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Pensioners on the Rolls
as of January 1, 1883


Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5.
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Denise Moreau


Name of pensioner

Post-office address

Cause for which pensioned

 Monthly rate 

Date of

Kirkendall, Conrad G. Galena dis. of spine $24.00  
Marvin, Warren H. Galena saber wd. rt. hd. $4.00 Aug., 1876
Shaw, Elizabeth A. Galena widow $8.00  
Parter, Zerby Galena depdt. mother $8.00 Feb., 1877
Cox, James H. Galena shell wd. lft foot $2.00 Jan., 1875
Gentry, Allen Galena g. s. wd. left side neck $8.00 Dec., 1875
Poland, Elizabeth Galena widow $8.00 Nov., 1867
Kerr, Nancy Galena widow $8.00 Aug., 1872
Moore, Adaline Galena widow $8.00  
Payne, Joseph Galena loss lft eye, & c $12.00  
Prier, Allen Galena heart disease $8.00  
Thompson, Alexander Galena wd. left hip $8.00  
Crabtree, Thomas C. Galena wd. left thigh, & c $10.00  
Stuart, Duncan M. V.  Ponce de Leon g. s. w. right thigh $10.00  
Hunt, Sarah L. Ponce de Leon widow $8.00  
Welch, Fountain T. Ponce de Leon g. s. w. rt. arm $10.00  
Clark, James M. Radical wd. r. arm $10.00  
Moore, George W. Radical fract. rt. wrist, & c $12.00  
Horten, Benjamin Robertson's Mill g. s. w. rt. should $2.00 Nov., 1881
Baxter, Hannah Robertson's Mill depdt. mother $8.00 Oct., 1876
Berkley, Elijah T. Robertson's Mill injury to abdomen, & c $8.00 May, 1874
Wallace, Hugh Sinclair diarrhea & rheum. $24.00 July, 1875
Farrell, Timoleon Viola g. s. w. of neck $2.00 Aug., 1881



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