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Will Records of Ralls County Book A and B

Abstracted Will Records of Ralls County, Missouri Volume I 1824-1872
Will Records Book A
Will Records Book B

Page: 74
Name: Robert Davis
of Butler County, Ky. My wife, Peggy Sons provided for but not named Daughter, Pelina named but other daughters not named Exe.: William E. Dixon, William Davis, and wife Written, May 24, 1824 Probated: July 12, 1824 Witnesses: John Harreld and Robert B. Davis

Page: 93
Name: William Fuqua
My wife, Francis My son, James S. My daughters: Patsey Carter, Polly, Salley, Nancy, Eliza, Elizabeth, and Lucy Exe.: My wife, and my brother, James Fuqua Written: April 23, 1824 Probated: Aug. 12, 1834 Witnesses: John Field, Davis Brothers, and John Barnard

Page: 102
Name: Jacob Krigbaum , Sr.
My wife, Mary My sons: David, Jacob, William, and John My daughters: Sarah Tracy, Annie Ashurst, Polly Organ, and Katherine Rice Written: April 2, 1824 Probated: April 5, 1825 Witnesses: William Lefland, John Tracy, and William K. Floweree

Page: 23
Name: Benjamin Vanlandingham
My wife, Sarah My sons: William, Lewis, Meshack My daughter: Narcissa My sons, Lewis and Meshack, Exe. Written: Oct. 5, 1824 Probated: March 16, 1825 Witnesses: David Clar, Jeph D. Gash, and Jiah Norris


Page: 67
Name: Robert Jameson
My sons: William, George, Robert, and Willis M. My daughters: Celia Cottle, Pauline Moore, and Polly Jameson My grandson: William Jameson, son of my daughter, Polly Written: July 9, 1828 Probated: Feb. 3, 1845 Witnesses: Walter Caldwell and John Chitwood

Page: 61
Name: Nancy Bruer
My sons: Richard, Volney My daughters: Harriet Markel, Eliza Wilson, Anne Wilson Charlotte McDaniel Exe.: My sons, Richard and Volney; and my son in law, George McDaniel Written: March 27, 1829 Probated: Feb. 8, 1831 Witnesses: Richard Boyce, Davis Barnett, Wm. McFarland, and Eliza Cleaver

Page: 37
Name: George Wymore
My wife, Martha My grandsons: George Snell and John Snell Written: Sept. 18, 1829 Probated: Sept. 14, 1840 Witnesses: Walter Caldwell and John Ralls

Page: 59
Name: Henry Baley
My wife, Judith My sons: Clifton, Robertson, Charles My daughters: Lucinda, Harriet, Judith Written July 29, 1830 Probated Nov. 1, 1830 Witnesses: Tyre A. Haden; William Reed; Robert Gregory

Page: 65
Name: Stephen P. Cook
My wife, Minerva Exe.: Temple Davis, William Forman, Margaret M. Davis James M. Neal, and wife Written: Jan. 13, 1831 Probated May 2, 1831 Witnesses: Edmund Hyde, Temple Davis, Margaret M. Davis

Page: 7
Name: Jonathan Barnard
My sons: Johnson and Owin My daughters: Salley, Polley, Pauline, Edithe, Lausaney, and Savannah Wolfe My son, Johnson, Exe. Codicil names grandsons: George W. Wolfe, Jonathan Barnard James Thomas Barnard Written: Sept. 1, 1832 Codicil written: June 23, 1836 Witnesses: James Farrier and Hea Northcutt Witnesses to codicil: Peter Grant, and J. R. Hopson Probated: Aug. 1, 1836

Page: 111
Name: Absalom Carlisle
My wife, Mercy Written: Aug. 11, 1833 Probated: July 7, 1835 Witnesses: James McCord and Lloyd B. Goll

Page: 79
Name: Reuben Fugate
My wife, Catherine My daughters: Rachael Mannon and Grizzy Prince My grandchildren: Reuben Mannon, Enoch Mannon, Isaac Mannon, and Reuben Prince My wife, Exe. Written: June 19, 1833 Probated: Aug. 6, 1833 Witnesses: James D. Caldwell and John Musick

Page: 69
Name: George Rouse
My wife, Elizabeth My sons: Elisha, Julius, Simon, Lovel, Allen, and Rolla My daughters: Polly Utterback, Nancy Tanner, Sally Turner My sons, Elisha and Julius, Exe. Written: June 20, 1833 Probated: March 31, 1845 Witnesses: Benjamin S. Waller and Charles Chambers

Page: 89
Name: James Ledford
My wife, Nancy My sons: John, George Washington, James S., Joel, and Nathaniel R. My daughters: Mahaly Hall, Susannah Carson, Lydda S. Taylor, Philadelphia Pierce, Elizabeth Weldy, and Thursey Young Exe.: Dabney Jones and Francis Conn Written: March 4, 1834 Probated: May 6, 1834 Witnesses: John Tapley and Absalom Ellis

Page: 13
Name: John B. Truitt
My wife, Amelia My sons, William R., Woldon, Charles W., John B., James H., George H., Thomas H., Milton, and Francis My daughters: Elisa Ann, Elizabeth McDonald, and Rebecca Herron Written: Feb. 11, 1834 Probated: April 14, 1838 Witnesses: Tyre Haden and John Haden

Page: 113
Name: John Payne
My sister, Sarah H. Priest My brother, Daniel Payne My ward, Catherine T. Arnold Exe.: Brother in law, William Priest Written: May 25, 1835 Probated: Aug. 5, 1835 Witnesses: French Glascock and Thomas Priest

Page: 15
Name: Abraham Andrews
My sons, James and Benjamin My daughters, Eliza Jane, Mary Ann, and Cinthy Ann Exe.: William Foreman and Benjamin A. Spalding Written: Feb. 26, 1835 Probated: May 25, 1837 Witnesses: John Hager, Marvel B. Norton, and Robert Hager

Page: 1
Name: Stephen Elliott
My wife, Nancy My sons: Felix Raymon, Felix Henry, Matthew, Stephen T., and James My daughters: Nancy Wilson, Susannah Spalding, Elender, Perpetua, Julietta, and Elizabeth Wilson and Polly Wilson Written: Dec. 8, 1835 Probated: Feb. 24, 1836 Witnesses: John Blue and Jiah Jackson

Page: 2
Name: Nathaniel Kenney
My wife, Rachael My wife and Isaac Johnson, Exe. Written: July 28, 1835 Probated: Feb. 29, 1836 Witnesses: William Foreman, Hamilton Rodgers, and Zeph Johnson

Page: 17
Name: Bernard John Lynch
My sons: Bernard, Cornelious, Leo, John H., and Elisha My daughters: Susan Leake, Winifred Briscoe, Jane Hagar, Ann, Sarah, and Mary Rannah My grandchildren: Sarah Leake and Sarah Briscoe Matthew Elliott, Exe. Written, June 1835 Probated: Nov. 13, 1838 Witnesses: John Blue, B. W. Brown, and Eliza Powell

Page: 21
Name: Richard Redman
My wife, Anna My sons: James, Richard, Jr., and Isaac My daughters: Polly All, Elizabeth Lindle, Susan Conner, Katherine Walters, and Darcus The above are children of my first wife, Elizabeth; sons of my 2nd wife, Anna: Thomas, Elias Lloyd, and F. Kendrick My daughters by my 2nd wife: Winifred Ann, Dorothy Ann, Demaris, and Euvada Written: Sept. 3, 1835 Probated: Feb. 4, 1839 Witnesses: I. C. Layne, H. Wilson, and John C. Hill

Page: 3
Name: Henry Wilson
My brother, Harvey Wilson My half borther, William Wilson My half sisters, Narcissa Wilson and Ann Wilson Written: Dec. 4, 1835 Probated: Feb. 29, 1836 Witnesses: John Blue, Armistead Wilson, and Aggy Benoan

Page: 5
Name: Noah Glascock
My wife, Lucy My son, James My daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Hiram Glascock; Lucy, and Dolly Miller My son, James, Exe. Written: Jan. 15, 1836 Probated: June 13, 1836 Witnesses: Dabney Jones and Silas Dodd

Page: 10
Name: Thomas J. Glascock
My brothers: Jeph, Aaron, and David O. My sister, Sally Bathrop Brother C. Glascock, Exe. Written: July 18, 1836 Probated: Aug. 5, 1836 Witnesses: Francis Jett and William H. Peake

Page: 11
Name: Robert Jeffries
My wife, Elizabeth My children Written: Nov. 29, 1836 Probated: Jan. 11, 1837 Witnesses: John Jeffries, J. M. Turley, and James Chitwood

Page: 12
Name: James Campbell
My wife, Elizabeth My sons: Thomas and William My daughters: Mary Jane Carter, Harriet Ann Birch, and Elizabeth Simpson Allison My wife and my son, Thomas, Exe. Written: Aug. 31, 1837 Witnesses: Jonothan Abbey, Sr. and Jonothan Abbey, Jr. Probated: Sept. 9, 1837

Page: 31
Name: John Watson
My sons: Fountaine, Overton D., James D., Wm., Shelton My daughters: Maria Brockton and Elizabeth Sargent James D. Watson, Exe. Written: Sept. 23, 1837 Probated: June 9, 1840 Witnesses: James Fuqua, Thomas M. Bowles, and Gabriel Penn

Page: 117
Name: Barsk Hall
My wife, Mary Jane After wife's death estate to go to brother, William Hall; Brother in law, Valentine Rogers, and sister in law. Sally Waller Written: March 15, 1838 Probated: Aug. 4, 1835 Witnesses: Clifton Rogers and Jeph D. Gash

Page: 38
Name: Catherine Bass
My sons: Mes, David, Valentine, Peter, George, Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob My daughters: Elizabeth Chapman, Catherine Alfred, Mary Smith, and Sarah Smith My granchildren: Margaret, Mary, and Katherine, children of my deceased son, Valentine Written: Sept. 19, 1838 Probated: Sept. 28, 1840 Witnesses: Jeremiah Vardeman and John Coleman

Page: 106
Name: Francis Conn
My wife, Nancy Written: Aug. 30, 1838 Probated: July 1, 1850 Witnesses: Allison B. Maddox and J. M. Turley

Page: 28
Name: Abraham Billings
My sons, John and George Written: March 26, 1839 Probated: Oct. 4, 1839 Witnesses: William Foreman and Jacob Capps

Page: 24
Name: Charles Bohannon
My wife, Keran Happuck My children My wife and William McFarland, Exe. Written: Sept. 23, 1839 Probated: Nov. 9, 1839 Witnesses: French Glascock and Robert McFarland

Page: 26
Name: James See
My wife, Margaret My daughter, Sarah Ann James McGee, Exe. Written: Sept. 6, 1839 Probated: Dec. 18, 1839 Witnesses: John H. Leake and Matthew Elliott

Page: 61
Name: George Settle
My wife, Betsey My daughters: Mary Dulin, Susan Turner, Sary Ann Glascock, Ellen Settle My sons: Conway and Beverly My son, Conway, Exe. Written: April 15, 1839 Probated: Oct. 3, 1843 Witnesses: French Glascock and Thomas Settle

Page: 23
Name: Paul M. Williams
My wife, Elizabeth My son, Festus E. Written: March 3, 1839 Probated: Nov. 8, 1839 Witnesses: Daniel F. Pendleton and John P. B. Forman

Page: 30
Name: Harvey Wilson
My wife My children Written: Dec. 11, 1839 Probated: Feb. 20, 1840 Witnesses: Daniel B. Kendrick, Jeph M. Hampton, and William Wilson

Page: 39
Name: Abraham Buford
My wife, Mary My sons: Abraham, Jr.; William, James, Alexander, and Thomas My daughters: Eliza, wife of John Williams; Mary, wife of Sam H. Hill; Frances, w. of Thomas A. Purdom; and Amelia, wife of Thomas D. Reed Exe.: My sons, Alex, Abraham, and James, and John Ralls Written: Sept. 30, 1840 Probated: Oct. 19, 1840 Witnesses: Jeph W. Johnson and James A. Emison

Page: 80
Name: Stephen Cleaver
My sons: Thomas, Jacob, and William Henry My daughters: Charlotte Jones, Ellender Cobb, and Rebeckah Glascock My son, Thomas and my son in law, William Jones, Exe. Written: Sept. 20, 1840 Probated: July 6, 1846 Witnesses: James Gerrish, L. W. Bathrope, and Jeph Rice

Page: 34
Name: Eli C. Gallsher
My wife My children My wife and Stephen McPherson Written: April 13, 1840 Probated: June 25, 1840 Witnesses: Tyree Rhodes and Thomas E. Thompson

Page: 36
Name: Thomas Hicklin
My wife, Eliza Ann My sons: Robert Wilkins, Otha Brashears, and Thomas B. Otha Brashears and Charles Rice, Exe. Written: April 23, 1840 Probated: July 18, 1840 Witnesses: William Boyd and Richard W. Brashears

Page: 119
Name: John Ledford
My sons: William R., Daniel R., James, and George My daughters: Malinda Beckner, Margaret Cowan, Lydia, Nancy Crthwaite, Elizabeth, and Susan Wright My son in law, Jeptha Crthwaite, Exe. Written: July 2, 1840 Probated: May 2, 1853 Witnesses: N. T. Pierce, William S. Lofland, and Isaac Liter

Page: 79
Name: John Liter
My sons: Christian, John, and Abraham My daughters: Katherine Brice, Susan Butler, Betsey McIntrye, and Matilda Butler Written: Oct. 28, 1840 Probated: Nov. 3, 1845 Witnesses: Jeptha Crthwaite and John Price

Page: 76
Name: Lewis Brisendine
My sons: Benjamin, Thornton, and Griffen My daughters: Fanny Hawkins, Kitty Hawkins, Juley Ann Saffel, and Lucinda Barkley My sister, Patsey Brisendine My sons, Benjamin and Thornton, Exe. Written: Jan. 23, 1841 Probated: July 17, 1845 Witnesses: Greenville Clayton, William S. Lofland, and William Jones
Page: 310
Name: John Helms
My wife, LaRue My children Written: Aug. 16, 1841 Probated: Nov. 15, 1870 Witnesses: John Ralls, and William S. Lofland

Page: 75
Name: Mary McClelland
My son, William Newland My daughters: Nancy Newland, Polly Hardy, and Julia Ann Miller To Alexander Gerard, Wm. Gerard, and Catherine Miller William Newland and Richard Boyce, Exe. Written: Oct. 22, 1841 Probated: June 27, 1845 Witnesses: Jacob Newland and James Neil

Page: 68
Name: Leonard Porter
My daughter, Mary John Ralls, Exe. Written: June 12, 1841 Probated: March 13, 1845 Witnesses: Alexander McMurtry and William Tracy

Page: 38
Name: Charles Markle , Sr.
My wife and children... Written: Jan. 24, 1842 Probated: April 9, 1844 Witnesses: James W. Daulton, James White, John N. Johnston

Page: 58
Name: William Biggers
My wife, Matilda My sons: Harrison, Hiram, William, Jeph, and George H. My daughters: Sally A., Martha, Dulcena Ely, and Louisa Dooley Hurley My son, Hiram, Exe. Written: Sept. 29, 1842 Probated: Dec. 15, 1842 Witnesses: Jonothan Abbey and J. R. Hopson

Page: 54
Name: Walter Caldwell
My sons: William Y., John, Samuel, Robert, James D. My daughters: Mary, LaRue Helms, and Matilda Ann Floweree Children of my deceased son, Green: Nancy and Eliza Children of my deceased daughter, Matilda: Daniel My son, John W., Exe. Written: Feb. 22, 1842 Witnesses: Jeph W. Johnson and Matthew Barkley Probated: June 6, 1842

Page: 42
Name: Silas Crigler
My wife, Catherine My son, Sylvester Hays Crigler My wife, and Jacob Zimmerman, Exe. Written: Probated: Feb. 7, 1842 Witnesses: Joel Crigler and John Crigler

Page: 48
Name: Lucy Glascock
My brother, James My sisters: Elizabeth, wife of Hiram Glascock; and Dolly Matson My niece, Elizabeth Miller, dau. of Dolly Matson My friend, James Gallsher Probated: May 10, 1842 Witnesses: James D. Watson and Baylis G. Rector

Page: 49
Name: James Leake
My wife, Ann My sons: James, William, and John H. My daughters: Theresa Hardy and Emily Brashears My son, John and my son in law, George L. Hardy, Exe. Written: March 5, 1842 Probated: May 16, 1842 Witnesses: William Rudd and Otho Brashears

Page: 62
Name: Chesley Mills
My wife My children William Cornet, Exe. Written: Jan. 24, 1842 Probated: April 9, 1844 Witnesses: James Daulton, James White, and John M. Johnston

Page: 43
Name: Harvey McGowen
My legatee, Henry Farmer James Inlow, Exe. Written: Feb. 14, 1842 Probated: Feb. 21, 1842 Witnesses: James Inlow and Dudley Butler

Page: 64
Name: John Summers
My wife, Keziah My children Written: Sept. 17, 1842 Probated: Nov. 6, 1844 Witnesses: Tyre Rhodes and John F. Hawkins

Page: 52
Name: Jeremiah Vardeman , Sr.
My wife, Lucy My sons: Thomas B., Jeremiah, Jr., and William My daughters: Elizabeth Porter, deceased; Mary F. Culbertson, deceased, Caroline, Emily Jane, Sarah M. Griffen and Diadama Fuller James and Rebecca Matson, children of my deceased daughter, Diadama Fuller John, Letitia, Jeremiah, Martha Singleton, children of my deceased daughter, Elizabeth Porter James, Ann Eliza, Jeremiah, and William, children of my my deceased daughter, Mary F. Culbertson My wife and my sons, Jeremiah and William, Exe. Written: Jan. 1, 1842 Probated: June 6, 1842 Witnesses: B. W. Brown, Matthew Barkley, and Wm. E. Higgins

Page: 45
Name: Jeph Wright
My sons: William C., Scott, John A., and Peyton P., Dec. My daughters: Elizabeth Benn, wife of Corbin Benn; Rhoda Briggs, wife of William Briggs My son, John and Corbin Benn, Exe. Written: April 14, 1842 Probated: May 2, 1842 Witnesses: John Ralls and Peter W. Pierce

Page: 73
Name: Jonothan Abbay
My wife, Margaret My son, Jonothan, Jr. My grandson, James A. Abbey My other children Exe.: My wife and son, Jonothan Written: Nov 2, 1843 Probated: June 30, 1845 Witnesses: James Underwood and Jeph R. Hopson

Page: 59
Name: John Dooley
My mother, Mary Dooley My brother, Thomas Dooley My brother in law, Drury Eads, Exe. Written: July 25, 1843 Probated: Sept. 25, 1843 Witnesses: J. S. Crthwaite, William F. Tredway, and James M. Corsthwaite

Page: 145
Name: Catherine Goodwin
My husband, James D. Goodwin My children Samuel C. Woods, Exe. Written: March 2, 1843 Probated: Oct. 20, 1867 Witnesses: Elizabeth Ligon, Mary Hickok, S. G. Renow, and Littleberry Ligon

Page: 66
Name: Thomas Dooley
My wife, Matilda My son, John My other children Written: Oct. 21, 1844 Witnesses: Drury Eads and John Rice

Page: 97
Name: Daniel Bowling
My wife, Sarah My sons: James, William H., Forman B.; Daniel, Alexander, Matthew C. B., and John, and Benjamin Daughters: Polly Foreman, Lucinda Howard, Ann Snyder, and Margaret Jane Chapel Carstarphen, Exe. Written: July 10, 1845 Probated: Aug. 7, 1847 Witnesses: William Foreman and Chapel Carstarphen

Page: 93
Name: Margaret Abbay
My son, Jonothan My daughter, Louisa Sexton My son, Jonothan, Exe. Written: Dec. 17, 1846 Probated: May 3, 1847 Witnesses: Allen G. Gallaher and James J. T. McElroy

Page: 84
Name: Walker Carter
My wife My son, Andrew Jackson Carter My daughters: Lucy Waller Carter, Marthy Ann, and Malinda C. Samuel Gilbert Ewing, Exe. Written: Jan. 1, 1846 Witnesses: S. G. Ewing, William Miller, and Thomas Bowles Probated: Nov. 2, 1846

Page: 83
Name: Isaac Ely
My wife, Martha Ann Samuel C. Woods and William McCune, Exe. Written: Oct. 9, 1846 Probated: Nov. 2, 1846 Witnesses: Jeptha Crthwaite, Hiram terhout, and William terhout

Page: 82
Name: Benjamin Robinson
My wife, Elizabeth My wife and brother, Michael Robinson, Exe. Written: Oct. 1, 1846 Probated: Oct. 5, 1846 Witnesses: James S. Dimmitt and Jacob Newland

Page: 86
Name: Jeph D. Tapley
My wife, Jemima C. My sons: Valentine P., Hea, Enoch, and William My daughters: Martha Jane, Elenor R., and Mary My wife, Exe. Written: Dec. 20, 1846 Probated: Feb. 1, 1847 Witnesses: Thomas Cleaver, James T. Watson, and Richard H. Matson

Page: 95
Name: Daniel Brown
My sons: William S., Hanceford, Allen, and Andrew My daughters: Susan, Ellen, Isabel, and Melissa Brown Written: March 27, 1847 Probated: May 4, 1848 Witnesses: Solomon Brown and John Ralls

Page: 108
Name: Charlotte Temple Muldrow
My sons: George and John Quincy My daughters: Clarinda Dubois, Elizabeth McCormick, Margaret Ellen, Esther Caroline, Charlotte Temple, Lucretia, Martha Dunn Muldrow, and Marietta My son, George Grundy Muldrow, Exe. Written: Nov. 9, 1847 Probated: Sept. 3, 1850 Witnesses: Allen G, Gallaher and Samuel Muldrow

Page: 94
Name: James McGeo
My wife, Polly My sons: Coonrad, John and James William My daughter, Sarah Written: Feb. 1, 1847 Probated: May 3, 1848 Witnesses: William Yancey and Granville Leake

Page: 88
Name: Stephen McPherson
My wife, Cecelia My sons: Dr. Thomas, Burr Franklin, and James H. F. My daughters: Ruth A., w. of John D. Smith; Susannah, wife of Bartlett G. White; Sarah A. Smith, Frances A. Menefee, and Emily Jane, wife of Alex McMurty My brothers: William of Loudon County, Virginia and Baylis of Madison My sisters: Sarah Trahem and Eliza McDaniel My son in laws, Bartlett White and John D. Smith, Exe. Written: Feb. 24, 1847 Probated: April 5, 1847 Witnesses: William R. Harris, Temple H. Davis, and Preston Bird

Page: 113
Name: Thomas Smith
My children John S. Smith and John Byars, Exe. Written: May 15, 1847 Probated: June 2, 1851 Witnesses: Robert C. Briggs and Richard S. Warren

Page: 126
Name: John S. Smith
My niece, Mary Catherine Elizabeth Smith My brother, Steven T. Smith Written: June 23, 1848 Probated: Aug. 2, 1853 Witnesses: John Chitwood and Andrew Epperson

Page: 115
Name: Stephen T. Smith
My wife, Sarah My son, John S. T. Smith My daughters: Mary Katherine Elizabeth Smith and Sarah Ann S. Smith My brother, John S., Exe. Written: Aug. 5, 1848 Probated: May 3, 1852 Witnesses: William Young and Peter W. Pierce

Page: 118
Name: John Byars
My wife, Catherine Written: May 19, 1849 Witnesses: William A. Shulse, J. H. Crawford, John Maston, and Richard S. Warren Probated: April 11, 1853

Page: 293
Name: John G. Dawson
My wife, Eliza My sons, Jacob, Thomas, John R., and Martin F. My son in law, William Hawkins My daughters: Abagail Dawson and Lucinda Hawkins Jhua Gentry, Exe. Written: April 20, 1849 Probated: Feb. 18, 1870 Witnesses: Jeph Hampton and Presley Pendleton

Page: 155
Name: John Neal
My wife, Margaret My daughters: Susan Casmein, Mary, and Ann Glascock Written: March 11, 1849 Probated: Aug. 4, 1849 Witnesses: Richard Boyce and Temple H. Davis

Page: 105
Name: Rachael Norton
My sons: William B., James J. and Ulysses My grandson, William Norton To Owen Kenney and Minervy Spalding William Priest, Exe. Written: Aug. 11, 1849 Probated: Jan. 24, 1850 Witnesses: Luke Watkins and James Culbertson

Page: 146
Name: James Shohoney
My wife, Fanny To the heirs of Rice Carter Lewis C. Northcutt, Exe. Written: March 4, 1849 Probated: March 5, 1855 Witnesses: Hea Northcutt, and Noah Finch

Page: 99
Name: Peter Smelser
My wife, Martha My sons: Jeph and Henry My daughters: Susan Catherine, wife of Andrew Rice Mary Ann Smelser Samuel Culbertson, Exe. Written: Probated: March 5, 1849 Witnesses: John Ralls, Nelson Fike, and Henry Smelser

Page: 110
Name: Robert Briggs
My sons: William, Robert C.; John C. and Benjamin M. My daughters: Mary J. Kelly, Judith R. Hagar, and Margaret P. Carstarphen My grandchildren: William and Mary Jane Wise, children of my deceased daughter, Mariah Wise Written: Oct. 22, 1850 Probated: Feb. 3, 1851 Witnesses: John T. Johnson and Gowen C. Brashears

Page: 114
Name: Phoebe Cooke
My grand-daughter, Ann Isabelle Hawkins My daughter, Mary Ayres My son in law, John Ayres, Exe. Written: Sept. 6, 1850 Probated: Aug. 5, 1851 Witnesses: Samuel O'Lyle and Corbin West

Page: 107
Name: John Wesley Dickson
a free man of color My wife, Elizabeth, a slave belonging to Eliza Tapley Absalom Ellis, Exe. Written: July 12, 1850 Probated: Aug. 5, 1850 Witnesses: Benedict Brashears and Jeph McGrew

Page: 121
Name: Benjamin Payton
My wife, Isabelle My sons: Jeph, Philip, Henry C., and Benjamin My son, Valentine, deceased My daughters: Susannah, Edwinna, Jephine Elliott, Nancy Johnson, Martha R. Swincher, and Henrietta Maddox Written: July 17, 1850 Probated: May 2, 1853 Witnesses: John Ralls and Elijah Galloway

Page: 199
Name: George C. Fter
My wife, Mary My sons: Thomas and Nathan A. My wife and John Ralls, Exe. Written: July 14, 1851 Probated: Nov. 5, 1851 Witnesses: George W. Clayton and French Glascock

Page: 229
Name: James Wood
My wife, Susannah My sons: Henry, James A., and John My daughters: Anna Alverson, deceased; Rannah Drashears, deceased; Maiden Wilson, deceased; Jane Alexander, wife of Thomas Alexander; Frances Scoby, wife of Stephen Scoby Cynthia Dale, wife of John Dale Catherine Elsley, wife of Sam Elsley My grandchildren: Jane Alverson, Thomas Alverson, and Calvin Alverson My son, John, Exe. Written: Oct. 24, 1852 Probated: April 15, 1860 Witnesses: French Glascock and N. D. Broadly

Page: 226
Name: Nancy Cottle
My daughter in law, Martha A. V. Ewing My grand-children: Mary Ewing and William Henry Ewing My brother, William R. Gilbert My sisters: Polly Hume, Martha Tompkins, and Betsy Betsy's grand-children: Elizabeth Hitch and Amanda Whitley and children of Fanny Stone, formerly Fanny Swain, Dec. My brother in law, William Tompkins, Exe. Written: May 7, 1853 Probated: Nov, 10, 1865 Witnesses: George T. Ashburn and Reuben Hughart

Page: 117
Name: Jeptha Crthwaite
My wife, Nancy Ledford My daughters: Eliza Ann Inlow, Elizabeth, Emily, Agnes, Nancy, Isabelle, Frances Perry Crthwaite, Sarah Ann, and Lucy Isaac Liter, Exe. Written: Feb. 23, 1853 Probated: March 7, 1853 Witnesses: George E. Frazer, W. T. Dubois, and C. W. Wicks

Page: 124
Name: William T. DuBois
My wife, Clarinda My sons: Henry Malone and Andrew Muldrow My daughters: Charlotte Ophelia and Mary Jephine My nephew: Gesant DuBois French Glascock, Exe. Written: June 4, 1853 Probated: June 5, 1853 Witnesses: Isaac Liter, H. P. Haley, and Dudley Butler

Page: 128
Name: Jeph W. Johnson
My wife, Elizabeth My sons: Milton, Horace W., John T., and Jeph W. My daughter, Sarah Written: Sept. 19, 1853 Probated: Nov. 3, 1853 Witnesses: Charles Clayton, William Drane, and Robert West

Page: 123
Name: William Ms
My wife, Mariah My sons: Alford, William D., James M., and Claiborn K. My daughter, Elizabeth Shuck, deceased My daughter, Margaret Jane Boulware John J. Lyle, Exe. Written: April 19, 1853 Probated: June 6, 1853 Witnesses: William Wilson and John J. Lyle

Page: 125
Name: John Rice
My wife, Mary A. My sons: Alexander M. and Charles W. My daughters: Elizabeth Brice, Mary E. Griffen, Martha J., and Eliza A. Written: June 6, 1853 Probated: July 5, 1853 Witnesses: Absalom Ellis and Jeph McGrew

Page: 149
Name: Jeremiah Strode , Sr.
My wife, Elizabeth My sons: William F., deceased; John S., deceased; George, Thomas V., and Edward My daughters: Elizabeth Henderson, Sally Kelso, and Margaret Whaley William Priest, Exe. Written: Feb. 22, 1853 Probated: Sept. 3, 1853 Witnesses: William Priest, Turner G. Priest, and Virgie Evans

Page: 147
Name: James Elliott
My daughters: Ellenor Lecke, Eliza Hagar, and Mary Anderson My sons: James, Robert, and Stephen E. My grandchildren: John Clarvoe Elliott and William Harper Elliott, children of my deceased son, John Elliott John David Elliott, Robert Elliott, and Ann Eliza Elliott, children of my decd. daughter, Mariah Elliott My son, Stephen, Exe. Written: Nov. 4, 1854 Probated: June 7, 1855 Witnesses: George L. Hardy and James L. Hardy

Page: 131
Name: John S. Frasher
My wife, Sarah My son, John Thornton Written: Jan. 31, 1854 Probated: April 17, 1854 Witnesses: Richard Boyce, French Glascock, and James S. Dimmitt

Page: 139
Name: William R. Gilbert
My wife, Lavina My sons: William H., Charles W., George L., Thomas H., Polly C., and Fanny Exe.: Samuel Smith, Casper Roland, and Wm. Tompkins Written: Nov. 1, 1854 Probated: Jan. 1, 1855 Witnesses: Samuel Smith, Samuel A. Jackson, and M. W. Southworth

Page: 133
Name: Jacob Smith
My wife, Paulina My sons: Ferdinand and James Rackcliff My daughter: Mary Genevieve My wife and David P. Morton, Exe. Written: March 13, 1854 Probated: May 20, 1854 Witnesses: David P. Morton and John Bruner

Page: 134
Name: Coleman Stowers
My son, Samuel, deceased My daughters: Susan Glascock, deceased; Elenor Winn, and Ann Stout My grandson, Coleman Winn My son in law, French Glascock, and Francis B. Stout, Exe. Written: Sept. 20, 1854 Probated: Oct. 14, 1854 Witnesses: James Fuqua and James R. Tutt

Page: 152
Name: William Brown
My wife, Jain Written: Sept. 4, 1855 Probated: Oct. 26, 1855 Witnesses: William Greathouse and Daniel B. Kendrick

Page: 161
Name: Isaac Ely
My sons, David A. and Benjamin My daughter, Sintha Ann Rackerby, wife of Jeph Written: Oct. 26, 1855 Probated: Jan. 15, 1858 Witnesses: George L. Hardy and Jhua L. Ely

Page: 151
Name: Vincent Rector
My sons: John, Jesse H., James S., Baylis G.; and Durr P. My daughters: Elizabeth N. Nalley, Kitty Ann Glascock, Harriet L., wife of John J. Butler My grand-daughter: Caroline Almon, daughter of my deceased daughter, Mary Jane Almon, wife of Jefferson Almon My son, Jesse H., Exe. Written: Nov. 10, 1855 Probated: Dec. 10, 1855 Witnesses: Samuel H. Caldwell and Edward B. Strode

Page: 167
Name: Katy Utterback
My sons: Jeph, deceased; Adam, Simeon, Harmon, and Abram My daughters: Elizabeth Norman, Rebecca Ely, and Emily Stevens Writton: Nov. 16, 1855 Probated: Sept. 8, 1858 Witnesses: John P. Lyle and Presley Pendleton

Page: 157
Name: William L. Grimes
My wife, Charlotte P. My sons: Absalom C., William L., and Frank My daughter, Eveline R. J. Lockwood, Exe. Written: Nov. 19, 1856 Probated: March 6, 1857 Witnesses: Richard Lamar and Warren Finley

Page: 153
Name: James T. Ragar
My wife, Jane My sons: John R., Thomas H., William C., and James F. My daughters: Martha Jane and Sarah Ann My wife and son, John, Exe. Written: March 15, 1856 Probated: June 2, 1856 Witnesses: George L. Hardy and Jeph J. Kendrick

Page: 249
Name: John S. Clark
My wife, Isabella My son, John William My daughters: Dala Weston, Isabella Elizabeth, and Susan Ellen G. J. Thompson, Exe. Written, March 26, 1857 Probated: Oct. 21, 1867 Witnesses: G. W. Thompson and William R. Woods

Page: 160
Name: Branch Hatcher
My wife, Minerva My sons: James T., Robert M., John M., Benjamin F., P. Henry, Jordan W., and Samuel A. My daughters: Sarah A. Fox, Amanda G. Fox, Ada J., Henrietta F., Virginia C., Laura A., and Minerva E. Written: Sept. 25, 1857 Probated: Oct. 21, 1857 Witnesses: John M. Ayres and William Brown

Page: 162
Name: Robert T. Abell
My wife, Clarissa Written: April 2, 1858 Probated: May 3, 1859 Witnesses: Nathaniel Donelly, B. J. Thomas, George L. Hardy, and Daniel B. Kendrick

Page: 164
Name: John Barnard , Sr.
My sons: Underwood, Abner, Thomas, John, Jr., and Landy, deceased My daughters: Lucy Haden and Elizabeth Haden My grandchildren: Leroy Haden, child of my deceased son, Landy; Harvey, Mary, and Taylor Exe.: My son Abner and Nathan Haden Written, March 11, 1858 Probated: Sept. 8, 1858 Witnesses: Joel H. Epperson and Polly Haden

Page: 202
Name: James Buford
My wife, Margaret My sisters: Amelia Reed, Mary Hill, and heirs of sister, Frances Purdom My brothers: William, Thomas, Alexander, and Abraham My former slaves: Isham, Harry, Jerry, Andrew, Sukey, and George Ann My wife's niece, Margaret B. Middleton My wife and William Newland, Exe. Written: Nov. 25, 1858 Witnesses: Richard Dalton, Frank Buchanan, and Sam C. McCune Probated: April 11, 1870

Page: 170
Name: William Onstott
My wife, Frances My sons: James, John, Harvey, Francis, Dudley, and George My daughters: Polley, Emily, Jane, Merlissa, Ann, and Elizabeth My son, James, Exe. Written: Sept. 11, 1858 Probated: Oct. 20, 1858 Witnesses: Thomas J. Doke, Lewis N. Orear, and Marville Onstott

Page: 175
Name: Johnson Barnard
My wife, Lutetia My daughter, Polly Ann Cooper My other children Written: July 18, 1859 Probated: Aug. 4, 1859 Witnesses: Sam K. Caldwell and Eliza McGrew

Page: 173
Name: Catherine Byars
My brother: James N. Smith My niece: Margaret Catherine B. Smith My nephew: John B. Smith My brother, James Smith, Exe. Written: Jan. 9, 1859 Witnesses: George L. Hardy, Silas Rser, and William A. Shulse Probated: May 18, 1859

Page: 177
Name: Charles D. Hays
My father, George C. Hays, Sr. My brothers, Edgar C. Hays, Uriel C. Hays, Andrew C., George C., Jr. My sister, Annie E. Clayton George C. Hays, Jr., Exe. Written: Sept. 11, 1859 Probated: Oct. 14, 1859 Witnesses: Samuel K. Caldwell, Sam Smith, Sam A. Jackson

Page: 254
Name: William Stevens
My wife, Sarah My son, William B. My daughters: Clarissa Snyder, Jane McDaniel, Ellen A. Mary E. Dalton My son, William, Exe. Written: Jan. 28, 1859 Probated: Nov. 17, 1868 Witnesses: William Priest, W. B. Stevens, and William F. Carstarphen

Page: 286
Name: John Walter
My wife, Belsina My sons: William Henry, Irwin Hecher, Walter Levi, John Rastus, and David Huls My daughters: Mary Jane Anns, Martha Conner Walter, Elizabeth Frances, and Sarah Eldora Wife, Exe. Written: Oct. 25, 1859 Probated: Dec. 31, 1869 Witnesses: William A. Shulse, Jacob Coontz, Alfred Alexander

Page: 207
Name: Alexander Allison
My wife, deceased My sons: Richard, Robert, and Alexander My daughters, Rebecca Shepherd, Elizabeth F. Lilly, Margaret H., Sarah Ann, Martha, Clarinda Exe.: Dudley Butler and Charles Rice Written: Sept. 20, 1860 Probated: Feb. 17, 1862 Witnesses: M. M. Tucker

Page: 182
Name: Oney Carstarphen
My sister, Eliza Richmond My brother, Robert and Joel S. My nephew, Chapel Carstarphen, Exe. Written: Sept. 13, 1860 Witnesses: Hugh Emison and James W. Emison Probated: Jan. 23, 1861

Page: 203
Name: Robert Granville
My wife, Polly Amanda Written: July 11, 1860 Witnesses: Conrad McGee and John Shepherd Probated: Feb. 3, 1862

Page: 109
Name: Soth Chitwood , Sr.
My nephews: James, John, Richard, Hiram, and Am, sons of my brother, Richard and Stephen Burts, son of my sister, Caty Burts Written: Feb. 23, 1860 Probated: Sept. 3, 1860 Witnesses: John Helms, Serena Chitwood, and Abner Smith

Page: 189
Name: Andrew Helmes
My brothers: Peter E., Walter C., and John R. My sisters, Meeky C. Cox; Mary Briscoe, Deceased My niece, Elizabeth R. Briscoe Written: Oct. 23, 1860 Probated: April 1, 1861 Witnesses: Charles F. Clayton and John Chitwood

Page: 179
Name: Thomas B. Hicklin
My wife, Sidney R. My son, Fallis C. Written: Aug. 31, 1860 Probated: Oct. 2, 1860 Witnesses: Samuel Cuttery and Richard M. Brashears

Page: 194
Name: Westley Hyde
My sons: Robert Preston and William H. My daughters: Virginia F., Victoria T., Martha D., Maria E., and Anna Overton Hyde Sam J. O. Tompkins, Exe. Written: June 25, 1861 Probated: Aug. 9, 1861 Witnesses: Francis B. Stout and William Tompkins, Jr.

Page: 205
Name: Thomson B. James
My wife, Martha Ann My children My wife and my father, John R. James, Exe. Written: Aug. 3, 1861 Probated: May 7, 1862 Witnesses: Burgess Lake and James S. Brashears

Page: 191
Name: Francis Kidwell
My wife, Nancy My daughters: Elenor, wife of Samuel Smith; Ann Elizabeth, wife of Samuel McAtee, and Sarah A. West My sons: James, Thomas B., Francis L., George, and John L. Written: May 16, 1861 Probated: Sept. 9, 1861 Witnesses: E. W. Southworth and Francis Jett

Page: 210
Name: Drury Eads
My wife, Elisabeth My daughters, Susan, wife of James Huls; Perlina, wife of William F. Tredway William Tredway and James Huls, Exe. Written: Feb. 20, 1862 Probated: June 28, 1862 Witnesses: Henry M. Williams and Thornton Hutgrass

Page: 201
Name: Marville Onstott
My wife, Charlotte My daughter, Mary E. Ferguson Written: Probated: May 5, 1862 Witnesses: John Wasson, John Fowler, and James Gregg

Page: 215
Name: John Patterson
My wife My brothers: Robert, James, Mes, and Richard William Priest, Exe. Written: Feb. 4, 1862 Probated: Oct. 15, 1862 Witnesses: William Priest and William J. Cash

Page: 127
Name: David Clark
My wife, Mary My sons: Thomas, Jesse E., James W., John C., and David My daughters: Sarah Turley, Nancy S. Hendricks, Mildred A. Fuqua, Mary A. White, and Mandy M. Clark Written: March 1, 1863 Probated: June 1, 1863 Witnesses: Samuel Cuttery and George W. Ledford

Page: 220
Name: William M. James
My wife, Fannie F. My son, Jefferson and an unborn child Written: Sept. 9, 1863 Probated: Oct. 5, 1863 Witnesses: Thomas Doke, Jr., James W. Gregg, and George R. Frazer

Page: 222
Name: Nancy Wilson
widow of Jhua, deceased My sister, Mary Cooper, wife of James Cooper James Cooper, Exe. Written: Feb. 12, 1863 Probated: June 6, 1864 Witnesses: John Ralls and Lewis H. Gardner

Page: 246
Name: James C. Colliver
Mary Malvine, Rachael Elvira, and Margaret Ann Colliver, heirs of my brother, William Colliver My niece, Mary F. Whitman Heirs of my deceased sister, Nancy Barnett; heirs of my deceased sister, Sarah Biggers; Children of my niece, Mary F. Whitman: Samuel Andrew Whitman and James Cass Buchanan Whitman William Colliver and Alven Menefee, Exe. Written: Sept. 18, 1864 Probated: Sept. 28, 1867 Witnesses: John Q. Menefee and George W. Ely

Page: 243
Name: William Briggs
My wife, Rhoda My sons: William, John, Wright, and Fortunatus Delaney My daughters: Artemesia Marsh and Sue Brooks Written: Oct. 9, 1865 Probated: April 19, 1857 Witnesses: William A. LeBaume, James H. P. Keith, and Michael R. Keith

Page: 224
Name: Hiram Chitwood
My wife, Susannah James Fowler, Exe. Written: Jan. 11, 1865 Witnesses: Asa Fowler and Suel E. Onstett Probated: Jan. 24, 1865

Page: 232
Name: Fanny Couch
To Jacob W. Couch Robert Spalding, Exe. Written: Dec. 23, 1865 Probated: March 5, 1866 Witnesses: William A. Shulse, Elijah Jameson, and Robert N. Spalding

Page: 268
Name: French Glascock
My son, William My daughters: Mariah Robertson, Sally Gentry, and Mary A. Floweree James Glascock, Exe. Written: Sept. 17, 1865 Probated: May 4, 1868 Witnesses: William Bird and Preston Bird

Page: 280
Name: Christopher Tompkins
My wife, Polly Thomas My sons: George Robert, William Harrison, Wesley Ewing, Henry V., and Weedin My daughters: Columbia Overton, Martha Catherine, Polly Ashburn, Nancy Ann, and Liney Ellon My wife, Exe. Written: July 29, 1865 Probated: Dec. 29, 1868 Witnesses: John W. Kirby and Henry R. Epperson

Page: 237
Name: Margaret M. Davis
Eugene, Nancy, and Anna, children of Nancy and Hiram Edmiston Ferdinand A. Davis, Exe. Written: Sept. 29, 1866 Probated: March 10, 1867 Witnesses: Nathan S. Dimmitt and Temple R. Davis

Page: 250
Name: William Little
My sons: John, Benedict, James J., and William R. My daughters: Ann Leake, Teresa Green, Ellen Chism, and Jane Myers To Robert Little's three children My grandchildren: Nelson Harris and Thomas P. Little To Eliza Thompson's five children My son, Benedict, Exe. Written: July 14, 1866 Probated: Feb. 12, 1868 Witnesses: George Frazer and John T. Fowler

Page: 239
Name: Elexius Bell
My wife, Laura My children Written: Jan. 22, 1867 Probated: March 11, 1867 Witnesses: Nathaniel Donnelly and William Wilson

Page: 275
Name: Hugh Emison
My wife, Nevilla My sons: James W., John F., Hugh A., Samuel E., and Robert My daughter, Mary Jane, wife of Samuel McCune Written: Aug. 12, 1868 Probated: Nov. 2, 1868 Witnesses: Alpheus Payne and John Ralls

Page: 284
Name: Claiborn Ms
My wife, Deborah P. A. Pendleton, Exe. Written: Dec. 29, 1868 Probated: March 8, 1869 Witnesses: James J. Norton, Aaron Blakeman, and Wm. Wilson

Page: 289
Name: George Shaver
My wife My son, Edward My daughters: Julia Leake, Elizabeth Turner, Sarah Drake My grandchildren: Christopher Barr, John Barr, Nancy Barr, children of my deceased daughter, Nancy Barr; Jane Stephens, daughter of my deceased daughter; my son in law, S. W. Stevens My son, Edward and James M. Leake, Exe. Written: Oct. 15, 1868 Probated: March 22, 1869 Witnesses: Hurt Yager and George M. Utterback

Page: 271
Name: William Underwood
To Ann Elizabeth, wife of P. Strother My grandchildren, Jemima, Marion, Beauregard, and Francis, children of my deceased son, Marion; William U. Coil, son of my deceased daughter, Elizabeth Coil James H. Underwood and James W. Lear, Exe. Written: April 27, 1868 Probated: May 13, 1868 Witnesses: Edward E. Armstrong, William Waterston, and Alfred Meyers

Page: 329
Name: Thomas M. Bowles
My sons: Robert F., Dabney, Benjamin, Thomas M., Henry C., James B., and Jefferson My son, David, deceased My daughters: Polly Unsell and Elizabeth Cash My sons, Robert and Dabney, Exe. Written: May 17, 1870 Probated: Feb. 6, 1872 Witnesses: James G. Stout, Armstrong Adams, and Francis Stout

Page: 313
Name: Nancy Frakes
My daughter, Elizabeth My grand-daughters: Louisa Ely and Susan Armstrong My daughter in law, Amanda Armstrong, wife of my son, John S. Armstrong Written: Oct. 15, 1870 Probated: Jan. 19, 1871 Witnesses: Edward Armstrong and Milton W. Halsey

Page: 325
Name: Sarepta Glascock
Exe. William Priest Written: Dec. 28, 1870 Probated: Aug. 24, 1871 Witnesses: William Priest, Matthew Priest, and Sarah Priest

Page: 318
Name: Henry B. Graves
My sons: William H., Bartlett L., and Milton S. My daughter, Sarah Ann Krigbaum My daughter in law, Martha, wife of Milton My grandson, Samuel R. Barkley My sons, William and Milton, Exe. Written: Sept. 23, 1870 Probated: April 11, 1871 Witnesses: William H. Brown and Alphonso Robinson

Page: 296
Name: Jesse Ogle
My wife, Mary Elizabeth My sons: Hugh H., Henry A., Jeph E., Robert, Jesse L., Benjamin T., and Franklin My daughter, Nellie A. My wife and my son, Hugh, Exe. Written: Jan. 17, 1870 Probated: Feb. 15, 1870 Witnesses: John C. Hickerson and Lightner Miller

Page: 308
Name: Reuben St. John , Sr.
My wife, Sophia My sons: Reuben and Frank My daughters: Jane Black and Tantha Cusic Written: Sept. 18, 1870 Probated: Nov. 10, 1870 Witnesses: Luzerne Bulkley and John E. Ragland

Page: 305
Name: Whitfield Youell
My wife, Julia Ann My sons: Manlius T., Benjamin C., William Thomas, and Whitfield E., Jr. My daughters: Emma, Ann Elizabeth Quinn, Mary E. McGee, and Eva Waller Yancey My wife and my son, Malius T., Exe. Written: Oct. 31, 1870 Probated: Dec. 13, 1870 Witnesses: Thomas F. Gill and Perry Ellis

Page: 326
Name: John Condon
My sons: Stephen and Michael My daughters: Mary McMorrow and Elizabeth Winters My son, Michael, Exe. Written: Nov. 16, 1871 Probated: Nov. 25, 1871 Witnesses: E. W. Southworth and E. P. Penn

Page: 320
Name: Felix Seymour
My wife, Caroline My sons: Alfred S. and William V. My daughter: Lucy Jane My other children My son Alfred and Mes McClintic, Exe. Written: March 5, 1871 Probated: March 22, 1871 Witnesses: William Gerard and J. A. Gerard


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