Missoula County, Montana
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Missoula. Jan. 18.—Frank Allport a young man who has been employed for several years by P. M Jamison at the White Cloud mine, near Florence, was taken to the city this evening; on the Bitter Root train, suffering from temporary aberration of the mind. Allport was the guide who was with Captain French last year during his tour of the Clearwater country. His father is a wealthy man in Derby England. For several weeks Allport has been expecting a large sum of money from his father. Last evening be received a letter from his home stating that his father had been killed in an accident. The news so unset him that his mind became temporarily unbalanced and he sought the woods last night. He was found by some of his friends. He was not violent, but raved considerably and his friends decided to take him to Missoula. It is possible that with medical attention he will be all right again. Allport has been a resident of Missoula for the past 12 years and has many friends. [1906-01-19; Paper: Anaconda Standard - Submitted by Christine Walters]

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