Various poll books and voter registrations are sparse in Ray County, Missouri.

The information below are records found in the Ray County Courthouse Clerk's Office. The records are not in book form, they were handwritten on paper. The information is copied from copies of the original records, by the Ray County Genealogical Association. There are many more to be transcribed and typed.

The records were transcribed as the records were written.

I suggest that you use your 'FIND' feature on your browser for the surname you are looking for. If you think that there is a chance of finding a name you are looking for and do not find it, I would also suggest reading each name since the spelling may have been written as the name sounded. Transcribing a lot of the old record is not an easy task. Ray County had a recorder who's penmanship is extremely difficult to transcribe.

1827 Bluffton Township Poll Book

Filed 2 Apr 1827, Petition to move county seat.

To the Honorable the county court within and for the county of Ray.

The petition of the subscribers inhabitants of said county humbly showeth that your petitioners labour under great inconvenience for want of a permanent seat of Justice for said county: and whereas we believe the wealth and population of said county has been retarded fairly spirit and feeling has risen amoung us. So that emigration has nearly ceased amoung (sic) your petitioners indurance (sic) of arresting the evils which has so long afflicted us, believe that if our county seat was fixed in some desirable place as near the center of said county found it wants greatly alley the evil of which we have good reason to complain. We therefor select the corners of sections 25, 30, 31 and 36 where they corner on the range line between range 27 and 28 and solicit the aid of all those who wish well to their county and respectfully request of your honorable body should we be so fortunate as to procure the legal number of subscribers and your petitioners are in duty bound will ever pray.

Nehemiah Woolsey James Standley Jakob Snowden
William Huddard Elihu Standley {name crossed out} Henry Hill
William Roberts {name crossed out} Reuben Cooley {name crossed out} Thomas Mason
Noah Woolsey Euiah Standley John Manley
William Castner Tho. Hardwick George Shelley
Larkin Standley John Standley Jr. Malaciah Lile
John Proffit Robt. Owens  


Bluffton Township, 1827

Bluffton Township, Poll book of an election for County seat held 20 and 21st August 1827. Filed 21 August 1827.

Poll book of an election held for the Bluffton Township for the purpose of selecting a permanent seat of justice for the county of Ray as selected by the Commissioner's on the 5th day of May 1827.

Votes for Wollards place:

Samuel White Acre Joseph Fields William B. Martin Timothy Rigs Jesse Tevault
  Levy Fields Thomas Martin Thomas Riggs William Tiny
Joseph H. Ball   Theodrick  Mabery John Raglin Thomas Taylor
Adam Black Henry Hunter William Man   Christopher Taylor
James Black   James H. Meeke Georg Shelley William P. Thompson
Mabery Berry (Brown) James Hill William McGaugh John Stokes John  W. Thornton
William F. Brown William Hill William S. Miller Moses Splawn  
    Henry Morgan Larkin Stanley Winant Vanderpool
Rheuben Clark Abell Lee John McCrosky James Smith Meders Vanderpool
John Comer Mathew P. Long   Christopher Stone Levy Vanderpool
  Mallachi  Lile Benjamin Nicholas Jereba Stone Hugh Vallandigham
Daniel Devaul Aron Linvill   John Stone Kinman Vanderpool
Patrick Dorsey Lewis Linvill Daniel Patten    
  David Linvill Robert Prichard   John Woollard
John Edwards Joshua Lamb - Disputed vote     George Woodard
        Branick Willkison
        James R. Walker

We the undersigned judges of an election do hereby certify that the number of votes taken at the above election were sixty one votes for Wollards place as selected by the Commissioners appointed by the Ray County Court as a permanent seat of justice for said county.

Judges                   Clerks

John Stone             Jacob Reff

Abel Lee                Thomas Taylor Sr.

James Tayler

1827 Poll Book

Judges Appointed

Crooked River Township

Ray County Court, July Term 1827 (Special)

The Court appoints John M. McGaugh, Joseph Cox and Henry Brown, Judges of an Election to be held on Monday & Tuesday the 20th and 21st days of August next at the usual place of holding elections in said township for the purpose of voting for or against the place selected at Wollards for a county seat. 

                             George Woodward, Clerk  

1827 Poll Book

Crooked River Township, 1827

Poll Book of an election began and held at the house of A. Legate for the Crooked River Township on the 20th and 21st of August 1827 for the purpose of selecting a permanent seat of Justice for the county of Ray as selected by commissions on the 5th day of May 1827.

Acres, John N. Dotson, John Job, Robert Owens, Robert
Akers, Joseph Dowden, Robert    
  Dixson, Isaac Legate, Andrew Snowden, Jacob
Brewer, Henry   Lile, Henry Snowden, Jonathan
Bland, Permit Fields, Ebenezer   Snowden, James Jr.
Brewer, William   Martin, Isaac Snowden, James Sr.
Bright, Tobias Gragg, Robert Martin, Hugh Snowden, Samuel
Black, William L. Garmon, Leonard Miller, William Snowden, David
Black, William   Mayberry, James  
Brewer, Thomas Harwood, Alexander M. Miller, Seaborn F. Tiberghein, Leo
  Hynes, John McGaugh, Robert Thornton, William
Cox, Joseph Hynes, William McGaugh, John  
  Hill, Henry    

We the undersigned Judges of the present election, do certify that the votes are as follows (viz) for the selection at Wollards and none against it, given under our hand this twenty first day of August 1827.


1831 Poll Book of Election

Fishing River Township

  1831 Poll book of an election Fishing River township, Justices and Constable filed 6 April 1831. Geo . Woodward, clerk. Three papers filed.

   State of Missouri, County of Ray: This day personally came Doudle Rowland, Simon Odell and Jno. McCroskrie, before me a justice of the peace within and for Fishing River Township and County aforesaid and severally make oath that they will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of Judges of the present election according to law and the best of their abilities, and that they will studiously endeavor to prevent fraud, deceit, and abuse in conducting the same.

Given under my hand this 4th of April 1831.  Isaac Odell J.P.


  Poll book of an election held at John Turner's in Fishing River Township on the first Monday April 1831 for the purpose of electing three Justice of County Court for the County of Ray, and one Constable for Fishing River Township.

  Candidates for County Judges Jones Miller, Henry Jacobs, Isaac Allen, Jas. Jordan, Henry Brown, Parker. Constable Nehemiah Odell and Saml Loyde.


Creason, William                                           Tarwater, Samuel

Millsaps, William                                           McCray ?, Daniel

West, Littleton                                               Earickson, Isaac

Allen, Thomas                                               Fletcher, Goldsmith

Loyd, William                                                  Loyd, Owen

Clevenger, Jesse Jr. (2)                                   Grouse, William

Brodhursk, Henry                                          Odell, Caleb

Dowden, Robert                                            Clevenger, Samuel

Tarwater, John Sr.                                          Allen, William

Coldisure, Allen

 We the undersigned, being duly qualified by the manner prescribed by law, as judges of the before named election, do certify that for the office of County Judges, Jones Miller had 11 votes, Henry Jacobs 25 votes, Isaac Allen 11 votes, Jas Jordan 58 votes, Henry Brown none and Parker 45 votes and that for the office of constable Nehemiah Odell had 33 votes and Saml Loyde had 36 votes.

A correct abstract given under our hands on April the 4th 1831.   

Doudle Rowland                                 Attest: Lewis Dunaway

Simon Odell                                                    John Tarwater      Clerks

Jno McCroskie

Poll Book of Election for State Representative


Fishing River


Poll Book of Election, held at John Turner's in Ray County, Fishing River (pre ect.?) for the purpose of electing a representative to Congress, for State of Missouri, on this first Monday in August one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one.

Names of Electors           

Jessy Clevenger Jr.  Pettis   Richard Clevenger  Pettis
Thomas Allen   Pettis   Johan (John) Allen  Pettis
Robert Dowden  Pettis     Pettis
David Fletcher  Pettis   James Dowden   Pettis
Isaac Earickson    Pettis   John Turner     Pettis
William Gross     Pettis   Jeremiah Odell   Pettis
John Earickson    Pettis   James Earickson  Pettis
Pettis Creason   Pettis   Charles Fletcher   Pettis
John Tarwater Sr.   Pettis   William Adams     Pettis
Joseph Hightower  Pettis   Allen Colelasure   Pettis
Thomas Keeney   Pettis   Allen Rainey   Pettis
Joseph Keeney    Pettis   William Crosslin   Pettis
 Harrison Earickson      Pettis   John Creason    Pettis
  Jesse Clevenger Sr.  Pettis   Job Odell   Pettis
Zechariah Clevenger  Pettis   Robert Hugchings  Pettis
Moses Hutchings  Pettis   James Dickie   Pettis
John McCroskrie    Pettis   W.R. Bligh Pettis
John Colasure Pettis   Henry Beckett   Pettis
John Coleman  Pettis   Faushee Garner   Pettis

We the undersigned, being qualified in due form of law (by each other) as judges of the above mentioned electors do certify that ---- to take the (sufeages?) of the people in Fishing River Township and that, as a member of Congress Spenser Pettis, has 39 votes; Evans none; Barton; none.

Given under our hands this 1st day of August 1831.

                             W. Blyth

Judges                   James Dickie

                             John McCussion

Poll Book of Election for State Representative


Richmond Township

Poll Book of an election held at the courthouse in the town of Richmond in Ray County in and for the township of Richmond.

On the 1st Monday in August 1831, being on the first day of said month for the purpose of electing a representative to Congress. For the state of Missouri agreeable to an act of the general assembly of said state approved 22 (?) Day of January 1829.

Name of voters                                            

Rejected votes in candidates for whom voted.

John McGaugh  Barton Thos McGaugh   Barton Jas. Coats  Pettis
Henry Morgan  Pettis Johnathan Morgan    Pettis Andrew Doughtry   Pettis
Eaven Morgan   Pettis Jacob Stollings  Pettis Christopher Taylor Pettis
Richd (Richard) Beckerstaff  Pettis Danl Duvall    Barton Thos. Taylor   Pettis
Hugh Martin       Pettis Isaac Martin  Pettis Ruddy Morgan  Pettis
Wm. Miller Sr.    Barton James Holman Pettis Bolson Hines   Pettis
Isaac Clark    Pettis David West Pettis Ruben Allen Pettis
George Marquis  Barton Robert Graham  Pettis Jacob Riffe   Pettis
Wm L. Miller     Barton John N. Acers  Pettis Andrew Bartleson  Barton
Saml Hoover  Pettis Elija Curtis Pettis Martin Wheat Pettis
John Hoover    Pettis Thos. English   Pettis Levan Brookshear Pettis
Jos. Herrin (Herris?)    Pettis Jas. Frayzer Pettis John Comer   Barton
Ruben Harper Pettis Peter Rusaw  Pettis Robt. K. McGee Barton
Clayborn Farmer   Pettis Thos. Adams    Barton Thos. N. Cockrell  Barton
Lensey Good  Pettis Wm. Childers Pettis Jos. Ellison  Pettis
Wm. Brewer  Pettis Jas. Lee   Pettis Thos. Martin Pettis
Campbelle Adkin Barton Henry Brown Pettis John Chapman Pettis
Berry Hughes    Barton Mecaja Brown  Pettis Benjamin Nichols  Pettis
Wm. Thornton Sr.  Barton Winant Vanderpool Jr. Pettis Jos. Ball  Barton
Henry Hill    Pettis George Burnet Barton Alex. Bogard  Pettis
Jos. Thoginorton Pettis Silas Stone  Pettis William Lee   Pettis
Jas. M. Ramsey Pettis Hardin Stone Pettis Thos. Brown  Pettis
Jas. Neile Barton Thos. Rennalds  Pettis Thos. B. Brown  Pettis
Danl. Patton  Barton John Rennalds   Pettis Wm. Prewitt  Pettis
Jas. S. Ball Barton John Scott Barton Jas. Allison  Pettis
John Bartleson  Barton Hugh Vanlandingham Barton Robert McCorkle Pettis
Wm. Morgan  Pettis George Lile Barton Branock Wilkerson Pettis
Joab. Hunter  Pettis Hugh Acres   Barton William Brown  Pettis
John Cooper   Pettis Daniel McCray   Pettis Wm. L. Black Barton
Jas. Jorden    Pettis Alexander Harwood Barton Henry Winberra ?  Pettis
Rob Mitchell  Pettis Jesse Cates  Pettis W.T. Aubrey   Pettis
Josiah Ramsey Pettis Allen Good Pettis Holland Vanderpool Pettis
Mathew Roland  Pettis John Adams  Pettis Kiniman Vanderpool   Pettis
Lennard Thornhill Pettis Nathan Smith  Pettis John Proffitt Pettis
Francis McGuire  Pettis Randal Noe Barton Danl. Smith Pettis
George Roads  Pettis Wm. Runnells  Pettis John Bateman Pettis
Charles Cates  Pettis John Edwards  Barton Philip Covengton  Barton
A.B. Ralph   Pettis D.H. Thorpe  Barton William Groce Pettis
William Bayly   Barton Robt. McGaugh Pettis John Wells  Pettis
P.M. Dorsey  Barton Noble Goe Pettis John Hall  Pettis
Henry Jacobs  Barton Danl. Parker  Pettis David Riffe  Pettis
William Walker Pettis John Wilkerson  Barton John Ashby Pettis
Levi Wilson  Pettis Saml. Prewitt  Pettis Burrell Smith Pettis
Ebenizer Fealds  Pettis Saml. Odle  Pettis Joell (Jode) Jacobs Barton
Ruben Riggs  Pettis C.R. Moorhead   Barton Henry Brown Pettis
William Loyd Pettis Saml. Williams  Pettis Benj. Fealds Sr.   Pettis
W.H. Tombs  Barton Jacob L. Wasson  Pettis Wm. McGaugh  Barton
William Walker  Pettis Amos Walker Pettis Jacob Snowden Barton
Abram Blain  Pettis Simon Odle   Pettis Wm. Odle  Pettis
Wm. Cartels (Cartelo?) Barton Nathan Teeney Pettis Wm. Hutchens Pettis
C.H. Neder (Nedes)?  Barton Calab Odle  Pettis Wm. Splawn  Pettis
Wm. Black Sr. Barton Solomon Odle  Pettis Wm. Clevenger  Pettis
J.H. Snowden  Barton Isaac Odle Sr.  Pettis Wm. Wilson  Pettis
Jas. Black Barton Isaac Odle Jr.  Pettis John Craig   Pettis
Eletha ? Bucker  Pettis Isaac Odle  Pettis John Splawn  Pettis
John Splawn Pettis Frances Odle Pettis Nelson James Pettis
James Orr    Pettis Nehemah Odle  Pettis Wm. F. Brown   Pettis
Asa Campbell  Pettis John Odle   Pettis John Rawley  Barton
Andrew Wells Pettis Caleb Odle Pettis John McCrary Pettis
Able Lee  Pettis Jas. Odle  Pettis Jas. C. Brewer  Pettis
Joshua Leakey Pettis Andrew McHansey (Kansey?)  Barton Jos. Fealds   Pettis
Robt. Gregg  Pettis Jeremiah Croley   Pettis David Linville  Pettis
Adam Rawley (Remley) Barton Jos. Campbell  Pettis John W. Thornton Pettis
John Vanderpool Sr. Pettis William Wilkerson  Pettis Abraham Endsley Pettis
Isaac Lebo    Pettis Ruben Allen, Sr.   Pettis John Endsley  Pettis
Jesse Mann  Pettis Levi Vanderpool  Pettis Leo Tibagen   Barton
Lewis T. Donaway  Barton Saml. Snowden Pettis F.B. Grubb  Barton
Jesse Newland   Pettis Mansfield Wallace  Barton Jas. H. Meek Barton
David Snowden Barton William Linville  Pettis Jerabee Stone  Barton
Milford Donahoe  Barton Jas. McCustian ?   Pettis William Hill  Pettis
Wilson McKinney   Barton Anderson Martin  Barton John Williams   *
Jesse Boice  Barton John Clevenger  Pettis Zac Bland  Pettis
Saml. Clevenger  Pettis James Stone Pettis John Cates  Pettis
Robt. Prichard Barton Marton Adams  Pettis Lewis Tarwatters   Pettis
Mathias Ellison Pettis Thos. Linville Pettis Jas. Campbelle Sr.  *
Wm. Bryant Barton Erasumas Chapman  Pettis Obedeah Hickey   *
Andrew Lyget Barton Lemuel Boone  Pettis William Leakey   Pettis
Adam Black  Barton Ott. Searsey  Barton Geo. Rowland Pettis
Lewis Linville Pettis Bernet Bland Pettis Squire McGuire  Pettis
Jas. Smith   Pettis W.C. Williams * Wm. Gouben ?   *
Lynch Moore  * Isaac Allen  Pettis William Jeffrey Pettis
Danl. Lebo  * David Holman    * Henry Rowland  Pettis
William Logan Barton Gabril Straton ^ Wm. Proffitt  Pettis
John Scontzo Barton Jos. B. Brockman  Barton Bennet Stratton   *
John Crowley  Pettis Wm. Lee  * Wm. Thornton Barton
Danl. Hudgins  Barton John Taylor  Barton Wm. P. Thompson Barton
John Wollard  Pettis Jos. Cox Pettis Henry Lile  Pettis
Thos. Atkinson  Pettis Thos. Mayberry  Pettis Saml. Flemming Barton
Hardy Holman  Pettis John Eliott  Pettis Perry Mupping  Barton
Solomon Cox Jr.   Pettis James Littles   Pettis Steph. Jacobs  Barton
L.H. Renick  Barton Nathan Barham  ^ Wm. W. Bush (Busk)? Barton
Lorton Cox  Barton Saml. K. McGee Barton P.J. Miller  Barton
W.B. Marton   Barton M.P. Long   Barton    

* Voted for S.P. Pettis but vote was rejected by judges.

^ Voted for Barton but vote was rejected by judges.


State of Missouri   

County of Ray                      We the undersigned judges of Election held at Richmond on the 1st Monday in August 1831 do certify that we were duly qualified as judges of said Election by severally taking the oath prescribed by law before entering upon the duties there of given under our hands

subscribed & sworn                                       this 1st day of August 1831

to before me this day of August 1831     S.J. Miller , Matthew P. Long

                             J.P.                                    Wm. B. Martin, Matthew P. Long

                                                                    Judges of the election.


We the undersigned clerks of said election held at Richmond in the 1 Monday in August 1831 do Certify we took each the oath prescribed by law before entering upon the duties of our office given under our hands this 1st day of August 1831.

Subscribed & Sworn                             W.P. Thompson

to before me this 1st                           Wm. Thornton

day of August 1831                       Clerk Election

          S.J. Miller, J.P.

                                Abstract of Votes

We the undersigned judges of the aforesaid Election having duly Examined cont. Up and corrected the Poll Book at the close of this day do find that for to represent this state in congress the following persons had the number of votes attached to there respective names.

          To Wit: Spencer Pettis had one hundred and eighty six votes

             David Barton had has eighty votes

                                      S.J. Miller

                                      W.B. Martin

                                      M.P. Long               Judges of Election

Attest: Wm. P. Thompson

            Wm. Thornton                Clerk of Election

Outside cover of document:

Poll book of election 1st Augt. 1831 Richmond Township Pettis 186, Barton 80, votes. Four papers filled.


Poll book receipt

I resign all my claim to a warrant for 45 cents for carrying poll books to George Woodward for value rec&rsquod Nov 10, 1832. Levi Gaben


Fishing River Township

List of Register voters at Special Registration for the year AD 1874

Cates, Marten

Dickie, Rufus

Wheeler, Silas W.C.

Overman, William

Odell, Albert

Craig, Wm. J.

Craven, Henry H.

Odell, Jessee

I do hereby certify that the above and foregoing as a true copy as copied from the Records now on file in my office.

          Witness my hand and seal this the 1st day of September AD 1870

                             Geo. N. McGee, Clerk

           Robt. E. Ross, Deputy


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