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Name of Deceased: Clara Carolina Painter
Newspaper: Warrenton herald
Date: June 11, 1902

Clara Carolina Painter, infant daughter of Otto Painter and his deceased wife, Clara, nee Peters, was born Jan. 5, 1902. After her mother’s death which occurred March 11th, she found a home with loving care in the family of her Uncle Edw. Peters, at Flint Hill. There she enjoyed the best of health until last week, and after a short illness she died Saturday night, at the tender age of 5 months and 9 days.  On Monday, afternoon her mortal remains were interred by the side of her mother in the Wright City Cemetery.  Funeral services were conducted at the Evangelical church and the at the grave by Rev. Rieger.  Three sisters and one brother remain with the father to mourn the death of their little darling. May the knowledge , that she is where no harm can hurt her, prove to consolation to them.

Name of Deceased: Edward Henry PAINTER
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: April 4, 1899

Edward Henry PAINTER, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Painter, died Monday, March 20th and the interment took place on Wednesday 21st at the family burying grounds near Tuque.  A large concourse of relatives and friends attending the last sad rites.

Name of Deceased: Henry Pape, Sr.
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: January 30, 1901

Obit: PAPE-
It becomes our sad duty this week to chronicle the death of a well-known and highly respected citizen of Warrenton-Henry Pape, Sr., who passed away last Monday, morning after an illness of several weeks at the age of 73 years.  Mr. Pape was born Sept. 16th 1828 at Beine, Lippe Detmold Germany. He emigrated to the America in 1847 and settled in Warren County in the same year. He married Miss Katherine Bonning at Steinhagen, Feb 11, 1853 and to this happy union eight children (three girls and 5 boys) were born. Of the children Mary, William and Louis have died and 5 children, Caroline, Lizzie, Henry, Edward and John together with his true and faithful wife survive the father.  The funeral takes place today and services will be held at the family residence at 10 o’clock and at the Ger. Evangl. Church at 1 o’clock. The interment will take place at the Steinhagen cemetery. We join the many friends of the bereaved ones in the extending heartfelt sympathy in their sad and irreparable loss.

Name of Deceased: Lou Bertie Parker
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald /Troy Free Press
Date: Sept 4, 1901

Miss Lou Bertie Parker died in St. Louis, on Thursday, of last week of quick consumption, at the age of about 22 years. Her remains were brought to Troy, Saturday morning, and interred in the city cemetery.

Name of Deceased: Sarah Parson
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: February 27 1901

Mrs. Sarah Parson, widow of N.P. Parson, deceased, well-known, old resident of Hickory Grove township died at her home there last Thursday after a lingering illness of heart disease. The deceased was a native of New York State and was born there about the year 1818. Her husband died abour 19 years ago.  During her illness she was attended by her step-daugher, Mrs. G. Strong and Mrs. A.P. Mills, of Detroit, Mich. Her funeral took place last Friday, with service at Pauldingville chapel, after which the interment took place at the cemetery of the above named church. She leaves many warm friends in the community in which she so long resided.   

Name of Deceased: Daisy Pease
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Dec 5 1900

Obit: PEASE-
 Daisy Pease, daughter of C.D. Pease, formerly residing near Marthasville, committed suicide by taking poison.  Daisy Pease lived at No. 1820 Chouteau Ave where she was employed by Johannes Schumacher who conducts an art studio. On Monday, according to the testimony of her sister, Daisy’s father came to the city from his home in Rockwood,. Ill. To persuade Daisy to return home with him. Mr. Pease had heard things about Daisy which caused him to think she would be better off at home, at the suggestion Daisy became very dejected declaring that she was going to end her life.

Name of Deceased: Mrs. Henry Peble
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Aug 6 1902

Obit: PEBLE-
Mrs. Henry Peble died at ther home three miles east of Berger on Tuesday, July 29 1902. Aged 23 years, 5 months and 16 days. The deceased leaves a husband and two sons.

Name of Deceased: Miss Caroline Peik
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Dec 13, 1898

Obit: PEIK-
We are sorry to announce the death of Miss Caroline Peik, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Peik, which occurred on Thursday, Dec 1st at the age of 19 years and three months.  We extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family and friends.

Name of Deceased: Willian Pendleton
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: June 4, 1902

The remains of Willian Pendleton, colored, son of Harry Pendleton, of Truesdale, were sent here for burial from the city morgue in St. Louis Tuesday. According to newspaper reports Pendleton committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver. The authorities believe that he was murdered and three colored men named Thomas Sims, John Thomas and Erskin Phillips, who were with him when the fatal shot was fired, are under arrest pending closer investigation.          

Name of Deceased: Anthony Pennington
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: March 19, 1902

F.A. Ordelheide and Sheriff Polster were present at the inquest of an unknown man found dead Sunday night three miles south of Jonesburg.

‘Found Dead in a Cave”
‘Tony Pennington supposed to have committed suicide.’
A report reached here from Jonesburg late Sunday night that an unknown man was found dead in a cave on the Anders place four miles south of Joneburg.  Coroner Stewart was notified and on Tuesday morning he repaired to the place to hold an inquest.  Messrs. Ordelheide and Polster also went to there early Tuesday morning and from then we learned the following: On Sunday afternoon while John Kelly’s children were rambling over the hills in that vicinity they discovered a large hole in a bluff some 150 feet up and looking in the hole they saw a dark object which they supposed was a hog.  The children called their father  not far away who went to the hole and looking in believed he saw the figure if a man.  He called a nighbor and his belief was soon verified.  The news of the finding of a dead man in a cave was to Jonesburg, from where our county officers were notified. The man was well dressed the clothes he wore being nearly new. His coat he had taken off and used it as a pillow. By his side lay his cap and gloves and a telescope satchel. The satchel contained a lot of good wearing apparel and some papers. Among the latter was a bond for a deed issued to Anthony Pennington and certified to by J.B. Allen, Notary, Troy, Mo. Sept 13th, 1901. On his person were found $4. 55 in money, a handkerchief and some chewing tobacco. The name in the bond gave reason to believe that it disclosed his identity. The body was removed to Jonesburg, where he was identified as Anthony Pennington, formerly of Truxton, and his body claimed by his relatives. Just how he came by his death is not known, but it is believed that he committed suicide. It is known that he attempted to take his life while living at Truxton. He afterwards moved to Hermann where since last November he had been living. He was about 32 years old.     

Name of Deceased: Gustavus Pepperling
Newspaper: Warrenton Missouri Banner
Date: October 5, 1880

A sad death occurred in the eastern part of town Wednesday evening. Gustavus Pepperling, a student in out college, fell dead in the yard at Ernest Schowengerdt’s, where he was boarding, about 5:30 o’clock. Pepperling had only a few minutes before gotten up from the supper table and after engaging in a little scuffle with a smaller boy, he stood talking with a group of students, when all of a sudden he reeled over and sank to the ground. Asistance was immediately extended him, by Dr. Middlekamp, who happened along at the time. On his arrival young Pepperling was pulse less, and after being raised up he gasped once and expired. His lifeless body was taken into the house, and restoratives were applied, but to no avail-the spark that kindled a promising young life had been extinguished forever. Without a moments warning death had come and claimed him for his own.
Deceased was about 16 years old, eldest son of a widowed mother, who lives at Holstein. He was a kind, noble-hearted boy of splendid intellect and gave much promise of ripening into brilliant manhood. He had hosts of friends among those who knew him and his untimely death will be sincerely mourned.
Message was sent to the mother of young Pepperling Wednesday night, and on the following morning his uncle, Mr. Louis Lehmberg, came and took the remains to Holstein, where they were interred in the Lehmberg cemetery. Rev. Mr. Bierbaum conducted the funeral services. As no post mortem was held it is impossible to arrive at any conclusion as to the cause that produced death, though it  is more probable that it came from paralysis of the heart or apoplexy. Up to within the past two years Pepperling had been a subject to a great deal of sickness, but of late had enjoyed splendid health. His death was as strange as it is sad, and to his grief- stricken mother and relatives the “Banner” extends its heartfelt sympathy.       

Name of Deceased: Henry Petersmeyer
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Jan 31, 1899

Local news-Just before going to press we learn of the sad news that Henry Petersmeyer died yesterday morning at his home at Lippstadt of appendicitis. Mr. Petersmeyer had been sick only a few days and no one anticipated that his illness was serious or that it would prove fatal. The family has our heartfelt sympathy in this their sad hour of bereavement

Name of Deceased: Henry Pitz
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: July 30, 1902

Obit: PITZ
 ‘Jealousy Leads To Suicide’
Henry Pitz, a resident of Rush Island, lying south of Case, Warren County in the Missouri River, committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun. Pitz had accused his wife of infidelity with a man named Augustine and on several occasions threatened to kill both Augustine and his wife. On Thursday he again threatened the life of Augustine who came to Warrenton before prosecuting attorney Garber and swore out a warrant for his arrest. While Augustine was in Warrenton Thursday afternoon Mrs. Pitz and her children quietly slipped away from the house on the island and went with her sister Mrs. Loehnig, to Hermann for safety. Pitz, who was helping his brother-in-law Frank Schwoerkoetting thresh his grain, went to his house to get some wheat sacks and arriving at the house found his wife and children missing. Their absence caused him to make a search for them and he traced them to the edge of the slough. About this time two shots were heard in this directions. Pitz no doubt concluded that his wife and children had ended their lives in the slough but in case they were hiding near by would be attracted by the shots which he fired. Later Pitz returned with the sacks to the machine and he resumed work with the thresher men. He quit work before the other hands did and went home. About dusk that evening another shot was heard in the direction of this house and it is believed that this was the time when Pitz killed himself.
The news of the suicide was bought to town by Sheriff Polster Friday afternoon. He had gone down to make the arrest of Pitz the day before.
Sheriff Polster arrives at the case probably before the act was committed but owing to the lateness of the hour could find no one who could venture to take him across the river to the island; the current being very swift and the driftwood in the river making it exceedingly dangerous. The next morning Sheriff Polster got Anton Karl and a fisherman to take him across and  arriving at the house found Pitz lying on the porch a corpse with the whole top of his head blown off. The shot gun which he used was lying beside him. A messenger was sent to Hermann to telephone the facts to the coroner, Dr. Stewart, at Holstein, who went to the scene Friday noon to hold the inquest.
The following letter written by the suicide was found in the family bible opened at the first book of Moses, Chapter 5:
“I had to go to my wife and children. I loved my wife and children, therefore I took my life.”
Henry Pitz

Name of Deceased: PLOEGER, Daughters
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Oct 30, 1901

We learn of the sad news that death has again entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ploeger, of Holstein. On last Monday a week ago one of their twin daughters was laid to rest and yesterday morning the sister was taken away by grim death. The afflicted parents have out heartfelt sympathy.

Name of Deceased:  Vera Poff
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Jan 24 1899

Obit: POFF
Hermann “Adv.,-Courier” reports the death of Vera, the 12 year old daughter of Deputy Circuit Clerk John P. Poff, formally principal of the Hermann public school, who died of grip at her home in Clayton last Thursday. 

Name of Deceased:  Dorthea Pollien
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: July 30 1899

Obit: Mrs. Dorthea Pollien died at her home on Big Creek in Clark township, Sunday, July 30 ‘99 at 2:00 a.m. of heart failure, aged 73 years, 3 months and 20 days. Her maiden name was RANSCHE. Deceased was born at Leimbacho, near Manfield, Government Circuit Merseburg, Prussia, Germany. In company with her husband she came to this country in 1854, settling on the farm where both died, her husband precede her in death in 1888. The remains of deceased were interred in the home cemetery Monday morning, July 31, Rev. Rieger conducting the service. Six children and 25 grand children and two sisters, Mrs. Henrietta Jabin, of this county and Mrs. Meineke, of Magdeburg, Germany survive her. Peace to her ashes.-Troy Free press.

Name of Deceased: Jos. Post
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Nov 20, 1901

Obit: POST

Jos. Post, aged 71, was found dead on his son’s field near Wentzville, a few days ago, and it is thought he was attacked and killed by a vicious ram while on his way to a neighbors, as his body was badly cut and bruised. His body was buried at the Flint Hill cemetery.  -Troy Free Press

Name of Deceased: POTTEBAUM, Infant Son
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: Sept 26, 1899

An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Casper Pottebaum, who reside near Wight City, died on last Thursday a week and a the interment took place the following Saturday at the Stracks Church graveyard, Rev. Rieger conducting the funeral service.

Name of Deceased: Mrs. Bernard Pratte
Newspaper: Warrenton Banner
Date: Nov 7, 1890
Submitters Name: Laura

Bernard P. and Porter C. Tayor of near Pendleton, accompanied by their families, passed down the Wabash yesterday afternoon on their way to St. Louis to attend the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. Bernard Pratte, who passed away in the city Wednesday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Celeste Tracy. The “Globe Democrat” says Mrs. Pratte, who was the widow of General Pratte, came with him to St. Louis in the early part of the century, when he was an extensive fur trader. Only two weeks ago she celebrated her eighty-third birthday, and survived her husband just four years. Mrs. Pratte retained to the last her powers of mind and body and died peacefully and without a struggle. Three children survive her-Bernard Pratte, who is now in Texas; Mrs. Gov. Gilpin of Denver, Colorado,  and Mrs. Celeste Tracy. Mrs. Pratte is lamented by  large circle of friends and relatives by whom she was greatly loved for her kindness and charity

Name of Deceased: Warren Pringle
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: April 11, 1899
Submitters Name: Laura

Died near Little Rock, Ark., April 1, 1899, Warren Pringle, age 22 years and 7 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. E, M. Pringle at Foristell.  Warren united with the Christian church at this place last November and was baptized by J.C. Coggins. He was a noble, true Christian boy and was loved by all who knew him. He had been on poor health for quite a while and the doctors thought perhaps if he would fo to some warmer climate he might have some chance of recovery, so he and his brother, Harvey, went to Texas. For a while the change did him some good but he began to get worse and he started home. A while before reaching Little Rock, folded in his loving brothers arms, his spirit took its flight.
Many sorrowing friends gathered at the Christian church here where the funeral services were conducted by Bro. C.C. Hill April 3rd, 1899, after which his remains were interred in the Hickory Grove cemetery. Warren leaves a mother, father, two brothers, two grandmothers and one grandfather and many loving friends to mourn hi loss for to know him was to love him and what has been our loss has been his gain. And so dear mother, father, brothers and friends weep not for Warren for he is safe in the arms of Jesus who died on the cross for us and when the trumpet of the Lord shall call you home if you have lived the true Christian life that Warren lived, he will be waiting at the golden portals of heaven with open arms to receive you into that beautiful home where there will be no more weeping or sighing but where all are happy at rest in our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
“Here our fondest hapes are vain,
Dearest links are rent in twain,
But in heaven no throb of pain,
Meet one there by the river sparkling bright, In the city f delight, Where out faith is list in sight, Meet me there, Where the tree of life is blooming, Meet me there, When the storms of life are o’er, On the happy golden shore, Were the faithful part no move, Meet me there.”
-A Friend

Name of Deceased: James B. Prittchet
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: March 28, 1899
Submitters Name: Laura

The friends and acquaintances of James B. Prittchet will be sorry to learn of his death which occurred on last Friday at St. Charles. Mr. Prittchet was born and raised in Hickory Grove township, where his aged father, Joshua, and one brother, William, still reside. He at one time was treasurer of St. Charles County and at the expiration of his term of office moved with this family to California. Several years ago he returned to St. Charles residing there until his death. He reached the age of 58 years, 5 months and 2 days and leaves a wife and four children besides many relatives in this and St. Charles counties to mourn his loss. The funeral took place last Sunday. The Masonic Lodge of wile the deceased was a member, attended  in a body. The bereaved family have our heartfelt sympathy.

Name of Deceased: Josh Prittchet
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: April 4 1899

We learn with regret that Josh Prittchet, an old and respected citizen of this county died at this home in Hickory grove township last Friday. Only a week ago, we chronicled the death of his son, William , at St. Charles. Mr. Prittchets funeral took place Sunday, and his remains were interred on the H.C. painter farm. To his many sorrowing friends and bereaved relatives we extend out heartfelt sympathy.
(Note from submitter: I believe this is an error when stating that ‘only a week ago we chronicled the death of his son, William’. The death that occurred the week before-obit dated March 28, 1899 was for his son, James B. Prittchet)

Name of Deceased:  Joshua M. Prittchet
Newspaper: April 11 1899
Date: April 11 1899

St. Charles County mourns at the loss of one of the oldest and best known citizens in the death of Joshua M. Prittchet. Deceased if he should have lived until next July would have reached the age of 84 years. He has passed the last 60 years if this life on his farm where he has lived a good honest life; always, just in his dealings and a friend to all He leaves three daughters and one son, Mrs. Carrie Walker and Mrs. Sallie Busch of St. Louis, Mrs. Ollie Griswold of Moberly and W.H. Prittchet who resided with his father on the farm near Foristell. His other son, James B. Prittchet, of this city was buried March 20. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock and the interment was made in the Prittchet burial grounds, located on the farm. Our sympathy goes out to the bereaved ones in this hour of their loss.
-April 11 1899

Mrs. Martha Pritchett
widow of Henry Pritchett, decd, fomerly of Pittsylvania Co., Va., died near Hickory Grove, Warren Co., Mo., 22 Nov. 1857, aged about 54 years.  Pneumonia.  Mentions her absent sons, Rev. C.W. Pritchett of Mo. Conf., & Rev. J.H. Pritchett of Kansas Conf.  Her husband & two children had preceded her in death.  By D.T. Sherman, Flint Hill, Mo.
Source: "Missouri Pioneers County & Genealogical Records," vol. XVIII by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard Woodruff; March 1973; tr. by GT Transcription Team.

Name of Deceased: Capt. B.F. Purcell
Newspaper: Warrenton Herald
Date: April 11 1899

The Montgomery Standard reports that Capt. B.F. Purcell, the well known Argonaut, who left here about two weeks ago for the Klondike is reported to be on his death bed at Seattle, Wash. It seems that the Captain was delayed in getting a ship at the place, and while waiting contracted the pneumonia. Wednesday, his family at High Hill received a telegram that he was dying and they left that night for Seattle. It is to be hoped the Captains condition is not so serious as reported.

April 18 1899
Warrenton Herald
Frank Purcell who headed the largest party that ever left the west for the Klondike gold fields, died Monday night at the Northern Hotel in Seattle, Washington, of pneumonia and jaundice. He was en route to the gold fields for the third time. He left his home in High Hill, Montgomery County, nearly three weeks ago. He was to have met his partner, Alex McDonnell, at Seattle, and both were to go together from there. Mr. Purcell’s baggage was delayed and he had to remain at Seattle while his partner went on. The boat that he was to have gone on was wrecked but eh passengers escaped. While waiting for his baggage, Mr. Purcell was taken sick. He grew dangerously ill and last Wednesday his wife, who was formerly Miss Georgia Allen, of Mexico, was summoned. She and her two children, Jesse and Fannie, left immediately arriving at Seattle last Sunday. The remains will be taken to High Hill and interred in Mount Pleasant cemetery. He was a member of no church. Mr. Purcell was about 47 years of age. He had a large acquaintance in this section of Missouri.


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