Ray County, Missouri

 Guardianship Records 

The following records were in the Ray County Clerks office. In 1992 a project of preserving the records for microfilming for the state began. These records were not found in book form. They were individual pieces of paper, which were re-hydrated, flattened, and copied.


Heirs of: indicates that the minors are not mentioned.

Some documents do not mention whether the person needing a guardian was a minor or an adult.


Bates, Charles, heirs of

Brown, Sebron S., Cynthia Jane, Eliza, Serena,Elizabeth: heirs of Henry Brown

Bruce, Benjamin

Bryan, Fyatt A.


Chapin, Mr.

Chilshin, Francis

Coledner, Lydrid (?)

DICKSON, Jesse, Joseph, Polly, and Solomon:  minors

Frakes, Barnaers, heirs of

Higgins, Mary

Hudgens,  Sarah and Alex

Hughes, George, heirs of

Jacobs, T.M.

Jacobs, William

Jacobs, Letty

Miller, Sebron J.,  minor

Nance, Mary,  pauper

Noe, Elizabeth, minor

Noe, Randolph

Noe, William

Odell, Calab

Perry, Holloway

Perry, Thomas

Perry, Oliver

Porter, Mary R.

Pugh, David

Ramsey, Josiah

Reece, Elizabeth, minor

Riggs, Sally

Rhody, Thomas

Smith, Nathan

Taylor, Elizabeth

Teage, Rebecca

Thompson, Mrs.

Thompson, Sarah

Young, Thomas





BATES, Charles:  heirs of

To the Hon. County Court of Ray Mo your petitioner Joseph Petty became security with other for William Bates as guardian for the children of Charles Bates, dec&rsquod, and stands now as such, and has reason to believe that William Bates as guardian aforesaid is not acting correctly, nor in such a way as to the management of the estate, to keep his security safe, this is therefore to petition your honours to cause the said William Bates to give additional security or release him from security as aforesaid and your petitioner will ever pray                                 Joseph Petty   3 July 1838


Brown, Sebron S., Cynthia Jane, Eliza, Serena, Elizabeth, heirs of Henry Brown.

(Outside cover of document)

Joshua Leaky and James Brown vs., Nancy Gunnel petition, Filed 4 May 1841.

                                                                                                In the Ray County Court

                                                                                                of May Term AD 1841

To the Ray County Court

                        Your petioners James Brown and Joshua Leaky would respectfully represent and show to the court here, that sometime in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four one Henry Brown of the said county of Ray died leaving the following infant children to wit Sebron S. Brown, Cynthia Jane Brown, Eliza Brown, Serena Brown and Elizabeth Brown who are yet all infants within the age of twenty one years. And your petitioners show that the said infants have no other guardian or guardians than their mother Nancy Gunnel who was the late widow of the said Henry Brown deceased that said infants live with their said mother and have never been bound as apprentices to any trade or other business or profession.

                        And your petitioner over that the said Nancy Gunnel formerly Nancy Brown as aforesaid is of bad character and show to the court that there is great danger of the morals of the said infants being thereby corrupted and depraved.

                        And your Petitioners further over that the said Nancy Gunnel formerly Nancy Brown suffers the said infants to grow up in habits of idleness without any visible means of obtaining and honest livilihood.

                        And your petitioners pray that the said infants may be taken from the guardianship of the said Nancy Gunnel formerly Nancy Brown and other guardians appointed and that said infants may be bound to such trades or professions, and to such person or persons as the said infants may choose and as this honorable court may approve order and direct.

                        And your petitions pray that said Nancy Gunnel formally Nancy Brown may be made defendant to this petition. And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

                                                                                    Joshua Leaky

                                                                                    James Brown

To Nancy Gunnel

                        You are hereby notified that a petition of which the foregoing is a copy will be by us presented to the Ray County court on Monday the 7th day of June next at the court house in Richmond in said county when and where you may attend if you think proper this 4th day of May 1841

                                                              Joshua Leaky

                                                                                    James Brown


Case Against Nancy Gunnell

Brown & Leaky vs Nancy Gunnell

And the said defendant denies the allegations of the petitioners and says that she is not guilty of the charges contained in their said petition.   Nancy Gunnell

{No date}   


Case Against Nancy Gunnell

We fealing (feeling) our selves in trusted (entrusted) in the wellfare of Henry Brown (viz) heerin (herein) feel hit (it or that) our duty to complain to your honable (honorable) body as the way wee think tha (they) ar (are) bringing up to which wee will in dever (endeavor) to make proof: respectfully yours.   Joshua Leaky   and James Brown

{No date} 


The State of Missouri to the sherriff of Ray County, you are hereby commanded to summons William L. Jackson that he ___ ? appear forthwith before the Justice of Ray County Court to testify the truth of his knowledge touching a certain matter now pending in said court herein, Joshua Leaky and James Brown are plaintiffs and the heirs of Henry Brown dec&rsquod are defendants there of he is not to fail under legal penalties and have you then and there this wit:  4 day of May 1841:  John Morehead, Clerk.

I executed the within subpoena by reading the same to William L. Jackson at Ray County, Mo this the 4th day of May 1841. B.J. Brown, Sheriff



The State of Missouri, to the Sheriff of Ray County, Greetings,

You are hereby commanded to summons, Nancy Gunnel, William L. Jackson, William B. Shrives, John Endsley, Andrews Wells, Joseph E. Brockman, and Henry Emberson, and John Elliott, Sr., that all excuses and delay set aside they be and appear before the Justices of our Ray County Court on Monday the 7th day of June next to testify the truth of their knowledge touching a certain matter pending in said court wherein Joshua Leaky and James Brown are plantiffs and Nancy Gunnel is defendant hereof they are not to fail under legal penalties.   15 May 1841, John Morehead, Clerk


I executed the within subpoena by reading the same to Nancy Gunnel, William L. Jackson, William B. Shrives, John Endsly, Andrew Wells, Joseph E. Brockman, Henry Emmerson and John Elliott, Sr., at Ray County, Mo this the 1st of June 1841.

B.J. Brown, Sheriff     



Joshua Lakey, James Brown to D.H. Quesenberry, DC

May 1841

Reading and filing petition vs Nancy Gunnel                                            56.00

Issuing subpoena to W.S. Jackson                                                             .50

Issuing subpoena to Jas. Holman                                                    .50

Issuing subpoena to W.S. Jackson                                                             .50

Adminstrating 12 Oaths at 6 1/4                                                                  .75

Filing 5 papers at 6 1/4                                                                                  .30

Order to take non suit (?)                                                                               .15


Joshua Lakey & James Brown

to B.J. Brown, Sherrif, summoning 17 witness at .50                              8.50


Witness claiming attendance

J.E. Brockman  1 day                                                                                 .50

John Endsley    1 day                                                                                  .50

W.J. Jackson    2 days                                                                         1.00

C.W. Notbill ?           1 day                                                                        .50

W. B. Shreaves  2 days                                                               1.00

William Elliott    1 day                                                                                  .50

            Witness fees                                                                       4.00

            Sheriff fees                                                                         8.50

            Clerks fees                                                                                    3.25


The above is a taxation of the cost in the case of Lakey and Brown vs Nancy Gunnell alias Nancy Brown.                               


Bruce, Benjamin

The County of Ray: Dr in a/c with David Thompson


1838  for Boarding, Lodging, Washing and mending for Benjamin Bruce seven months @ five dollars per month making          $35.00


For money paid for medicine                                                          $ 3.50

For 1 pair of pantaloons                                                                   $1.50

For 1 pair of Ditto                                                                              $1.00

For 2 pair of Drawers for                                                                  $  .90

For 2 Shirts                                                                                        $1.20

For 1 pr socks                                                                                   $.50

For making clothes                                                                           $2.25



This 5th day of Dec 1838                  David Thompson



Bryan, Fyatt A.

Ray County Dr. to Chloe Bryan 1843. To boarding Fyatt A. Bryan from 1st Jany. to 1st Apt. or 18 weeks at $13.00                     




Ray County dr. to Jas. H. Bryan to boarding Fyatt Bryan 3 mo., at one dollar per week 13.00, one frock (calico) made 1.75, one apron made .44, 2 Shinsmees (?) made 1.38

total 16.57.  1st July 1842 to Oct 1st.





To David Creason, Reuben Allen, James Loyd, Augustus Limburgh, and Hiram Wells of the county of Ray.


You are hereby commanded, all excuses and ? sit aside, that you be and appear before the Judges of our Ray County Court, at the court house, in the Town of Richmond on the 4th day of this August term then of 1843. Then and there to testify and the truth of your knowledge tell and speak of a concerning a certain matter of controversy in our said court now pending in the complaint of Henry Rothrock an acting Justice of the Peace within afore this County as to the ill and inhumanely treatment of Wilas Campbell by Richard Harrison his step father in the ? of the informant.

And that you shall in no wise omit under legal penalty.

                        Witness W.M. Jacobs clerk of said court with his official seal affixed at office in Richmond on the 9th day of August 1843. 




Personably appeared before me Henry Rothock this day James Offutt, after being duly swore according to law saith that Willis Campbell the boy that the county court passed an order to have bound to John Larkey to learn the Cigar making, and appointed John Riffe his guardian, that he the said Willis Campbell is according to the best of my knowledge about twenty-one years old next December.                                                                        Jas. Offutt


Sworn to and subscribed this 22 day of Nov 1843.

                                                Henry Rothrock J.P.


Personally appeared before me H. Rothrock this day Richard Harrison and after being duly sworn according to law saith that Willis Campbell the above mentioned boy, will be twenty-one years old on the 20th of December next.                                                                                   Richard Harrison


Sworn to and Subscribed this 22nd day of Nov 1843

                                        Henry Rothrock J.P.



State of Missouri}   Ray County Court, August Term 1843.

County of Ray    }  Ordered that the sheriff in this county be and is hereby required to bring before this court Willis Campbell, a minor, who&rsquos complained is inhumanly treated by his stepfather Richd. Harrison, and have the said Willis Campbell before this court tomorrow. August 19th 1843.

                        A true copy of order,    W.M. Jacobs, Clerk




Chapin, Mr.

1845 May Ray County To L. L. Young dr.  1 visit to Mr. Chapin (pauper) 6 miles, 1.50: c?  .50: medicine .50:  June 1  1 visit 1.50 c? .50: medicine 1.00           = 5.50


Chilshin, Francis

Ray county to Merrit M. White dr. to keeping Francis Chiishin (?) 3 months at 5.85 up to 1st July 1847, this July 5th, 1847.         $17.50           


Coledner, Lydrid (?)

Ray County to Hugh Stall dr, 1847 to keeping 3 children of Lydrid Coledner (?) 13 Aug $7.00 filed 3 May 1847


DICKSON, Jesse, Joseph, Polly, and Solomon:  minors

John Comer Guardian of Solomon, Joseph, Jesse, and Polly Dickson heirs of Isaac Dickson deceased.

To the Clerk of the County court of Ray county 1834 May term.

Order to appoint him Guardian over 14 years.                                               .10cents

Order to appoint under the age of 14 years.                                                   .10cents

Order to enter into bond .10cents on amount of security .10cents    .20 cents        

Due on those over 14 years  .10cents in                                                        .20cents

Order to pay guardian                                                                         .10cents

Order to bear interest                                                                                     .10cents

Taking bonds, two bonds as guardians            .25 cents each                      .50cents

May term 1835 filing 6 papers  .06cents each                                                .36cents

Making four (papers)                                                                                       .36cents

Order in said case                                                                                          .40cents

                                                                                                Total                2.06cents

Order discharging him as guardian                                                                .10cent

                                                                                                Total                2.16cents

Geo. Woodward  clerk     

Frakes, Barnaers

Joseph Frakes, guardian for heirs of Barnaers Frakes to David H. Quensenberry:

 for appearance  .02, for order appointing guardian .10, taking and filing bond .31.  Rec payment 1 May 1840 .43                      


Higgins, Mary

To Willes Wariner for the use of Mary Higgins a poor person.


Jan 5: 2/4 yds Red Flannel 1.00, 3 yrds country lining @.40 1.20                       2.20

            3 ½ lbs coffee .50, 8 yrds eastern linsey @.30 2.40                                 2.90

            6 yrds muslin, 1 pair shoes 1.30                                                                 1.90

Jan 22            1 tin cup .10, box pills .25, 1 load wood .75                                   1.10

Jan 26            1 load wood .75, (30) 14 yds drills for bid tick 1.50                      2.25

Jan 30            Sugar & coffee 1.00, thimble .05 (31) 1 load wood .75                1.80

Feby 5            1 load of wood                                                                                   .75



I certify that the above account was by my order and direction furnished to Mary Higgins a very old and infirm female who appeared to be entirely destitute of any means upon which to support herself and being too infirm to labor for her living. She, the said Mary Higgins, made application to me for relief such as the Statute seemed to authorize. I have as above stated, had furnished her. She is for the present staying with a granddaughter, a widow Lackey, who has some three or four children and who seem to be in almost as much need of the assistance of the county as Mary Higgin. From under my hand this 5th day of Febry 1855.

                        John  Mason, J.P.                                       


Hudgens,  Sarah and Alex

Settlement of James Tucker, guardian for Sarah Hudgens $168.84 and Alex Hudgins $133.70 2nd March 1840                    


Hughes, George, heirs of

Rec&rsquod of Jno. H. Morehead as guardian for the heirs of George Hughes decd, six dollars for the years of 1835-36. The amount in full due me for medical attendance 9 May 1838.        N. Davis



Jacobs, T.M.

T. M. Jacobs one of the heirs of Stephen Jacobs , To Clayton Jacobs Guardian dr.

$11.70. (No date on document)                 



Clayton Jacobs to J.H. Morehead clk, dr. 1836, Feby to bond and order as Guardian for T.M. Jacobs

1837 Aug to settlement as guardian                       total   .60


Jacobs, William

Tho. Warder, guardian for William Jacobs dec&rsquod wishes the court to release him as Aug term upon the grounds that since the death of said Jacobs there has been administrators appointed which received all moneys due the estate. March 3, 1844.

Thos. Warder.                      


Jacobs, Letty

Clayton Jacobs, guardian for Letty ? Jacobs in a/c with said ward on final settlement. Jan 3, 1842 to cash rec'd of Henry Jacobs $75.69; as per Letty Jacobs receipt; To amt of Henry Jacobs  due bill 25.00; to amt of int. on above due bill 5.00

Rec'd of Ann Taylor, Estate    

Miller, Sebron J.,  minor

To John M. Miller, Guardian of Sebron J. Miller, minor heir of Sebron J. Miller, deceased.

Take notice that at the next term of the County Court of the County of Ray aforesaid, to be holden at the courthouse of said county on the 5th day of April next, I will make complaint against you in due form of law, that you are likely to become insolvent, and are wasting the estate of said minor, and ask to be discharged as security on your bond as guardian as aforesaid, when and where you may attend if you think proper.

Richmond, Mar 15th, 1847   Thomas L. Shaw  


Nance, Mary

To the honorable court of Ray County, March term 1844. Gentlemen your honors made an order last January term that I should be Mary Nance&rsquos guardian formally Mary T(J)une. I took her and kept her thirty three days for which I ask your honors to make an order to pay me for the same the first ten days I ask your honors for ten dollars, the next seventeen days I ask your honors for eight dollars and 50 cents, the other six days I shall leave to yourselves. She has gotten so much better that I leave it to your honours whether anything or not. This 2 March 1844.

            I am respectful yours   Nathan Schooler     



Noe, Elizabeth

Thomas Barns Dr. to medisin (sic) and attendance to Elizabeth Noe three months and half at own house twenty five dollars.  Hiram Clark  {Box 335, Doc 367: Guardian}


Noe, Randolph

December 1841 Ray County dr to C.M. Carpenter for assisting Randoph Noe, boy, by order of the county court to 1 ½ yard of clothe, to pay Dolt Teil for medical summons to medicine I got in Lexington for the boy.  $5.37 ½   



Noe, William

The County of Ray to Thos. Bacon dr. to furnishing William Noe infant son of Randal Noe  $4.70  [no date:Randal Noe was on the Ray Co., 1830 census, but not on the 1840 census] 

******   *****

Ray County Oct 2nd, 1843 dr. to Thos Barron for keeping William Noe from the first of June 1843 up to the present time.  $14.00   



Odell, Calab

To the honorable the county court of Ray County, the undersigned would represent to your honorable body that Calab Odell, minor son of Solomon Odell is within the bounds of your county without parents or guardian, his residence is at Jesse Cleavengers, your honors there fore can act towards said minor as the law directs or you in your judgment may think best. 3 Feb 1840, H. James Dickie, JP


Perry, Holloway

Allowed Sept 7, 1834 and wait to be issued for 50.00.


Wellington  8th July 1845

Mr. James Harvey for Holloway Perry

            Bought of  Wm. McAfhan                           



Perry, Oliver

The county of Ray to James M. Harvey dr. to boarding and keeping Oliver Perry a pauper for 1 month $6.66, making clothes for pauper $2.50, clothes for pauper .82 total $9.98               6 Aug 1845               


Perry, Thomas

H. McGee to certificate Thomas Perry a pauper.

The State of Missouri to the honorable county court now in session. Gentlemen, I have examined Frances Perry and I believe from the best examination that I make he is not able to perform manual labor. I have known Mr. Perry for several years and I know he has worked when able and I am of the belief that I and the county court does not do something for him he is bound to suffer for he has nothing to support himself on this from yours with respect.                               H. Megee

May the 6th 1845                                         


Porter, Mary R.

State of Missouri, County of Ray: The State of Missouri to Edward D. Porter, guardian of the person and estate of Mary R. Porter, Greeting: You are hereby required to present your account as guardian as aforesaid for settlement, at the next term of the probate court of Ray County, to be helden {sic} at Richmond, in the county of Ray aforesaid, on the 13th day of May 1861 and show cause why an attachment should not issue against you for not exhibiting your account for settlement at the term at which you were required by law to make settlement, and you are further required to give additional security on your bond as such guardian on or before the said term of said court or your appointment as such guardian will be revoked.

            Witness, James B. Turner, Judge:   4th day of April 1861

            I certify that the within wit was served by ED Porter the within named defendants acknowledging the service of the same without reading it in his presence done at Ray County, Missouri on the 27th day of April 1861:    J.C. Cates, Sheriff   by RK Green Deputy  


Pugh, David

Ray County, Mo. May 4th 1847. To the honorable the justices composing the county court of Ray County.

Your honorable body is hereby informed that there is one David Pugh residing in your county that your informant thinks needs some assistance under the act made and provided for the poor as he lives with a widow, and she has no person to assist her, but daughters, your informant having seen Pugh thinks him not able to support himself and is informed that said Pugh has no means whereon to subsist of his own. Your honorable body will therefore take into consideration said David Pugh case and grant him such assistance as you seem necessary.

                        Thos. Baber, Justice of the Peace for Ray County          

Ramsey, Josiah

Eisha Boncher guardian and settlement. Filed Sept 13th 1847.


In the Ray County Court of September Term AD 1847


Elisha Boncher guardian and curator of the Estate and person of Josiah Ramsey&rsquos heirs comes into court here and makes the following settlement of his guardianship to wit:


Sept 1847      To amount and list settlement as per record          $276.63



By amt. taxes P.Holeman as per for = No 1                     .38

Amount paid for CC __ fees as per for. No 2                    .25

Amount paid for clerks fees as per for. No3                      2.50

Amount paid Brewer/Brown for taxes as per for. No 4     .75

Amount paid for Clerks fee as per for. No 5                      .50

Amount paid Holman future? as per for. No 6                   .67

Amount paid _? for taxes as per for. No 7             .75

Amount paid Brown for taxes as per for. No 8                   .50

Amount paid ___? for taxes as per for. No 9                     .50


                                    Amount of credits                     -  6.80


Amount for his services as guardian                                  5.00

                                    Total Due                                           $11.80

Reese, Elizabeth

In same princint as guardian heirs E. Rees

to the clerk of the Ray County court

To expenses of settlement Aug 1827, Aug 1828, Aug 1829, on attachment Nov 14, 1829 (not allowed)

to unity mortgage and taking the askmt (sic) on same for security of 1.50 the ward: Paid by Prewit all but .64

= 3.54.   Filed Nov 1830  



November 14, 1829, Rec'd of Samuel Prewitt late guardian of Elizabeth Rees the sum of two hundred and thirty five dollars and seventy one cents in full of all claims on him as the guardian aforesaid as witness my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid.

Attest: Geo. Woodward:  John {his x mark} Bateman, Guardian E. Rees 




Dec 23, 1828, Rec'd of W. John Bateman guardian of Elizabeth Reese two dollars for her schooling three months. Robt Owens

Nov 7, 1829 Rec'd John Bateman guardian of Elizabeth Reece for her tuition six months, amt $4.00

Robt Owens   




Rec&rsquod of John Bateman, Guardian of Elizabeth Rees, costs his appointment as Guardian, sixty-one cents, Augt 5, 1829.         

                                                George Woodard, Clerk

Allowed and paid to credit of Guardian Aug 1830           




John Bateman Guardian heir Rees  .65

            George Woodward, Clerk, Credited in settlement 4 Aug 1830





John Bateman, guardian E. Rees in ape (appearance) with estate E Rees, Dr.

1831 Augt 2 amt of last annual settlement Aug 1830

Remaining on hands of said estate    503.07 1/2

To interest therein at 6 per cent to this day 1 year   30.18 1/4

and is allowed a credit for the probate per of settlement up to Aug 7, 1830 receipt filed.

Geo. Woodward, Clerk   




Ray County Court, Nov 7, 1830: Samuel Prewitt is allowed the sum of three dollars and fifty four cents fees of probate settlement not heretofore filed or allowed him and it is further ordered that John Bateman the present guardian of E. Rees do credit him for said amount and a copy of this order shall be sufficient (sic) voucher for the settle with him the said sum of 3 dollars 54 cents.  Geo. Woodward, Clerk





Rec'd of John Bateman guardian Elizabeth Rees one dollar for probate services rendered up to Aug 1830

Aug 2 1831, Geo. Woodward, Clk, Allowed and filed Aug 1831 




John Bateman Guardian, E Rees to clerk Ray County court:

Aug  1831 To fily (sic) 1 paper 6 order 10 Sept 10   .26

Aug 1832  1 paper 6 order 10 Int 10 .26


Rec'd payment of John Bateman one dollar for ___? and taking  ___? mortgage from same rec'd to him Aug 8, 1832   Geo. Woodward:  Allowed Aug 9, 1832 




Rec'd Jan 3rd, 1832 of John Bateman, guardian of Elizabeth Rees Four dollars the same being in full for six months. Wm. W. Clements, JP




Rec'd Feby 7th 1833 of John Bateman guardian for Elizabeth Rees, Two dollars the same being on full for three month tuition. Wm. W. Clements    




Ray County Court, August Term 1833, John Bateman guardian of Elizabeth Rees in account with said Elizabeth, Cr

By attendance on the county court in attending to the business of said guardianship from first to last 4 days.  allowed $4.00

Credited 7 Aug 1833                        Geo. Woodward, Clerk  




The heirs of John, rec&rsquod debtor to John Bateman, guardian to four days services, loaning money and collecting the same.

              Allowed 7 Aug 1834 $4.00     John Bateman



The Estate of T. or J. ? Rees


Aug 6th to John Bateman

1835            4 days service in collecting and loaning money of said estate $4.00: 1 day at August 1834 $1.00 = 5.00, allowed,  6 Aug 1835   




Final Settlement, filed 10 Nov 1836.

John Bateman, guardian of Elizabeth Rees, alias Brockman, in account with the estate of said Elizabeth.

I charge myself with the balance due court 1835, beginning as of settlement       604.64 3/4

Int. on the same from 6 Aug 1835 to 10 Nov 1836 is 1 year 3 months per annum 45.34 1/2

                                                                                                                                    649.99 1/4

And __? allowance for the following sum paid by him as follows to wit:

Paid advertising final settlement 24 Aug 1836                                                              2.50

Paid E. Rees for cloathing (sic)  Sept 1835                                                               20.75

Cash paid W. Brockman 8 Jan 1836                                                                       140.37

Cash paid W. Brockman 15 Jan 1836                                                                      49.50

Cash paid W. Brockman 22 Feb 1836                                                                      138.87

Cash paid W. Brockman 2 Apr 1836                                                             129.25

Cash paid W. Brockman 6 July 1836                                                                        113.25

Cash paid W. Brockman 17 Oct 1836                                                                      22.00

  By interest on the above sums up to 10 Nov 1836                                                   23.04 3/4

   Amount paid by me                                                                                                  639.53 3/4

  Balance due and paid by me                                                                                    10.45 1/2

This day to Brockman and asked in open court.

                                                  John Bateman, Guardian

(Note: Elizabeth Rees married William W. Brockman: 17 Dec 1835)


Riggs, Sally

To the honorable county court of Ray County now in session as my time of keeping Sally Riggs will expire on the 27 of this instant. I pray your honorable boddy (sic) to provide for her further support at the expense of the county and make such further orders as you in your wisdom may think proper.  James Odell

Filed 6 Aug 1834; allowed and warrant to Issac{?, it is not James}  W. Odell

the sum of 50 dols allotted support Sally Riggs from 27 Aug to 27 Aug 1835.

Front cover of document: William Odell request appropriated. Sally Riggs, 6 Aug 1834




State of Missouri, County of Ray, Be it remembered that I hired James Odell to keep and support Sally Riggs one year for which he is to receive fifty dollars done by order of last August term. Given under my hand this 6 day of Aug 1834.           Thomas Riggs


Rhody, Thomas

State of Missouri}      Ray County Court, Feb Term 1844.

County of Ray    }       Ordered that Williamson McColeman is appointed to examine into the condition of Thomas Rhody, a pauper on this county and supply the same with necessary comforts of life and report the same to them next term of this court.

                                                                        W.M. Jacobs, Clerk

25 Feb 1844

Thomas Rhody

            Sir, I the undersigned from indisposition of body and the suffering of my family am humibly led to pray you to present before this present court my prayer and inability to support my family, that from the long continuous for years a white swelling on my right hip or leg my ability to keep my family from suffering by the short interval of time in which I am able to labour is impossible. Sir, that you may be satisfied (and be able to give the Court satisfaction) relative to the merits of my supplication for aid, I will forward to you the testimony of a few of my neighbors and you may send any one or more physicians of Richmond to examine my disease and attest my ability to labour.

                                                                        Your Servant, Thomas Roady


We the undersigned being acquainted with the bodily suffering of Mr. Thomas Rhody have long since been convinced that he was labouring beyond his ability and whereby increasing his suffering and the rage of the disease with which he suffers also that his wife, Mrs. Rhody has to perform labour to severe for a woman to do, and that by the industrious economy of both they are not able to keep their little family always comfortable. Furthermore we believe that humanity, justice and the laws of our commonwealth all speak to the merits of his supplication for aid from this county to the support of his worthy family who have so long maintained themselves while Mr. Rhody is by far the more fit subject of an easy chair of some well furnished infirmary rather then the shoe bench which now at intervals he occupies.

N.R. Doty, James McNulty, Stephen L. Stevens, Williamson McCollonn (?), James McCerbe/McCube (?).   No date                      



State of Missouri}        Ray County Court, Feb Term 1844.

County of Ray    }        Ordered that Williamson McColeman is appointed to examine into the condition of Thomas Rhody, a pauper on this county and supply the same with necessary comforts of life and report the same to them next term of this court.

                                                                        W.M. Jacobs, Clerk

25 Feb 1844

Smith, Nathan

To Henry Brown for taking care of two children of Nathan Smith for 1 year and eight months. $90.00                                            {Box 314, Doc 530: Guardianship}

Taylor, Elizabeth

I Thomas J. Taylor do swear that a daughter of mine named Elizabeth Taylor now residing with James Taylor, Sr. was by me demanded of said Taylor and by him detained so that I cannot get my child out of his possession contrary to my consent and I wish a warrant to stop him from leaving the county until I can get my daughter. 16 Oct 1828

sworn to and subscribed Thos. J. Taylor this day before me.

Winant Vanderpool, Justice of the peace this the 16 of October 1828




The State of Missouri to any constable of Ray County,


Whereas Thomas J. Taylor hath this day given information on oath to me Winant Vanderpool, Sr. a Justice of the Peace within and for said county of Ray, that on the Sixteenth day of October 1828 at the county aforesaid the said Thomas J. Taylor did then and there demand of James Taylor Sr., Hannah Taylor and Thomas Taylor the daughter of him the said Thomas J. Taylor named Elizabeth Taylor which it appears they the said James Taylor, Sr., Hannah Taylor and Thomas Taylor, unlawfully detains from him said Thomas J. Taylor.

These are therefore to command you forthwith to apprehend the said James Taylor, Sr., Hannah Taylor and Thomas Taylor as well as the said Elizabeth Taylor and bring them before me or some other justice of the peace for this county to answer the premises and be dealt with according to law.  1828, October, 16.

                        Winant Vanderpool                                    


Teage, Rebecca

The county court of Ray to Holland Vanderpool, dr. to taking care of Rebecca Teage, by order of the court. $3.25,  Holland Vanderpool, 2 Sept 1845


Thompson, Mrs.

The county of Ray to Seth Thompson dr. To boarding and taking care of Mrs. Thompson a pauper for one month. $4.00   3 October 1842 


Thompson, Sarah

Ray county to Jeremiah McDonald dr. for keeping Sarah Tompson from the 5th of December 1842 until the 30 of March 1843 making 115 days at the rate of $30.00 per year.

Burial expense $5.00                       27.05             




State of Missouri, County of Ray: Ray County court elect Term 1842/3?. Ordered that Jeremiah McDaniel be allowed twenty dollars per year for boarding and clothing Sarah Thompson or in that proportion for the time she remains and for which a warrant will issue at the end of the year or at the time she leaves provided he use all peaceable means to prevent her leaving.     

Attest:   William M. Jacobs, Clerk

              By,  D. Quesenberry, D.C                         


Yeager, Rebecca

Ray County, to Holland Vanderpool Dr to keeping Rebecca Yeager a pauper

 for 4 weeks                                                   4.00

Sugar & coffee furnished                               .50

July 8th 1845 articles furnished                     .27




To Holland Vanderpool $4.50 for guardianship expense of Rebecca Yeager


Amount paid to guardian                  $551.07

Thomas Foster Receipt                    137.50

Widows amount                                325.90

Sarah Pine amount                          125.00

Nancy Weavers amount                  184.00

James Foster amount                    174.00


No dates or name of guardian

Young, Thomas

The State of Missouri. To Emily Kelly Guardian of Thomas Young heirs, you are hereby commanded to give new bond as such guardian on or before the next term of this court to be held in Richmond on the 2nd Monday in January 1860, and if such bond be not given on or before that time your guardianship will be revoked, hereof fail not, and you certify how you have executed this writ:

12 Day of Dec 1859, James B. Turner, Judge               



Richmond, June 6th, 1842, county of Ray dr. to John Bales for the support of Leaguo (?) and wife.  $3.00             


Richmond, Mo March 1st 1841, Received of William S. Miller, six hundred and sixty two dollars and fifty one cents the charge against him as guardian.

            Charles Scott                       


Transcribed by Lisa Smalley



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