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Grand Avenue Church
Denominational Life and Work - Force and Field
Thursday May 29, 1919 - The World and Way Pg 11
Contributed by Christine Walters

Grand Avenue Church - Wm. Edwin Darrow minister. Good services. Theme of morning "The Price of Achievement"
Euclid Avenue - Russell B. Whiteside, Pastor. Splendid congregations at all services. Four additions during the day and three baptized at the evening service. Since the last report there have been six received into our fellowship. The pastor and family have moved , their present address being 5024 Garfield Avenue. On Tuesday evening of last week the men of the church gave the pastor a complete surprise in the nature of a men's banquet at the Hamilton Hotel at which the pastor was the guest of honor. The occassion was a most delightful oen being a testimonial of appreciation of the pastor and his ministry of the past 18 months. During this time there have been between 157 and 200 additions to the church. The ladies of the congregation also gave to Mrs. Whiteside and her mother a similar surprise. The ladies banqueted at the Washington Hotel on the same evening. Their program was in the nature of testimorals of Mrs. Whiteside and her labors as a faithful and efficient pastor's helper.

Lafayette Park Church Celebration
Handsome invitations have been issued to the exercises commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization of the Lafayette Park Presbyterian Church. The anniversary is made doubly important to the congregation from the fact that the church has just been freed from debt. The service Sunday morning will be one of thanksgiving and praise. Monday evening the mortgage and notes will be burned at a service in the auditorium of the church.
(Source: St. Louis Republic (Thursday, 13 Mar. 1903) transcribed by FoFG mz)

Annual Meeting of Woman's Baptist Missionary & Benevolent Union
Miss Anna E. Fredrickson addressed the annual meeting of the Woman’s Baptist Missionary and Benevolent Union yesterday afternoon at the Second Baptist Church, speaking on the work in Burmah. Miss Fredrickson is but lately returned from the foreign field. She has been for several years at Mandalay, Burmah, under the auspices of the Baptist Foreign Mission Board.

Miss Fredrickson spoke last night at the Lafayette Park Baptist Church.

Reports were received from the Baptist Orphans’ Home, the Missouri Baptist Sanitarium, and the other institutions to which the union gives aid. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Forbes, president of the union.
(Source: St. Louis Republic (Thursday, 13 Mar. 1903) transcribed by FoFG mz)


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