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St. Genevieve County, Missouri

Members of Legislature for Missouri of St. Genevieve County

[Source: Rozier's History of the Early Settlement of the Mississippi Valley, By: Firmin A. Rozier, St Louis, G. A. Pierrot & Sons, Printers, 1890; pgs 136 - 137
Transcribed by:
Debora C. Reese]

 - Lower House -
Hon. A. G. Bind, 1822;
Hon. Peter Dagget, 1824;
Hon. Beverly Allen, 1826;
Hon. John S. Barret, 1828;
Hon. Joseph Bogy, Sr., 1832;
Hon. Clement Detchmendy, 1834-6;
Hon. Allen Holloman, 1838;
Hon. Thomas M. Horine, 1840;
Hon. Joseph Coffman, 1842;
Hon. Robert J. Boas, 1844;
Hon. Jeremiah Robinson, 1846;
Hon. Johnson B. Clardy, 1848;
Hon. Jesse B. Robbins, 1850;
Hon. Sifroid Rousfin, 1852;
Hon. Lewis V. Bogy, 1854;
Hon. Firmin A. Rozier, 1856;
Hon. Robert J. Boas, 1858;
Hon John C. Watkins, 1860;
Hon. David C. Tuttle, 1862;
Hon. George Bond, 1864;
Hon. Joseph Bogy, Jr., 1868;
Hon. Antoine Beltrami, 1870;
Hon. Robert J. Madison, 1872;
Hon. William Cox, 1874;
Hon. Jasper N. Burks, 1876;
Hon. William Cox, 1880;
Hon. T. F. Boyer, 1884.


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