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Deaths on the Plains

Source: "Missouri Pioneers, County and Genealogical Records," Volume 2,
compiled and published by Mrs. Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John Vineyard, and
Mrs. Howard Woodruff, 1968; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team



News Notes from Various Counties

The following records were published in the "Weekly Missouri Sentinel," published at Columbia, Missouri, issue of December 30, 1852:

"Deaths on the Plains this Season"

Sarah A. Sleigh June 5, aged 22, St. Louis, Missouri

W. E. Sterns June 4, aged 24, Missouri

Sarah Crabtree, May --, aged 23, Jackson Co., Missouri

Miller A. Madison, May 18, age 22, Pike Co., Missouri

John Barnett, May 30, age 26, St. Francois Co., Missouri

Charles G. McFarlane, June 18, age 17, Missouri

A. Crider, June 7, age 47, Missouri

A. J. Maddox, June 18, age 21, Missouri

Henry Sager, June 8, Atchison Co., Missouri

Sorelien Haun, June 28, age 8, Missouri

Mary E. Fitzgerald, June 20, age 18, Missouri

Jane Coward, June 30, age 1 year, Missouri

Mrs. E. Mitchell, July 6, age 32, Missouri

Eliza M. Parker, Aug. 5, age 23, Jackson Co., Missouri

Nancy J. Cook, Aug. 1st, age 13, Cass Co., Mo.

Henry Baker, June 9, age 55, Holt Co., Missouri

Elias Baker, June 2, age 22, Holt Co., Missouri

Eliza A. Baker, Aug. 5, age 22, Johnston Co., Mo.

Lafayette Tate, hung June 15 for murdering T. Miller

J. H. Swansey, June 11, Pike Co., Missouri

Nelly Osborne, June 17, wife of Willie Osborne, Missouri

John Fletcher, June 13, age 26, Palmyra, Missouri

Margaret Davis, June 19, age 22, wife of I. Davis, Missouri

Martha Duncan, June 22, Missouri

Sarah Ann Kean, June 22, Missouri

R. B. Oscar, Boone Co., Missouri

Daniel Miller, Sweetville, Missouri

William Harshard, June 23, age 39, St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. Mary E. Dagley, June 25, age 20, Missouri

James B. Persinger, Boone Co., Missouri

G. W. Ganong, July 22, age 44, St. Louis, Missouri


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