey Saint John injury liver & left kidney result of injury rt. Side    
Harbert, Issachar I. Saint John wound left arm  $2.66-2/3 Sept., 1864
Shattuck, Maria M. Saint John dept. mother  $8.00 Jan., 1876
Entsminger, Henry Saint John synovitis of l. knee  $4.00 Aug., 1882
Morgan, Elizabeth Saint John widow $8.00 Jan., 1875
Humphreys, Sarah G. Shoneytown   $8.00 Mar., 1873
Musgrove, Katharine Shoneytown widow $8.00  
Miller, Michael Shoneytown g.s.w. forearm  $2.00 Feb., 1882
Cave, Edmund Terre Haute dep. father  $8.00 June, 1879
James, Michael Terre Haute loss rt. eye from g.s.w. & left slightly impaired $12.00  
Howard, Elkanah W. Terre Haute g.s.w. face & neck  $8.00  
Garner, Rob't Unionville wd. l. thigh $4.00  
Hanel, Chas. Unionville wd.r. hand & loss of mid. fin  $4.00  
Bailey, Jeny H. Unionville wd.r. hand  $8.00  
Higgins, Maria Unionville   $8.00 Feb., 1868
Browning, John W. Unionville wd. both arms & head  $8.50  
Duckworth, Wm. G. Unionville loss l. hand  $18.00  
Little, James Unionville g.s.w. right thigh  $4.00  
Millirons, Samuel Unionville paralysis agitans  $8.00 Jan., 1877
Miller, James T. Unionville dis. of heart  $8.00 Dec., 1880
Dickson, Olive A. Unionville   $8.00 June, 1879
Brown, Sarah Unionville widow $8.00 Nov., 1867
Ford, Marca Unionville widow $8.00  
Slarens, Charles Unionville injury to abdomen $20.00 Jan., 1881
Shelton, Daniel M. Unionville g.s.w. neck  $6.00 June, 1877
Stout, John Unionville chr. rheumatism & resulting disease of heart $8.00 Feb., 1882
Wilson, George W. Unionville g.s.w. left arm $5.00 Oct., 1876
Woods, David W. Unionville g.s.w. rt. foot  $12.00  
Vaughn, Thomas Unionville spinal disease  $18.00  
Valentine, Jonathan M. Unionville g.s.w. left arm $6.00  
Thompson, Peter Unionville injury to rt. hip & back, dis. Of abdominbal ciscera, & asthma $20.00 Aug., 1880
Thornburgh, John S. Unionville chr. bronchitis  $8.00  
Turner, James L. Unionville g.s. wds. left arm & side $10.00  
Triplett, Charles T. Unionville pistol shot wd. of right foot.  $8.50 Dec., 1882
Thornburgh, Amos C. Unionville disease of left hip & resulting atrophy of leg $10.00  
Skinner, Smiley E. Unionville chr. diarrhea  $8.00 Feb., 1882
Bradshaw, John Unionville g.s.w. left forearm  $6.00  
Adam, Christoph Unionville g.s.w. right shoulder $8.00  
Johnson, Angeline Unionville dep. mother  $8.00 Apr., 1871
Medlin, Sarah Unionville   $8.00 Aug., 1878
Maize, Jane Unionville widow $20.00 Dec. 1877
Shearer, Absalom D. Unionville g.s.w. left knee  $4.00 June, 1881
Jewell, James Unionville   $8.00 July, 1878
Yates, Jonathan M. Unionville g.s.w. rt. leg  $6.00  
Miller, Ann Unionville   $8.00 Aug., 1879
Deck, William C. Unionville g.s.w. rt. Shoulder  $6.00  
Guffey, Louisa H. Unionville widow $8.00  
Powell, Isaac Unionville lumbago & result'g rheumatism & dis. Of heart $12.00  
Payton, Henry C. Unionville injury left knee  $6.00  
Peek, George W. Unionville g.s.w. rt. leg  $2.00 Jan., 1882
Mullenix, William Unionville dis. of eyes & heart  $12.00 June, 1882
Forsha, Elizabeth Unionville   $8.00 Jan., 1879
Douglas, William Unionville g.s.w. left foot  $2.00 Jan., 1882
Ellis, Abraham Unionville loss part mid. finger r. hand  $2.00 Aug., 1878
Davis, Lewis Unionville neuralgia  $12.00  
Daly, James Unionville disease of  eyes  $18.00  
Campbell, Elizabeth Unionville dep. mother  $8.00 July, 1880
Corbin, Emily Unionville widow $8.00  
McKay, Alonzo Unionville dis. of heart  $12.00 Aug., 1882
Jones, Alexander Unionville g.s.w. of head & left side  $14.00  
Anderson, Hedge Unionville g.s.w. rt. hand  $6.00  
Grabosch, Charles Unionville g.s.w.l. shoulder & l. jaw  $12.00  
Garner, Henry Unionville injury to abdomen $6.00 Mar., 1881
Garver, Jacob Unionville injury left leg, resulting varicose veins & ulcers $8.00  
Hall, James W. Unionville dis. of the lungs & chr. diarr. & restg. Affect of back $6.00 Sept., 1881
Hall, John G. Unionville dis. of abdominal viscera  $6.00  
Barnett, William J. Unionville loss sight rt. eye  $5.00 Oct., 1875
Cox, George W. Unionville inj. of rt. hip & leg from lightning stroke $6.00  
Coffman, James E. Unionville inj. left hip  $8.00  
Cummings, William H. Unionville dis. eyes  $16.00 Sept., 1877
Crowder, John Unionville dis. eyes  $12.00  
Wilson, James H. Unionville wd. to abd., g.s.w.r. groin $8.00  
Childers, Mary Unionville widow 1812 $8.00 May, 1872
Denel, Rufus A. West Liberty g.s.w.l. leg  $4.00 July, 1877





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