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This is my father's original birth certificate and his adoption information from 1929. We have not been able to find any birth relatives or find out if any are living and who they might be. We think that we know who his mother was from the 1930 census but have not been able to verify the information as to if it is her or not. If you want that information, just let me know. Otherwise, this is what we have...

Birth name - Kenneth Richard McBride
Birthplace - Salvation Army Hospital, St Louis Missouri
Birthmother's name - Helen Louise McBride (signed birthcertificate as Louise McBride), age 19
Birthmother's address - Nashville, IL.
Birthdate - November 11, 1929 (adoption papers say Oct. 11, 1929, not sure if this is a misprint)
Original birthcertificate was out of Jefferson county, Missouri
Birthmother birthplace - Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Race - White
No information on birthfather
Attending physician - Bernard? Ploch, M.D.

Adoption paper information
Adopted by Emil L. Eberhart and Alvina Gerling Eberhart, from Edwardsville, IL, Madison County
Adoption finalized January 5, 1931
Madison County, IL Courthouse, county Court
Defendant - Clarence V. Williams ( I think this was a representative for the orphanage) I believe he was in an orphanage the first 6 months of his life before he went to live with the Eberharts at 6 months of age.
Name changed to - James Howard Eberhart on January 5th 1931
Adoption papers say that mother, Helen Louise McBride, has been deprived of the custody of said child by the County Court of St.Clair County, IL, a court of competent jurisdicton and that the court in its order appointing Clarence V. Williams as guardian of the person of said child has authorized said guardian to consent to the adoption of said child without notice to or assent by any other person that said guardian, and that said guardian consents to said adoption.
Judge - Wilbur A. (Trare?)
Information supplied by Dori Lynn Richardson (Eberhart) - My father is James Howard Eberhart


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