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1860 Mortality Schedule

(Transcribed from original)

NameĀ  Age Sex Color Free/Slave Married/Widowed Place of Birth Month Died Occupation Cause of Death # Days Ill
M. M. Elder 2 F   F   NC Aug   Unknown 5
E. Justice 68 F   f W NC June   Unknown 4
Infant Wike 1 M   f   NC June   Flux 3
R. Hine 77 F   f W NC Jan   New Mony 20
N. A. Herlee 1 M   F   NC Sept   Scarlet Fever 7
A. Brown 17 M   f   NC July Farm Laborer Dropsy 50
J. E. Wike 1 M   F   NC June   New Mony 20
E. Herlee 30 F   F M NC Sept   Unknown 1
Peter Yates 1/12 M B S   NC May   Croop 5
D. C. Crawford 22 F   F M NC June Merchant Consumption 35
M. A. Simpton 27 F   F M NC July   Consumption 30
M. Little 7 F   F   NC July   Scarlet Fever 10
Wm. Chapman 74 M   F W NC May Farmer Unknown 1
S. E. Hooper 8 F   F   NC July   Scarlet Fever 20
W. H. Hooper 3 M   F   NC May   Scarlet Fever 4
W. B. Hooper   M   F   NC June   Scarlet Fever 15
Elijah Price   M   F M NC Jan Farmer Unknown 2
Bazle Lowe 1 M   F   NC Sept   Unknown 13
C. J. Stevenson 26 F   F   NC Nov   Typhoid 9
Jesse Pool 85 M   F M NC March Farmer Unknown 17
Remarks: I would just state that there has been no pervailing disease in our county to Jun 1 1860 and not a great many deaths as you will see from the statistics.  The character of the water is good, free st____.  The rocks hard and flinty with some few approximations of granite and other species of stone.  The timber is ppine mixed with a variety of ther kinds growing in abundance near the bases of our mountains.


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