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Pensioners on the Rolls
as of January 1, 1883


Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5.

Transcribed by Jan Stypula

No. of Certificate

Name of Pensioner

Post-Office Address

Cause for which Pensioned

Monthly Rate

Date of Original allowance

126047Hicks, James LAdvancewd. lft shoulder$8.00 
125047Harrison, AllenAshervilleg. s. w. l. arm4Oct., 1878
196249Powhatan, Henry WAshervillechr. rheumatism12July, 1881
16258Bachelor, JaneBloomfieldwidow 18128Jan., 1879
36242Moore, JacobBloomfieldloss rt. eye, inj. to left6 
145345Poe, SimonBloomfieldwd. of rt. index finger2May, 1877
90119Poe, TerryBloomfieldwd. rt. arm5.33 1/2Apr., 1868
88642McDowell, Thomas JBloomfieldloss of sight of rt. eye8 
145448Lunenburg, JuliusBloomfieldvaricose veins left leg6May, 1877
36874Anderson, ElizabethBloomfieldwidow8 
116236Stephens, WilliamBloomfielddepdt. father8Dec., 1868
61542Porter, Mary HBloomfieldwidow8 
109072Owen, Mary JBloomfieldwidow8Feb., 1863
32477Harper, NancyBloomfieldwidow 18128June, 1882
32532Triplett, ElizabethBloomfieldwidow 18128June, 1882
132531Jones, Sarah ABloomfieldwidow8July, 1869
15722Triplett, AbnerBloomfieldsurv. 18128Apr., 1872
31904Crews, SarahBloomfieldwidow 18128Aug., 1881
130900Scott, WilliamBloomfieldinjury to abdomen8 
95144McGhee, John C FBloomfielddis. of heart8 
116605Mitchell, Cynthia ABloomfieldwidow8Dec., 1868
56755Sinks, ZachariahBloomfieldwound of neck12 
142655O’Donald, WilliamBloomfieldg. s. w. rt. side neck8 
117603Glover, WmBloomfieldg. s. w. l. thigh8July, 1872
127961Taylor, Charles LBuffingtong. s. w. rt. hand2May, 1874
191738Johnson, Mary ICardinalwidow8Apr., 1881
7390Hill, Henrietta JCardinalwidow14May, 1876
120434Carter, John BCardinalvalvular dis. of heart6 
113121Wright, Joseph HDexter Cityinj. left elbow6 
183123Roussel, AlcideDexter Cityinjury to abdomen8Feb., 1881
174476Boughton, George NDexter Cityg. s. w. l. forearm4Oct., 1880
164452McGregor, Joel BDexter Citydis. of heart & dropsy10Jan., 1880
84,6161Wilson, JohnDexter Cityinj. to spine12 
118028Tisdale, BartleyDexter Citychr. diarrhea14 
56618Wade, Hannah DDexter Citywidow8 
30681Anderson, Mary ADexter Citywidow 18128Nov., 1880
159991Pierce, FrancesDexter Citywidow8Oct., 1872
46378Landreth, SarahDexter Citywidow8 
186007Lewis, PhilipDexter Citydepdt. father8Nov., 1879
99779Garland, SamuelDexter Cityg. s. w. rt. leg4 
130024Parke, Christopher CDudleyg. s. w. both feet6 
107054Holder, LouisDudleyg. s. w. rt. leg8 
77819Riley, JeminaEssexwidow8 
22576Matsel, Chas HLakevilleinjury to abdomen4 
155034Millstead, James MLakevilledis. of heart12Aug., 1878
181360Philips, SusannahLeorawidow8 
156002Stacey, Hiram MLeorawd. rt. thigh2Dec., 1878
190821Carpenter, Sarah ELeorawidow10Jan., 1881
193897Hampton, James IPiketondis. of lungs4Aug., 1881
87, 564Bixler, James HPiketonwd. rt. wrist5 
223698Mitchell, JohnPiketontotal blindness from dis. of eyes72Dec., 1882
126593Stafford, Ruth HPiketondepdt. mother8Mar., 1869
197922Dunlap, Henry LPiketonbronchitis & dis. of throat6Nov., 1881
120495Young, MarthaPiketonwidow8Oct., 1868
174787Yates, John WPiketonwd. of lft. foot6 
58372Cregory, Margaret KRexfordwidow20 





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