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Gallatin County, Montana

1870 Morality Schedule

Transcribed by Linda R.

(hand written note at top: Census District No 9 of Montana Tery - Schedules No

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, in ______, in the County of Gallatin, Tery of Montana, enumerated by me, Hopkins Taylor, Ass't Marshal.

# of family on Sched. 1 Name Age Sex Race Married / Widowed Place of Birth Father Foreign Birth Mother Foreign Birth Month of Death Occupation Cause of Death
14 Story, Alice 3 F W   Montana     Sep   Cholera Infection
15 Ward, Martha 3 F W   Montana     Aug   Flux Diarhea
  Ward, Alice 10/12 F W   Montana     Aug   Flux Diarhea
3 Hoppe, William 2 M W   Utah x   July   Choera Infection
6 Davis, James 5 M W   Montana     Aug   Flux Diarhea
  Hoyt, Eli 55 M W   Ireland x x Sep Lumberman Delirium Fremism
52 Kemres, Thomas 21 M W   Ireland x x Jan Soldier Exposure
  McCoy, Walter 17 M W   Pennsylvania     Jan Soldier Killed by Indians
8 Erskin, Charles 4 M W   Montana   x Sep   Flux Diarhea
14 Davidson, Polly 46 F W M New York     Dec Keeping House Chronic Diarhea
23 Smith, Thomas 2 M W   Montana     Oct   Absess of liver
26 Auseng, Joseph 48 M W W France x x March Farmer Hydrothorax
28 Drew, Edwin 5 M W   Utah   x Aug   Flux Diarhea
33 Nelson, Infant 4dys M W   Montana     Sep   Cholera Infection
38 Kennicoot, James 21 M W   New York     May Farm Laborer Suicide Fire Arms
  Davis, Albert 2 M W   Montana     Aug   Flux Diarhea


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