Assessor's List of 1821

Source: "Missouri Pioneers, County and Genealogical Records," Volume 2, compiled and published by Mrs. Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John Vineyard, and Mrs. Howard Woodruff, 1968; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team
The names listed below were copied from the original record in the Assessor's Office in the Ray County Court House at Richmond. On the back of the first page was the following notation in handwriting which indicated that it had been made many years ago: "Assessor's List, but for what year - does not say - supposed for 1821." Undoubtedly it was for that year since the list was signed by Zadoc Martin, Assessor of Ray County, and according to county records he was assessor only from April, 1821 to January, 1822.
At the time of this tax list, 1821, Ray County covered all of the areas now included in the counties of Clay, Carroll, Clinton, DeKalb, Gentry, Worth, Caldwell, Daviess, Harrison, Livingston, Grundy and Mercer.
The assessment was against all property, Real Estate and Personal, including slaves, horses, cattle, jewelry, etc. The notation "unmarried" was made opposite the names of single men and $1.00 assessment valuation was added to each. In this list of names (*) indicates "unmarried."
William Adkins*
Joshua Adams
Martin Adams*
Richard Adams
Isaac Allen*
Abraham Allen*
John Allen*
William Adams
Wiatt Adkins, Jr.*
John Allen
William Adkins
Pleasant Adams
Howard Averett
Thornton V. Allen*
Wiatt Akins, Sr.
James Buckridge
Humphrey Best
John A. Bartleson*
James W. Black*
Hugh Brown
William Beaty
Stephen Brewer*
Jeremiah Burns
James Brown*
Stephen Baxter
Joseph Brown
Alexander Bogart*
Thomas Brewer
William L. Black*
John Baitman*
William Black
James Buchanan
Henry Brewer
Timothy Bancroft*
Joseph Cox
William Creason
Jonas Casner
Pharis Clevenger*
John Collier*
Thomas Campbell
Elisha Camron
John Carell
Benjamin Cornelius
Rensselaer Clark
John Clevenger
Richard Clevenger
Samuel Crowley
James Carell
Thomas Crowley
Dickson Clack*
Samuel Clevenger
James Crowley
Abraham Creek
Jeremiah Crowley
Jefferson Cary*
John Cornelius
Nathaniel Cary
Samuel Crowley
Kemp Cary
John Crowley
Joseph Crockett
Abraham Coots
Jonathan Camron
James Collins*
Zachariah Clevenger
David Crocket
John Crowley
John Dobson
Norman Davis
Daniel Duvaul
James Dagley
William Davis
John Dean
John Davis*
John Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Peter Estes
William Elliott*
Henry Estes
Thomas Estes
John Evans
John Elliott
Levy Fields
Travis Finley
Joseph Fowler
Ebenezer Fields
Thomas Frost
Stephen Fields*
Thomas Fields
John Fields, Sen.
John Ferrens*
Joseph Fields
Jesse Fletcher
David Fletcher
Moses Fletcher*
Jesse Gilliam
Francis Grooms*
John Grooms*
Cornelius Gilliam
Abraham Grooms
John Gilliam
James Gillmore
William Grooms
Foushee Garnet(r)
Joseph Gauge
Baley George
Benjamin Gragg
Henry Gragg
Joseph Gill
Thomas Hixson & Andrew Hixon (* - one of the listed)
James Hill*
James Hiatt
William Hall
Elisha Hall
Uriah Huffman*
Harlow Hinkston*
Wm. Henderson, Jr.*
John Harris
Ezekiel Huffman
Davis Homes
John Hutchings*
John Hodge*
Smith Hutchings
Moses Hutchings*
William Hill*
John Huff
Jesse Hill
Alexander Hill
Richard Hill
Joseph Hutchings*
Peter Irons
Thomas Inglish
James James
Thomas Jacks*
John Keeny
James Lyon
Patrick Lany
Isaac B. Lance*
John Livingston
John Lincoln*
William Lanehart*
Malachi Liles
Richard Linvill
James Lamm
Samuel Livingston
David Liles
John Ledgewood
Isaac Lowthian
William Liles
Jonathan Ligget
Abraham Linvill
Aaron Linvill
Joshua Lamm
John McGaugh
John McCroskrie & Andrew McCroskrie
Zadoc Martin, Jr.
Edmond Murray
Edward Morris
Sebron J. Miller
William Monroe
John S. Malott
Zadoc Martin, Sr.
William Millsaps
William Miller
Thomas Monroe
Jesse Mann
Isaac McCroskrie
Andrew Moor
Isaac Martin
Samuel Magill*
Richard Munkers
William B. Martin
Daniel McCray
William Malotte*
Theoderick Maybery
Francis Megurie
Blake Masingill
Henry Morgan*
David Montgomery*
Benjamin Munkirs
James W. McClellen
Redman Munkirs
David McElwee
David Magill
James Munkirs
William Martin*
Jacob McCoy*
Charles McGee
William Morgan*
David Nutting
Alexander Newman*
John Nicols*
Robert Nicholson
Samuel Olipahnt
William Osborn
William Officer
John Owens
Thomas Officer
John Proffit
William Prine
Eldridge Potter
Hannah Peebly
Samuel Prewit
Thomas Peebly*
Robert Pierce
Robert Pogue
Robert Pritchet
Edward Piburn
Joseph Porter*
Hugh Porter*
Andrew Pogue*
Dowdle Rowland
Russel Reynolds
Andrew Russle
Absalom Reed
Lewis Richards
Jonathan Reed*
James Reynolds
William Richards*
Jonas Roberts
George Rowland
Timothy Riggs
Aaron Roberts
William Rollins
Mathew Rowland
Jacob Riffe
John Riffe
Samuel Roberts
Nicholas Roberts
Peter Rightsman
John Renfore
Edward Roberts*
Andrew Robertson
John Richy
Humphrey Smith
Larkin Stanley*
John Shields & William Shields (* - one of the listed)
Thomas Smith*
Calvin Stephens*
Benjamin Sampson
Thomas Sollars*
John Scott*
William Shelton
William Stanley*
William Scott
William L. Smith*
Christopher Stone
Sabert Sollars
John Stone
John Stanley
Lewis Shelton
Benjamin Sampson, Sr.
James Stanley
Elisha Sollars
Jacob Snowden
Charles Scott
Mayberry Splawn
Lovell Snowden
Mrs. Polly Smith
Ahi Smith
Daniel Sacleford
William Shaw*
Elijah Smith*
Terah Smith
William Spicer
James Snowden
Jesse Tevault
Jacob Tarwaters
James Telford
George Taylor*
William Turner
John Thompson*
John Turner
William Turnage
John Trotter*
John Thornton*
Eppe Tillery*
Hardin Vickery*
Samuel Vasser
John W. Violett
Winant Vanderpool, Sr.
Winant Vanderpool, Jr.
Abner Vickery
Medders Vanderpool*
Enos Vaughn
John Vanderpool
Hugh Valandingham
John Woods
Chesley Woodard
Alexander Willard
George Wills*
Joseph Woods
Francis Williams*
James B. Wills
William Wiggins
Benedick Welldon*
Alexander Williams
James Wills
Abraham Whitson
Nehemiah Woolsey
Thomas Willson
Littleton West
James Willhyte
Samuel Williams*
James Williams
Tarlton Whitlock
Noah Wollsey*
John Willson*
Joseph Wells
List of names of men owning property in Ray Co. and residing in other "counties."
W. Barbee
John Doxey
Ebenezer Rogers
George Wallis
George Tennel
Angus Langham
Duff Green
Thomas Smith
James Morrison
Peyton Nowlin
James Mahan
Abraham Beck
Andrew S. McGirk
Owen Stone - "his taxable land" - original owners:
William Madden
Stephen Comstock
Romulus Riggs - taxed for land - original patentees:
John Brown
George Ferrell
Dunbar Sullivan
Christian Brown
James Elsford
William Clark
Samuel Parish
Following lands taxed to Wm. Harshley? Original patentees:
John Kelly
Monathan Hunt
Stephen Mann
John Turner
James Raymon
Warren Taylor
Benjamin Pulney
Coffee Lambourn
Lemon Peare
Eliazer W. Collins
Wm. McCollister
George Easton
Jacob Bear
John Miller
Davis McMurphy
Stephen Clay
Reubin Ladd
John Daly
Giles Loudon
Jacob Beard
John Shealds
Charles Lahorty
Albin Davis
John Pearce
Edward Bradford
John Meaker
Nathaniel Ownslaw
John Robertson
Samuel McMann
Teal (?) Hoods
John Land
Present owner - William Stokes - original patentees:
Anthony Gilliger
William Stokes
Sarah Porterfield
Henry Peterson
Michael Coon

//signed// Zadoc Martin
Assessor of Ray Co.