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1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Denise Moreau)

No. of CertificateName of pensionerPost-office addressCause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
104,870Hunter, HenryBrunotg. s. w. rt. arm$6.00 
180,016Crowley, JohnBrunotinj. to lft. should.$4.00Dec., 1880
31,182Stevenson, CatherineBrunotwidow$8.00 
183,071Reed, Eliza A.Brunotwidow$8.00Feb., 1879
122,769Nichols, Mary J.Brunotwidow$8.00 
149,143Bess, RebeccaColdwaterwidow$8.00Apr., 1871
110,157Goad, Sarah A.Coldwaterwidow$8.00Mar., 1868
61,505Ward, RuthaColdwaterwidow$8.00 
168,937Gregory Joseph N.Coldwaterdis. of abdominal viscera$4.00June, 1880
131,100Wilson, DorcasColdwaterwidow$8.00 
89,121Wilkinson, John M.Coldwaterg. s. w. lft. side & lung$15.00 
112,766Cole, ElizaColdwaterdepdt. mother$8.00May, 1868
81,657Brown, Joseph S.Greenvilleloss rt. eye$8.00May, 1867
193,337Hawes, LucindaGreenvilledep. mother$8.00Sept., 1881
221,665Kirkpatrick, WallisGreenvilleg. s. w. lft. thigh, &c$4.00Dec., 1882
92,829Nicholson, William U.Greenvilleg. s. w. lft. leg$6.00 
13,475Perkins, MatildaGreenvillewidow$8.00 
106,989Matthews, JoannaGreenvillewidow$8.00Jan., 1868
125,481Montgomery, MatildaGreenvillewidow$8.00Mar., 1869
178,699Winder, George W.Greenvilledis. of lungs & liver$8.00Nov., 1880
134,346Forister, Francis M.Greenvilleg. s. w. rt. thigh$2.00July, 1879
155,255Wills, DavidLost Creekchr. rheumatism$10.00Sept., 1878
80,780Haddock, ThomasLowndesg. s. w. rt. leg$8.00 
92,005Busby, ZachariahMill Springtotal loss both eyes$72.00 
33,344Sickels, Jabez R.Mill Springinjury to abdomen$8.00 
134,630Rook, Chester C.Mill Springg. s. w. & loss mid. finger r. hand$2.00July, 1875
143,675Steele, NathanielMill Springminors of$10.00June, 1874
223,057Hinman, Lorenzo W.Mill Springchr. rheumatism$2.00Dec., 1882
122,045Duffield, Thomas A.Mill Springg. s. w. rt. arm$8.00Mar., 1882
22,199Hill, ElizabethMill Springwidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1879
80,043Edwards, James R.Pattersonwd. of spine$10.00 
96,670Mayfield, SarahPattersondepdt. mother$8.00July, 1867
79,163Price, MaryPiedmontwidow$8.00July, 1876
214,708Barlow, ZachariahPiedmontg. s. w. lft. should.$4.00June, 1882
111,878Lancaster, Thomas F.Piedmontinjury to abdomen$4.00 
107,480Bates, GeorgePiedmontloss rt. thumb$4.00Jan., 1871
107,994Short, JohnPiedmontdis. of lungs$8.00 
193,867Bowen, George C.Piedmontminors of$19.00Dec., 1881
199,102Harrison, BenjaminPiedmontg. s. w. left leg$2.00June, 1881
173,434Russell, RosillaPiedmontdepdt. mother$8.00May, 1876
28,815Hartley, John A.Piedmontrt. hand useless$14.00 
30,003Hargate, LouisaPiedmontwidow$8.00 
78,629Gilbreth, Ann E.Piedmontwidow$8.00May, 1867
130,687Dale, Nancy A.Piedmontwidow$8.00June, 1869
220,038Harman, John F.Piedmontdis. of heart$4.00Oct., 1882
149,882Dale, John M.Piedmontg. s. w. rt. forearm$12.00 
100,050Melton, DeliaPiedmontwidow$8.00Oct., 1867
187,470Richardson, Honor A.Williamsvillewidow$12.00Mar., 1880
56,025Canterbury, SusannaWilliamsvillewidow$8.00 
99,624Crandle, BenedictWilliamsvillelung disease$17.00 
128,367Wood, Eliza H.Williamsvillewidow$8.00 


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