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Albemarle County, North Carolina


Geo. Drummoud, appointed in fall 1663.
Samuel Stevens, appointed in October, 1667 ; died early in 1674.
Sir Geo. Cartwright, President of the Council, 1674. He returned to England in 1676.
Thomas Miller, appointed, to fill vacancy, in 1677.
John Harvey was appointed President of Council in 1680.
John Jenkins, appointed Governor, June, 1680, and died December, 1681.
Henry Wilkinson, appointed Governor February, 1681.
Seth Sothel, appointed Gvernor 1683. This man, Seth Sothel, was a great rascal, He was expelled as Governor of the County of Albemarle shortly after his appointment. He then went to Charleston, in South Carolina, and, in 1690, was elected Governor of that county, and was there impeached and expelled. An honest public servant is a prize to any people. No mean, insincere, selfish, and untrue man ought ever to be allowed to hold any office or place of trust.

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