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Curly - Indian Scout


Obituary of Shuh-shee-ahsh

Died. Shuh-shee-ahsh, 68, also known as Curley, a Crow Indian scout, the sole survivor of the Custer massacre, of cancer of the liver, at the Crow Agency, Mont. He was buried on the Custer Battlefield.
(Jun 4, 1923, Time Magazine. Submitted by K. Torp)

Further information (from Find A Grave):
b. 1856 Little Rosebud Creek, Montana Territory; d. May 21, 1923
Enlisted April 10, 1876 at Crow Agency, Montana, for six months with the 7th Infantry

In 1886, he divorced his wife, Bird Woman, and married Takes a Shield, another Crow.

He lived in the Little Big Horn Valley on his ranch near Crow Agency, MT, and died there of pneumonia. He was buried May 22, 1923 in Section A, Grave 1063 at the Custer National Cemetery

Other Info (from Boston College Magazine)
[In 1996, Howard Boggess a descendant of one of Custer's scouts lived in Hardin, about 20 miles north of the battlefield. His great-grandmother was Woman Who Walked into the Clouds. Her brother was Curly, the scout who according to some accounts survived by hiding in tall grass as men died around him. "He lived with the battle the rest of his life," Boggess says. "My mother said that every morning, Curly would get up early and ride the battlefield and sing chants for the people who died."
Boggess was director of Hardin's Big Horn County Historical Museum]

Curly - scout for custer



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