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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

| 1868 | 1869 |

Population in 1860 ..............14,766
County Seat - Washington

County Officers
Attorney, W.W. Wharton
Clerk County Court, R. Granger, Acting
Clerk Superior Court, F.J. Satchwell
Chairman County Court, J.B. Stickney
Clerk and Master in Equity, M. Shaw
Coroners, R.B. Whiteear, and James Ellison, Jr.
Register, James W. Redding
Sheriff, Samuel T. Carrow
Surveyor, John B. Respess
Standard Keeper, ____________
Trustee, S.T. Carrow
Commissioners of Claims, Thomas Sparrow and E.S. Hoyt

Town Officers
Satterthwaite, F.B., Intendant
Commissioners: E.S. Hoyt, J.L. Pilley, Joseph Potts, O.W. Telfair
Satchwell, F.J., Clerk
Respess, W.O. Sergeant
Telfair, O.W., Special Magistrate
Inspector of Naval Stores: John Orkney and T.H.B. Myers
Auctioneer: A. Jackson
Commissioners of Navigation: Joseph Potts, S.R. Fowle, Geo. H. Brown, B.F. Havens, Isaiah Respess
Inspector & Collector of Custom: J.O. Whitemore

Duren, Mrs. Georgianna, Washington
Geer, Rev. E., Washington
Midyett, Miss Sallie, Washington
Patterson, Miss Bettie, Washington

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Adams House, Washington, O.F. Adams, Proprietor
Grist House, Washington, Mrs. Jno. W. Grist, Prop.
Creddle Inn, Washington, John H. Creddle, Prop.
Harvey House, Washington, H.L. Harvey, Prop.
Mooring House, Washington, Mrs. Mary Mooring, Prop.
Olbert Inn, Washington, John Olbert, Prop.

Carter, D.M., Washington
Lucas, J.S., Washington
Rodman, Wm. B., Washington
Satterthwaite, F.B., Washington
Sparrow, Thomsa, Washington
Stilley, H.E., Washington
Whorton, R.W., Washington

Boot and Shoe Maker, Zachery Houbourn, Washington
Block and Pump Maker, D.B. Wharton, Washington
Coach Factory, Fulford & Long, Wash.
Sail Making, Wm. H. Harris, Wash.
Turpentine Distillery, J. Potts & Son, Washington
Ship Building, J. Myers & Sons, Wash.
Ship Building, J.A. Farrow, Wash.

Commission Merchants
Brown, (Geo. H) & Co., Water Street, Washington
Havens, B.F., Main St., Washington
Myers (John) & Sons, Water St. Wash.

Fashionable Tailors
John B. Ross and John McGowan

Fire Insurance Agents
Burbank & Gallagher, Agents Atlantic Fire Insurance Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sylvester Dibble, (colored), Washington
Henry Jones (Col.) Washington

Gallagher, F., Main St. Washington
Williams (J.D.) & Co., Main St. Wash.

Grocers and Confectionees
Buckman, C.G., Main St. Washington
Jackson, G.A., Main St. Wash.

E.S. Hoyt, Main St., Washington

Sartarcious, F.H., Washington
Bell, J.N., Wash.

Bell, Mrs. Annie A., Washington
Quin, E.L., Wash.

Livery Stables
Peck & Duell, Washington

General Merchants
Arthur, John A., Main St. Washington
Bible, D.P., Main St., Wash.
Blount, John, Main St., Wash.
Carrow, Samuel, Main St., Wash.
Cherry (Wm) & Bro., Main St., Wash.
Dey (J.) & Son, Main St., Wash.
Farrow (David) & Co. Main St., Wash.
Fowle, (S.R.) & Son, Main St., Wash.
Fulford, Irwin, Main St., Wash.
Harriss, James, Water St., Wash.
Howard, Geo., Water St. Wash.
Hoover, E.D., Water St. Wash.
Howard, Wiswall & Son, Water St., Wash.
Lockger, C.J., Main St., Wash.
Martin (E) & Co., Main St., Wash.
Morton, W.Z., Main St., Wash.
Potts (Joseph) & Son, Main St., Wash.
Rosenthall, J., Main St., Wash.
Shaw, Wm. Jr., Main St., Wash.
Smallwood, (John W.) & Co., Main St., Wash.
Thomas, A.J., Main St., Wash.
Taft, J.H. Main St., Wash.
Telfair, O.W., Main St., Wash.
Willard, James, Main St., Wash.

Liquor Saloons
Credle, John, Washington
Johnson, J.H., Wash.
Pohlman, F., Wash.
Smaw, George, Wash.

Photogrraphist and Dentist
Phillips, Dr. H.R., Washington

Printing and Lettering
Johnson, J.H., Washington
Reaney, J.E., Wash.

Hyatt, L., Washington
Schrimer, M., Wash.

Dalton, G.H., Presbyterian, Washington
Geer, E., Episcopal, Wash.
Long, John S., Methodist, Wash.

Mills and Mill Owners
Claiborne & Wright, Washington

Blount, Wm. A., Washington
Bryan, Jesse G., Wash.
McDonald, John, Wash.
Long, Jas. F., Wash.
Taylor, David T., Wash.

Post Offices & Post Masters
Washington, Wm. Ebon, Post Master
(Source: Branson's North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


Population in 1860 – 14, 766
County Seat – Washington – Pop 1,000

County Officers
Clerk Superior Court – Geo. L. Windley
Coroner – J. R. Cherry
Commissioners – Sam’l Windley, Ch., Tho’s H. Blount, Henry Hodges, Josephus Peed, Stancil Waters
Register of Deeds – Richard Granger
Sheriff – Samuel T. Carrow
Surveyor – Robt. T. Shields
Solicitor 2nd District – J. J. Martin
Standard Keeper – E. S. Hoyt
Treasurer – J. F. Randolph
Supt. Poor House – D. B. Elliott
Wood Inspector – Wm. A. Harris

Town Officers
Commissioners – Samuel Carson, Wm. M. Cherry, Howard Wiswell, Kelly Moore
Clerk of Town – Stephen W. Stilley
Sergeant – J. Pringle
Con. Wash. Dist – Thos J. Moser
Special Magistrate – Isaiah Respass
Treasurer – S. W. Stilley
Com of Claim – Thomas Sparrow, Edmund S. Hoyt,
Inspt Naval Stores -  John Orkney, T. H. B. Myers
Auctioneer – G. A. Jackson
Deputy Collector & Inspector of Customs – J. O. Whittemore

United States Officers
Thos B. Bowers – Deputy Collector 1st & 2nd Divisions, embracing the Counties of Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrell, Washington and Martin.
Wm. Haight – Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue for Beaufort, Hyde, and Tyrell

Churches and Pastors
Chapel – Washington – W. H. Moore – Meth
St. Peters – Washington – N. C. Hughes – Epis
Chapel – Washington – P. H. Dalton – Pres
Chapel – Washington - ____ - Bap
Concord – Pantego – J. R. Winfield – Chris
Union Chapel – Bath – J. M. Gurganus – Chris
Old Ford – Washington – J. Latham – Chris
St. Thomas – Bath – H. B. Hilton – Epis
Zions Chapel – Washington – Luther Eborn – Epis
St. John’s Durham’s Creek – E. Harden – Epis
Bath – Bath – James Mahoney – Meth
White Marsh – Bath – James Mahoney – Meth
Clark’s – Pantego – James Mahoney – Meth
Asbury – Washington – Jas. Mahomey – Meth
South Creek Chapel – Washington – J. W. Litchfield – Meth
North Creek – Bath – B. Whitford – P. Bap

Hotels & Boarding Houses
Baynor House – Washington – W. Baynor
Exchange Hotel – Washington – L. J. Wise
Levoy Hotel – Washington – O. F. Adams
N. C. Hotel – Washington – E. Colbert

Carter, D. M. – Washington
Rodman, W. B. (Judge Supreme Court) – Washington
Satterthwaite, F. B. – Washington
Sparrow, Thomas – Washington
Stilley, H. E. – Washington
Wharton, Rufus W.  – Washington
Warren, E. J. (Ex. Judge) – Washington

Boots & Shoes – Washington – Zachery Habourn
Boots & Shoes – Washington – Godfrey Olt
Native Wines – Washington – Berbank & Gallagher
Block & Pump – Washington – D. B. Whorton
Coaches – Washington – Fulford & Long
Shingle Getting – Durham’s Crk – Hale & Willard
Sail Making – Washington – Wm. Harris
Ship Building – Washington – John Myers’ Sons
Ship Building – Washington – Jas. A. Farrow
Turpentine Distillery – Washington – J. Potts & Son
Turpentine Dis. – Washington – S. R. Fowle & Son

Merchants and Tradesmen (in Washington)
Arthur, John A. – Main Street – GS
Buckman, Geo. – Main Street – GS
Blount & Whitecar – Main Street – GS
Brown, P. W. – Main Street – GS
Cherry, Wm & Bro – Water Street – GS
Demill, Wm. E. – Main Street – GS
Fowle, (S. R.) & Son – Main Street - GS
Farrow, David H. – Main Street – GS
Harwood, George – Water Street – GS
Fulford, Irwin – Main Street – GS
Harris, James – Water Street – GS
Martin (E.) & Co – Main Street – GS
Morton, W. Z. – Main Street – GS
Rosenthall, E. – Main Street – GS
Potts, (Joseph) & Son – Main Street – GS
Shaw, Wm., Jr. – Main Street – GS
Smith, Thos. H. – Main Street – GS
Taft, A. H. – Main Street – GS
Willard, J. B. – Main Street – GS
Wiswall, Howard Jr. – Main Street – GS
Whitehurst, Jas. J. – Main Street – GS
Berbank & Gallagher – Main Street – Wines, Wholesale
Gautier, D. E. – Union Alley – Liq., Saloon
Farrow, Jas. H. – Water Street – Liq., Saloon
Mallison, W. C. – Main Street – Liq., Saloon
Mason, Thos. J. – Martin Street – Liq., Saloon
Johnson, J. H. – Main Street – Liq., Saloon
Patrick, B. – Water Street – Liq., Saloon
Pohlman, Fred – Main Street – Liq., Saloon
Wilkerson, ___ - Water Street – Liq., Saloon
Warren, Henry – Main Street – Liq., Saloon
Wise, L. J. – Union Alley – Liq., Saloon
Buckman, C. G. – Main Street – Gro & Confec
Jackson, G. A.  – Main Street – Gro & Confec
Quinn, L. C. – Main Street – Gro & Confec
Archbell, John B. – Market Street – Liv Stables
Gallaher, F. – Main Street – Drugs
Carmer, J. R. – Main Street – Drugs
Moore, Harvey (Col) – Main Street – Baker
Dibble, Sylvester (Col) – Main Street – Barber
James, Henry (col) – Main Street – Barber
Bass, John B. – Main Street – Fash. Tailor
Gowen, John W. – Main Street – Fash. Tailor
Robinson (T.M.) & Co – Water Street – Com Merchant
Havens, B. F. – Main Street – Com Merchant
Myers’ Sons, John – Water Street – Com Merchant
Bell, Mrs. Annie – Main Street – Milliner
Quinn, Mrs. E. J. – Main Street – Milliner
Mooring, Mrs. Mary – Main Street – Milliner
Sartorious, F. H. – Main Street – Jeweler
Bell, J. N. – Main Street – Jeweler
Hoyt, E. S. – Main Street – Hardware
Gordon, Seth H. – Main Street – Cab & Undt.
Gardner, F. J. – Main Street – Cab & Undt
Holtzchelter, F. J. – Market Street – Gunsmith
Burbank & Gallaher – Main Street – Brokers & Agts (Ga., Home Fire In., co, Jefferson Fire In. Co, Va. James River Fire In. Co, VA & NC, Life Assurance and Trust Co)
Johnson, J. A. – Martin Street – Paint & Letring
Hyatt, L. – Main Street – Tinner
Schirmer – Main Street – Tinner

Long, John S. – Washington – Meth
Moore, W. H. – Washington – Meth
Hughes, N. Collin – Washington – Epis
Dalton, P. H. – Washington – Pres

Mills and Owners
G & Saw – Washington - W. R. S. Burbank
G & Saw – Washington – Frank Hodges
G & Saw – Washington – J. W. L. Harvey
G & Saw – Washington – Geo. Tankard
G & Saw – Pantego – Richard Reddick
G & Saw – Pantego – Z. T. Adams
G & Saw – Blount’s Creek – Ruff & Bros.
G & Saw – Washington – S. T. Carrow
G & Saw, steam – Durham’s Creek – Willard
G & Saw, steam – South Creek – Springer & Bro.
G & Saw, steam – Bath – W. W. Walling

Blount, Wm. A. – Washington
Bryan, Jesse G. – Washington
McDonald, John – Washington
Long, Jas. F. – Washington
Tayloe, D. T. – Washington
Smith, Benjamin – Washington

Post Offices and Post Masters
South Creek –
Blount’s Creek –
Washington – Wm. Eborn
Bath – Thomas Ormond
Pantego – Solomon S. Latham
Leachville – Mills Rogers

Male Academy – Washington – C. C. Lovejoy
Prim School – Washignton – Mrs. M. Dimock
Prim School – Washington – Mary F. Maules
Prim School – Washington – Mrs. Georgianna Duren
Prim School – Washington – Miss Sarah M. Robinson
Prim School – Mrs. Eliza A. O’Brien
Prim School (col) – Washington – Mrs. Hanly

Prominent Farmers
R. A. Chancey, 1570 acres; Edwin G. Hodges, 3,300; Thos. H. Blount, 120; Jas. R. Grist, 415; Wm. B. Rodman, 32,475; Dr. J. G. B. Myers, 1,250; O. H. P. Tankard, 1,400; S. F. Osborn, 268; J. B. Stickney, 650; Wm. T. Gard, 650; Samuel T. Carrow, 4,400; Wm. H. Patrick, 1,200; Churchill Bright, 1,263; Harvey Hill, 659; Wm. Stilley, 839; C. J. Stilley, 388; Redding Tuten, 1,181; C. W. Bonner, 357; John B. Bonner, 1,450; Geo. W. Guilford, 628; N. W. Guilford, 1,632; Josephus Peed, 169; James W. Swindell, 300; B. T. Bonner, 1,140; E. S. Marsh, 3,260; John D. Watson, 445; Benjamin Compen, 205 – Washington
Wm. Gaylord, 1,092; John I. Rowland, 2,870; H. W. Gaylord, 975 – Bath
Samuel Windley, 355; John G. Brinn, 340 – Pantego
Jas. Latham, 250; Caleb F. Clark, 3,865; James B. Clark, 330 – Leachville
Surface – Low and Swampy, generally rich.
Staples – Cotton, Corn, Fish, Naval Stores, Shingles and Lumber
[Source: Branson's North Carolina Business Directory 1869]


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