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Mortality on the Plains

Source: "Missouri Pioneers, County and Genealogical Records," Volume 2,
compiled and published by Mrs. Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John Vineyard, and
Mrs. Howard Woodruff, 1968; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team


Hon. Delazon Smith, who has arrived in Oregon by overland route, published a letter in the Portland Times in which he asserts that "there are perhaps some 3,000 to 4,000 fresh graves between the Missouri River and the Dalles of the Columbia; and if the mortality has been equal on the California route, 12 or 15 percent of this year's emigration are dead." (From issue of March 10, 1853)

The Oregon papers published deaths of the following persons from this part of the country:

Margaret Engan, infant of B. F. and F. McGee

A. Taylor, N. Finch & John F. Tucker of Jackson County

Sarah D. and Levi Morgan, and Mahala Dufres of Cass County


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