Meagher County, Montana
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1890 Special Census

11th Census
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Widows, etc.

Meagher County, Montana

Veteran's Name

Surviving Relative



Years of Service

Charles P Abbott   Breweis Artificer 1862-1865
Edwin A Allen   Brewer Second Lieutenant 1861-1863
Emerson E Allen   Brewer Private 1861-1862
Danville   Ames   Canton Corporal 1861-1865
Samuel   Anderson   Breweis Sergeant 1861-1863
Edward R Beatham   Canton Captain 1861-1865
Joseph   Blackwell   New York Ordinary Seaman 1861-1863
Thos A Blaine   Breweis Private 1861-1864
John   Blake   Miharta Private 1861-1865
Edward   Bobenreith   Breweis Private 1862-1863
Alfred   Boungard   Breweis 1serg 1861-1864
Philip   Boyd   Canton Private 1861-1863
William A Boyd   Winsedshell Private 1862-1865
James   Brady   Canton Private 1862-1865
Dennis   Brennan   Miharta Lieutanant 1861-1865
Thomas F Brewer   Canton Private 1862-1863
Hiram O Brower   Breweis Private 1862-1865
Alferd M Brown   Canton Private 1861-1862
Albert   Bruckert   Breweis Drummer 1861-1862
Joseph   Buckingham   Breweis Private 1861-1864
Augustus   Burhnam   Miharta Sergeant 1861-1863
Jasper   Burrell   Miharta Private 1864-1866
John   Byrd   New York Sergeant 1861-1862
Malachi R Carden   Castle Private  
James   Chamberlain   Miharta Private 1864-1864
James J Chilcote   Miharta Private 1861-1865
George W Clark   New York Sergeant 1861-1864
George   Cline   Brewer Private 1861-1863
Thomas W Coleman   Miharta Landsman 1863-1865
Henry H Conable   New York Private 1861-1865
Joseph   Conner   Castle Drummer 1862-1862
George M Cram   Breweis Private 1861-1865
William   Darby   Brewer Private 1861-1864
John   Davis   New York Bugler 1862-1865
Matlac   Davis   Breweis Private 1862-1863
Thomas   Dean   Canton Corporal 1861-1864
Lulellus   Doolittle   New York Private 1862-1862
Andrew W Eaton   Winsedshell Private 1864-1865
Hiram K Edwards   Castle Captain 1861-1865
Hagis   Fargo   Castle Private 1863-1865
William H Ferguson   New York Private 1861-1861
Cornelius   Finn   Miharta Private 1861-1862
James L Fisk   Canton Captain 1861-1865
John W Fitzpatrick   Castle Corporal 1862
Thomas   Fletcher   Canton Corporal 1861-1865
Charles B Foster   Canton Private 1861-1862
Joel   Frakes   New York Private 1861-1864
George M Frasier   Miharta Private 1865-1868
V Morris Galavan   Canton Private 1861-1864
John N Harder   Castle Sergeant 1861-1865
Curt L Harrington   New York Private 1865
Joseph E Harvey   Breweis First Lieutenant 1865-1866
Samuel   Henley Belt   Private 1861-1865
Elizur   Hills   New York Commissary Sgt 1861-1864
Daniel   Hoagland   New York Private 1861-1864
James   Horty   Canton Private 1861-1864
Harrison   Howard (sic)   Brewer Private 1861-1863
White   Jeff (sic)   Winsedshell First LT 1861
Harman S John (sic)   Winsedshell Private 1861-1864
Reuben A Johnson   Canton Private 1862-1865
Thomas A Johnson   Brewer Second Lt. 1861-1862
Alber G Jones   Castle Private 1864-1865
Edward   Kagel   Breweis    
James H Kaine   Castle Private 1861-1863
Alver   Ketchum   Miharta Private 1861-1864
William   Killen   Breweis Private 1861-1862
George W King   Miharta Sergeant 1861-1864
John C Kitell   Miharta    
James   Kneen   Breweis Sergeant 1861-1861
Louis   Kneisel   Miharta Private 1865-1865
John E Knott   Miharta Private to corporal 1861-1865
Frank   Lemon   Breweis Private 1861-1865
William   Leonhardt   Canton Private 1861-1861
Charles A Leverenz   Castle Private 1863-1865
Mark   Lewis   Canton Private 1864-1865
Samuel   Logan Rachel Kneen Breweis Sergeant  
George E. Haley Long   Breweis Private 1863-1865
William   Lupold   Breweis Private 1864-1865
Henry   Mackey   Miharta Seaman 1859-1862
Judson   Maples   Canton Private 1864-1865
James R Marks   Canton Clerk 1864-1865
Joseph W Martin   Canton Private 1861
Isaac   Mayers   Belt Private 1864-1865
Charles   Mayn   Breweis    
Henry   Mayn Louise Mayn Breweis Private 1861-1864
Archy   McGreger   Breweis    
William   McKenyie   Winsedshell Sergeant 1861-1864
Albert   McMillan   Miharta Major 1861-1866
Joseph   Meek   Breweis Private 1863-1865
Peter   Molyett   Canton Sergeant 1861-1866
John   Monzel   Breweis Private 1862-1865
Perry J Moore   Breweis Private 1862-1865
Winford C Morgan   Breweis Private 1864-1867
Dennis   Murry   Canton Private 1861-1864
Peter   Nelson   Brewer Private 1864-1866
Jos B Newbury   Breweis Sergeant 1862-1865
George   Noah   Canton Corporal 1861-1863
Owen   Owens   Breweis Private 1864-1865
John G Pickering   Canton   1864-1865
John E Pickle   Canton Framer 1864-1866
Willard C Pierce   Canton Private 1862-1863
John   Pisor   Castle Private 1861
John   Potter   Breweis Captain 1861-1864
Micheal   Powers   Belt Private 1865-1865
Marcellus   Pyle   Breweis Second Lieutenant 1863-1865
Charles T Rader   Brewer Sergeant 1861-1865
Edward   Randolph   Brewer Private 1861-1863
Flavius   Reen   Canton Private 1861-1862
Augustus   Rheinhart   Breweis Private 1865-1865
Daniel S Riggs   Castle Sergeant 1862-1865
George   Rogers   Miharta    
James E Romome   Canton Sergeant 1862-1865
Hubert B Rose   Breweis Sergeant 1865-1865
Agariah L Rotz   New York 1st Sgt 1861-1866
William B Roy   Canton Captain 1861
John H Schroeder   Breweis    
John H Schroeder   Breweis    
Benjamin   Scott   Miharta Private 1861-1862
John   Selly   Miharta Private 1861-1865
Byron R Sherman   Breweis    
Sever T Simonsen   Castle Private 1864-1865
John A Smith   Canton Private 1861-1862
Lee   Smith   Miharta Captain 1862-1865
August   Staus   Breweis Private 1862-1865
Sylvanus A Stevens   New York Private 1862-1865
James C Stewart   Canton First Sgt 1861-1861
John   Storey   Canton Private 1861-1862
Edward R Suell   New York Private  
Henry   Taylor   Canton Private 1861-1865
James L Thomas   Breweis Corporal 1864-1865
James H Thompson   Castle    
Henry W Tice   Castle Private 1864-1865
John W Tinsley   Canton Private 1861-1866
Patrick H Tooley   Castle Corporal 1861-1863
Philip H Tooley   Castle Corporal 1861-1863
Eri O Tuller   Castle Private 1863-1865
Georg H Vanblarcum Josephine Vanblarcum Belt Captain 1862-1864
William H Vance   Canton Sergeant 1861
John S Vanvoast   Canton Corporal 1861-1864
George D Wallace   Canton Corporal 1861-1863
Max   Waterman   Brewer Sergeant 1862-1865
Alex H Watson   Breweis Private 1861-1865
Richard   Weeden   Canton Private 1861-1864
Samuel   Welch   Brewer Corporal 1861-1865
Albert H Wells   Canton Private 1861
Thomas J Welsh   Brewer Private 1861-1865
John B Williams   Miharta Private 1861-1865
Thomas   Williams   Breweis    
Thomas   Williams   Breweis Private 1864-1865
Harry   Willis   Brewer Private 1865-1865
Edwin   Wilson   Breweis Lieutenant 1861-1865
Joseph R Wine   Canton Private 1862-1863
William   Woolsey   Brewer Private 1861-1864
    Morglen   Canton Corporal 1862-1865

Submitted by K. Torp

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