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Fatal Encounter of Captain De Mun
An ancient family known as Despeste, and also one known as De Mun settled in St. Genevieve in the year 1808. A melancholy death occurred to one of them, being Auguste De Mun, the son of Jacque De Mun, captain of dragoons of St. Domingo. He had made, from information, injurious remarks of Mr. William McCarthur, about coining money. Mr. McCarthur being well connected and a brother-in-law of Dr. Lewis F. Linn, sent a challenge to De Mun, which was not accepted, because he thought him unworthy of his steel. McCarthur denounced De Mun in public, which gave him greater offense. They met at the old Territorial court house, whilst court was in session, at St. Genevieve. As McCarthur was coming down and De Mun was going up the stair-way, they both fired, and poor De Mun fell mortally wounded, and expired shortly afterwards. They were at the time, both candidates for the Territorial House of Representatives. Mr. De Mun was buried in the Catholic graveyard in St. Genevieve, August 28, 1816, but no tombstone marks his place of burial.
[Source: Rozier's History of the Early Settlement of the Mississippi Valley, By: Firmin A. Rozier, St Louis, G. A. Pierrot & Sons, Printers, 1890; pgs 128 - 129
Transcribed by: Debora C. Reese]


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