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Nevada, MO
1889 Business Directory


Transcribed by: A Friend of Free Genealogy
Source: This business directory for Nevada, Vernon County, from the Southwest Business Directory, 1889, McKenney Directory Company.

Ammerman R W, physician and surgeon, office cor Walnut and Cedar
Ammerman I W, physician and surgeon, office cor Walnut and Cedar
Amos B F, boarding and lunch room, Cherry
Anderson, Bowker & McAnulty, loan and insurance, 112 Cedar
Anderson Frank, city collector, 112 Cedar
Armstrong R H, general stock, Oil, East Cherry
Athey James, saloon, 121 Cherry
ATKINSON JAS E, real estate and financial agent, money to loan on property, office 107 Cherry
Autenreith Wm, meat market, 117 Cherry
Baptist Church (colored) Rev Joseph Mason pastor, South Washington
Badger Lumber Co, James Barr mgr, East Walnut
Bains C P, general stock, 117 Main
BARBER J C, real estate and loan agent, office Pacific Express Co, 113 East Cherry
Bates-Pinnell Wholesale Grocery Co (The) jobbers of teas and cigars, 104 East Cherry
Bennett A, groceries and provisions, 218 Walnut
Biglow S S, agt Consolidated Tank Line Co, Cedar
BIRDSEYE & HARRIS notaries public, attorneys, real estate, loans and insurance, 201 North Main
Bond Max, hides, wool and furs, Walnut
Bowker & McAnulty, attys-at-law, 112 Cedar
Brady & Sons, boots and shoes, 620 Cherry
Brainard S C, lunch counter, Cedar
Bratton W G & Co, agricultural implements, 127 Main
Bridewell W L, meat market, 610 East Cherry
Bridgeford, Bigler & Co, cabinet and stair builders, 125 East Walnut
Broker Robert, wholesale and retail liquors, 105 Cherry
Brooks C C, loan broker, notes and county warrants bought, office 107 Cherry
Broom Factory, T R Scott, 704 South Cedar, R H Armstrong, 610 East Cherry
Brown & Earhart, marble works, Walnut
Brue John, drugs and stationery, 605 East Cherry
Buchanan Dr, physician and surgeon, Cherry
Callana L H, physician and surgeon, Cherry
Cane M A Mrs, Nevada House, 615 Cherry
Cann W A, architect, Walnut
Catholic Church, E B Cake pastor, cor Austin and Washington
Central House, Whitlock & Myer proprs, 32 and 35 East Cherry
Citizens' Bank, D P Stratton pres, O K Caldwell cashier, cor Cherry and Cedar
Clack W S, grocery, Walnut
Cockrell J E, druggist, opp Thornton Bank. Cherry
Coderly Chas, Star Laundry, Cherry
Coltman J F, millinery, Cedar
Conklin Bros bankers, Cherry
Conservatory of Music, Prof, K V Barnekove director, cor Walnut and Cedar
Coates M S & Co, grocery, 220 Walnut
Cotty College, Mrs Cotty propr
Cummins J M, jeweler, 106 Cedar
Davis & Bond, attys-at-law, Cherry
Davis & Broher, attys-at-law, real estate and abstracters, Cherry
Davis W H & Co, groceries and meat market, 206 Walnut
Day L E Dr, dentist, 119 Cherry
Devore J L, flour and feed, 219 Cherry
Donely, Grady & Pottorf, real estate, loans and insurance, Nepp Building
Donnelly J H, presiding judge, Reese Hill associate judge, W H Prewett associate judge Vernon Co.
Drake J H, billiard hall, 623 Cherry
Driggs M M, bakery and confectionery, 530 East Cherry
Dulen E A, physician and surgeon, Cherry
Duren & Son, real estate and insurance, Cherry
Ebey Janney, fruits, confectionery and bakery, 116 N Cedar
Eldridge J J, contractor for all kinds of tin roofing, copper work, galvanized iron cornices, 212 Cherry
Enochs E, meat market, 632 East Cherry
Episcopal Church, Rev Burrow pastor, South Cherry
Errett H E, queensware, 129 Main
Farish House, M E Farish, 420 East Cherry
Fink J I, feed and provisions, Cherry
First Baptist Church, Rev R R Maiden pastor East Walnut
Foster, Chas E, photographer, 108 ½ Cedar
Frankenberge Bros., china, glass and queensware, 124 North Cedar
Garrison and Lynch, druggists, 103 Cedar
Gass and Glenn, clothing and furnishings, 123 East Cherry
Gem City Planing Mill Co, turning, scroll and sawmill work, T J Jones and J M Paine proprs.
Givens G S, deputy revenue collector, Vernon County
Godfrey and Ferry, notaries, real estate and loan agt., Duck Block, Cherry
Gordon Irwin, atty at law, Walnut
Gordon W F, county clerk Vernon County
Graves C O, mayor Nevada City, cor Walnut and Cedar
Gray H P, probate judge Vernon County
Greditzer H, clothing and furnishing goods, Cedar
Grier House, R S Grier propr, 709 Cherry
Guthrie and Clinton, livery and sale stable, 101 Ash
Hale S, furniture and stoves, new and second hand, 114 Main
Hancock D V, clothing and furnishing goods, 130 North Cedar
Harber J F, dry goods, 108 Cherry
Harris W B, physician and surgeon, Cherry
Harrison M E, dentist, cor Cedar and Walnut
Harrod and Dye, contractors and builders, 120 Walnut
Hartsook and Co, groceries and queensware, 121 Main
Haygood C C, dry goods, 113 Main
Hedlage Henry, restaurant and lunch counter, 119 Cherry
Hicks J S, lunch counter, 634 Cherry
Hilderbrant H P, billiard hall and saloon, 112 Cherry
Hill W W, sheriff
Home Lumber Co, A L Davis mgr, 213 Cherry
Hotel Mitchell, Mitchell and Stokes proprs, cor Cherry and Washington
Hummel F A, blacksmith and wagon shop, 124 Walnut
Hutchens House, S G Hutchens propr, 128 Commercial
Indiana House, W H Wilson propr, 621 East Cherry
INGELS C B, manufacturer galvanized cornices, hardware, plumbing, cor Walnut and Cherry
January J B, atty-at-law, 116 Cherry
Jewell H E, homeopathic physician and surgeon, Cherry
Johannes N & Son, farm machinery, 102 and 104 Walnut
Johnson J W & Co, groceries and provisions, 616 East Cherry
Johnston L B, atty-at-law, Cherry
Jones N E, atty-at-law, Main
Jones Robt, meat market, 109 Main
Jones W J, dry goods, boots and shoes, 101 North Main
Jordan M, boots and shoes, 110 Cherry
Kelso Z C, physician and surgeon, Cedar
Kern John, restaurant, 100 Walnut
Kickert C, harness and saddles, Cedar
Kimball & January, attys-at-law, Cedar
King A J, recorder
Kirkpatrick R C, dry goods and groceries, 111 Main
Kughn August, merchant tailor, 110 East Cherry
Kuhn & Beecraft, meat market, Cherry
Lacy & A bell, grocery, 117 Cherry
Lanyon Zinc Manufacturing Co, R H Lanyon pres, Geo Nickelson sec
Latiner & Wycoff, dry goods, 126 North Cedar
Lee Bros, livery and feed barn, 701 Cherry
Lemmon & Shartel, attys-at-law and loan agts, Cherry
Leonard, Smith & McCall, attys-at-law, loans and insurance, n s Square, Walnut
Levy Bros, boots and shoes, Cedar
Lovell J O, city atty, cor Walnut and Cedar
Lowry Mack, restaurant, 111 Cherry
LINDSEY J T, dentist, teeth extracted without pain, Opera Block, Cherry
Lucas C J, barber, Cherry
Lucas R A, saloon, 212 Walnut
Maetty & Tucker, loan and insurance agts, cor Cedar and Walnut
Martin John, agt Pacific Express Co, 113 East Cherry
Martin M A & Co, notions, 106 Cedar
Maxey Tomas, plumber, 207 Walnut
Mayes B P, books and stationery, 107 Cherry
Mayo A J, saloon and billiard hall, 625 Cherry
McAdams J M, physician and surgeon, e s Public Square
McAninch Mrs, flour and feed, Main
McCrudden Wm, postmaster, 216 Walnut
McGowan & Boehm, boots and shoes, 214 Walnut
McGrue Private, sign painter, Cedar
McRay Bros, gen stock and second hand goods, livery and feed barn, Cedar
M E Church South, C C Wood DD pastor, cor Main and Austin
Methodist Church (colored) John Wright pastor
Miller Bros, wholesale and retail grocers, cor Cherry and Washington
Minckler John, grocery. 600 Cherry
Missouri and Kansas Fruit Packing Co, Ager & Bennett proprs
Mobley H P, grocery and provisions, 205 Cherry
Moody M W, jewelry and music store, 114 Cedar
Moody W W, jewelry, 620 East Cherry
Moores H C & Co, dry goods and carpets, 109 and 111 Cherry
Morris Jesse R, confectionery and lunch room, 603 East Cherry
Murray J C, atty-at-law and financial agt, Cherry
Myers T J, atty-at-law, Cherry
Nelk Carl, steam dyer and renovator, Main
Nelson L F S, grocery, East Cherry
NEVADA BUSINESS AND NORMAL COLLEGE, D H Snoke, principal, cor Walnut and Cedar
Nevada Daily Democrat, Bumbarger & Bean editors and proprs, Walnut
Nevada Female Seminary, Miss Lucy G Elliot principal, 710 South Washington
Nevada Noticer (The) Crockett & McDaniel editors, Walnut
Nevada Planing Mills, W M Sears propr
Nevada State Lunatic Asylum, R E Young physician in charge
Nevada Tobacco Co, Jas Nipp pres, John A May sec, 116 Washington
Nixon & Son, wagon and carriage works, cor Walnut and Washington
Ott M V, flour and feed, Commercial
Parrish Evans, books, wall paper, window shades and frames, 122 North Cedar
Pemberton & Requa, livery and sale stable, Main
Penn & Beagles, hardware, furniture and undertaking, 128 North Cedar
Philleps & Capdell, new and second hand store, 207 Walnut
Phillips & Lovan, harness makers, 207 Cherry
Presbyterian Church, Rev Geo Miller pastor, cor Hunter and Washington
Prewitt Chas H, county treasurer
Renwick O J, furniture and undertaking, 123 Main
Ritchey C J, druggist, 230 Walnut
Roark J G & Co, grocery and provisions, 613 Cherry
Robinson & Berry, farm implements, wagons and buggies, cor Cedar and Hunter
Robinson Bros, lumber and building material. 226 Cedar
Robinson Waller, hard ware and stoves, 125 Main
Robison & Martin, real estate dealers, 226 Cedar
Rockwood House, Dr C A Rockwood propr, Chas C Ives mgr, cor Walnut and Main
Roy Steam Laundry, Joseph Roy propr, Walnut
Samuel & Co, grocery, provisions, glass and queensware, 116 East Cherry
School of Short Hand and Penmanship, D H Snoke M A professor, cor Walnut and Cedar
Schultz, Snider & Co, wholesale and retail furniture and undertaking, 118 East Cherry
Scott Hoss, atty-at-law, Cherry
Sebree Bros, flour and feed grocery, 114 East Cherry
Sedshultz Phil, cigar factory, 617 Cherry
Sharp & Keith, hardware and tinware, 106 East Cherry
Shatt M E, restaurant and confectionery, Main
SIMON S, real estate and rental agent, office Opera Block, Cherry
Smith A J, county atty, Cherry
Smith H C, shoemaker, Cherry
Smith J M, groceries, 113 Cherry
Sousley Bros, livery and sale stable, 130 Walnut
Southwest Mail (daily and weekly) Speed & Mitchell proprs, Cherry
Stephenson J P, druggist, 120 North Cedar
Steratt A C, revenue collector Vernon County
Stewart T S & Son, musical instruments and sewing machines, 106 Cedar
Stokton & Norton, general stock, 622 East Cherry
Stratton D P, circuit judge Vernon County
Strode & Hally, barber shop, 627 Cherry
Stump W S, machine shop, Commercial
Sullards & Miller, insurance agts, Cherry
Summar Normal, for teachers, D H Smoke M A professor, cor Walnut and Cedar
Sundley Edw P, atty-at-law, cor Cedar and Walnut
Swan J C, photographer, 109 Main
Talbot J W, jeweler, 107 Cherry
Telephone Office, W L Garver mgr, 111 Cherry
Templin W W, clothing and furnishing goods, Cherry
Testerman J M, barber and hairdresser, 222 Walnut
Thornton Banking Co, R F Thornton pres, J E Harding cashier, SW cor Public Square
Timble W N, photographer, Cherry
Tomlinson Chas, bakery and restaurant, 118 North Cedar
Truinmer Chas, boot and shoemaker, 110 East Cherry
Turnbull & Co, dry goods, boots, shoes and carpets, 200 North Cedar
Turpin L H & Co, grocers and confectioners, 108 East Cherry
Tyler J A & Co, hardware store, 101 Cherry
Vernon County Republican, Swan & Herrick editors and proprs, Washington
Wachtel J S, saloon, 226 Walnut
Waddell A, groceries and provisions, G30 Cherry
Wardin J H, druggist, 208 Walnut
West A D, milliner and fancy goods, 115 Main
West S R & Co, saloon, 109 East Cherry
Wetmore M L, jeweler, 115 Main
Wetzwell Jacob, saloon, G3G Cherry
Wheaton E P, groceries, 210 Cherry
Willson G C, physician and surgeon, Cedar


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