St. Francois County, Missouri
Accidents and Tragedies

J.C. Alexander and Sons Creamery Destroyed
Fire consumed the Creamery owned by J.C. Alexander & Son of Farmington Tuesday morning of this week.  The origin of the fire is unknown.  It is thought that, perhaps, the electric wires which pass through the attic and into the refrigerator had been worn bare by the vibrations of frame structure, as the machinery, when in motion, occasioned a vibrating movement which it is supposed may have worn through the insulation thus inducing fire.
The loss it total and amounts to approximately $3700.00 with insurance to cover $1500.00 of the value.  The fire was discovered by a member of the family about 7:10 a.m. of that day, while eating breakfast.  How long the fire had been in progress or when it first started.
Source: The Farmington Times, Farmington, St. Francois County, Nov. 12, 1915

J.H. Bishop
J. H. BISHOP, Former Probate Judge of New Madridnty,
Accidentally Loses Life Wednesday.

J. H. Bishop, formerly Probate Judge of New Madrid county, fell from his bed and broke his neck at the State hospital about 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning.  When found by the attendant at 8:20 he was lying on the floor and life had evidently been extinct for several minutes.

An inquest was held over his body Wednesday afternoon by Coroner Dr. J. H. English and the above facts were brought out. The unfortunate man was a private patient in the infirmary and there was only one other person with him in the room at the time of the accident.  This was also an old man and a patient and he could tell nothing about the accident. Judge Bishop was Probate Judge of New Madrid county for
several years prior to his becoming demented last summer.

He was brought to the hospital here last December as a private patient.  The body was taken to New Madrid yesterday for burial.
Note:  According to the death certificate of J. H. Bishop, the above accident occurred on February 16, 1910.  He was born in 1848 in New Madrid County and was 62 years of age at time of death. Local Newspaper Clipping/Farmington, Missouri/February 1910, submitted by B. Warner

Herman Heck

Monday afternoon as he was starting home from the Jennings school, Herman Heck, the 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heck, of 6 miles north of Farmington, caught one of his feet in a crevice in the rock steps at the school house and fell, breaking his right thigh between the knee and hip joint.  A near neighbor was summoned who came and took the unfortunate lad to his home.  Dr. Robinson was called in and set the broken bones.  He reports him doing as well as could be expected.  It was a very painful as well as unusual accident.
[local newspaper clipping]

Note:  The above clipping came to me undated.  Herman Heck, according to his obituary, was born October 14, 1900. He died Dec. 30, 1972, and served for one term as Sheriff of St. Francois County.  He was married to Alpha (Mitchell) who survived him.
[submitted by B. Warner]



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