Wills of Sullivan County, Missouri
Copied by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry in 1958 from
original wills and records from the courthouse in Milan, Missouri
Transcribed by D.Minard for Genealogy Trails

BOOK A Page 1 - William R. Henry…To my sister Nancy Henry S. E. quarter of section 5, township 63 north of base line, N. 20 W. on Main Locust Creek in Sullivan County, Mo. I bought the above tract of land from Peter Groves for $450, also a mule in the care of John Tunnell - This 23 February 1849 Witnesses John McClaskey, James McClaskey and Thomas Henry Recorded 6 December 1849

Page 3 -Daniel Shatto - To my wife, Catharine Shatto, my Residence -the half of S. W. quarter of section 5 and N. half of N.W. quadrant of section 8 in township 62, range 20 containing 160 A. for her natural life…. (Not completed)

Page 7 -William Stone -To my son John Stone - to my daughter, Elizabeth Hamilton, the wife of R. P. Hamilton, to my daughter; Dicy I. McCarney, wife of William Mc Carney - to my daughter, Mary C. Reynolds, wife of Noah Reynolds - to my son, Stephen I, - to my son Martin G. - to my son Harvey G. - to Frances Stone she being the wife of William Stone - Harvey G. Stone and my wife, Frances, Exe, Written this 3rd May 1850 Witnesses: John Dennis, David Boyd Recorded 3 April 1853

Page 9 - Catherine Shatto- To my daughters: Catharine Shatto, Elizabeth McClaskey, and Caroline Clem - to my sons: Israel, Joel, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul, and Zachariah - This 13 March 1853 Witnesses Susanna Doyle and Mary Montgomery Recorded 23 May 1853
_ Levi M. *****, Margaret P. Merrill, my wife to be exe. With Bennett ****back to help her – Witnesses: James M. Wood and Asberry Wood Dated 25 July 1853

Page 15 - Reuben P. Thurman, late of . ivttiB County, Illinois., to my single daughter Martha AnnThurman - to her two married sisters: Elisabeth Hill and & Judith B. Scott ...to my sons: Arthur II, Thuman and Elijah Thurman - I appoint William Kill of Adams County, ILL. to be my Exe. Written 1 October 1854 Witnesses: Ichobod Crofoot and Phillip Willartin Recorded 10 November 1854

Page 17 - Joseph Hoover - To Ferdinand Johnson, SW quarter of NW quarter of section 11, range 21 and township 62 and NW quarter of SW quarter of section 11, range township 62 and SE quarter of NE quarter of section 10, range 21, township 62

to Balloos E. Dearing the se quarter of SE quarter of section 10, range 21, township 62

Page (2) (Continued from Will of Joseph Hoover) To Daniel Wilhite, SW quarter of NE quarter of section 10, range 21, and township 62. To Ferdinand Johnson; one note on John McClaskey and one note on Jacob M. Dearing, also one note on Doyle Montgomery... To Sarena Wilhite, one note on Samuel A. Wilhite, dec. Written this 25 March 1858 Witnesses: E. W. Dearing, and Jeremiah Shatto Recorded 22 February 1859 Page 20 ... William Allen To my wife as long as she remains a widow "of the testator, but if she marries or dies then it shall be equally divided among the following named children viz: Martha E. Lewis, Mary E. Dobson, Darius Allen, William H. Allen, Elisabeth Allen, Elias Allen, George W. Allen, and Doctor John Martin to put this my last will and testament in execution. The piece of land and other property that I have heretofore given to each of my children that-have left me viz Robert Allen, Patience H. Bradley, Thomas Allen, and Louisa Lewis must suffice for them the real estate that I bequeath to my wife which I describe as follows: The SE quarter of section 17, township 64, and range 21 also the SW 1/4 of the SW ¼ of section 16, township 64, range 21 also the NE 1/4 of the NW of section 17 also SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 17, township 64 and range 21. All the above property or money to be divided equally among the seven first named children at my wife’s deaths, Written 27 December 1856.

Page 23 - William I. Clark To my-wife, Elizabeth Clark - East half of SW quarter and NW of NW quarter of SE quarter of HW quarter of section 13, township 62, range 20 containing 200 A. To be divided after my wife's death or remarriage to the following named children: Nancy J. Clark, Elizabeth A. Clark, Hiram R, Clark, Susan M. Clark, Michael S. Clark, George W. Clark, Mary E. Clark, Rachel M. Clark, and William Clark. Written 21 March 1859 Witnesses: James Lee and Nathan Hudnall Recorded 4 June 1859 by C. M. Freeman, Judge

Page 26 - James Riggs To my wife, as long as she remains the widow of the testator West ½ of NW quarter of section 3, township 64, range 21 Written 27 June 1859 Witnesses: Jeremiah Judd, Washington Barbee, and John Lowry Recorded: 14 July 1859

Page 29 Joseph ShawTo my first wife’s children towit: James Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Mary Ann Shaw, Joseph Shaw, Marion Shaw, William Shaw, Henry Shaw, and Sarah June Shaw each to be paid one dollar To my present wife, Louisa and all her children all the remaining of my property towit: The NW of NE and SW of NE section 27, township 64, range 13 containing 80 A. .....after her death to be converted to the use of her own children towit: Catharine Daniel, Archibald, Rachel, Thomas, and Edward my legal heirs. Written 6 April 1860 Witnesses: E. R, Damrell and B. A. Wood Recorded 23 April 1860

Page 32 ... Ezekiel Craton of Montrose Township, Lee County and State of Iowa To my wife Sarah A. Craton - .my farm - .the use and Occupancy - located in Sullivan County, Mo. being 80 A as long as she remain my widow. To my children .. Thomas L. Spott to be my Exe. Written 20 October 1856 Witnesses: George Lewis and James Craton Recorded: 24 May 1860

Page 36 - Robert BurnsTo my wife… To my son, Robert Henry Burns To my children: Charles Burns, Elizabeth Schrock, Mahaly Watson, Sally Burns, Sophia Schrock, Catharine Walenes, and Robert Henry Burns…. The following is a description of the homestead which is to go to Robert Henry at his mother’s decease: The W 1/2 of the SE quarter of section 1 in range 21 "W, township 6l N. containing 40 A, also the NE quarter of SE quarter of section 1 containing 40 A also N section 2 of the SW quarter of section 6 in township 61 of range 20 containing 63 A, also a lot of 40 A. bought of William Daly S. of the E half of SE quarter of section 1 in township 61. The three patents are in the General Land Office numbered 22026, 24340 and deed from Daly to me.

Isaac Schrock, Exe, Written 24 November 1857 Witnesses: John Sheppard and Hugh C. Warren Recorded; 24 September 1859

Page 41 - Elisha WadeTo my son, Franklin Wade, NW of NW quarter of section No. 36 of township 64, range 19 and the S ½ of the NE ¼ of SE quarter of section 35, township 64, range 18 - To my son, Warren SW of NW quarter of section 36, township 64 range 19 and N 1/4 of NE 1/2 NW quarter of section 35 of township 64 and range 18 To my daughter, Mary N 1/4 of NE 1/4 of SE quarter of section 18 of township 64 and range 18 To my daughter, Nancy; S 1/2 of N. 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SE quarter of section 18 of township 64, and range 18 To my wife, Eliza,, „..south 1/2 of NE 1/4 of section 35, township 64, and range 19 To George Wade, my youngest son… Written 20 November 1860 Witnesses: John McCully and I. G. McCully Recorded: 30 August 1862


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