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State Updates

August 2017
State News Site: Missouri Patents Granted, July 2, 1903

December 2016

Deaths on the Plains this Season, 1852
Mortality on the Plains, March 10, 1853

Obituaries for the following

Edward Henry Fischer
Sarah Susan Savage
Mary Ann Stout
Wesley H. Watson
Diana Christina Swindell
Rev. George C. Swindell
James Samuel Washington Bryan
Elizabeth Gash
Sarah A. Gauldin
Lydia Hines
Rev. Jonathan Wheeler
Annie Bell Poe
Ann Elizabeth Buchard
Christina Watts
Margaret Elizabeth Winebarger
All of the above transcribed by GT Transcription Team member Vicki Bryan

November 2016
Ghost Stories for Clay and Madison Counties posted
Very Interesting Pioneer Story from Osage County regarding the John G. Abbott family


Desiree Rodcay

June 2013
Over 140 names added to Park View Memorial Gardens (Cemetery).

March 16 2017
News-Crime-W.P. Price
News-Social- Mr. and Mrs. Purviance
News-Business-G.E. Schmidt

December 2016
News-Movings In and Out: Emigration from Andrew County, May 1852 by GT Transcription Team

November 2016
News-Fires: Fire at Rochester,
News-Sicklist: George Newman; Mr. Rich's son
News-Movings in and Out: Henry Molter
Marriages: Graybill-Schmitt; Earls-Carrell

March 16, 2017
News-Murders and Crimes- Robert Angel
Obituaries- James Harris Masters
Marriages- Brown-Athen

Jan. 2017
Adamson Family Reunion

December 2016
Obits: Henry Sager

March 16, 2017
Obituaries-Dorothy McGee
News-Sicklist- J.A. Glandon
News-Birth Announcements: Mayhew, Mohn
News-Crimes: Kelly, Clark, Robinson and Pitts

November 2016
Families: Family Branches: Surnames mentioned: Armistead, Bybee, Brown, Bradley, Blue, Byrnes, Bowen, Beatty and Barnett

March 16, 2017
Marriages- Marriage License Issued: Elmore & Hall; Granger&Boyd; Journey&Weatherly; Lantz&Bass; Mahurin&Patton; Rittenhouse&Sanders; Riddle&Dwyer; Schafnitt&Cornelison; Wallace&Arnold
News-Fires, Accidents and Tragedies: Dave McCubin
News-Sicklist: Charles Keith

December 2016
History: Early Settlers of Barry County, Transcribed by GT Transcription Team, Robin Line

November 2016
Newspaper/Anniversaries and Birthdays: Mrs. Lucinda Kennedy 103
Newspaper/Accidents: Orbie Brown kicked by horse and dies; Walter Baker looses eye in hunting accident
Obituaries: Carolyn L. Hall Loudermilk, submitted by Anna M. Scroggins, thank you Anna!

March 2017
Names mentioned: Ashworth and Epple

November 2016
Newspapers/Crimes: C.T. Myers
Newspapers/Miscellaneous: Miss Allyn Bridges;William Holbein 

March 16, 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip-Mrs. O.L. Ogg
News-Sicklist- Mrs. Jim Speers
News-Comings and Goings- Henry Beaman; John T. Smith
News-Accidents and Tragedies- Walter Murphey; Mr. Webb
News-Birth Announcements- Postmaster Calahan

November 2016
News-Sicklist: Cook family, Mrs. Bard, H.P. Callahan
News-Gossip and Visiting: Peter Crooks, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jackson
Marriages: Zinn-Oldham


March 16, 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip- Mrs. Echkoff and H. Mein; Will Bohling; Mrs. Raymond Percival
News-Fires, Accidents and Calamities- J.W.Thorp

December 2016
Obit: Elijah Powell, by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan
Obit: Mary Elizabeth Newland by GT Transcription Team Vicki Bryan

November 2016
 News-Moving In and Out: W.S. Davis family
News-Political- Mr. Barrett.

March 16, 2017
News-Court- Names mentioned; Theodore Adams; Henry Bair; Payne Horn; Roy Rose; Tom Statler; Henry Berry, Jr.; John Winters; Will Cook; Hosey Seabaugh; David Hart; Ed Seabaugh

 November 2016
News-Visiting and Gossip: Miss Fanny Bean; Mr and Mrs. Bedwell; Alex Dunlap; Kirby Smith
News-Community: Messrs. Robert Hatcher, L.T. Kinder, E.O. Sander and C.A. Dunlap
News- Parties, Anniversaries, Reunions: Miss Lucy Bee Burks; Mrs. G. C. Lessley


March 16, 2017
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: John Woods Harris family holds reunion.
Obits: Flora Loudenback

December 2016
Military- Centralia Massacre

County Records- Original Land Patents, by GT Transcription Team
Obits James B. Persinger and R.B. Oscar, by GT Transcription Team

November 2016
Gladys Wall; Dorothy Broeffle; Mabel Clark; Allene Richardson; Lucille Pontius

Alpha Tau Omega Party for the following: Kramer, Bartlett, Logan, Van Dervoort, Way, Tatum, Ware, Stone and Millett

Fraternity Party for following surnames: Hill, Spencer, Bell, Gray, Gens, Caywood, Clayton, Hadden, Kelly, Jefferies, Houx, France and Bright

Dana Press Club Dance

Melody Beery
** Host**
September 2017
Marriages-Miscellaneous: Frasse-Stewart; Jennie Gaston and Ed Badger; Jennie Friend and John Tiernon; Sarah Harper and James Sheilds
News-Gossip and Visiting: John Donovan and lady; Geo. Jenkins; Geo Musser;
News-Crime: Mrs. Tena Deppen has valuable mare stolen

August: 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Misses Anna and Lena Payne are recovering' James Y. Craigs son injured; Engineer Charles Clauser improving;
News-Crimes- Charles Scanlan and West Clinkenbeard arrested.; Conrad Kemp wants to shoot Fred Wenz; Clay Simms slashes Winter
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Miss Bertha Hax
News-Court: Samuel Wildbahns Will Probated

March 16, 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip- Mrs. J.H. Clifton
News-Crimes: Charles Smith

December 2016
Obit: Stephen O. Howell, by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan

April 2017
Obits: Joseph Orr; Katherine Hatfield

February 2017
Obituaries: E.Dixon; George C. Wilson
News: Comings and Goings: J.F. Cox

April 2017
Biographies: Amanda Ann Oldham Shepherd
Obits: John W. Rosson

Feb. 2017:
Obits: Bettie Nevins; Thomas Boyd
Marriages: Williams-Bevens

April 2017
Crimes: General Farmer acquitted;
Harry Hogan kills wife and her family

Feb. 2017
News-Crimes: James Pritchett; James Deberry
Obits: Washington Lykins

Cape Girardeau
August 2017
Families: Ebrect-Herzinger Family Sketch by Catherine Johanna Doretta Herzinger, submitted by: Roger Haye

April 2017
News-Military- Randall Mattingly killed in France
Death Notices- Mary Morton

Feb. 2017
John T. Block, transcribed by GT Team Member Kim Mohler

December 2016
Obits-Christine Walters

April 2017
News-Visiting: C.J. Hunt
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Herman Remert

March 2017
News-General: Virgil Davenport

April 2017
News-Weather: Tornado in Carter County
Obituaries- Lewis Massie

Feb. 2017
News: Peter Renfro captured
Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Jackson township

April 2017
News-General: William Simmons almost wins corn contest; Mr. Cummings;
Harry Findley;
News-Crimes-Bates Soper arrested for triple murde

  December 2016
Births- Births and Still births 1883-1903, transcribed by GT Transcription Team
Obits-Nancy J. Cook, by GT Transcription Team

April 2017
News-Visiting: Mrs. E.G. Laing; John Hartley
Obits- W.P. Connaway

Feb. 2017
News-Miscellaneous: L.C. Clemons

April 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip: H. B. Richardson
Obituaries-W.R. Patterson

December 2016
Death Records: Chariton Deaths 1877 & 1878, transcribed by GT Transcription Team
Newspaper- Anniversaries and Reunions: Old Settlers of Chariton Reunion, transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team

April 2017
Obituaries-Alice Luttrell
News-Sicklist- Williams Family

January 2017
News-Court: Bald Knobbers to be tried
News-Court: Mrs. Emma Malloy

July 2017
Obituaries: Mary E. [James] Martin; Miss Gertrude Trump

November 2016
Families: Corbin family, submitted by Suzanne Bond

July 2017
Births-Dr. Mrs. Bailer
News- Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Miss Mazie Woodson gives birthday party; Miss Nannie Isaacs
News-Sicklist: Mrs. Tillie King; Mr. Guy Marshall
News-Visiting: Mrs Pearl Smith; Mrs. Mattie Cole; Mrs. Georgia Montgomery
News-Weather: 1898 October snowstorm
Deaths- Announcements: Mrs. Martha Todd

January 2017
Death-Miscellaneous Notices: Mrs.Hannah Bronaugh
News-Visiting: Mrs. Jos Case

July 2017
News-Marriages: Kestor-Camery
News-Visiting: John J. McAnaw; Harry V. Shirts; F.S. Peck
News-Comings and Goings: Mr. and Mrs. James Estes

January 2017
Obituaries: Robert Duff
Newspaper-Accidents: Evans brothers
News-Death Notices- Claibe Thompson
News-Visiting- Judge Kelly

July 2017
News-Accidents: Christ. Roth loses valuable mare in freak accident; Harry Weatherby dislocates arm
News-Crimes: Hugh Gorham and Oscar Patterson go to jail for robbery
Obits-Charles Cohagen

July 2017
News-Crimes: Ed Nolan convicted
Transcribed by Robin Line

April 2017
News: Crimes- Vaughan, Ryan and Raymond, submitted by GTTT member Robin Line
January 2017
Births: Bredeman, Fisher, Grieselhammer, Opel and Ware

September 2017
Cemeteries: Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery Records; Transcribed by G.T. Trails Transcription Team

July 2017
Obits: Esther Wilson
News-Visiting: Geo. W. Conner
Marriages: Hall-Machette

January 2017
News-Comings and Goings: Collins and Fray
News-Gossip and Visiting: Mrs. Lewis Castleman
News-Death Notices: Miss America Slack


Dave McCormick


March 2016
Several Obits added

Sept 2015
Several B
ios added

1940 Census

July 2017
Mrs. Charlotte Brown
Mrs. Mariah L. King

May 2017
Obituaries: James Mitchell, submitted by Lisa Mitchell/Valdez

Feb. 2017
News-Gossip and Visiting: Mrs. Matilda Graves
News-Comings and Goings: Elwood Rush
News-Anniversaries and Reunions: Jones Reunion

July 2017
News-Weather: Mr. Stumps house damaged
News-Visiting: E.A. Johnson

November 2016
1860 Mortality Schedules sorted by township

October 2017
History-Outlaws: Trial of Frank James for Winston Robbery, transcribed by Robin Line

September 2017:
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Johnson
News-Crime: Frank James Trial

July 2017
News-Gossip and Visiting: Falk, Hyatt, Harrah and Blackwell
News-Marriage: Ham and Griffith; Shiley and Ham; Palmer and Keown
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Little McCrary girl drowns; John S. Smith's house destroyed by fire
News-Sicklist: Ade Handy

March 2017
News-Marriage Announcements- Williams-Lee, contributed by Peggy Thompson

January 2017
News-Crimes: Hugh Y. Tarwater
Obits- George Melvern Gooch; Rev. Robert L. Lotz

July 2017
News-Visiting: Marion Burke
News-Marriages: Schmitz-Reinhart
News-Deaths: Mrs. Harmon
News-Miscellaneous: Colonel Stoner

December 2016
Obits: Cornelia Ann Shaw by GT Transcription Team

November 2016
Families: Joseph Hahn Dalton/Dolton Family Page created
Obituary: Joseph Hahn Dalton/Dolton Submitted by Lou Dolton

Newspaper/Miscellaneous: W.J. Crain
Military: Gold Star Boys
1850 Census now online.  Many Thanks to Vicki Bryan for her work on this project!!
1860 Mortality Schedules


December 2016
Obits: Mrs. Elizabeth Ashbrook, Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team
November 2016
Census: 1860 Mortality Schedules


October 2017
News-Births: Mr. and Mrs. Corbit; McGuire
News-Visiting and Gossip: Daniels, Green and Jones, Ledbetter Smith, Grace Gulley
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Mrs. Bob Walker
News-Comings and Goings: Julles Jones; Will Gaston

Feb. 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Winton Jefferson;
Mrs. F.A. Jones;
Mrs. J.S. Cude

October 2017
News-Gossip and Visiting: Pool and Kline; Liggon and Haggard.
News-Marriage Announcements: Ruff-Haggard
News-Crime: Ben King

Feb. 2017
Obituary: Alfred Bennett Beard
News-Gossip and Visiting: James H. Barrett

October 2017
News-Sicklist: James Halligan
News-Death Notices: Adah Benetto; Seraphine Duember; Mrs. Lucy Mason
News-Crimes: Charles Goodrich shoots Levi L. Dunlap
News-Marriages: Seaton-Phillips; Booth-Chiles

Feb. 2017
Obituary: William Moore; Mrs. Jake Levy

October 2017
Obits and Death Notices: Sinkel child;
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Mrs. Lauer burned to death
News-Sicklist: Henry Koch's children have diptheria; Grandpa Stukenbraker
News-Births: Sauer; Miller
News-Marriages: Jones-Melton

April 2017
Obituaries and Death Notices: Mr. William Remiert, transcribed by Robin Line

December 2016:
Census, 1828 Tax List, Transcribed by GT Transcription Team, many thanks to Vicki Bryan

Oct. 2017
News-Sicklist: Joe Wrights baby; Mrs. John Morris; Frank Shaw's daughter
News-Births: Jenes; Rounder
News-Gossip and Visiting: Rosa Burton; Ira Horney; Eva Rockwell
News-Community: W.E. Kellogg
News-Accidents and Tragedies: John Rouner

July 2017
Births: James Rounder has a son
Obits and Death Notices: Death Notice for Cecil Sprague;  David Hall; Sarah Bentley
News: Accidents and Tragedies: William Lock, James Campbell
Marriages: Williams-Bulla; Williams-Campbell

June 2017
Obituary-Bessie Williams

November 2016
1860 Mortality Schedules

October 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Building occupied by Mr. Cornealius and Mr. Leake burns; Mr. Hays and Mr. Cowan injured in runaway; Jim Fry
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: John O. Jones gives oyster supper; Mr. Claypool gives oyster supper; Mr. Ragains gives New Years  party
News-Around Town:  Bascom, Eipton, Lockwood and Willis
News-Births: Mr. and Mrs. Travis Hicks; Mr. and Mrs Wayne Edwards; Mr. and Mrs. Wm Fisher
News-Sicklist: Grandma Herren; Bessie Towe; Anderson Moore; Hugh Scroggins; John Mahoney
News-Burial and Death Notice: Homer Hurst;
Marriages: Demuth

December 2016
Obits: David C. Young, transcribed by Judy Mayfield

October 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Henry Ward
News-Court- Mary Butler; Henry Kennedy
News-Sicklist- William Dunlap; Munn baby
News-Anniversaries and Reunions- Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell 15th Anniversary
Marriage Announcements- Range-Murray

July 2017
Deaths: John A. Crawford, submitted by Robin Line

November 2016
Marriages: Grundy County Marriages 1841 to 1864, transcribed by: Nancy Overlander

Melody Beery
September 2017
News-Crimes: 1864 - Two new articles about Isaac McCullum murder added
News-Community: 1918 Mayor Roleke makes Proclamation; War Balloon lands at Pawnee on Henry Bowen farm

News-Accidents: Mrs. Bryant has a smash up; Bill White
News-Births: Johnnie Moss; Cleve Burtons
News-Deaths:: Glenn Miller killed; Dorothy Helen Baker
News-Sicklist: Mrs. Fred Hill, Ethelyn Duff; Floyd Hall; Mrs. Boon Ballard; Howard Baker
Obituaries: Golda Faye Gibson

July 2017
Military- 1890 Veteran Schedule for Washington Township
Military- Vietnam War Casualties

June 2017
Military- 1890 Veteran Schedule for Sherman Township
Cemeteries- Mt. Moriah Cemetery Updated to include surnames O-R


October 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip: Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Remmeth; Mrs. C.C. Maupin
News-Comings and Goings: Mrs. Ellen Vaughn; S.E. Roberts; Mrs. Millie Kirkpatrick
News-Marriage Announcements: Bigger-Johnson
News-Births: Mrs. Frank Thompson
News-Accidents and Tragedies: McIntyre and Grinstead's Livery barn burns

Feb. 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Art King and Daniel Johnson
News-Comings and Goings: J.W. Hutson
News-Anniversaries and Reunions: Mr. and Mrs. David Erwin

October 2017:
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Fred Rose
News-Moving In & Out-Dr. Z.L.Slavens; Mrs. Charles Bowen
News-Sicklist: Mrs. Naffziger; Mrs. Dr. Gentry; Jesse Whitaker
News-Accidents and Tragedies: John Wilson; John Colsten; Jas. A. Pine's house burns
News-Crimes: Eli Rothrock robbed

December 10, 2016
Wills- Wills Record Book "A"
Wills-Probate Records-Letters Granted
transcribed by GT Transcription Team 

October 2017
News-Crimes: Grooms and Paterson escape jail; Tom Myers; Galaspie robbed
News-Marriage Announcements: Krackenburgh-Croger; Keiffer-Johnson; Pearce-Kunkel; Tilson-Hammons; Wilson-Cotton
Obituaries: James Pollock

April 2017
Biographies: Amanda A. Oldham Shepherd

Decmember 2016
Obits- Elias Baker and Henry Baker by GT Transcription Team
Marriages: 1846-1852 transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription


November 2016
Bio- Hon. W.A. Thompson, transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team

Feb. 2017
Obituaries: George Clinton Bowers
News-Miscellaneous Community: W.E. Overton
News-Comings and Goings: Mrs. and Mrs. Albert Orahood and William Barnes


February 2017
Obituaries: Mary Lucy Rice Mills submitted by Doug Ehler


September 2017
History-Daughters of Old Westport

July 2017
Obituaries- K.B. Armour, E.J. Hemmillion
transcribed and submitted by Robin Line

June 2017
News-Crimes, Linton and McGarnett robbed
Williams and Ward in Jail.
Both articles transcribed and submitted by Robin Line

April, 2017
News, Crimes: John D. McCullis, Transcribed by Robin Line GTTT
Obituaries: Michael J. Langevin, submitted by Jody Eden Spencer

December 2016
Families- Thomas Spencer, submitted by Charles Thomas

Obits: Mrs. Sarah L. Norris, transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team
Obits: William Henry Mansfield, Hugh Taylor McPhee and Fred Schell, contributed by Rick Evans.

Feb. 2017
News-Looking for you: Henry and Mary Adams
News-Crimes: Mrs. Annie Hunning

June 2017
Newspaper-Crimes: Davidson hanged, transcribed and submitted by Robin Line

December 2016
Obits- Eliza A. Baker, by GT Transcription Team

December 2016
Obits: Frances M. Smith by GT Transcription team, Vicki Bryan
Obits: Patsey Lowery and Mrs. Mary Dalton by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan

December 2016
Census: 1850 Census Index listing heads of household

 Feb. 2017
Marriages: News-Marriage Announcements-Wolfe-Bowman
News-Military: Confederate troops near Springfield
News-Comings and Goings: Charles Roberts
News-Visiting and Gossip: Mrs. Jim Clauson

April 2017
Judge W.T. Woods wife found dead

January 2017
Miscellaneous: German names in Lafayette County, transcribed by GT Transcription team

December 2016
County Records-List of Letters left at Post Office, 1844
by GT Transcription Team Member

November 2016
Bios-Dr. George William Harrison, Transcribed by GT Transcription Team
News-Weather: Cyclone strikes Waverly, Transcribed by Robin Line, GT Transcription Team Member

December 2016:
Newspapers: Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Old Settler Reunion of 1883

Names mentioned: John Allen, Boughman, Lee and William Callison, Colley and Bart murder Dr. Fisk, Poland and Morris, G.W. Webb

Feb. 2017
Obits: Mary Ann South; Josephine Jobe;
News-Accidents and Calamities- William Harvey Skates
News-Comings and Goings: Lona Beers
News-Visiting-Mr. and Mrs. R.L.Wright
News-Politics-James J. Lindley

Feb. 2017
Obituaries- Thomas J. Fletcher
News-Crimes- Jim Woolfolk
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Mr. M.T. Britton; Foster Mudd
News-Community- M. Sedlacek; William D. Noel and Charles Williams

Feb. 2017
Marriages: Pratt-Chichester
Deaths:  John Tomlinson; Cupp child; Theodore Hooper
News-Miscellaneous: Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Carter

December 2016
Livingston County Marriages 1863-1880 by GT Transcription Team
Livingston County Marriages, transcribed by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan

Feb. 2017
 Obituaries/Death Notices: Mrs. Thursa Jane Gildstrap; Romey Epperson; Frank Schweikhaus' Ellen Chitwood
News-Crimes: Oliver Seeley
Marriages: License issued: Schmidt-Guffey; Rogers-Sutton; Perkins-Decker; Turner-Sears; Davis-Johnson

 Frances Cooley

September 2017

Deaths and Obituaries
Elsie Jewel Hickman
John H. Miller

Madison County Courts

Trustee Sale
Otto Hartwig


News Tidbits

Historical News
The Diamond Anniversary of I.O.O.F.

Fires at Fredericktown

Personal News
Judge J. D. Fox


December 2016
Obit: Mrs. Augusta Bowles, by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan 

December 2016
Obits: John Fletcher, transcribed by GT Transcription TeamObits: Mary Ann Sosey, by GT Transcription Team Vicki Bryan

December 2016
History- Early Settlers, Transcribed by GT Transcription Team
Cemeteries: Additional page added for Shelt Noel Cemetery, Transcribed by GT Transcription Team

November 2016

News-Community: Harvey Fellows and Noah Cartwright
News-Fires,Trainwrecks, Accidents & Calamities: Randall Blakeelee
Biographies: Jesse Mulvaney; Hiram Painter

Feb. 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Alex Williamson
News-Sicklist: Ben Bear; Mrs. Lee Cox
News-Miscellaneous: Charles Clark; Miss Lucy Freeman
News-Death Notices: John Evans; Infant of Sam'l and Caldonia Lawson; William Bilyue

December 2016
Obits: Samuel A. Norrid by GT Transcription Team

Feb. 2017
Obituaries: Henry Hickox
News-Probate/Estates: Jacob Wainscott
News-Miscellaneous: Thos. J. Simpson

Feb. 2017
Marriages: Warren-Hagar
News-Comings and Goings: Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Robey
News-Visiting: Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Meriweather
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Miss Lillian Davis

Feb. 2017
Obits/Death Notice: Milton S. Roley and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rosser
Marriages: Hellyer-Shadwell

November 2016
Obits: Miss Bertha Heinaman, submitted by Maurene Richard Miller

New Madrid
Feb. 2017
 News-Military: Confederate advancement to New Madrid
News-Community: Miss Dale Zeller
News-Crime: Brown and Meyer
News-Coming and Goings-Mrs. Mollie Higgerson

April 2017
Obituaries: Allie Joan Long, submitted by Jody Eden Spencer

December 2016
History: Early Attorneys of Southwest Missouri, transcribed by GT Transcription Team member. 

November 2016
Corda Lankford,
Minnie Lankford,
Julia Lankford,
Michael Queen,
Ronald Eads,
Bonnie Hough
Gilbert A. Woodward.
All submitted by Jody Eden Spencer


  Feb. 2017
Obits-J.S. Snodgrass, John W. Stout
News-Comings and goings- Mr. Wilson

 Gene Phillips
July 25, 2017
   Graham, Corrin Obituary added

April 2017
      Baker, Hazel Lola Mills Obituary added
       Deaton, Angela Dawn Obituary added
      Decker, Amon T. J. Obituary added
      Decker, Reva Elaine Norman Obituary added
     Forester, Mildred Lucille Obituary added
      Grooms, Cecil Loyd Obituary added
      Grooms, Hazel Marie Clark Obituary added
       Grooms, Dolly Obituary added
      Grooms, Bertha Sandridge Obituary added
     Norman, Dave Welch Obituary added  
    Reeves, Josephine Reeves Obituary added


December 2016
Obit: Creed Burnett, by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan

January 2017:
News-Comings and Goings: Miss Mildred Palmer
News-Miscellaneous: Allen Massengill
News-Community: County Seat land
News-Military, wagon train of immigrants from Ozark County

November 2016
Obituaries: Zachariah T. Hopkins,submitted by Kandi Lard
Census: 1860 Mortality Schedules

January 2017
Births: Mrs. Phegley has 16th child
Deaths: Meisel Quadruplets
News-Comings and Goings: Rev. A. Lohmann

**Host-Jamie Jones**

September 2017
added G Obituaries, 57 Greer Family Obituaries added, 6 George Family Obituaries added, working on Glass Family Obituaries
 August 2017
- Darwin Nelson Bartlett, submitted by Jamie Jones, Marjorie Rumsey Bartlett (Campbell), submitted by Jamie Jones, (Rumsey Family Obituaries added, 3 generations),

January 2017
Newspaper-Marriage Announcements: Brinegar-Jones
Newspaper-Crimes: Wycoff
Newspaper-Comings and Goings: Rev. H.A. Young
Newspaper-General: J.M. Burson

December 2016
Obit: Miller A. Madison; J.H. Swansey

September 2017
Obituaries: Silas Hindman; Susan Calver
News-Court: Bauchman found not guilty; Johnson discharged on assault charges
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Daniel Linn's cows killed by train

March 2017
Biographies: Joseph S. Holland, by GT Transcription Team

September 2017:
Obituaries: I.N. Morrow
News- Marriages: Payne-Armstrong
News-Accidents: J.J. Hall

January 2017
Newspaper - Marriage Notices: Hull-Linke, Thanks to Robin Line, GT Transcription team member

November 2016
Obits: Gertrude Freda Newell

September 2017
Obituaries: Cora Underwood; Mary Trower
News-Sick List:  Mrs. V.B. Hill; Mrs. Laughlin; Dr. Howlett
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: The Colleys give a party for the young folks; Parkers give a pop corn social
News-Visiting: Mrs. Black returns from visit with sons.
News-Comings and Goings: John Byerly

January 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip: Dr. S.P. Hickman
News-Comings and Goings: U.S. Kimes
News-Crimes: Jenks Starling 

September 2017
Obituaries: Mrs. John Voorhees
News-Miscellaneous: Geo. Burrows; Mrs. W.P. Allen

June 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies- Richard Owens killed

January 2017:
Newspaper-Miscellaneous: John Hurley
Obits: George W. Noble

September 2017
News-Sicklist: Julia Hagan; Mrs. Grant Crandall; Ed Hayden has measles; J.H. Warren
Obits: Nellie Irene Woods; Robert Sleight
News-Visiting: Mrs. Gex; Mrs. James McClellan; Mrs. M.B. Carson
Marriages- Ely-Harris

January 2017
Obituaries- James B. Jackson and Augusta Weakley

September 2017:
News-Crime: Mr. Miller wins lawsuit; Hinto and Mikiel Feud
County Records-Deeds: Johnson Wright leaves his farm to God

January 2017
News-Gossip and Visiting: Mrs. W.L. Johnson and Miss. Mildred Hardin
Marriage Announcements: Sims-Fort and Baker-Neely
News-Crimes: Charles Kidwell and Victor Roberts
News-Accidents-Tragedies: John Yowell

 Lisa Smalley
July , 2017
Biographies added:Elias Hightower, Silas C. Robinson, David W. Kell, William G. Harwood,John P. Finley
ovember 2016
Obituaries added
Mrs. Lucelia Woodward
James A. Moore

September 2017
News-Marriage Announcements: Burhans-Botkins
News-Crimes: Charles Denison
News-Miscellaneous: Arend Arends Will

January 2017
Crime: County Treasurer's office robbed
Newspaper-Military News- County reimbursed for damage done to Court house from war
Obituaries: Mrs. Annie Hershir

September 2017
News: Community: C.S. Choinski; Pearce & Lee Mercantile and Cate & Malugen Blacksmith shop get new sidewalks;
News-Birth Announcements: Rev. E.E. Burton and wife
News-Comings and Goings: J. W. Presson; Erma Kilgore move to Ft. Smith Arkansas and Conductor Pope Elkins buys Presson property

December 2016
Census- 1840 Federal Census Index, Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team member Vicki Bryan
News-Visiting: Surnames mentioned: Halcomb, Hecht, Holland, Shemwell and Wright
News-Marriages- McGee-Minetree; Vise- Potter
News-Sicklist-Mrs. John B. Paul
Schools- 1917 Eighth Grade Graduates
Newspaper-Deaths: Patsy Allen

Rives *Extinct

September 2017:
News-Marriages: Price-Jackson
News-Visiting: Mrs. Durrett and sons; Robert Fisher and wife
Obituaries: Julian Alexander;

March 2017
Newspaper: Court News-George B. Crockett
Newspaper: Marriage Announcements- Flynn-Kirby

September 2017
Probate Records:
James H. Ford
Martin Sallee

March 2017

Newspaper Gleanings-Reunions-Oglesby Family Reunion
Newspaper Gleanings-Marriage Announcements- Martin-Martin

July 2017
News- Community: David Cline
News-Visiting: Fred D. Smith
News-Accidents- Jip Courtney; W.A. Franklin Family
Marriages- License Issued: John Dooley and Elizabeth Noman; Benjaman Summers and Laura M. Jones; Charles W. Holmes and Ida V. Wise; J. M. Floyd and Jessie Herring
Births-Misc- Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Browning

March 2017
News-Visiting & Gossip-Martha Little and T.S. Slocum and family
News-Church News-Rev. Williams
News-Sicklist-J.T. Aylword

July 2017
News-Comings and Goings: Will Keesee
News-Sicklist: Mrs. J. A. Hawkins; Frank Seyer
Obits- Augusta Hilleman

November 2016
Obituaries: Mrs. Uler Ivy Vines, William Thomas Vines and Mayme Ellen Wilburn, all submitted by Anna Shelton

July 2017
News-Miscellaneous: Eric Palmer wins $50.00 cash prize; L. J. Tompkins
News-Gossip and Visiting: Margaret and Catherine Smith; Dr. Baltz
Obituaries- Mrs. Elizabeth Rucker

March 2017
News-Miscellaneous- George W. Howard and L.N. Searcy

July 2017
Obits-Death Notices: Mrs. R.L. Cooper; James G. Glenn
News-Gossip and Visiting: Joseph Chick
Marriages: Burke-Boehm

December 2016
Obits: Susan Sigler by GT Transcription Team

November 2016:
Obits/Death Notices: Russell Yancey killed by Discharge of his own gun, submitted by Gene Phillips

St. Charles
July 2017:
News-Visiting- Prof. Kammeyer; Mrs. R.B. Lewis; Anna Lewis
News-Accidents and Tragedies: $75,000.00 fire destroys most of businesses in Wentzville
Obits/Deaths: Dr. A.F. Brown

December 2016
Obits: Sarah L. Sherman by GT Transcription Team

St. Clair
July 2017
News-Visiting and Gossip- Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Gootlob
News-Comings and Goings- Martin Families
News-Community: Judges Neville and Pedan

March 2017
News-Community: Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Quick
News-Deaths: Mrs. Dooly
News-Comings and Goings-Miss Lee Clardy
News-Visiting and Gossiping-Mrs. Augusta Graham

St. Francois
June 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: J.C. Alexander & Son Creamery burns
News-Sicklist- Miss Irene Radle; Mrs. John Mackley
News-Community- Messrs. W.S. Pratt and Geo. Hough
News-Visiting: J.W. Boswell, H.E. Shaw, Mrs. Frank Kinner, Mr. Geo Kidd; Mr. S.J. Hensley
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties- Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Kahn
Obituaries- Grover Young; Dr. A.J. Prosser

St. Genevieve
July 2017

July 2017
Obituaries: Williamson Child
Obituaries/Death Notices
Zeno LaRose

March 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies: John Klein
News-Visiting: Miss Lena Boyer; Miss Edith Jenni; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rozier; Mrs. Jack Ryan
News-Community: Mrs. P.J. Brown
News-Parties,Reunions: Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Valleroy
News-Comings and Goings: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vogt

St. Louis
August 2017
News-Miscellaneous: "Women invade Men's Sphere", article about women factory inspectors, submitted by Robin Line

July 2017
News-Accidents and Tragedies- Frenchman dies from Hydrophobia, transcribed by Robin Line
Obituaries- John Suydam

May 18, 2017
News-Hangings and Murders: Alice Princle, contributed by Robin Line
News-Crimes: Col. Beatty, contributed by Robin Line

April 2017
Obituaries: Anton Lake's daughter
News-Crimes: Gregoire Aubuchon, transcribed by Robin Line, GTTT

March 15, 2017
News-Busines-Albert Enright and W.J. Bryan, submitted by Peggy Thompson

March 2017
News-Military: Lt. Col. James H. Howard
News-Crimes: Bill Jones and William Scott, submitted by Nancy Piper
News-Crimes: Mr. Fitch, submitted by Nancy Piper
Obits- G.T.M. Davis, submitted by Nancy Piper

July 2017
News-Military News-Civil War- Dispatches from Aug. 2, 1862, Aug. 30, 1862 and Feb. 6, 1863
News-Visiting and Gossip- Ernest Cole
Obituary: Dr. John Ashley

March 2017
News-Fires, Accidents and Tragedies: D.C. Bollinger and Mrs. Walter Williams
Obits-Mrs. Nall

July 2017
Hiram Dummit;
Andrew Jackson Razor

March 15, 2017
Obit- Nellie Blanch Atwood, contributed by Kyle Condon

March 2017
News-Visiting-J.F. Taylor; Robert Bryant
News-Crimes-Chas. Cook

June 2017
Marriage Announcements-Ttraley-Rankin

March 2017
Obits-Mrs. Melvina Murphy

June 2017
News-Sicklist- Grandpa Bedford; W.N. Southard; Howard White; Clarie McGillis
News-Visiting- N.D. Wallace; N.W. Southard; Enon Chaney; Mrs. Hattie Biles
News-Births- Mr. and Mrs. Hicks

December 2016
Obit: Samuel Watkins Anderson by GT Transcription Team, Vicki Bryan

August 2017
News-Sick List: Hoffarth; Cowley; Franklin; Akeman; Dayton
News-Community- Thomas Dunsmore; Minne Baney and Isabell Vandiver; Mary Depue;
All of the above submitted by Robin Line

June 2017
News-Military-Civil War- Supply wagons attacked
News-Community- Willis Goddard

May 2017
Obituaries: A.R. Cavaness and Mary Ann Cavaness, submitted by Karen (Cavaness) Nelson, great grandaughter of A.R. and Mary Ann Cavaness

Nov. 2016:
Military: Vietnam War Casualties
Obituaries: Eulissa Jane Long, submitted by Linda Berney

Census: 1860 Mortality Schedules

Van Buren *Extinct*

June 2017
News-Visiting- Mr. and Mrs. Nichols; Lesley Martin
Obituaries-O.P. Ebbs

November 2016
Census: 1860 Mortality Schedule

June 2017
Obituaries- B. Frank Martin; James Bryan

December 2016
obits: Mrs. Martha Pritchett by GT Transcription Team

June 2017
News-Visiting- Rebecca Casey; Linn Relfe
Marriage Announcements: Block-Kohn; Harris-Wilkinson; Hollinsworth-Parkin
Obituaries- Asa Roberts

November 2016
1850 Census Index

June 2017
News-Civil War- Capt. Richard Collins
News-Comings and Goings- Minor Deal

March 2017
News-Comings and Goings- Geo. Austin Family
News-Military-CW- Greenville Mo. threatened by guerillas

June 2017
News-Comings and Goings: S.M. Cawthra
Court-Probate- Rachel B. Galbreath

December 2016
Obits: Mrs. Nancy Pryor 

June 2017
News-Miscellaneous: Mrs. Corrine Chicken
News-Comings and Goings: Chas. Killingsworth
News-Visting and Gossip: Wilbur Wilhite
Obituaries and Death Notices: M.R. Hopewell

January 2017
Marriages: Bolon-Cummings; Tilton-Elliott
News-Comings and Goings: Judge Lingenfelter
News-Gossip and Visiting: Mr. Shoebert, Matilda Fox, Mrs. Levi Campbell

June 2017
News-Visiting: Harry Mooney; Mrs. B. Otto; W.B. Stone and wife
News-Sicklist: A.E. Brown's little daughter; Mrs. High Hight; Brentlinger
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Roy Moody

November 2016
1860 Mortality Schedules

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