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Deer Lodge County, Montana

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List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883

[Note: far right column refers to date of original allowance]

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Brenda Wiesner

No. of Certificate Name Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthy Rate Date of Original Allowance
145, 348 Peterson, Jens Deer Lodge loss index finger r. hand $3.00 May, 1877
14,846 Zenor, Howard H. Deer Lodge wd. r. thigh $4.00 Aug., 1863
165,739 Lockwood, Munson M. Deer Lodge g.s.w. r. thigh, r. hip, l. thigh $12.00 Mar., 1880
87, 473 Kaiser, Frank Deer Lodge wd. l. shr. $6.00 Dec., 1867
198,475 Hurlburt, Henry A. Deer Lodge g.s.w.r. forearm $6.00 Nov. 1881
180,045 Bates, Lafayette H. New Chicago varicose veins both legs $6.00 Dec., 1880
161,048 Wisner, John S. Pioneer shell wd. head $4.00 June, 1879
180, 854 Kinney, James Stuart injury to abdomen $6.00 Jan., 1881

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