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1850 Mortality Schedule

Schedule 3 - Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in ___ in the County of Alexander State of N. Carolina
enumerated by me, J. C. Shuth, Ass't Marshal.

Name Age Sex Race Free
Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Jessa 1 M B S   N. Carolina May   Malformation 10 days
Peter 50 M B S   N. Carolina Decr Farmer Dropsy 1 year
James 2 M B S   N. Carolina June   Fitz 19 days
Abner L. Looper 11 M       N. Carolina May Laborer Pleurisy 42 days
?. G. Bodenhammer 1/12 M       N. Carolina June   Hives 6 days
Charlotte Duns 6 F       South Carolina May   Unknown  
Lucy Beckham 25 F       N. Carolina Nov Housekeeper Consumption  
James Chilholen 5/12 M B S   N. Carolina April   Unknown Sudden
Rachel 41 F B S   N. Carolina May Cook Unknown  
Adaline Martin 21 F       N. Carolina Nov Weaver Typhoid fever 35days
Wina Scott 65 F B     N. Carolina Nov Midwife Dropsey  
Wm. R. Pearce 2 M       N. Carolina May   Fitz 2 days
Leander Little 18 M B S   N. Carolina Dec Laborer Accidental Sudden
Jane Gryder 40 F     M N. Carolina March   Pulminary organ affects  
Amanda Bowls 7 F       N. Carolina May   Unknown 3 days
William Bently 2/12 M       N. Carolina Dec   Unknown Sudden
John Bently 14 M       N. Carolina May   Unknown  
Emma Asberry 9/12         N. Carolina Nov   Cholera Infectn  
Susanna Benicto 34 F     M N. Carolina August Housewife Fever 4 days
William Bryant 8 M       N. Carolina Oct   Fever 6 days
Martha Wattz 3 F       N. Carolina July   Wound 7 days
Henry 11/12 M B S   N. Carolina May   Rickets 3 months
Silva 30 F B S   N. Carolina Feby Cook Child Birth Sudden
James F. Wattz 1/12 M       N. Carolina Sept   Unknown 3 days
George M. Chapman 8 M       N. Carolina Oct   Unknown 4 days
James Fincnon 49 M     M N. Carolina April Farmer Dropsy 1 year
John Price 7 M       N. Carolina April   Fever 3 weeks
Martha Price 2 F       N. Carolina April   Fever 3 weeks
Francis Fox 20 F       N. Carolina July Weaver Fever 6 weeks

Remarks: I would just state that there has been no prevailing disease in our county and very few deaths as you will see from the statisticz. The C___ of the water is good ___ sote the Rocks hard and flinty with some few appicz mined with a variety of other kindz growing in abundance near the ___ of our mountainz. (Rest is illegible)

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