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William M. Ziegler was born in 1859, and is a son of Lewis and Plagias Ziegler, both natives of Ste. Genevieve County, Mo., and born in 1818. They were married in 1854, and eight children were the result of their union, only five of whom are living: Henry C., Mary L., William M., Louisa L. and Zoe P. William M. Ziegler is their third child. Lewis Ziegler made his start in life by hauling ore from Iron Mountain to Ste. Genevieve, and after he had accumulated sufficient means he purchased 300 acres of land, and turned his attention to agriculture, and by industry and economy increased his farm to 700 acres. His land is some of the most fertile in Southeast Missouri. This he left as a legacy to his children, and on this estate the family still live. Rev. Charles Ziegler, of St. Molluxx Church, St. Louis, is a brother of Lewis Ziegler and Capt. Alexander Ziegler, famous on the Mississippi for many years, is also a brother. The family are members of the Catholic Church, and in their political views are Democrats. Frank Ziegler was collector of Ste. Genevieve County ten years.
Source: History of Southeast Missouri (1888). Transcribed by Kim Mohler.


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