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According to a note at the beginning of the Ledger, this book was recopied by "order of the Court" in 1881.  The statement is quoted below.  The original page numbers are recorded in the margin of this new book but the original book was either lost or destroyed.  (We have used for reference the page numbers of the new book).  All Probate Court proceedings were included in this one book, including some wills, administrative bonds, guardian bonds, reports made by administrators to the court, etc.  Many records concerned the granting of payment of bills against estates.  We have not listed all of them, but have tried to do so whenever a new name was entered.  Often no relationships to the deceased were noted, but whenever they were given, they appear in the following abstracts.

"Copy of that portion of the records of the County Court of Randolph County pertaining to the office of the Probate Court which is in the exclusive possession of the Clerk of the County Court, made by J. D. Bolson, Judge and ex-officio Clerk of the Probate Court, made under the act of the Legislature approved, March 2n, A. D. 1881."

Court - 2 February 1829.  (pages 1-2). State of Missouri County of Randolph. -"At a county court begun & held for and within the County aforesaid at the house of Blandmon Smith, the place appointed by law ...James Head, William Fort & Joseph M. Baker, Esquires, produced from the governor of the state commissions as Justices of said court, whereupon court was opened by proclamation."

-The court appointed James Head, President of this court.  The court appointed Robert Wilson, Clerk of said court, whereupon he entered into bonds with satisfactory security.

-The court appointed Robert Sconce guardian of LaZette Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, decd, and he entered bond with John J. Turner & Thomas J. Gorham as his securities.

Court - 4 May 1829.  (page 2) -Court held at house of William Goggin.  Present were William Fort & Joseph M. Baker, Justices, Robert Wilson, Clerk, and Hancock Jackson, Sheriff.

-George Shirley, decd.  Court appointed William Elliott to admr.

-Robert Gee, decd.  Court appointed William Gee to admr.

-Phebe Weldon, decd.  Appointed Robert Sconce to admr.

-Katharine Weldon is allowed $2.25 against estate of George Shirley, decd.

-John Harvey was appointed guardian of Drucilla Weldon, minor of John Weldon.  Sec, John McCully & Benjamin Hardister.

-George Burckhartt appointed guardian of Sandy Harrison Gee, minor of Robert Gee, decd.  Security for his bond, Hulding Cockrill.

Court - 16 June 1829.  (page 3) -John Harvey & Robert Sconce, guardians of minor heirs of John Weldon, decd, asked and received permission to sell for their benefit & education, a tract of land in St. Charles Co., on the waters of Dardenne Creek, where their grandfather, John Weldon, decd, formerly lived, and also their interest in four slaves.

Court - 2 November 1829.  (pages 3-5) -Present, James Head, William Fort & James Wells, Justices; Robert Wilson, Clerk, and Terry Bradley, Deputy Sheriff.

-Settlement of estate of John Weldon, decd, made by James Wells. Mentions amount transferred to widow.  Receipts for bills paid to Samuel T. Crews, James Wells, Philip Dale, N. Patton and William Goggin.

-Fielding Cockrill, minor and orphan of Joseph Cockrill, decd, over 14 yrs, chose Nancy Cockrill his guardian.  Her security, Fielding Cockrill & Benjamin Cockrill.  The court appointed Nancy Cockrill guardian of Clinton Cockrill, minor of Joseph Cockrill, decd, aged under 14 yrs. Same security.

-James Howard, decd.  Granted L/A to Frederick Rowland.  His sec, David R. Denny.

-Edwin T. Hickman, admr. of estate of Richard Crawford, decd, presented accounts.  Amounts paid to John Rowland, Jesse White, Wm. Drinkard, William Fort & George Burckhartt.

Court - 3 November 1829.  (pages 5 & 6) -Joseph Rials presented will of Isam Rials for recording. Isam Rials of Randolph Co., will dated 1 July 1829.  Wife, Martha P. Rials.  To Joseph Rials, Polly Rials & Nancy Rials, his youngest children.  Son, Joseph Rials to be admr.  Wit:  Hardy Sears, Abraham Gross & Edwin Hickman.  Will proved 3 Nov 1829.

Court - 1 February 1830.  (pages 6 & 7) -John Harvey & Robert Sconce, guardians of the minors of John Weldon, decd, are granted permission to sell negro slave "Ned" for their benefit.

Court - 14 June 1830.  (pages 7 & 8) -Reason?  Sears, admr. of estate of John Sears, decd, made final settlement.  Bills paid to Wright Rigsby, William Holman, Weston T. Birch, Asa Kirby & Hardy Sears.  Clerk Co Court, E. Macy.

-Court appointed William Sears guardian of Hopson Willoughby and (omitted) Willoughby, minors of Sally Willoughby, decd.  His sec, Wiley Sears.

-Edwin T. Hickman, admr. of estate of Richard Crawford, made final settlements of accounts against estate.

Court - 15 June 1830.  (page 9) -Court appointed John Newland guardian of minor heirs of Michel Crawford, decd.  His bond with Thomas Sears as security.

Court - 16 August 1830.  (page 9) -Gideon Wright allowed $4.25 against estate of Geo. Shirley.  Same, Wm. Elliott & Philip Dale.

Court - 17 November, 1830.  (pages 9-11) -John Harvy, guardian of Drucilla Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, decd, made settlement of his accounts.  Robert Sconce, guardian of Luzetta Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, made settlement.

-Catharine Weldon presents an account against John Harvey, guardian of Drucilla Weldon, for keeping said minor.  Allowed.

-Settlement of Francis K. Collins, admr. of John Collins, decd, is continued.

-Frederick Rowland, admr. of James Howard, reports settlement.

Court - 1 February 1831.  (pages 11 & 12) -Rachel Currin & Daniel G. Davis, admrs. of estate of Waddy T. Currin, decd, applied to court to sell stock of goods & merchandise of said decd.  Agreed.

-Aaron Fray allowed his account against estate of John Weldon.

-George Burckhartt granted L/A for estate of John J. Turner, decd. His sec, Jesse Jones & Stephen Brockman.

Court - 23 February 1831.  (page 13) -Ordered that admr. of estate of John J. Turner, decd, hire out two negro slaves to the highest bidder.  Court allows to widow of said decd as temporary dower, three negro slaves, also 53 acres of improved land including the dwelling house of said decd.

-L/A granted to William Oliver in the estate of Samuel Gash, decd.

-L/A to A.O.S. Gooding on estate of Abijah Gooding, decd.

-Abraham Gooding is allowed his account against estate of Robert Green.

Court held at the Court House - 10 May 1831.  (pages 14-16) -John B. Clark, plaintiff, vs George Burckhartt, defendant, - case continued.

-John B. Clark allowed his acct against estate of John Collins, decd.

-Thomas Hardister, assignee of Thomas Gorham, is allowed his acct against John J. Turner estate.

-John Peeler, assignee of David Peeler, is allowed $8.78 & interest on note against estate of Waddy T. Currin, decd.

-Gideon Wright allowed his acct against estate of Waddy Currin, decd. Same, Giddeon Wright, Squire Holman, Edward Stephenson, John Tooly, Thuret Rose & William Goggan.

-Edward Stephenson allowed $1.25 against estate of John J. Turner, decd.

-Martin Fletcher allowed $5.75 against Jonathan Dale's estate.

-Toland & Magoffin are allowed $29.46 for debt & 17.46 interest against estate of Waddy T. Currin, decd, on note.  Executed by James Ingram & Co.  Same Adam Everly & Son; S & J. Toms.

-Uriel Sebree & Maria Payne, admrs. of Robert Payne, decd, are allowed against estate of Waddy Currin, decd.

-John Tooley allowed his acct against estate of Jonathan Dale, decd. Same, John Nanson.

-Nancy Cockrill guardian of Clinton Cockrill, petitioned for discharge from her ward after arriving at full age.  Released.

-Francis K. Collins, admr. of John Collins, decd, proved the publication of a notice in final settlement of his account.

Court - 17 May 1831.  (pages 16-17) -John B. Clark is allowed his account of $65.00 against the estate of W. T. Currin.  Same, John Wilson & Robert Wilson.  Same, William Cooley and Mark F. Kirkpatrick.

-L/A granted to Sally L. Yealock & Luke Mathis? for estate of Lewis Yealock, decd.

-William Gee, admr. of estate of Robert Gee, decd, is allowed against estate of John J. Turner, decd.

-Martha Wilkinson, guardian of Joseph Wilkinson, minor of Henry Wilkinson, reports expenditures.

-James Wells, admr. of John Weldon, decd, reported that he had sold a negro boy to William Goggin for $506.00.

Court - 13 June 1831.  (page 17) -George Burckhartt, admr. of estate of John J. Turner, decd, applies to court permission to purchase ¼ section of land on which the houses & other improvements are of said decd.

-Isaac Gooding & Nicholas Gooding, minors of Richard Gooding, decd, aged over 14 yrs, chose Andrew Gooding for their guardian. Sec, Abraham Gooding, Joseph Gooding and Samuel Gooding.

Court - third Mon. in August 1831.  (pages l8-20) -James H. Birch allowed $30.00 against estate of Waddy T. Currin, decd.

-D. G. Davis allowed his acct against estate of John J. Turner, decd. Same, Reuben Samuel, George Hawkins, Henry B. Owens, William Oliver, and Mark Noble.

-William Sears guardian of Hopson B. Willoughby and (blank) Willoughby settled his accounts. Court appointed Grason? Sears as guardian.  Sec, Wiley Sears.

-D. G. Davis allowed his acct against estate of Robert Green, decd. Same, Tolman Gorham.

-D. C. Garth allowed his acct against estate of Samuel Gash, decd.

-Jonathan Ratliff allowed his acct against estate of Henry Scritchfield, decd.  Same, Valentine Mayo & Joh. D. Reed.

-Joseph Gooding allowed his acct against estate of Ahijah Gooding.

-Court appointed James Dysart, William Fort & Joseph M. Baker auditors to settle estate of John Collins, decd, to meet at the late dwelling of the decd on the 19th inst.  (Aug l83l), and make report at next term of court.

Court - 24 Aug 1831.  (pages 20-21) -Present were William Hart, John Viley, John Dysart, justices, and Robert Wilson, Clerk, and Hancock Jackson, sheriff.

-A. W. Morrison, assignee of Roland Hughs, allowed acct against Waddy T. Currin's estate.  Same, Charles Canole & Elizabeth Daley.

-John B. Clark, admr. of Jubal Hurt, decd, allowed $67.50, etc.

Court - third Mon. in Nov. 1831.  (pages 22-24) -Geo. W. Green, admr. of estate of Robert Green reports settlement.

-Frederick Rowland, admr. of James Howard, decd. final settlement.

-John Harvey, guardian of Drucilla Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, decd, made a settlement.  Same, Robert Sconce, guardian of Leuzetta Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, decd.

-Blandaman Smith is allowed an acct against Henry Scrutchfield estate. Same, William B. Stephens.

-Wm. B. McLean allowed acct against Samuel Gash's estate, etc.

-Court appointed Margaret Dale guardian of Sarah Ann Dale, minor heir of Jonathan Dale, decd.  Court ordered that the rents and profits of the plantation of the late Jonathan Dale, decd, for the present year be appropriated for the support of the widow and child of said decd.

Court - 22 Nov 1831.  (page 25) -Annual settlement of William Gee, admr. of the estate of Robert Gee, decd.

-Francis K. Collins is released as guardian of Lemuel Collins.

Special term of court, 31 Dec 1831.  (25-26) -Stanton Carter, Charles Hatfield, William Goggin, William Elliott, James Emerson, Regnold Green, J. Taylor, James Mitchell and H. Myers -filed in court a notice signed by them as securities of Rachel Currin and Daniel G. Davis, admrs. of Waddy T. Currin, decd, moved to have court have admrs. furnish new securities.

-Court appointed John Wiley to take charge of admr. of estate of Waddy T. Currin.  His sec, Wm. Fort & Hancock Jackson.

Court - 2 February 1832.  (27-33) -Waddy T. Currin, aged over 14 years and minor of Waddy T. Currin, decd, appeared in court and chose John Taylor for guardian.  John Taylor obtained court's approval to apprentice his ward to John W. Tooley to learn trade of cabinet maker.

-Court appointed Tilghman W. Belt guardian of Robert Lampkin, and Eliza Ann Lamkin and Sarah Jane Lampkin, minors of John Lampkin, decd.  Bond signed by Wm. M. Dameron & John Wiley.

-Final settlement of Francis K. Collins, guardian of minors of John Collins, decd.  After widow's dower, each child's portion to be 1/8.

Court - 21 May 1832.  (pages 33-35) -Court appointed Joshua Phipps guardian of Columbus & Susan Green, minor heirs of Robert Green, decd.  His sec, George W. Green & Owen Singleton.

-Settlement of Sarah L. Yealock & Luke Mathis of estate of Lewis Yealock, decd.  Court appropriates sum of $3l.00 of above estate for support of the widow and children of said decd.

-Annual report of Martha Wilkinson, guardian of Joseph Wilkinson.

Court - 22 May 1832.  (pages 35-38) -Alfred W. Morrison, admr. of estate of Waddy T. Currin is to sell slaves to highest bidder, subject to a mortgage in said slaves given in lifetime of the decd to Maria Payne & Uriel Sebree, as admr. of estate of Robert Payne, decd.

-John Ashley Adams is allowed 641.75 on note for debt and interest against estate of Waddy T. Currin, decd.

Court - 19 Nov 1832.  (pages 39-41) -Court allowed Catherine Weldon, widow of John Weldon, decd, 15 barrels of corn out of the rent of the farm belonging to the heirs, for the support of Drucilla Weldon, one of the minors.

-Charles McLean made admr. of estate of Stephen Brockman, decd.  He presents petition to sell slaves belonging to estate.  Said Stephen Brockman left no widow, but left 11 heirs.

-Jacob Brockman is allowed his acct against estate of Stephen Brockman. Same, Zachariah Rowland.

-Settlement of F. K. Collins, guardian of Levi, Jane, Reuben and Eliza Collins, minor heirs of John Collins, decd.

-Lucinda Dalton is appointed guardian of Nancy Mary and James Dalton, minor heirs of (blank).

Court - 18 Feb 1833.  (pages 41-45) -Verjune Harrison, minor heir of Jesse Harrison, decd, aged over 14 yrs appeared in court and chose Samuel Davis for guardian.  His sec, James G. Davis & James Dysart.  Samuel C. Davis makes application to sell negros belonging to said ward in state of Virginia.

-John Rowland, guardian of the heirs of Michael Crawford, decd, makes report.

-Purvis J. Kimbrough allowed 4.66 against estate of Stephen Brockman, decd.  Same, N. B. Christian.  Charles McLean, admr. of estate, reports he has disposed of slaves of said decd.

-Joseph M. Baker, admr. of William Baker, decd, is to lease real estate of decd.  Michael D. Melone acct against estate.

-Lewis Jacobs against Henry Scrutchfield's estate.

-Childs & Garth against estate of Jesse Maggard, decd.

-John Taylor, guardian of Waddy T. Currin, authorized to rescind contract binding said minor to John M. Tooley and Taylor is also released as guardian.

-Polly Turner, widow of John J. Turner, asks court for permission to sell two slaves.  Burckhartt is admr. of estate.

-William Oliver, admr. of estate of Samuel Gash, decd, makes a report and he is ordered to pay $10 to the widow for support.

-William Elliott, admr. of George Shirley.  There are several heirs who are to receive $55.05 each.   Paid to Silas C. Shirley for himself and, as attorney in fact, for Mary Lake(?), Lydia Huckleberry and Lucy Foster.  (No relationships given).

-Hancock Jackson was appointed guardian of Nancy, Mary, Elizabeth and James Dalton, minors of James Dalton, decd.  Sec, Jos. M. Baker.

Court - 21 May 1833.  (pages 45-47) -Annual settlement of Samuel Hodges estate.  Paid James Hodges, Banel Long, Samuel Hodge and Sary Hodge.

-Alfred W. Morrison, admr. of Waddy T. Currin, decd, is allowed $30.58 against estate of William Baker, decd.

-Court allowed Polly Turner, widow of John P. Turner, $30l.l2½.

-George Burckhartt reports sale of the two negroes in estate of John J. Turner, Daniel sold to Archibald Turner.

Court - 21 May 1833.  (page 48) -Settlement by Elisha McDaniel, admr. of Henry Scrutchfield, decd.

-James L. Dobbins and Mary, his wife (late Mary Simpson), are allowed a note against estate of William Baker, decd, $63.75.

-Court allowed $10 to be paid to widow of Samuel Hodge for support.

-Final settlement of Robert Gee's estate.  Expenses include schooling for minors.  The admr. paid off at that time, Thomas Gee, Aaron Gee, M. Attiberry in right of his wife, Rhoda Moris Gee, and John Gee, heirs of the decd, and his own share.

Court - 3rd Monday in August 1833.  (pages 49-50) -Iverson Sears, guardian of Willoughby heirs, made settlement.

-Tilghman W. Belt, guardian of minors of John Lampkin, decd, made new bond, with security, Isham Embree & James Ramsey.

-Philip B. Hodgkins allowed a note of $140 against estate of Stephen Brockman, decd.

-David Skinner allowed his acct against estate of Jesse Maggard, decd.

-James Wells allowed his account against Wm. Baker, decd.  Same, Dabney C. Garth.

Court - 25 Nov 1833.  (pages 50-53) -George Green, admr. of Robert Green, decd, reported final settlement and presented discharges from eight of the heirs, to wit:  Reynolds Green, Lewis Green, Johnson Summers, Martin S. Green, Joseph Summers, P. Tuttle, lsaac Summers, and his own.

-Court granted L/A to Ezekiah Richardson on estate of William Turner, decd.

-Ordered by court that Robert Sconce, guardian of Luzett Weldon, pay to Catherine Weldon 10.00 out of the rent of the plantation of John Weldon, decd.

-Hancock Jackson, guardian of heirs of James Dalton, decd, acknowledged a power of attorney given to Joseph C. Dameron.

-Joshua Shipp, guardian of Columbus and Susan Green, minors, acknowledge receipt of an amount from George W. Green, admr. of Robert Green, decd.

-Andrew Gooding is guardian of Isaac & Nicholas Gooding.

Court - 26 Nov 1833.  (pages 53-55) -John Taylor presented to court last will of Edmund Bartlett, decd, and it was proved by Robert Wilson & Fielding Cockrill, the subscribing witnesses.

-Will of Edmund Bartlett, dated 16 Oct 1833. To daughter Patsey Samuel and lawful heirs of her body, namely, Lewis, Anthony & Caroline.  Appointed his son Edmund Bartlett and grandson, Thomas P. Samuel trustees to administer said bequest for daughter.  To daughter Philadelphia Owen and heirs of her body, negro man Richmond and boy Reuben and girl, Sarah Ann.  Appointed same trustees as above.  To daughter Polly Taylor, negro man Bird and negro woman Eliza and her children, Claiborne and Richard.  Same trustees.  Mentioned sums coming to him for service in the Revolution.

Court - 3 Mon. February 1834.  (pages 55-64) -Report of A. W. Morrison, admr. de bonis non, of W. T. Currin.

-Samuel C. Majors presented his acct against estate of Edward R. Bradley, decd.

-Lewis Bumgarner acct against estate of Stephen Brockman.

-Isaac Summers, an heir of the late Isaac Summers, decd, over age 14 chose Noah Summers for guardian.  Sec, George W. Green, Johnston Summers and Ninevah Summers.

-Court appointed Charles McLean guardian of Matilda Ann & Squire Turner, minors of John J. Turner, over 14 yrs.  Also, Nancy, Polly, Ellen, John, Mildred L., Tabitha P., and Martha W. Turner, minors of John J., under l4 yrs.  Sec, Nichols Dysart & Lewis Collier.

-Annual settlement of F. K. Collins, guardian of minors of John Collins, decd, schooling, etc, as follows:  Jane, Reuben, Eliza, Levi and Elizabeth Collins.

-Will of William Holman - dated 24 Feb l834.  (page 60) To wife, Eleanor, land, negroes, stock, etc., her lifetime or widowhood.  Children:  James Holman, John Holman, Rebecca Prather, Katharine Been, Elizabeth Hubbard, Eleanor Rose, each previously given some money.  Son, Wm. Holman.  Sons, Squire and William. Daughters, Sally, Frances, Hannah and Sophie to be made equal with the rest by his wife when they become of age or marry.  Exrs, sons James & John.  Wit: Tilghman W. Belt, John A. Pitts & Thos. J. Prather.  Proved by witnesses 3 Mar 1834.  Sec. for exrs., John A. Pitts, T. W. Belt & Thos. J. Prather.

-Will of Nathan Deiker - will written 2 Jan l834.  (page 63) To friend Wiley Furgurson, a sorrel mare, colt & rifle gun now in his possession; to friend Joseph Wilcox the mare he has in possession and he is to pay the doctor bill. Exr., Wiley Furguson.  Wit:  Jacob Medley, Brice Edwards, James M. Robertson.  Proved 15 Mar 1834.

Court - 6 May 1834.  (pages 65-69) -Lewis Newton allowed several bills against estate of Edward R. Bradley, decd.  Same, Samuel Tilford, Ignatius Owen, Ephraim Snell and Henry Chrisman.

-Duke Mathis and Sarah L. Yeallock, admrs. of estate of Isaac L. Yeallock, decd, make an accounting.  Widow allowed $61.00 for support of children during present year.

-Wiley Furguson allowed L/T on estate of Nathan Deiker.  His sec, F. K. Collins & Levi Collins.  Levi Collins who is now of full age released his guardian, F. K. Collins and acknowledged receipt of all funds.

-Court appointed Margarett Dale guardian of Sarah Ann Dale, minor of Jonathan Dale, decd.  Her sec, Robert Sconce.

-Charles McLean presented last will of Polly Turner, decd, for probate. Proved by witnesses Reuben Samuel & Adam Wilson.  (p. 67)  Will was dated 12 May 1834.  ....whereas Squire Turner of Ky. had given her $200 and requested that when she could do so without inconvenience she buy land in the name of her son Squire Turner, as a present from his uncle...she, therefore, left $200 for said son to be managed by his guardian during minority, residue of estate to be equally divided among all children when of age.  Appointed neighbor and friend, Charles McLean, exr.  Wit:  Reuben Samuel & Adam Wilson.  Recorded 6 May 1834.

-William Bagby who is intermarried with Verjane Harrison, for whom Samuel Harrison is guardian, requested discharge of guardian, and acknowledged receipt of assets.

-Joseph M. Baker, admr. of William Baker, decd, who had been ordered by court to have appraised and sold land belonging to the estate, made a report.  Appraisers were William Baker, Hughes W. Burch & Thomas H. Biswell.  Land was sold to Archibald Rutherford for $600.00.

Court - 20 May 1833.  (pages 69-72) -Final settlement of estate of John J. Turner.  Among receipts was one from John Wilson, attorney for John Turner of Ray Co.

-Hancock Jackson, guardian for heirs of James Patton, decd, made report.

-Charles McLean made exr. of Polly Turner, decd.  His sec, George Burckhartt & Levi D. Bradley.

Court - 16 July 1834.  (page 72) -Barnaby Eagan made admr. of William Eagan, decd.  His sec, Samuel G. Johnston & Charles W. Cooper.

Court - 13 Aug 1834.  (pages 73-76) -Jonathan Harris allowed account against William Turner, decd.  Also the same for W. Halliburton & Walter G. Chiles.

-Valentine Mayo & William Mayo presented last will of Thomas Mayo, decd., for probate and it was proved by witnesses.

-Will of Thomas Mayo - dated 10 Aug l834.  (page 75) Everything to wife, Hannah.  Appointed sons, Valentine and William as exrs.  Wit:  Jacob Medley, Charles Fennell and Simpson C. Gorham.  Sec, Wm. M. Dameron & John D. Reed.  Proved 18 Aug 1834.

-Simpson Foster allowed his small acct against Wm.Turner estate. Chas. W. Cooper allowed acct against William Eagan's estate.  W. L. Blanton allowed acct against Edward R. Bradley, decd.

-Iverson Sears, guardian of Willoughby heirs, makes report.

-William Drinkard, minor of Francis Drinkard, decd, over 14 yrs, chose Robert Wilson for guardian.  His sec, Richard D. Maloner & Hancock Jackson.

Court - 27 Aug 1834.  (pages 77-79) -John S. Morrow applied for L/T on estate of William Morrow, decd. and filed renunciation of widow to admr.  His sec, Joseph P. Morrow, Walker Austin & Joseph D. Rutherford.

-Robert L. Chapman & Edmund G. Chapman applied for L/A estate of Edmund Chapman, decd, 9 Oct 1834.  Their sec, Fielding Cockrill & Dabney C. Garth.

Court - 10 Octobor 1834.  (pages 80-82) -John Harvy applied for L/A estate of James King, decd, and filed renunciation of widow to act.  His sec, Fielding Cockrill and A. M. Dameron.

-Jesse Jones applied to admr. estate of Loverance Evans, decd intestate, and filed renunciation to act by widow.  His sec, Wm. Smith & Archibald Moton.

-Will of Hugh Glenn - dated 28 Aug 1834.  (page 82). Wife Margaret.  He has engaged John Wilson to begin suit against estate of Thomas Courtney, decd, and any money arising from said suit to be given to his wife, as well as other estate.  A horse to son, William Hamilton Glenn.  Exrs., Thomas Banning & James King.  Wit:  Clark Banning, Jr. & John Yates.  Proved 6 Nov 1834.

Court - 3rd Monday in Nov 1834.  (pages 83-85) -Present:  Archibald Shoemaker, Francis Patton & Daniel R. Denny, justices, and Robert Wilson, clerk, and William Wilson, sheriff.

-Robert Chapman allowed his account of $12.00 against the estate, of Edmund Chapman, decd.

-Nancy McKinney, infant dau. of Garrard McKinney, has property in N. C., and as she has no lawful guardian, court appointed Francis H. Burnon. His Sec, John Bunch & Christopher Mathis.

-Court appointed John Wright guardian of Mary A. Mayo and William J. Mayo, minor orphans of William Mayo, decd, late of Wilson Co. Tenn. Sec, Samuel Johnson & William Upton.  Their former guardian was Robert Campbell.

-Waller Head allowed acct against estate of William Turner.

-Thomas Gash allowed his acct against estate of Samuel Gash.

Court - 14 November 1834.  (pages 86-88) -Asa Fish, Jr., was appointed admr. estate of Asa Fish, decd intestate. His sec, Robert Wilson & William Upton.

-Settlement of F. K. Collins, guardian of Reuben Collins, Jane Collins & Eliza Collins.

-Rachel Morrow, widow of William Morrow, decd, filed complaint against John S. Morrow, admr.

-William Cooper, age over 14 yrs, minor of John Cooper, decd, chose Levi Fawks for guardian, who posted bond with sec, Barnaby Eagan & William Upton.  Court appointed Levi Fawks guardian of Elizabeth, Rhoda & John Cooper, minor heirs of John Cooper, under age 14 yrs.  Same security.

-Lassa? Cooper, over 14, chose Barnaby Eagan for guardian, she being minor heir of John Cooper.  Sec, Levi Fawks & Simpson Foster.

-Citation against Joshua Phipps, guardian of minors of Robert Green, require him to settle accounts next term of court.

Court - 14 Dec 1834.  (page 88) -Achillas Fennell applied for admr. of estate of Wm. Drinkard, decd intestate.  Filed renunciation of widow.  His sec, Simpson Foster & James Fray.

Court - 16 February 1835.  (pages 89-94) -Joshua Phipps, guardian of Columbus, Howard & Susan Green, minors of Robert Green, decd, settled his accounts.

-Isaac Gooding requested court to discharge Andrew Gooding, his guardian, from all further liability as his guardian.  Andrew Gooding, guardian, of Nicholas Gooding, reported accounts.

-Proof produced that Leonard D. Bradley died 2 Dec 1834.  Widow, Mary Bradley.  (p. 92)

-John B. Vivion allowed small acct against estate of Wm. Holman.

-Court appointed Robert Wilson guardian of Sally & Eliza Drinkard, both under 14 yrs, minors of Francis Drinkard, decd.  Sec, Charles McLean & Samuel C. David.

-Rachel Morrow, widow of Wm. Morrow, decd, applied to court to appropriate funds from estate for benefit of self & children.

Court - 20 Mar 1835.  (pages 95-96) -Andrew Cochran died intestate.  Admr, Joseph Gooding.  Sec, D.C. Garth & Frederick Cockran.

Court - 19 May 1835.  (pages 97-101) -In report of Charles McLean, guardian of minors of John J. Turner, decd, he reports that Martha Turner being decd, her share will be divided among other heirs.  Reported payments for expenses of Matilda, Ann, Squire, Nancy, John, Polly Ellen, Tabitha & Milly L. Turner.

-Citation against John Harvey, guardian of Drucilla Weldon, minor heir of John Weldon, decd., requiring him to settle accounts.

Court - 15 June 1835.  (pages 100-101) -Samuel C. Davis produced last will of Rebecca Herring, decd, and proved by one of witnesses.  Other witness must appear.

-Will of Rebecca Herring - dated 7 Mar 1835.  (p. 101) Bequests to sister Nancy Davis, niece Virginia Bagby, niece Rebecca Davis.  Balance to be divided equally between two sisters Nancy Davis & Mary Davis, and Virginia Bagby. Exr, Samuel C. Davis. Wit:  Malinda Robertson & Jacob Medley.

Court - 27 July 1835.  (page 102) -Squire Bradley made admr. estate of Peter Eastes, decd intestate. Sec, Terry Bradley & Thomas Bradley.

Court - 17 August 1835.  (pages 103-107) -Elizabeth Eastes and Francis M. Eastes, minors of Peter Eastes, decd, chose Harrison Dameron for guardian.  His sec, Benjamin Dameron & Benjamin Cockrill. Court appointed Harrison Dameron guardian of Gaines H., Andrew J., and Ann Caroline Eastes, minors under 14 yrs, children of Peter Eastes, decd.  Same security.

-Samuel C. Davis filed will of Rebecca Herring and asked for L/T. His sec, James G. Davis & Benj. Dameron.

-Allen Edgar, admr. estate of Ruth Harrison, decd.  Sec, Samuel C. Davis & David R. Denny.

-Beverly Drinkard, age over 14, and minor of Francis Drinkard, chose Robert Wilson for guardian.

-John Rowland, guardian of John Crawford, J. Bashy Crawford & William Crawford, minors of Michael Crawford, decd, settled his account.

Court - 5 September 1835.  (pages 108-110) -Abraham Gooding admr. estate of John Peeler, decd intestate.  Sec, C. M. Dameron, Nathan Hunt, James Emerson & Henry B. Owen. Appraisers of estate - Geo. Burckhartt, Andrew Hannah & Reuben Brown.

-Nancy R. Cox, minor over 14 yrs, chose Jesse Young for guardian. Sec, D. C. Garth & B. Posey.

-Harrison Dameron, guardian of Andrew J. Eastes, minor of Peter Eastes, decd, bound him to Thomas Hodge as apprentice to learn trade of cabinet maker.

Court - 16 November 1835.  (pages 110-116) -Levi Fowks, guardian of Elizabeth, William, John, Rhoda, Edward, and John Cooper, minors of John Cooper, decd, made report.

-Barnaba Eagan, guardian of Lessa Cooper, minor of Peter, report.

-John M. Tooley allowed $18.00 against estate of James King, decd, for funeral expenses.

-John Harvey, admr. of estate of James King, asks court to allow sale of real estate, to settle accounts, etc.

-Jeramiah C. Odell allowed his acct against John Peeler's estate. Same, Hancock Jackson and Anderson Cross.

-Andrew Bozarth presented to court will of James Loe, decd.  Proved by George M. Taylor & Geo. G. Dewitt, two of the witnesses.

-Will of James Loe - dated 9 August 1834.  (pages 112-113) To sons William Loe and Thomas Loe one-half of all property.  They are to pay out of their half $22.00 each to Catherine Bozarth.  The balance of property to be equally divided between Nancy Loe, Washington Loe and Sarah Jane Loe.  Exrs, sons John Loe, Isaac Loe, and Andrew Bozarth. Wit:  James Halloway, Allen Wright, George G. Dewitt and Geo. Markley Taylor.

-John Harvey, guardian of Drucilla Weldon, applied for permission to purchase saddle, bridle & saddle blanket for her.

-Settlement of estate of Loverance Evans by admr, Jesse Jones.

-William Fort & Thomas J. Graham made admrs. of estate of Thomas Gorham, decd intestate.  Sec, John M. Yates & Terry Bradley.

-William H. Rice, who intermarried with Elizabeth Drinkard, minor heir of John Drinkard, decd, acknowledged receipt of balance due her from her guardian, Robert Wilson.

-Martha Newton, widow of Kenneth A. Newton, produced his will in court. Also appeared Edwin T. Hickman one of witnesses.  Another must appear.

-Report of T. W. Belt, guardian of Robert H., Eliza Ann, and Sarah J. Lampkin, minors.

Court - 22 February 1836.  (pages 117-121) -Polly Taylor, widow of John Taylor, presented to court his will, proved by witnesses Robert Wilson & J. F. Payne.  Recorded.

-Will of John Taylor - dated 21 Aug 1833.  (page 117) Property included tavern, house and lot in Huntsville.  Property to wife her widowhood for benefit of heirs and children and after her death to be divided among children.  (not named).

-Joshua Phipps, guardian of Christopher C. Green & Susan Green, minors of Robert Green, decd, makes report of account.

-Robert Sconce, guardian of Luzetta Weldon, annual accounting.

-Court appointed Milly Routt guardian of Nancy, Patsy, Benjamin, and Christian Frederick, minors and heirs of Richard Routt, decd.  Her sec, Henry Lasseter.

-Henry Routt and John Routt, minors over age 14 of Richard Routt, decd, chose Robert Wilson for guardian.  Sec, Abraham Gooding and Lewis Newton.

-Harrison Dameron, guardian for Francis M. Estes, minor of Peter Estes, decd, bound said minor to Calvin Bradley.  Approved.

-Reuben Samuel, admr. estate of John Taylor, decd, widow having renounced her right.  Sec, Jesse Jones, Henry B. Owen, Terry Bradley & R. D. Malone.  Court appointed Neal Murphy, Ephraim Snell & Abner Cornelius to appraise estate.

Court - 5 March 1838.  (pages 122-124) -John W. Tooley thought to be insane...running at large and endangering himself and others. Brought before jury:  John Gross, George Patton, William Cooley, R. Baxter, H. M. Burch, J. Hilton, A. Rutherford, J. Goodman, Wm. Burriss, B. Posey, L. Collier, Levi D. Bradley, who found him to be insane. Appointed C. F. Burckhartt his guardian.

-Martha Newton, again presented will of Kenneth A. Newton to be recorded.  Will dated 18 Jan 1836.  (page 123) All property to her for life and at her death to be divided among all his children (not named).  Wit:  Joseph Adams & Edwin T. Hickman. Proved by witnesses.  L/A granted Martha Newton.  Her sec, Laton Sisk & Lewis Newton.

Court - 3rd Monday May 1836.  (pages 125-127) -Waller G. Chiles allowed his acct against estate of Ruth Harrison.

-Settlement of John Holman & James Holman, exrs. of estate of Wm. Holman.  Paid to following heirs of decd:  William Holman, Sarah Holman, Squire Holman, and Samuel B. Bradley.

-Ordered that William Upton pay to William Crawford, one of the minors of M. Crawford, decd, 1/3 part of the estate in his hands.

-Court appointed Henry Smith guardian of Margaret Ann, Robert, and Rhoda Emeline Hannah, minors of Samuel Hannah, decd.  His sec, Wm. Upton & Andrew Hannah.  Court appointed M. P. Hannah guardian of Jane Hannah, minor of above.  Same security.

-Annual settlement of Martha Wilkerson, guardian of Joseph, minor of H. W. Wilkerson, decd.

Court - 15 June 1836.  (pages 128-129) -Sela Gilstrap, exrx. and Lewis Gilstrap, exr., produced will of Bright Gilstrap, decd.  Will dated 23 Dec 1835.  (page 128) To wife, Selah, all property, including a grist mill...to be equally divided among the heirs at her death.  (names not given).  Exrs, Lewis Gilstrap & Selah Gilstrap.  Wit:  Joseph Turner & Moses Summers.  Recorded 29 June 1836.  Sec, A. M. Dameron & Joseph Rutherford.

Court - 15 August 1836.  (pages 130-136) -Walter G. Chiles, plaintiff, vs Reuben Samuel, admr. of John Taylor, decd.  Claims that John Taylor, in his lifetime, had sold the plaintiff two town lots in Huntsville for $1300.00 and had executed his title bond to make a deed as soon as full payment was received.  Court ordered that deed be made.

-Court appointed Richard H. Griffith guardian for his children: Francis H., Louisa E., Calvin G., Romulas S., William C., and John C., minors under age 21.  His bond signed by James A. Griffith & John Clemmons.

-James H. Davis, minor and orphan of Isaac Davis, decd, over age 14, chose Dabney C. Garth for guardian.  Sec, A.M. Dameron & Thomas P. Coats.

-Hugh McConne, admr. estate of William Murphy, decd.  Sec, Eli Rutherford & Martin Fletcher, widow having renounced right.

-Court allowed William Shearing his acct against estate of John Peeler.

Court - 21 November 1836.  (pages 137-140) -Hiram Millsap, who had intermarried with Lasa Cooper, acknowledged he had received of Barnaby Eagan balance due her and B. Eagan is released as guardian.

-Settlement of Henry Smith, guardian of Margaret Ann Hannah, heir of Samuel & Rhoda Hannah, decd.  Settlement of Robert P. Hannah, heir of same, also that of Rhoda E. Hannah.  Settlement of M. P. Hannah, guardian of Sarah Jane Hannah, heir of same.

Court - 20 February 1837.  (pages 141-146) -Nicholas Gooding proved to court to be 21 yrs old and acknowledged payment from Andrew Gooding, his guardian.

-Isaac Summers proved to be 21 yrs old and his guardian, Noah Summers, released.

-Annual settlement of T. M. Belt, guardian for minor heirs of John Lampkin, decd; Robert H., Eliza Ann & Sarah Jane Lampkin.

-Alfred W. Morrison, admr, de bonis non of estate of Waddy T. Currin made final settlement.

-Lemuel Collins died intestate. admr, William E. Robertson, 25 Mar 1837.  Sec, Francis K. Collins & Hiram Robertson.

-George Dodson, admr. estate of Newton Dodson, decd intestate, 8 May 1837.


George Breckenridge, Virginia
John Paul, Virginia
James Bryan, Virginia
John Perry, Pennsylvania
Miles Goforth, North Carolina
Daniel Phelps, Connecticut
John Hawkins, North Carolina
Joseph Reyburn, Virginia
Benjamin Harrison, Virginia
Comfort Ruggles, Connecticut
James Johnson, Virginia
William Sloan, North Carolina
Thomas Madden, Virginia
David Weger, North Carolina

Francois Valle Chapter of DAR, 1957

(A bronze marker in the court yard at Potosi, Missouri.)

[Source citation:  "Missouri Pioneers County and Genealogical Records"; vol. 23; compiled and published by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard Woodruff; June 1974]


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