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Jerues Hubbard
St. Louis (Mo.) July 5.
Murder and Robbery.
On Friday morning last, the body of a German by the name of Philip Harman, was discovered in a well in the South Ward of the city into which it had been thrown by another German named Jerues(sp?) Hubbard, after his life had been taken away by poison. A large stone was fastened to the neck to sink the body beneath the water. From the testimony upon the inquest, and before the magistrates, it appears that Harman had in his possession about eighteen hundred dollars in money, which he intended to employ in the purchase of lands. Hubbard was his companion and room-mate and deliberately planned the murder. Some days previous he procured Prosic Acid, which, on this night, he contrived to administer to the deceased, and then dragged his body to the well and threw it in. He immediately took possession of the sum of money named, and of the clothes, watch, and several rings upon the fingers of the deceased, and early of the morning, removed his effects to another quarter of the city. Suspicion was thus directed towards him as the murderer: search was made, and he was apprehended in the course of the day. Nearly the whole amount of the money was found upon him, as well as the remainder of the property. After an examination before magistrates, Hubbard was committed to jail, to take his trial at the next term of the court. Both the individuals named.
The Lycoming Gazette (Williamsport, Pennsylvania), July 24 1833 submitted by: Nancy Piper

Joseph Littler and Edward Mackele
In a fight on Olive street, St. Louis, before daylight, Joseph Littler, proprietor of the Bachelor hotel on Olive street, was shot and instantly killed and Policeman Edward Mackele was shot and seriously wounded.
[February 11, 1904 The Idanha Chieftain, Soda Springs Idaho - Contributed by: Shauna - 2008

Alice Princle
Mrs. Alice Princle, aged twenty-two, was shot and instantly killed by her husband while she was walking along a street in St. Louis in company with two young ladies.  Her husband drank and she had left him.  The murderer escaped.
Source: New Ulm Review, Oct. 26, 1892, page 6, New Ulm, MN., contributed by Robin Line

John Smith
St. Louis - Aug. 7th
John Smith the murderer of Gladson was taken from Maysville to Gallaton, MO., yesterday and hanged.
[Dailey Review, Decatur, IL Sunday Aug. 8th, 1886 pg. 1. candi-2007]

Thomas Smith
A Negro Lynched
St. Louis, September 3 - The Republic's Poplar Bluff, Missouri, special says:
An altercation yesterday between Mr. Albright, proprietor of the Clifford House and Thomas Smith, a Negro, ended in Smith throwing a rock at Albright and his skull was fractured. This morning Smith's body was found hanging to the bridge across Black River, riddled with bullets.
After the trouble of yesterday, Smith was arrested and placed in jail. At half after 1 o'clock this morning a masked mob broke down the outer door of the jail, battered the steel door to the prisoners cage in, and in spite of the man's pleas for mercy, took him across the river and lynched him.
The coroner's jury returned a verdict that the deceased came to his death by strangulation at the hand of unknown parties.
Mr. Albright's condition is very critical, and he will probably die.
Times Picayune - September 4, 1890. Transcribed and contributed by: Frances Cooley


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