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Cemetery Location Latitude Longitude
Absher Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.168ºN 92.363ºW
Antioch Cemetery      
Baker Cemetery Mansfield 37.081ºN 92.624ºW
Berry Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.157ºN 92.624ºW
Bethel Cemetery Mountain Grove    
Binkley Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.242ºN 92.564ºW
Boatright Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.168ºN 92.559ºW
Bramhall Cemetery Grovespring 37.437ºN 92.624ºW
Calhoun Cemetery Norwood 37.118ºN 92.473ºW
Carter Cemetery Owens 37.235ºN 92.425ºW
Cemetery Number 5 Mansfield NW 37.164ºN 92.627ºW
Claxton Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.235ºN 92.537ºW
Cox Cemetery Owens 37.245ºN 92.450ºW
Crain Cemetery Mansfield 37.082ºN 92.620ºW
Davis Cemetery Grovespring 37.422ºN 92.619ºW
Davis Cemetery Grovespring 37.472ºN 92.554ºW
Deaker Cemetery Mansfield 37.099ºN 92.598ºW
Dennis Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.144ºN 92.541ºW
Dorris Cemetery Competition 37.423ºN 92.464ºW
Elmwood Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.159ºN 92.564ºW
Emerson Cemetery Competition 37.444ºN 92.462ºW
Findley Cemetery Mansfield 37.092ºN 92.503ºW
Friendship Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.247ºN 92.300ºW
Frog Knob Cemetery Owens 37.216ºN 92.432ºW
Green Mountain Cemetery Dawson 37.335ºN 92.326ºW
Helsley Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.132ºN 92.575ºW
Helum Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.156ºN 92.357ºW
Hillcrest Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.150ºN 92.265ºW
Jackson Cemetery Owens 37.133ºN 92.451ºW
Kennel Cemetery Owens 37.211ºN 92.458ºW
Krause Cemetery Hartville 37.290ºN 92.509ºW
Little Creek Cemetery Hartville 37.313ºN 92.565ºW
Macomb Cemetery Norwood 37.088ºN 92.492ºW
Mansfield Cemetery Mansfield    
Matlock Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.210ºN 92.609ºW
McIntosh Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.129ºN 92.503ºW
Moore Cemetery Owens 37.229ºN 92.472ºW
Mount Harmon Cemetery Norwood 37.074ºN 92.443ºW
Mount Olive Cemetery Duncan 37.295ºN 92.636ºW
Mount Zion Cemetery Owens 37.177ºN 92.429ºW
Mountain Valley Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.191ºN 92.338ºW
Newton Cemetery Mansfield NW 37.157ºN 92.651ºW
Oetting Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.174ºN 92.552ºW
Pea Ridge Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.212ºN 92.587ºW
Peters Cemetery Mansfield NW 37.198ºN 92.679ºW
Petet Cemetery Duncan 37.350ºN 92.662ºW
Raney Cemetery Owens 37.208ºN 92.378ºW
Robinett Cemetery

Rutherford Cemetery Norwood 37.112ºN 92.447ºW
Ryan Cemetery Norwood 37.087ºN 92.430ºW
Shaw Cemetery Owens 37.200ºN 92.462ºW
Shores Cemetery Norwood 37.121ºN 92.443ºW
Spillman Cemetery Owens 37.210ºN 92.420ºW
Swede Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.136ºN 92.268ºW
Thomas Cemetery Owens 37.130ºN 92.413ºW
Turner Cemetery Mansfield NE 37.133ºN 92.552ºW
Turner Cemetery Owens 37.240ºN 92.430ºW
Ussery Cemetery Owens 37.216ºN 92.413ºW
Willow Springs Cemetery Mountain Grove North 37.191ºN 92.285ºW

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