Texas County, Missouri Genealogy Trails



This list was contributed by: Kerma Breedlove ©2006

Akers Family Plot  
Allen Cemetery  
Altis/Hamilton Creek Cemetery  
Altis Family Cemetery  
Antioch/Dewitt Cemetery  
Arroll Cemetery  
Arthurs Creek Cemetery  
Ashley Creek Cemetery  
Bado Community Cemetery  
Bell Cemetery  
Bethel Church and Cemetery  
Bethel Cemetery  
Big Creek Cemetery  
Boone Creek Cemetery  
Brown Hill Baptist Church Cemetery  
Burnett Cemetery  
Cabool Cemetery  
Canada Cemetery  
Canning Tomb  
Cantrell Cemetery  
Cashatt Grave/Midvale Church  
Cavaness Cemetery  
Cavaness, Old, Cemetery  
Cedar Valley Cemetery  
Cedar Bluff Cemetery  
Central Baptist Church & Cemetery  
Chapel Hill Cemetery  
Clear Springs Cemetery  
Cold Springs Cemetery  
Concord Cemetery  
Concorde Cemetery  
County Poor Farm Cemetery  
Covert Grave  
Craddock Cemetery  
Crane Cemetery  
Denny/Stephens Cemetery  
Dickenson Cemetery  
Dykes Cemetery  
Eberhart Family Plot  
Ellis Prairie Cemetery  
Emory Chapel & Cemetery  
Fielding Cemetery  
Flowers Family Cemetery  
Fowler Cemetery  
Foard Family Cemetery  
Forrester, Wesley Family Plot  
Freedom Cemetery  
Freewill Baptist Church & Cemetery  
Friendship Cemetery  
Fulk Family Cemetery  
German/White Rock Church & Cemetery  
German/Old Dutch Cemetery  
Greenwood Brethern Cemetery  
Guy Rodgers Farm  
Hamilton Cemetery  
Hanes Cemetery  
Harlow Cemetery  
Hays, Josiah' Tomb  
Hickory Ridge Cemetery  
Hicks Family Plot  
Hide Out/Stephens Family Cemetery  
Holcomb Louder  
Hopewell Cemetery  
Houston Cemetery Houston
Hutchason Cemetery  
Ice House (grave stones)  
Jackson Cemetery  
Jarrett Cemetery  
Job West Family Cemetery  
Johnson Grave  
Keeney Family Plot  
Kelly Family Plot  
Lattimer Cemetery  
Lewis-Simmons Family Cemetery  
Liberty Cemetery Located next to Liberty Church and School
Licking Cemetery  
Lile Family Plot  
Long Hollow Cemetery  
Lynch Cemetery  
Macedonia Cemetery  
Mahan Cemetery  
Massey Family Cemetery  
McCubbins Family Cemetery  
McGowan Grave  
Mehearg Grave  
Merrill Cemetery  
Miller Cemetery  
Mitchell Cemetery  
Monger Cemetery  
Moore's Chapel Cemetery  
Morgan Cemetery  
Mount Olive Cemetery  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery  
Murphy Cemetery  
Murr Cemetery  
Nagle Cemetery  
Nall Family Cemetery  
Near Home Cemetery  
Neighbors Cemetery  
New Hope Cemetery  
Number One Cemetery  
Oak Hill Church & Cemetery  
Oakdale Church & Cemetery  
Oakland Cemetery  
Old Union Cemetery  
Old Antioch Church Cemetery  
Old Success Cemetery  
Old Greenwood Cemetery  
Ormsby Cemetery  
Ozark Cemetery  
O'Malley Cemetery  
Paddy Creek Cemetery  
Paddy Creek  
Peace Chapel  
Phillippi Grave  
Pickett Cemetery  
Pierce Graves East of Coffman Rd.  
Pilot Knob Cemetery  
Pine Creek Cemetery  
Pine Grove Schools Site  
Pinelawn Cemetery  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery  
Pine Flat  
Pleasant Grove #1 Cemetery  
Pleasant Grove #2 Cemetery  
Pownall Family Plot  
Prescott Cemetery  
Presser Cemetery  
Price Cemetery  
Providence Cemetery  
Pursiful Cemetry  
Ray Cemetery  
Riley/Laidley Cemetery  
Rock Springs Cemetery  
Rocky Branch Cemetery  
Rodgers Tomb  
Sargent Cemetery  
Satterfield Family Plot  
Scott Family Plot  
Shafer Cemetery  
Simmons Family Cemetery  
Skyles, Old, Cemetery  
Smith, C. T. Cemetery  
Smith Family Cemetery  
Spitznagel Family Plot  
Springhill Cemetery  
Stark Cemetery  
Steely Chapel & Cemetery
Elk Creek
Stephens Family Cemetery  
Stringer Family Cemetery  
Stubbs Family Cemetery  
Stubbs Cemetery  
Stultz Cemetery  
Summersville/City Cemetery  
Sunset Lane Cemetery  
Tuttle Family Cemetery  
Tyrone Cemetery  
Union Chapel South Cemetery  
Union Church & Cemetery  
Union Chapel Cemetery  
Van Cleve Cemetery  
Vollmar Cemetery  
Watts Cemetery  
Westerman Family Cemetery  
White Family Cemetery  
White Cemetery  
Willhite Cemetery  
Williams Cemetery  
Wolford Cemetery  


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