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The Bounds Of William Creasons land beginning with the section line between twenty seven and twenty eight running north to the ridge North of Henry Brown thense (sic) north the ridge to the township line between 51 and 52, 50 as to include James Smith thense (sic) west to the division line between Creason and Bogart thense (sic) South to the mouth of Fishing River so as to include Jacob Tarwaters thense (sic) down the Missouri River to the beginning line.

Names of hands (road hands?)

Anderson Martins Thomas English John Tarwater Jun. Alexander Stewart Henry Morgan
David Henderson John Wells Samuel Tarwater Thomas Keeney Eaven Morgan
James Wells Thomas N. Asbery Sen. Louis Tarwater John Drake  
Andrew Webb Thomas Asbery Jr George Rodes John B. Chamberlain  
John Elliott James Smith Ford Cleavenger Wm. Morgan  
Joshia Lakey Rensalar Clarke John Tarwater Sen.    

F.L.D.W. Shaw and Others
I executed the within by delivering a true copy of the within order to F.L.D.W. Shaw, John H. Smith and Elijah Burgess at Ray County.
fees 1.50 B.J. Brown Sherriff
of Ray Cty
State of Missouri Ray County court November Term 1841
County of Ray Ordered that F.L.D.W. Shaw, John H. Smith and Elijah Burgess are appointed to review a road commencing at Dales Mill and from thence to Caldwell County line as viewed and marked by A. Peirce, Joshua Dale, and Abraham Hall and that they meet at Dales Mill on the Second Monday in December and proceed to review said road and make report as to the ? of said road at the next Term of the court.
Attest John H. Morehead Clk
by David H. Quesenberry D.C. (Deputy Clerk?)

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