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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory
Alamance County
1867 - 1868

Alamance County

Population in 1860 ...............11,852
County Seat - Graham
J.T. Hunter.....Mayor

County Officers

Attorney, R.Y. McAden
Clerk County Court, W.A. Albright
Clerk Superior Court, Baker Gragson
Chairman County Court, Jesse Grant
Clerk and Master in Equity, --------------
Cornoer, Dr. G.K. Foust
Register, T.G. McLean
Sheriff, W.J. Murray
Surveyor, J.M. Patterson
Standard Keeper, -------------
Trustee, ------------

Colleges and Schools

Bingham School, Mebaneville, Col. Wm. Bingham, Principal
Graham Female Seminary, Graham, Rev. W.S. Long, Principal
Wilson School, Melville, Dr. John Wilson, Principal
Graham Male Academy, Rev. A. Currie, Principal

Churches and Pastors

Graham Church, Presbyterian, Graham, Archibald Currie, Pastor
Cross Roads Church, Pres., Pleansant Grove, A.G. Hughes, Pastor
Haw Fields Church, Pres., Melville, A.G. Hughes, Pastor
Mebaneville Church, Pres., Mebaneville, A.G. Hughes, Pastor
Melville Church, Pres., Melville, Dr. Wilson, Pastor
Stony Creek Church, Pres., Union Ridge, _______, Pastor
Union Church, Pres., Union Ridge, A.G. Anderson, Pastor
Phillips' Chapel, Pres., Melville, A.G. Hughes, Pastor
Graham Church, Christian, Graham, W.S. Long, Pastor
Company Shops Church, Chris., Company Shops, A. Isely, Pastor
Providence Church, Chris., Graham, E. W. Beale, Pastor
McRay's Church, Chris., McRay's Store, E.W. Beale, Pastor
Shallow Foard Church, Chris., Company Shops, E.W. Beale, Pastor
Brownen's Church, Methodist, Company Shops, N.H.D. Wilson, Pastor
Bethelehem Church, Meth., Company Shops, A. Norman, Pastor
Bethel Church, Meth., Clover Orchard, _____ Heath, Pastor
Concord Church, Meth., Saxapahaw, _____ Heath, Pastor
Deep Creek Church, Meth., Big Falls, N.H.D. Wilson, Pastor
Friendship Church, Meth., Rock Creek, _____ Heath, Pastor
Hebron Church, Meth., Mount Willing, A. Norman, Pastor
Macedonia Church, Meth., McDaniel's, A. Norman, Pastor
Mt. Herman Church, Meth. McDaniel's, _____ Heath, Pastor
Mt. Zion Church, Meth., Patterson's Store, Wm. Linebury, Pastor
Rock Creek Church, Meth., Rock Creek, _____ Heath, Pastor
Salem Church, Meth., Saxapahaw, A. Norman, Pastor
Shiloh Church, Meth., Morton's Store, A. Norman, Pastor

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Graham Hotel, Graham, _________, Proprietor
Railroad Hotel, Co. Shops, Rev. W.B. Rowe, Proprietor


Boyd, J.E., Graham
McAden, R.Y., Graham
Ruffin, T. Jr., Graham


Bason & Son, Graham
Company Store, Co. Shops, G. McLean, Superintendent
Beale, E.W., McCray's Store
Hanner, Robt., Graham
Harden (P.R.) & Bro., Graham
Hunter, James T., Graham
Patterson, G.W., Graham
Spiers, _____, Co. Shops
Scott (J.S.) & Co., Mebaneville
Turrentine & Bro., Mebaneville
Worth & McAlister, (A.), Co. Shops

Mills and Mill Owners

Big Falls Mills, Big Falls, Murray & Bro., Proprietors
Lambeth's Mills, _____, Berry Davidson, Proprietor
Newlin's Mills, Saxapahaw, J. Newlin & Sons, Proprietors
Ruffin's Mills, J. W. Wood, Prop.
Wilson's Mills, R. & A. Wilson, Prop.


Cane Creek Cotton Factory, Clover Orchard, W.H. Willard, Prop.
Holt's Cotton Factory, Holt's Store, E.M. Holt & Sons, Prop.
Granite Cotton Factory, Haw River, T. M. Holt, Prop.
Murray's Cotton Factory, Big Falls, W.J. & A. Murray, Props.
Newlin's Cotton Factory, Saxapahaw, J. Newlin & Sons, Props.


Baker, R.H., Hurt's Store
Cobb, G.D., Co. Shops
Freeman, F.R., Saxapahaw
Foust, G.K. Graham
Graham, ___, McCray's Store
McAuley, J.W., Pleasant Grove
Mebane, B.F., Mebaneville
Moore, John A., Co. Shops
Murphy, John, Co. Shops
Ruffin, John K., Graham
Troy, M. E., Graham
Walker, John A., Melville

Post Offices & Post Masters

Big Falls, T.R. Simpson, P.M.
Company Shops, Geo. D. Boon, P.M.
Clover Orchard, Henry Stone, P.M.
Graham, J.B. McMurray, P.M.
Haw River, Mrs. J.B. Randleman, P.M.
Mebaneville, _____, P.M.
McDaniel's, _____, P.M.
Melville, _____, P.M.
Patterson's Store, Mrs. A.A. Crutchfield, P.M.
Pleasant Grove, Miss Long, P.M.
Rock Creek, C.C. Curtis, P.M.
Saxapahaw, _____, P.M.
(Source: Branson's North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68. Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez)

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