Missouri State Historical Information

Date Admitted as a State 1821
In 1812 the Northern part of the Territory of Louisiana was changed and named 
the Territory of Missouri and given territorial Rights. 
St. Louis was the seat 
of the Territorial Government until 1820



State First's


First Settler's in Missouri

1812 New Madrid Earthquake

Some First Things in Missouri

St. Charles Forts

Lewis and Clark Information.
On Our PA Trails Site
Capt. Lewis's Exploration of Louisiananna and the Visit of the Osage Indian Nation to Washington
Captain Lewis and Captain Clarks Party of Discover and Expedition to the Pacific Ocean

Daniel Boone
On the St. Charles County Website


Daniel Boone


Year - Population 
1810 - 20,845
1820 - 66, 586
1830 - 140,455
1840 - 383, 703
1850 - 682, 044
1860 - 1,182,012
1870 - 1,721,295
State Nickname-"The Show Me State"
State Flower- " Hawthorn Crataegus" Common Name-White Hawthorn
State Bird- Eastern  Blue Bird
State Motto: Salus populi suprema lex esto (latin) "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law"
State Highest Point-Taum Sauk Mountain
State Lowest Point-St. Francis River at sourthern Arkansas border


Missouri Flag History

Government Topics

Governors of Missouri - Includes birth, death and burial data.

History of Missouri in 1850 (Contributed by Jeana Gallagher)
1850 Counties of Missouri (Contributed by Jeana Gallagher)

County Information - Histories, Facts and Other Data

County Overviews
Est. Date, Name Origins, Their Seats and other tidbits.

1865 Description of the Counties

A thru D / F thru L / M thru R / S thru W

1837 County Postoffice Listing

1881 Listing of County Officers, Judges of Probate and County Courts

1881 Listing of Sheriffs, Collectors, Circuit and County Clerks 

1881 County Listing of Public Administrators, Treasurers, Surveyors and School Commissioners

1881 County Listing of Attorneys, Coroners, Assessors and  Recorders of Deeds

1904 Almshouse Listing by Counties


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