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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Alexander County

Population in 1860 ...............6,022
County Seat - Taylorsville

County Officers

Attorney, Alex. M. Boyle
Clerk County Court, R.P. Mathews
Clerk Superior Court, E.M. Stevenson
Chairman County Court, __________
Clerk and Master in Equity, H.T. Burke
Coroner, H.F. Tritt
Register, A.A. Hill
Rainger, N.A. Pool
Sheriff, Jas. P. Matthews
Surveyor, ____________
Standard Keeper, ___________
Trustee, N.A. Moore

Colleges and Schools

Cheoway Academy, Jas. B. Pool, A.B., Principal
York Institute, Col. J.W. Hawes and Nat. Reymon, Principals
Elk Shoal Academy, Rev. W.B. Beasley, and H.T. Burke, A.M. Principals
United Baptist Institute, at Taylorsville, _________, Principal

Churches and Pastors

Antioch Baptist, R.L. Steel
Concord Baptist, ____________
Charity Baptist, Jacob Crouch
Liberty Grove Baptist, _________
Little River, Baptist, Wm. Pool.
Macedonia, Baptist, Jacob Crouch
Mt. Gilead, Baptist, ____________
Taylorsville Baptist, Taylorsville
Three Forks, Baptist, Jacob Crouch
Friendship, Lutheran, Timothy Moses
Salem, Lutheran,
Liberty, Methodist,
Pisgah, Methodist,
Rocky Spring, Methodist
Taylorsville, Methodist, At Taylorsville
Union, Methodist,
Upper Pisghah, Methodist,
Taylorsville, Presbyterian, Taylorsville, S.C. Millen, D.D., Pastor
Salem, Presbyterian, __________, Pastor


Taylorsville Hotel, Hiram James, Pro'r.


Boyle, Alex. N., Taylorsville
Dula, Thos. J., Taylorsville


Linney, W.C., South Yadkin Store
Long, Geo. W., Little River
Lowe, Miss Mary J., Confectionary &c., Taylorsville
Smith, (H.L.) & Co., York Institute and Taylorsville
Stevenson, Carson & Co., Taylorsville

Mills and Mill Owners

Bells Mills and Wool Carding, Taylorsville, D.H. Bell, Propietor.
Bostian's Mills, Taylorsville, David Bostian, Proprietor
Davis' Mills, Taylorsville, James L. Davis, Proprietor
Deal's Mills, York Institute, Noah J. Deal, Proprietor
Hunter's Mills, Stony Point, Henry F. Hunter, Proprietor
Stewart's Mills, Taylorsville, Thomas Stewart, Proprietor
Watt's Mills, Taylorsville, W. Watts, Proprietor


Boot & Shoe Shop, Taylorsville, F.M. Herman, Proprietor
Boot & Shoe Shop, Taylorsville, L. Herman, Proprietor
Boot & Shoe Shop, Taylorsville, J.W. Matthews, Proprietor
Buggy & Carriage Shop, Taylorsville, J.P. Lawrence, Proprietor
Cotton Factory, Taylorsville, Boyle & Jones, Proprietors
Saddle & Harness Shop, Taylorsville, J.P. Thompson, Proprietor
Saddle & Harness Shop, Stony Point, David S. Miller Proprietor
Tannery, Taylorsville, L. Hermon, Proprietor
Tannery, Elk Shoal, White & Haliburton, Proprietors
Tannery, Taylorsville, R.C. Wilson, Proprietor
Tannery, Wittenburg's, A. Eckerd, Proprietor
Tannery, York Institute, A. Sharpe & Son, Proprietors


Connelly, W.F., York Institute
Carson, J.M., Taylorsville
Flowers, Cynes, Wittenburg's
Stirewalt, Thos., Stirewalt's Mill's Hydropothic System
Watts, T.J., Taylorsville
Wilson, J.R., Taylorsville

Post Offices & Post Masters

Little River, Matilda Smith
Taylorsville, Joseph P. Matthews
York Institute, W.A. Smith
(Source: Branson's North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)

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