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Asheville City Directory 1908



Names marked * are those of colored persons; except where a * is used to denote a certain occupation or special business heading.


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    Rabe Leslie G, clk So Ry frt depot, bds French Broad Hotel
    Race Martha E Miss, stengr, gen'l agts office So Ry, bds 24 Spruce
    Racey Harold B (Wood & R) rms Y M C A Bldg
    Radeker Walter Scott, atty at law, rm 16 Legal Bldg, h Old
    Ford, Victoria rd
    Radford Jno, lab, h Chicken Hill
    Radford L M, lab, h Chicken Hill
    Radford Mary Miss, h Chicken Hill
    Radford Robt L, emp P C Hubert, bds 49 n Main
    Radford Samuel W (R & Roberts) bds 85 Central av
    Radford & Roberts (Samuel Radford and Gallatin Roberts) attys at law, rms 16-17 Fountain Bldg
    *Ragsville Benj, shoemkr, h Etowha av, s Asheville
    *Ragsville Ella, h Etowha av, s Asheville
    *Ragsville Enoch, lab, h Etowha av, s Asheville
    Ragville Jno, lab, h Etowah av, h s Asheville
    *Ragsdale Mehala, h 181 s Beaumont
    Raines James M, lab, h 33 Gray (Clarrissa)
    Raines Maxie D, grocer 161 s Main, h same
    Rambo Adolphus, driver, h Oak cor College
    Rambo John, carp, h r 86 Depot (Mary)
    "Ramoth Place" boarding Woolsey, Mrs. Alice C Ray
    Ramsay Elizabeth Miss, h 144 Cumberland av
    Ramsay J Franklin, dentist, rms 2-3 Harkins Bldg, h 144 Cumberland av (Alice)
    Ramsay Jacob L, mchst A R T Co, h R F D No 1 (Anna M)
    Ramsay Jessie L, wid J M, h 175 n Spruce
    RAMSEUR ARTHUR, supt Asheville div So Ry, office Passgr Depots h 382 s French Broad av
    Ramseur Arthur, Jr, student, h 382 s French Broad av
    Ramseur James, student, h 382 s French Broad av
    Ramseur L Milton, bottler, h 40 ½ s Main (Hattie)
    *Ramseur Louis, gardener, h 54 Short
    Ramseur Nancy, wid Vardry, h 382 s French Broad av
    Ramseur Vardry D, clk So Ry frt depot, h 382 s French Broad av
    Ramseur Wm, flagman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Ramsey Annie W Miss, stengr Ash Hdw Co, h 69 Penland
    Ramsey Chas H, stengr, h 141 Woodfin
    Ramsey D R, weight clk div frt agt's ofhee, So Ry
    Ramsey Daniel C, grocer, 477 w Haywood, h same (Susan)
    Ramsey Edgar J, lab, h 94 Grove (Nora)
    Ramsey Elizabeth Miss, cook, h 60 Blanton
    Ramsey Hendrix, clk, h 141 Woodfin
    Ramsey Hood, clk, h 141 Woodfin
    RAMSEY JOHN W, pres Beaumont Furniture Co, h 69 Penland (Ellen)
    Ramsey Melton, clk Yates & McGuire
    Ramsey N Ollie Miss, cashier Ash Hdw Co, h 69 Penland
    Ramsey Riley M, pres Ash Dray, Fuel & Construction Co
    Ramsey Robt, U S dep marshal
    Ramsey Simeon C, roadmstr So Ry, h 141 Woodfin (Lucy E)
    *Ramsey Wm, lab, h 41 Velvet
    Randall Boarding House (The), boarding, 102 Patton av, Mrs Maggie Randall propr
    Randall C Clyde, clk, h 102 Patton av
    Randall David, h 14 Spruce (Emma)
    Randall E Robt, janitor P O, h 102 Patton av (Maggie I)
    Randall Emma F Miss, h 14 Spruce
    Randall Hannah M Miss, h 14 Spruce
    Randall Lassie M Miss, h 102 Patton av
    *Randall Lawson, bricklyr, h 26 Jordan
    *Randall Lawson, Jr, lab, h 26 Jordan
    Randall Maggie I Mrs, propr The Randall Boarding House, h 102 Patton av
    Randall Richard, farmer, h Chunn's Cove (Louise)
    Randolph Blanche Miss, h 108 Montford av
    Randolph Donald, student, h 108 Montford av
    Randolph Edith Miss, h 108 Montford av
    Randolph Eugene J, atty at law and notary, rm 1 McAfee Bldg, h w Asheville (Anna C)
    Randolph Mabel Miss, h 108 Montford av
    Randolph Mary F, wid Abram, h 108 Montford av
    RANDOLPH WM F, sec-treas Asheville Club and mngr Ash Auditorium Co, h 108 Montford av (Eleanor A)
    RANKIN ARTHUR E, notary and teller Battery Park Bank, h 25 Orange (Nancy C)
    RANKIN CLARENCE, asst cashier Battery Park Bank, h 63 Merrimon av
    Rankin Cyrus T, forester, Biltmore Estate
    Rankin Elizabeth L, wid W D, h 215 n Main
    *Rankin Ila, h 75 Ridge
    RANKIN J EUGENE, pres Ash Elec Co and Blue Ridge B & L Assn, and cashier Battery Park Bank, h 63 Merrimon av—phone 165 (Fannie)
    Rankin J Guy, bkkpr and cashier Ash Cotton Mills, h 63 Merrimon av
    Rankin T G, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Rankin Wm E, printer, 17 ½ Patton av, h 63 Merrimon av (Virginia)
    Ransomn Henry C, (Ash Music Co), h 39 n French Broad
    RAOUL THOS W, pres Albemarle Park Co (Inc), bds The Manor
    RAOUL WM G, treas Albemarle Park Co (Inc), h Atlanta, Ga
    Rash Addie Miss, emp Ash Steam Laundry, h 362 w Haywood
    Rathsack Hugh, musician, bds Windsor Hotel
    Ravenel S P, atty at law, Pack sq cor s Main, h 2 Short, Biltmore (Florence)
    "Ravenscroft," boarding, 95 Church, Wm E Tyack propr
    Ravis Eugene, painter, h 363/2 s Main (Retha)
    Rawls Charles T (Aston, Rawls & Co), h 26 n French Broad
    Rawls G Gaston, trav salesman
    Ray Alfred A (J H R & Co), h s Biltmore (Lillie E)
    Ray Alice C Mrs, propr "Ramoth Place," Woolsey
    *Ray Annie, h 4 Dewey
    Ray Archie F, condr So Ry, h 15 Jefferson Drive (Grace)
    Ray Avon O, lab, h 349 Hillside (Julia)
    Ray Chas, h 14 Maple
    Ray Chas S, fire dept, h 205 Woodfin (Callie)
    Ray Daniel O, emp Ash Elec Co, h 157 Patton av (Ida L)
    Ray E J, rms Sondley Bldg
    Ray Edward Z, propr City Lunch Room, rm 85 Central av
    RAY EDWIN L, pres. Citizens Trust and Savings Bank and Blue Ridge B & L Assn, h 75 Hillside
    *Ray Emma, h Pearson Drive
    *Ray Essie, h 4 Dewey
    *Ray Ethel, h 4 Dewey
    Ray H Ethel Miss, tchr, h 83 Hillside.
    Ray Harris B, carrier P O, h 59 Montford av (Mollie L)
    Ray Ida Mrs, propr "The Louisiana," h 157 Patton av
    *Ray Isaac E, lab, h 4 Dewey
    Ray J Edmond, h 83 Hillside (Mary S)
    Ray J Edmond, Jr, clk, h 83 Hillside
    Ray J H & Co (James H & Alfred A Ray), restaurant, 41Q Depot
    Ray James Col, h "Ramoth Place," Woolsey (Alice C)
    Ray James H (J H R & Co), h s Biltmore (Margaret E)
    Ray Leonard L, carrier P O, h 32 Philip (Carrie)
    Ray Leslie M Miss, clk Dr Owen Smith, h 41 Hillside
    Ray Lorena C Miss, trained nurse, h 141 Hillside
    Ray Sam L, rural carrier PORFD No 1, h 32 Philip
    Ray Samuel W, colr Chas L Brown, h 141 Hillside (Mary A)
    Ray Sue E Miss, h 180 Livingston
    Ray W Kjelsey, farmer, h 415 n Main (Laura J)
    Ray Walter, driver, h 43 West (Sallie)
    Ray Walter L, carrier P O, h 86 Cherry (Tennie)
    Ray Wm W, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel (Carrie)
    Ray Willie Miss, h Woolsey
    Rayfield Thos C, driver, h Woolsey (Dora)
    *Rayford Elzy, emp M H Fletcher, h r 199 Haywood
    Raymon Paul L, h 127 Chestnut
    Raymond H Q, driver Swannanoa Laundry
    RAYSOR CORNELIUS A, druggist, 31 Patton av—phone 5, h 68 Grove—phone 34
    Rea Alonzo A, h s Biltmore
    Rea J Hansell, restaurant, h s Biltmore (Maggie)
    Rea Jessie Miss, milliner Palais Royal, h Biltmore
    Reams W E, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Rector David, operator, h r 48 View (Lucy)
    Rector Etta, wid Robt, h 410 Southside av
    RECTOR J BALIS, propr Swannanoa Hotel, 47 s Main; h same
    Rector Lila Miss, h 39 s French Broad av
    Rector Louise B Miss, h 39 s French Broad av
    Rector Maggie Miss, marker, h 20 Rector
    Rector Maude Miss, clk Bon Marche
    Rector Mitchell, lab, h 16 Merrimon av (Loretta)
    Rector Samuel A, clk Deal & Rector, h 39 s French Broad
    *Rector Snider, bellman Battery Park Hotel
    Rector Thomas S (Deal & R), h 39 s French Broad av (Ludie M)
    Rector Wiley G, motorman Ash Elec Co, h Rector (Ruth G)
    Redfearn Geo H, engnr So Ry, h 356 w Haywood (Gignelliet)
    Redfearn Thos E, engnr So Ry, h 139 Park av i(Jennie)
    Redford Elva M Miss, cashier Sumner & Co, h 35 Buxton
    Redford Eugene, h 35 Buxton
    Redford G Ernest, h 35 Buxton
    *Redford George, waiter Misenheimer Hotel, h 8 Hildebrand
    Redford James M, h 35 Buxton
    Redmon Carlie Miss, clk G A Mears, h 357 n Main
    Redmon Samuel M, grocer, Seney cor East, h 64 Seney
    Redmon Thos B, stone mason, h 357 n Main (Frankie M)
    Redmond Etta Miss, emp Swannanoa Laundry, h 94 Depot
    Redmond J Seymour, driver Armour & Co, h 94 Depot (Leona)
    Redmond John D, lab, h 15 Redmon al
    Redmond Lawrence, h 15 Remon al
    *Redmond Maria, h 78 Valley
    Redmond Mattie E Miss, h 15 Riedmon al
    Redmond Mack, clk, h 15 Redmon al
    Redmond Max, clk, h 15 Redmon al
    Redmond Viola Miss, h 94 Depot
    Redwood Gladys Miss, student, h 62 Asheland av
    REDWOOD H & CO (Henry, Harry W and Wm M Redwood, John W Neely), dry goods and clothing, 7-9 Patton av—phone 225
    Redwood Harry W (H R & Co), h 62 Asheland av
    Redwood Henry (H R & Co), h 62 Asheland av (Susan T)
    Redwood Lucy T Miss, h 62 Asheland av
    Redwood Robt Lee, student, h 62 Asheland av
    Redwood Wm M (H Redwood & Co), h 52 Cumberland Circle (Nina B)
    Reed A Judson, engnr, h 104 Bartlett (Stella)
    Reed Alanson L, piano tuner, 65 Woodfin, h same (Alice E)
    Reed Andrew S, driver Haskell's Soda Water Factory, bds 319 Patton av
    Reed Avery, lab, bds 39 East
    Reed Benjamin, lab, h 18 Frederick (Melissa)
    Reed Building (offices), s e Pack sq
    Reed C O, clk So Weighing and Inspection Bureau, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Reed Chas E, physician, Medical Bldg, 18 Battery Park pi h 260 Chestnut (Edith M)
    Reed Clyde S, mngr, h Hickory Nut Gap rd
    Reed E Augustus, physician, h Swannanoa Drive
    Reed Ernest, bkkpr, rms 27 Vance
    Reed F Julia, wid G W, postmistress Biltmore, h 2 Swan. Biltmore
    Reed Fred C, h Biltmore
    Reed Helen S Miss, dressmkr, 21 Starnes av, h same
    Reed J A, appr Ash Supply & Foundry Co
    REED J HENRY (R & Gentry), h 389 n Main—phone 175 (Sigourney)
    Reed John, lab, h 492 s French Broad av (Sallie)
    Reed Katherine Mrs, h Biltmore
    Reed Lucia C Miss, h 386 n Main
    REED MARCUS L, chairman Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, h Swannanoa Drive
    Reed Rosie B Miss, h 389 n Main
    Reed Thos J, carp, h 559 n Main (Mary)
    Reed W R, lab Ash Supply & Foundry Co
    *Reed Wm, driver, h 36 Ocala
    Reed Wm, lab, h 34 Panola (Laura)
    Reed Wm, lab, h 303 s Main (Bertha)
    Reed Wm G, clk, h s Biltmore (Ida)
    REED & GENTRY (J H Reed & W J Gentry), real estate rm 9 Reed Bldg
    *Reece Edward, lab Coca-Cola Bottling Co
    *Reece Frank, janitor, 5 s Pack sq
    Reeder Julia Miss, h 208 Haywood
    REES ARTHUR F, genl mngr Hans Rees' Sons (Inc), h Kenilworth Lodge, Kenilworth (Martha B)
    Rees Arthur F, Jr, student, h Kenilworth Lodge
    Ree DuBois, h Kenilworth Lodge
    REES HANS' SONS (Inc), tanners, So Ry nr Passgr Station, Arthur F Rees genl mngr—phone 73
    Rees Harold B, asst mngr Hans Rees Sons (Inc), h Kenilwoth Lodge
    Rees Louis D, student, h Kenilworth rd
    Rees Marie E B Miss, h Kenilworth Lodge
    Rees Rita Miss, h Kenilworth Lodge
    Reese A Susan E Miss, tchr Montford School, h 102 s Main
    Reese Belle H Miss, nurse, h 102 s Main
    Reese Flora Miss ,emp Ash Steam Laundry
    *Reese Frank, waiter, h 16 Eagle
    Reese James, painter, h 102 s Main (Martha)
    Reeves James A, tchr Asheville School
    Reese Martha Mrs, boarding, 102 s Main, h same
    Reese Minnie. Miss, tchr Park Avenue School, h 102 s Main
    Reese Myrtle Miss, h 102 s Main
    Reese Samuel P, h 102 s Main
    Reese Sue E Miss, h 102 s Main
    Reeves Herma Miss, housekpr Richmond Pearson, h Richmond Hill
    Reeves Mattie Miss, clk Palais Royal, h 511 w Haywood
    Reeves Rufus H, dentist, rms 1-2 Drhumor Bldg, h 35 Spruce (Georgia T)
    Register of Deeds, office Court House
    Reiber John W, mngr Penny Arcade Co, rms Brown Bldg (Margaret)
    Reice Alma Miss, h 25 Asheland av
    Reid Charles A, fireman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Reid Nat M, flagman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Reid Zebulon B, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Reilly Mae Miss, chf opr Ash Tel & Tel Co
    Reilly Michael J, mdse broker, h 171 Charlotte (Helen)
    Reis Edward P, bartndr Acme Wine & Liquor House, h 111 Asheland av (Mary L)
    REISECKER ELBERT A, propr Palm Lunch, rms 6 Patton av—phone 664
    Reiter Abraham, h 174 Montford av
    Reiter Henry, clk, h 174 Montford av (Fannie)
    REITER MAX, merchant tailor, 14 ½ s Main—phone 682 h 160 s Main (Amelia)
    Reiter Pauline Miss, h 174 Montford av
    Reiter Sol, tailor, h 160 s Main
    Rembert Robt C, farmer, h 14 Holland
    REMINGTON STANDARD TYPEWRITER, on the Square, Hackney & Moale Co, agts
    REMINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY, Richmond, Va, local agts Hackney & Moale, Pack sq nr Patton av
    Rennick Penelia Miss, trimmer M Webb's Millinery, h 25 n French Broad av
    *Renniman Minnie, emp Ash Steam Laundry
    Reno John C, fireman, h 25 Louis (Cora)
    Renshaw Luna Miss, tchr Emanuel School of Stenography& Typewriting, h College nr Spruce
    REPORTING CO (Beckham-Emanuel Reporting Co), rm 306 Oates Bldg—phone 57
    Rescue Home (Faith Cottage)
    Rescue Hook and Ladder Co No 1, e Pack sq
    Revell Building (offices), 5 w Pack sq
    Revell Flats, Patton av cor French Broad av
    Revell John C, janitor Riverside Industrial Club, h 17 Logan (Amanda)
    Revell John C, mill hd, h 79 Avery (Mary)
    Revell Nora M, wid T L h 47 Central av
    REVELL OLIVER D, real estate and loans, rm 12 Revell Bldg, h Revell Farm (Caroline E)
    Revell Thomas, h 47 Central av
    "Reverie" (The), boarding, 57 n Spruce, H W Pelton propr
    Revis Dora, waitress Glen Rock Hotel, h same
    *Revis Flora, h 77 Mountain
    Revis Geo, lab, h 35 Maiden la (Anne M)
    *Revis Hattie, h 77 Mountain
    Revis Helen, wid Wm, h 484 w Haywood
    Revis Lear L Miss, h nr Pearson Drive
    Revis Martha E, wid Thos, h 25 Buttrick
    Revis Milton, carp, h nr 292 Pearson Drive
    Revis Minnie, waitress Glen Rock Hotel, h same
    *Revis Thomas, lab, h 77 Mountain
    Revis Wm T, driver, h 25 Buttrick
    Rexter Emma Miss, h 117 Asheland av
    Rexford Wm A, lumber, h 82 Cumberland av (Effie)
    Reynolds Alonzo C, supt county schools, h R F D No 3 (Nannie E)
    Reynolds Bessie Miss, h 21 Woodfin
    Reynolds Bessie M Miss, h 8 Short Woodfin
    Reynolds Carl V, physician and health officer, City Hall, h 21 Woodfin (Edith)
    Reynolds Caroline Miss, h 21 Woodfin
    Reynolds Chas G, golf instructor, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds Chas H, bricklyr, h 481 n Main (Ruth)
    *Reynolds Chas J, carp, h 180 Eagle
    Reynolds Clara Miss, h 21 Woodfin
    Reynolds Dorcas Mrs, h w Asheville
    REYNOLDS E D (Beaverdam Brick Co), h co
    *Reynolds Frank, lab, h 46 Brick
    *Reynolds George, barber Am Barber Shop, h 132 Hill
    Reynolds Geo S, atty at law and police justice, rm 16 Legal Bldg, h 16 Woodfin
    Reynolds J Herbert, physician, Barnard Bldg, h Biltmore
    Reynolds James R, brick mnfr, h w Asheville (Maude J)
    Reynolds Jane Miss, h 16 Woodfin
    Reynolds John, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds Jno, lab, h 8 Short Woodfin (Matilda)
    Reynolds John W, lab, h Central av nr Woodfin (Lottie)
    Reynolds Joseph A, salesman H Redwood & Co, h 112 Merrimon av (Minnie)
    Reynolds Lena Miss, h w Asheville
    Reynolds Lewis, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds Lillian Miss, h 21 Woodfin
    Reynolds Lucy B Miss, stengr, h 85 Hill
    Reynolds Marv L Miss, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds N Augustus, h 16 Woodfin (Mamie S)
    Reynolds Nancy Miss, bkkpr C W Baird, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds Nancy J, wid Henry I, h 22 Orchard
    Reynolds Paul H, trav salesman, h 33 Orange (Mamie)
    Reynolds Robert R, atty at law, rm 16 Legal Bldg, h 16 Woodfin
    *Reynolds Sallie, h 263 n Main
    Reynolds Thomas P (Hodges, Mitchell & Roynelds), h 15 Watauga
    *Reynolds Toney, janitor Asheville Club, h 40 Buttrick
    Reynolds Wm A, master mechanic Ash Cotton Mills, h 45 Roberts (Mary)
    Reynolds Wm V, paver, h 43 Chestnut (Norma)
    Reynolds Zebulon, mill hd, h 45 Roberts (Ida)
    *Rhame John N, barber Oak Hall Barber Shop, h 36 n Pine
    Rhame Rosa M, tchr Catholic Hill School, h 36 n Pine
    Rhinehardt Annie M Miss, h 76 Cherry
    RHINEHARDT BROS (E T and I E Rhinehardt), plumbing contractors, 26 n Main
    Rhinehardt Chas, soda clk Seawell's Pharmacy, h 76 Cherry
    *Rhinehardt Edward, h 204 Livingston
    RHINEHARDT ELMER T (Rhinehardt Bros), h 76 Cherry (Lillian L)
    Rhinehardt F Marion, h Pearson drive
    Rhinehardt Fannie Miss, h Pearson drive
    RHINEHARDT IRA E (Rhinehardt Bros), h Pearson drive (Daisy)
    Rhinehardt Kelsey J, condr So Ry, h Pearson drive nr Chestnut
    Rhinehardt Leonidas F, contr, h Pearson Drive nr Chestnut (Tippie)
    Rhinehardt L Fred, h 5 Park pl (Mary)
    Rlhinehardt Lucy B Miss, h 76 Cherry
    Rhinehardt Mark T, druggist, 9 Montford av, h same (Annie C)
    *Rhodes Albert, porter C B Mclntyre, h 17 Catholic av
    Rhodes Carl, lineman, bds 17 ½ n Main
    *Rhodes George, porter French Broad Hotel
    *Rhodes James, lab, h 24 Madison av
    Rhodes Lena, wid J E, h 475 w HaywSood
    Rhodes Listern L, teamster, h Biltmore rd s Biltmore (Dora)
    *Rhodes Loris, h 17 Catholic av
    Rhodes Mittie Miss, weaver, h 475 w Haywood
    *Rhodes Susie, h 213 Depot
    *Rhodes Wm, foreman Ash Fuel & Construction Co's stables, h 213 Depot
    Rhodes Zebediah, clk T L Trantham, h Reed, Biltmore
    Rhudy Auswell C, bkkpr, h 43 Depot (Adella)
    Rhymer Leona Mrs, clk J M Stoner's Cash Store, bds 44 Depot
    Rhymer Wm, stone mason, bds 17 ½ n Main
    *Rice Aaron, lab, h 123 Depot
    Rice Barney J, bkkpr Ash Hdw Co, h 36 Grove (Louise M)
    Rice Carlos A, clk O E Stoner Clothing Co, h Woolsey (Mary Alice)
    Rice Charles L, trav salesman Slayden, Fakes & Co, h w Asheville
    Rice Cora Miss, mill hd, h 90 Avery
    Rice Daisy Miss, mill hd, h 90 Avery
    Rice Emerson, lab, h 28 Pearson av (Hattie)
    Rice Hampton, clk, bds 11 3/2 n Main
    Rice J E Capt, instructor The Bingham School, h Bingham Heights
    Rice James O, clk Star Clothing Co, bds 11 n Main
    Rice James W, lab, h 19 Logan (Lillian)
    Rice John, carp, h r 48 View (Sylla)
    Rice Joseph E, lab, h 19 William (Anne)
    Rice Josephine Miss, milliner Needham & Wrightsman, h Woilsey
    Rice Margaret, wid J E, h 90 Avery
    *Rice Mary, h 35 Clemmons
    Rice Ralph, h 90 Avery
    Rice Wm F Rev, rector Grace Episcopal Church, h Grace (Margaret)
    Rich Bennie M Miss, h 6 Pearson drive
    Rich Bessie M Miss, tchr Home Industrial School, h s Main cor Victoria rd
    Rich .Claude, clk O E Stoner Clothing Co, rms Spring
    Rich Jerry J, clk W A Boyce, h 6 Pearson drive (Dora)
    RICH JOHN Rj, plumbing, gas fitting, steam and hot water heating, 21 n Main, h 207 Haywood (Areminta)
    Rich Orestes, appr J R Rich, h 207 Haywood
    Richards C, baggage mstr So Ry, bds Glen Rock Hotel
    *Richards Daniel, painter, h 19 Latta
    *Richardson Bertha, h 11 Clemmons
    Richardson Grover C, flagman, bds 400 Depot
    *Richardson John, porter, h 26 Gaither
    *Richardson Wm, lab, h 126 Cherry
    RICHERSON J T (Richerson & Lindsay), h county
    RICHERSON & LINDSAY (J F Richerson & F B Lindsay) , wagon mnfrs, wheelwrights and iron workers, 67 s Main—phone 262
    Rickard Jackson, watch repairer, h 561 s Main (Bessie)
    Rickert James F, condr So Ry, h 99 Merrimon av (Ethel)
    Rickman David, h 31 Montford av
    Rickman Edith Miss, h 312 Montford av
    Rickman Ethel S Miss, stengr clerk's office court house, h Biltmore, N C
    Rickman Howell R, clk Ash Grocery Co, h 127 s French Broad av
    Rickman John Hubert, ship clk Ash Grocery Co, h 127 s French Broad av
    RICKMAN THOS J, atty at law, rm 6 Paragon Bldg, h 127 s French Broad av (Lizzie C)
    Rickman Wm, stone mason, bds 17 ½ n Main
    *Ricks Henrietta, h 17 Ridge
    "Ridgewood," boarding, 428 s Main, Mrs Margaret Penniman propr
    *Ridley John T, restaurant, h 153 Valley
    Riece Alma Miss, h 25 Asheland av
    RIGGS JESSE K, sec-treas Mountain City Steam Laundry, h 127 Broad (Mamie)
    Riggsbey Jno, lab, h 47 Spring
    Riggs R Mitchell, h w Asheville
    Rigsby Jesse J, lock smith, 12 s Pack sq, h 74 West (Stella)
    Riley J Henry, emp Amusement Novelty Co, bds 237 s Main (Dora)
    Riley John J, trav salesman, h 246 Depot (Mattie)
    Ring A O, h Anandale Farm
    Ringer Paul H, physician, rm 12 Adelaide Bldg, bds Victoria Inn
    Rinsland Lucinda, wid Louis, h 34 Fulton
    Rinsland Lydia Miss, h 34 Fulton
    Riordan Donovan H, student, h 14 Starnes av
    Riordan Helen, wid D W, h 14 Starnes av
    Riordan Helen N Miss, h 14 Starnes av
    Riordan Madeline C Miss, h 14 Starnes av
    Riordan Walter E, elk, h 14 Starnes av
    Ritchie Walter, lab, h Livingston nr Victoria av
    *Rivers Mack, driver Carolina Coal & Ice Co, h 32 Hildebrand
    Rivers Sophie, wid W F R, dress mkr, 15 Church, h same
    Riverside Casino, Riverside Park
    Riverside Cemetery (see Asheville Cemetery)
    Riverside Industrial Club, 548 w Haywood ; J B Grice supt. A Elwood Cates sec
    Riverside Industrial Club, Women's and Children's Dept, 548 w Haywood, Miss Hallie Guffin supt
    Riverside Kindergarten School, 548 w Haywood
    Riverside Merry-go-round, Riverside Park
    Riverside Park, Riverside drive, 3 miles n w city
    Riverside Presbyterian Sabbath School, 548 w Haywood
    Riverside Skating Rink, Riverside Park, Riverside Skating Rink Co proprs
    Riverside Skating Rink Co (Inc), office 43 Patton av, Ernest M Alexander pres and sec, Louis A Alexander vpres
    Roath Warrington D, capt U S R C S (retired), h Woolsey
    Robb Elizabeth, wid Wm, h 141 Asheland av
    Rbbb Ella Miss, h 141 Asheland av
    Robb Kindergarten School, 11 Soco, Miss Robb prin
    *Robbins Charles, lab, h 47 Circle
    Roberson Chas W, clk Windsor Hotel, h same
    Roberson Dallas, fireman, h 23 Buxton
    Roberson Frank D, carp, h Woolsey (Mary)
    Roberson Jackson A, carp, h Woolsey (Mary)
    Roberson John, lab, h 35 Magnolia av
    Roberson John A, carp, h Woolsey (Mary)
    *Roberson Leroy, lab Coca-Cola Bottling Co, h 37 Magnolia av
    Roberson Louis B, lab, h 23 Buxton
    Roberson M Lee, condr Ash Elec Co, h 156 ½ s Main (Nora)
    Roberson Ralph, h Woolsey
    Roberson Walter, plstr, h Woolsey
    Roberson Wm H, lab, h 23 Buxton
    Roberts Alfred C, lab, h 44 Pearson av
    Roberts Annie M Miss, clk, h 511 n Main
    Roberts B Francis, car repr So Ry, h 407 Southside av (Edna)
    Roberts Bertha Miss, clk Palais Royal, h 26 Bearden av
    Roberts Bessie Miss, h 24 Ralph
    RJoberts C E & Co (Chas E Roberts and Wm C McKinney), livery stables, 7 Walnut
    Roberts Callie Mrs, bds Biltmore
    Roberts Chas (C E Roberts & Co), bds 38 Penland
    Roberts Charles W, salesman J M Stoner's Cash Store, h 84 East (Fannie)
    Roberts David S, farmer, h s Biltmore (Emma S)
    Roberts Dawe, colr The Citizen Co, h 16 Ocala
    Roberts Doc, packer T C Smith, rms Library Bldg
    Roberts Edward G, lab, h 40 Avery (Susan)
    Roberts Ella Miss, clk A D Stoner, h Biltmore rd
    Roberts Eugene, switchman, h 20 Fagg (Jennie)
    Roberts Everett W, clk Ash Dry Goods Co, h w Asheville (Hester)
    *Roberts Frederick, lab So Ry, h 127 Depot
    Roberts Gallatin (Radford & R), h 64 Livingston (Mary)
    Roberts Henry J, carp, h 258 College
    Roberts J B, salesman Ash Hdw Co, bds 49 n Main
    Roberts J C, emp Ash Elec Co
    Roberts J Wesley, stone mason, h 16 Ocala
    Roberts J Wm, division dep U S Int Rev, h 39 Ann (Sallie J)
    Roberts James T, night watchman Biltmore Lodge, h s Biltmore (Priscilla E)
    Roberts Jessie Miss, h 258 College
    Rloberts John M, driver, h 44 Pearson av (Eliza)
    Roberts John Riley, clk Ash Dry Goods Co, h 12 Jefferson drive (Patti)
    *Roberts Joseph, lab, h 58 Southside av
    Roberts Julius, farmer, h Chunn's Cove
    Roberts Laura Miss, h 258 College
    Roberts Lawrence D, farmer, h 61 North (Addie)
    Roberts M Duckworth, farmer, h 57 North
    Roberts Marion, concrete work, h w Asheville (Ella)
    Roberts Matilda, wid Wm, h 511 n Main
    Roberts Morat H, student, h 68 Flint
    Roberts Nola Miss, h 16 Ocala
    Roberts Oscar M, carp, h 43 Clyde (Josie)
    *Roberts Phyllis, emp Ash Steam Laundry
    Roberts Robert B, h 68 Flint (Sallie)
    Roberts Robt C, R M S, h 90 Asheland av (Mary)
    Roberts Robt W, clk The Miller-Rice Paint Co, h 106 East (Hester)
    Roberts Salina M, wid Phelitus, h 53 Walnut
    Roberts Sudie Miss, h 38 Penland
    Roberts Thomas E, engnr, rms 104 Bartlett
    RJoberts Winston, driver, h 106 East
    Robertson Amy h 34½ Depot
    Robertson Barbara, h 20 Dewey
    Robertson Bessie Miss, h Grace
    Robertson Edward, lab, h 58 McDowell
    Robertson Elijah, waiter, h 312 Depot
    Robertson Elizabeth O Miss, h 40 Liberty
    Robertson Essie, h 31 Hildebrand
    *Robertson George, lab, h 114 s Beaumont
    Robertson Grover, h r 31 Depot
    Robertson Harry, driver Carolina Coal & Ice Co
    Robertson Horace B, h 40 Liberty
    Robertson James, brakeman So Ry, bds 434 Depot
    Robertson James A, ship clk Armour & Co, h r 31 Depot
    Robertson James L, v-pres and treas S & W H Northrop Lumber Co (Inc), h Wilmington, N C
    Robertson John D, pres Mustin-Robertson Co, h 114 Merrimon av (S Louisa)
    *Robertson Joseph, head bellman Hotel Berkeley
    ROBERTSON JOSEPH B, teller and notary The Am Natl Bank, h 40 Liberty
    Robertson Love V, h 50 s Beaumont
    Robertson M Wm, lumber, h 40 Liberty
    *Robertson Michael, lab, h 120 Dewey
    Robertson Mit, porter, 177 Hill (Etta)
    Robertson Ruby B Miss, h 40 Liberty
    Robertson Sarah L, wid M W, h 40 Liberty
    Robertson Sylvesta V, carp, h Grace (Delia)
    Robertson Stanley, brakeman So Ry, h 205 Depot
    Robertson Wm, emp Ash Steam Laundry
    Robertson Wm, painter R E Bowles
    *Robertson Wm, porter, 177 Hill
    Robinson A G, bkkpr Winyah Sanitarium, h same
    Robinson A Hampton, jeweler, h 431 s Main (Emily)
    Robinson Arney E Miss, h 48 Starnes av
    Robinson CM, emp Glen Rock Hotel
    Robinson Cedric B, electrician W AW ard, h 48 Starnes av
    *Robinson David, lab, h 71 Seney (Elizabeth)
    Robinson Dorothy Jean Miss, tchr Home Industrial School, s Main cor Victoria rd, h same
    Robinson F W, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Robinson G S, emp Ash Elec Co
    Robinson H F, driver Biltmore Wood & Lumber Yard
    *Robinson Harry, driver, h 27 Short (Dolly)
    Robinson Helen G, tchr High School, h 48 Starnes av
    Robinson Isaac M, driver, 17 Turner (Elizabeth)
    Robinson J L, emp Ash Elec Co
    *Robinson John, lab, h 73 Rollins
    Robinson Lavinia, h 17 Turner
    Robinson Lottie J Miss, prin School of Practice and Critic tchr N & C Inst, bds same
    Robinson Mabel M Miss, tchr High School, h 48 Starnes av
    Rbbinson Mary C, wid Frank E, h 48 Starnes av
    Robinson Norton F, h 48 Starnes av
    Robinson Paul P, drug elk Smith's Drug Store, rms Library Bldg
    Robinson S B, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Robinson Sue Miss, clk J L McClurken, h R E D No 1
    Robinson T C, loom fixer Ash Cotton Mills, h w Asheville
    Robisson Mary P Miss, bds 179 s French Broad av
    Rochester German Ins Co of Rochester, N Y, 48 Patton av
    *Rock Hill Baptist Church, Biltmore, Rev H E Gudger pastor
    "Rock Ledge," boarding, 68 Haywood, Mrs Grace Johnson propr
    Rockett Oscar M, watchmkr, 29 n Main, h same
    Rockett Wm C, restaurant, 29 n Main, h w Asheville (Eliza)
    Rockett Wm M, propr Royal Lunch Room, h 422 Depot (London)
    Rockwell Agnes Miss, h 84 Church
    Rockwell Kiffin, clk J S Coleman Lumber Co, h 84 Church
    ROCKWELL LULA A MRS, wid J C (Meacham & Rockwell, Am Natl Bank Bldg, h 84 Church
    Rockwell Paul A, h 84 Church
    *Roderick Mary, 113 Water
    Rodgers Atley, h 428 Depot
    Rodgers John F, grocer, 426 Depot, h same (Betsy)
    Rodgers Phoebe, wid W H, boarding, 428 Depot, h same
    Rodgers W A, bkkpr, h 17 Montford av (Daisy L)
    Rodgers W S Mrs, bds 61 s Brench Broad av
    ROEBLING JOHN A, civil engnr and capitalist, 188 Cumberland av, h same (Margaret)
    Rogers Andrew N, h 11 East (Nancy)
    *Rogers Arthur, porter, h 134 s Pine
    Rogers Bertie Miss, stengr, h 174 Asheland av
    Rogers Clayton T, h 43 Grove
    Rogers Delia Miss, h Livingston nr Victoria av
    Rogers Edna Miss, h 20 Park av
    *Rogers Emma, h 20 Baptist Hill
    Rogers Furman, h 20 Park av
    Rogers George, carp, h 90 Broad
    Rogers H J, lab, h 11 Redmon av
    Rogers H Taylor, bookseller, 39 Patton av, h 43 Grove (Mary E)
    Rogers Hillery J, lab, h 11 East
    Rogers Horace, h 96 s French Broad av
    Rogers Ida Miss, h 20 Park av
    *Rogers James, lab, h Chun's Cove
    *Rogers James L, engnr So Ry, h 17 Park av (Emma)
    Rogers John, h 24 Phifer
    Rogers John, blksmth, bds 17½ n Main
    Rogers John W, h 113 Asheland av (Lauretta)
    *Rogers Klate, domestic, h Sunset drive nr Baird
    Rogers Leah Miss, h 113 Asheland av
    Rogers Lucy Miss, h 24 Phifer
    Rogers Mary Miss, h 43 Grove
    Rogers May Miss, h 96 s French Broad av
    *Rogers Mollie, cook, h 23 Depot
    Rogers Newton, h 11 Redmon al
    Rogers Robert, engnr So Ry, h 17 Park av (Emma)
    Rogers Robt B, carp, h 24 Phifer (Kate)
    Rogers Sydney, emp So Ry, bds 333 w Haywood
    Rogers Thomas T, police, h 96 s French Broad av (Nellie)
    Rogers W Arthur, stengr Harris-Barnett Dry Goods Co, h 17 Montford av (Daisy)
    Rogers WFrank (Hare-Bard Co), h 20 Park av (Julia)
    Rogers Wylie, carp, h 90 Broad (Mary)
    Rohde Henry, h 72 Haywood (Lena L)
    Roland Ernest, mail agt, h 40 Bartlett
    Roland Harry, h 40 Bartlett
    Roland Richard, clk Noland-Roland Grocery Co, h 40 Bartlett
    ROLAND THOMAS F (Noland-Kpland Grocery Co), h 40 Bartlett (Mary)
    Rolings Alex L, painter, h 32 Clyde (Maggie)
    Roller Oscar N, condr Pullman Co, h 122 w Chestnut
    Rollins Ester J, wid Pinkney, h 26 Blake
    Rolling H L, candy manfr, bds 4 8n Spruce (Rosalie)
    Rollins Hattie D Miss, record elk P Q, h 26 Blake
    Rollins Katherine C Miss, stamp clk P O, h 209 Chestnut
    Rollins Myrtle Miss, h 209 Chestnut
    Rollins Sadie Miss, h 209 Chestnut
    ROLLINS THOMAS S (Moore & R), and notary, 3-5 Temple ct—phone 230 ; h 224 Chestnut—phone 147 (Ida)
    ROLLINS WALLACE W, U S postmaster, h 209 Chestnut
    *Roman Frank, lab, h 223 s Beaumont
    Ronci Johanna L, wid J B, boarding, 107 Haywood, h same
    *Roper Frank, lab Coca-Cola Bottling Co
    Roper Luther, condr So Ry, bds 434 Depot
    *Roper Thos, lab Coca-Cola Bottling Co
    Rorison Elizabeth S, wid J L, h 65 Montford av
    Rorison Minnie L Miss, dep clk U S Circuit and District Courts, h 65 Montford av
    Rorison. Ned S, civil engnr, h 65 Montford av
    Rorison Sara L, h 65 Montford av
    Rose Inn, boarding, 38 Depot, Mrs Edith Kosky propr
    "Rosebank Cottage," Albemarle Park
    "Roselawn," boarding, 52 Merrimon av, Collister & Rush proprs
    Rosenfeldt Max L, h Milfoil Cottage, Albemarle Park
    Rosenfeld Nathan I, jeweler Arthur M Field Co, h 135 n Main (Sara)
    Rosenstein David H, lace manfr, h 18 Liberty (Julia)
    Ross Bettie Miss, cashier S H Kress & Co, h 103 Blanton
    *Ross G A, presser Ash Cleaning & Pressing Club, h Hill
    *Ross John H, cook So Ry, h 35 r Depot
    *Ross Wm, baker, h 17 Blackwell's al
    *Ross W D, coachman, h 13 Haid
    Roth Katherine Miss, h 205 Merrimon av
    Roth Moritz L, propr Guarantee Shoe Store, h 560 Montford
    Roth Richard H, h 205 Merrimon av (Clara)
    Roush Joseph, brakeman So Ry, bds 72 Ralph
    Rowan Chas R, mchst, h w Asheville
    Rowe Annie Mrs, dressmkr, 44 Walnut, h same
    Rowe Eugenia Miss, tchr Newton Academy, h 35 Church
    Rowe Gilbert T Rev, pastor Central M E Church (south), h 35 Church (C Pearle)
    *Rowe Mary, h 77 Depot
    Rowe S Nixon, clk Knight-Littrell Co, h 44 Walnut (Annie L)
    Rowell E L, chf inspr Ash Tel & Tel Co
    ROY COTTAGE, Sunset drive opp Baird, Miss C A Doughty propr
    Roy Robt, lab, h 36 Pearson drive
    Royal Benefit Society, Y M I Bldg Eagle cor Market, E W Pearson agt
    Royal Exchange Fire Ins Co of London England, 42 ½ Patton av
    Royal Ins Co (fire) of Liverpoil Eng, 48 Patton av
    Royal League Sanitarium, Black Mountain N C
    Royal Lunch Room, 422 Depot, W M Dockett propr
    *ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL, 38 s Main, H P Pearson propr
    Royster George W, fireman So Ry, bds 91 Depot
    Ruck Karl von Dr, pres Winyah Sanitarium, h Reed nr Maple (Delia)—phone 304
    Ruck Silvio D Dr, v-pres Winyah Sanitarium, h Dortch av nr East (Hurley)
    Rucker Mattie Mrs, bds 60 n Spruce
    Rudy Norman B, barber St Charles Barber Shop, rms 14 Medical Bldg
    Rueble Chas J, h 23 Arlington (Louise)
    Rumbough Earl, emp Gross' Bowling Alley and Pool Room
    Rumbough J Edwin, h Zillicoa nr Montford av (Martha E)
    Rumbough John B, h Zillicoa nr Montford av
    *Rumley Daniel E, lab Ash Grocery Co, h 104 s Pine
    *Rumley Joseph, cook, h 119 Mountain
    Rumley W W, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Runnion Robt S, cashier J M Stoner's Cash Store, h 43 Chestnut (Wecie)
    Runyon Lillian, wid Richard, h 6 Phifer
    *Rush Hattie, h 22 Blackwell's al
    Rush Walter C (Collister & Rj), h 52 Merrimon av
    *Russell Edward, lab, h 24 Aston
    *Russel Louise, h 20 Aston
    RUSSLER CHAS H CAPT, mnger East Tennessee Brewing Co, bds Walnut cor n Main
    *Rutherford George, lab, h 305 Ashland av
    Rutherford James, foreman Biltmore Estate Landscape Dept
    *Rutherford James, lab, 27 Frederick
    * Rutherfordton Thos, bellman The Manor, h same
    Rutledge Frederick (Rudledge, Patterson, Webb & Co), h 209 Cumberland av (Mabel B)
    Rutledge James, lab, h 58 Madison av (Cresey)
    RUTLEDGE, PATTERSON, WEBB & CO (Frederick Rutledge, J R Patterson and Alexander Webb), genl insurance, 1½ s Main cor Pack Sq—phone 570
    Rutledge Robt, h 36 Panola (Harriett)
    Rutledge Ulysses, carp, h 36 Panola
    Rymer Leona, clk, h 44 Depot
    Rymer Oscar, driver, h 134 Poplar (Grace)
    *Ryne Ingle, waiter, h 81 Eagle




    Sage Harry J, designer Arthur M Field Co, h 195 s French Broad av
    St Charles Barber Shop, 3 Haywood, Mallicote & Leslie proprs
    *St James A M E Church, Hilderbrand nr Pine
    St Joseph's Sanitarium, 33 Starnes av, Sister Scholastica superior in charge
    St Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, Haywood cor Flint, Rev Peter G Marion pastor
    *St Matthias Episcopal Church, Valley cor Catholic av, Rev Wm J Herritage rector
    St Matthias Parochial School, Valley cor Beaumont, Rev Wm J Herritage prin
    St Paul Fire & Marine Ins Co, 1 ½ s Main
    Sale Fred L (Glenn & S), h 40 Baird
    Sales Bertie Miss, h 102 Asheland av
    Sales Una, clk O E Stoner Clothing Co, rms Eagle Hotel
    Salias Harry, h 51 Central av (Fannie)
    Salinas M H Miss, h 17 Panola
    Salinas Susan K Miss, h 17 Panola
    Salisbury J H, condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Salley Frank M, clk C A Raysor, h 68 Grove
    Salley Hannah J, wid John, h 68 Grove
    Salley Hannah R, Miss, clk, h 68 Grove
    Salley Lottie L Miss, bkkpr Ash Tel & Tel Co, h 68 Grove
    Salley Thos R, coir Am Nat Bank, h 68 Grove
    Salvation Army Headquarters, 71 Starnes av, Henry S De Fano adjutant
    *Sample Thomas, porter, h 84 Valley
    Sams Abagail, wid Alson B, h 70 Seney
    Sams Edward, weaver Cotton Mills, h 26 Pearson av (Eliza)
    Sams Erba P, clk Mrs S S Lynch, rms 24 Barnard Bldg
    Sams Jackson B, carp, h 82 Avery (Annie)
    Sams Leroy R, condr So Ry, h 40 Qra (Mabel)
    Sams Lucy Miss, clk S H Kress & Co, h 462 w Haywood
    Sams Rebecca Miss, h 70 Seney
    Sams Rettie, wid Wm, h 40 Magnolia av
    Sams Robt, driver, h 4 New (Sue Ellen)
    Sams Sallie Miss, emp Cotton Mills, h w Asheville
    Sams Stephen J, carp, h 462 w Haywood (Mary)
    Sams Thaddeus W, lab, h w Asheville (Naomi)
    Sams Wm, carp, h w Asheville
    Sams Wm C, lab, h w Asheville
    Sams Willie, h 34 Mountain
    *Sanders Amanda, cook Windsor Hotel
    *Sanders Dona, wid Milas, h 32 Eugene av
    Sanders J C, flagman So Ry, bds 72 Ralph
    Sanders Julius M, grocer 522 Haywood, h 481 Haywood (Alice)
    Sanders R M, clk RMS, rms 43 s French Broad av
    *'Sanders Wm, waiter, h 119 Valley
    Sands Harvey, lab, h 126 Hall (Elizabeth)
    Sands Rlobt B, driver police patrol
    *Sanford Geo H, dyer Ash Steam Dye Works, h 29 Patton av
    Saitary Inspector, office City Hall, F W Garrison inspr
    Sanitary Plumbing Inspector, office City Hall, E M Israel inspector
    Sans-Souci, boarding 40 n French Broad av, Mrs J E Booker
    Sapphire Theatre, Haywood nr College, J H Owens mnger
    Sarafian Lavon, student, h 60 Baird
    Sarafian Neveart Miss, h 60 Baird
    Sarafian Zaroushia, wid H J, h 60 Baird
    *Sarratt Carrie, h 27 Hildebrand
    *Sarratt Sidney, lab, h 27 Hildebrand
    *Surratt Wm, lab, h 49 Rollins
    Saunders Edith Mrs, h 3 Oak, Biltmore
    *Saunders Wm, waiter, h 119 Valley
    Sawyer Belle, wid Marshall, h 135 Asheland av
    SAWYER CLARENCE, wholesale and retail grocer and feed dlr, 53 Patton av—phones 21 and 36, branch store and warehouse, Biltmore—phone 28, h 123 s Main (Carrie)
    Sawyer Eugene C, propr Asheville Cycle and Automobile Co, h 58 Haywood
    Sawyer Foney Miss, h r 48 View
    SAWYER JAMES, physician and surgeon, 15 Church, office hours 10 a m to 1 p m and 4 to 5 p m—phone 58, h 124 Haywood (Virgie)—phone 310
    SAWYER JAMES P, (Sawyer's Carpet House) and pres Battery Park Bank, h 58 Haywood (Nancy C)
    Sawyer John, clk P W Lowe, h 55 ½ n Main (Nancy)
    Sawyer Joseph, fireman, h 27 Jefferson drive
    *Sawyer Sidney, car cleaner, h 32 Brick (Flora)
    Sawyer Vanner Miss, h r 48 View
    Sawyer W Killey, lab, h r 166 s Main (Hattie)
    Sawyer Wm L, lab, h r 166 s Main (Etta)
    Sawyer's Carpet House (James P Sawyer) 18-20 Church
    Sayre Benjamin F, h 10 s French Broad av
    Sayre Margaret Miss, h 10 s French Broad av
    Sayre Martha E, wid Wm, h 10 s French Broad av
    Scarborough Winfield B, lineman Ash Elec Co, h Grace (Laura)
    Schank Magnolia Miss, milliner Mrs Jennie Kroman, h Hotel Houston
    SCHANK ROBERT H, propr Hotel Houston, h 20 Patton av (Emma)
    Schartle Carrie Miss, tchr Park Avenue School, h 36 Orange
    Schartle Dorathy Miss, superintendent of physical training City Schools, h 36 Orange
    Schartle Helen Miss, student, h 36 Orange
    Schartle John W, tailor 29 ½ s Main, h 36 Orange (Julia)
    Shartle Linda Miss, h 36 Orange
    Schartle Norman, h 36 Orange
    Schartle Willie Miss, h 36 Orange
    Schell Azor, lumber, h 184 Woodfin (Mamie)
    SCHENCK C ALVIN DR, supt Forest Dept, h Biltmore Estate—phone 546 and 700
    Schlitz Joseph Brewing Co of Milwaukee, 27 s Main, The Bonanza Wine and Liqour Co agts
    Schoehet J Barney, grocer 9 n Main, h 94 Cherry (Jennie)
    SCHOENHEIT WM A, sec-treas Winyah Sanitarium, h same
    Schoepf J Holt, h 211 Montford av (Carrie)
    School Committee (city) office City Hall, Wm Jones Chmn
    SCHOOL OF PRACTICE, N & C Institute, Victoria rd Lottie J Robinson prin
    Schooler Walter L, fireman, h 300 Southside av (Addie)
    Schooley Cavada, boiler mkr, bds Misenheimer Hotel (Erie)
    Schreyer Josie, wid George, h 16 Center
    Schreyer Roy, carrier R F D No 5, h 16 Center
    Schuessler Christine Miss, h 107 Merrimon av
    Schuessler Christine R, wid Calhoun, boarding 107 Merrimon av, h same
    Schuessler Harry H, elk, h 107 Merrimon av
    Schuessler Irma Miss, h 107 Merrimon av
    Schuessler Paul h 107 Merrimon av
    SCHULHOFER SEYMOUR J, Livery and sale stable, 38 e College, rms Stoner Bldg (Sallie)
    Schultz Rufus, carp, h w Asheville (Mabel)
    Schwed John, civil engnr So Ry, 400 Depot h w Asheville
    SCOTT ANNA L, wid Geo F (Geo F Scott & Co), h 200 Haywood
    Scott D Todd, real estate, h 115 Haywood (Sarah W)
    Scott Edward F, flagman, h 4 Orchard (Celia)
    Scott F W Rev, pastor Academy Hill Holiness Church,
    *Scott Geo, driver, h 36 Maiden la
    SCOTT GEOI F & CO (J T Young and Mrs Anna L Scott), lumber, building material, sash, doors, blinds, interior woodwork, etc, 30-34 College—phone 60
    Scott Hattie, Miss, h 200 Haywood
    *Scott, Hester, h 48 s Beaumont
    * Scott Margaret, cook, h r 372 s French Broad av
    Scott Margaret Miss, stengr The Citizen Co, h 20 Clayton
    *Scott Martha, h 1673/2 Beaumont
    *Scott Mary, h 48 s Beaumont
    Scott May Miss, bds 61 s French Broad av
    Scott Wm A, h 20 Clayton (Clara)
    Scotter Marion C Miss, tchr (instrumental music, drawing and elocution) N & C Inst, bds same
    Scottish Fire Ins Co of Fayetteville, N C, 48 Patton av
    Scottish Union & National Ins Co of Edinburgh (fire), 1 ½ s Main
    Scudder E Harriet, wid H W, h 17 Panola
    Scudder Mei H Miss, h 17 Panola
    *Seabron John, lab, h 261 Asheland av (Louise)
    Searcy Rebecca Miss, h 53 Atkinson
    Seaton C E, engnr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    SEAWELL C C, propr" Seawell's Pharmacy, h 14 ½ Church
    SEAWELL'S PHARMACY, Haywood cor College, C C Seawell propr—phone 132
    Seay Alvin, condr So Ry, h 418 Southside av (Pearle)
    Seay Barney, condr So Ry, h 177 Bartlett
    Seay John H, coir J L Smathers & Sons, h 177 Bartlett
    Seay Joseph, h 177 Bartlett
    Seay Morilla Miss, h 177 Bartlett
    SECURITY LIFE & ANNUITY CO of Greensboro, N C, rm 4 Paragon Bldg, Albert B Smith spl agt
    SEDBERRY HENRY B, mngr Ward Drug Co, bds Knickerbocker
    Segal Benjamin, clk Louis Blomberg, rms Temple ct
    Segasser Charles, engnr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Leidenger Henry, h 78 s Liberty
    Seidenger Katherine Miss, h 78 s Liberty
    Seidenger Mary Miss, h 78 s Liberty
    SEIDENMAN L D, mngr New York Pawnbrokers, Clothing& Shoe Co, h 65 Spruce (Annie)
    SEIDENMAN S M, propr New York Pawnbrokers, Clothing& Shoe Co, 32 s Main
    Seigle Harry, grocer, 144 Charlotte, h 42 Chunn (Bessie)
    Seigler James B (Seigler & Co), h 88 Penland (Cordie H)
    Seigler James M (Seigler & Co), h 88 Penland (Margaret)
    Seigler Margaret I Mrs, boarding, 88 Penland, h same
    Seigler & 'Co (J M and J B Seigler), grocers, 30 n Main
    Selleck Herman F, clk J H Law, h 10 West
    SELLERS JOB B, asst mngr, h Starnes av
    Sellers John H, painter Charles I Bard, bds Western Hotel
    Sellers Reuben, condr Ash Elec Co, h 55 Seney (Martha)
    Sellers Sarah, wid Jno, h 8o ½ Irondale
    SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN (The), 32 Patton av, The Citizen Co publishers—phone 80
    Semple Johanna M Miss, h 16 Bearden av
    Senseman Jere, bds 179 s French Broad av (Annie)
    Settle Thos, atty at law, 7-8 Temple ct, h Pearson drive nr Riverside drive (Eliza)
    Setzer Julia, wid Geo, h 178 s Main
    Setzer Mary Miss, emp Swannanoa Laundry
    Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Sycamore cor Velvet, Rev John S Killen pastor
    Severs Calhoun, engnr So Ry, bds 102 Ralph
    Sevier Chas C, clk So Express Co, h R F D No 1
    Sevier D E & J T (Daniel E & Joseph T), physicians, 8 ½ s Main
    Sevier Daniel E (D E & J T S), and supt of Health Buncombe co, h 56 Oak (Lutie)
    Sevier Edward, h 85 Hill
    Sevier Joseph D, carp, h 85 Hill
    Sevier Joseph T (D E & J T S), h 40 Clayton (Caroline)
    Sevier Sallie E Miss, h 85 Hill
    *Sexton Hattie, cook, h 102 Cumberland av
    Sexton John H, driver Slayden, Fakes & Co, h w Asheville
    Shackleford Annie Mrs, assorter Ash Steam Laundry, h 102 Ralph
    *Shade Isaac A, drug clk, h 61 Hill
    Shaf, Albert, driver Storage Supply Co Ice Delivery, h Chunn's Cove
    SHAFFNER HENRY F, v-pres and treas Wachovia Loan and Trust Co, h Winston, N C
    *Shamborguer N D Rev, pastor College Street M E Church h r 257 College
    "Shamrock Cottage," Albemarle Park
    *Shane Martha, h r 295 s French Broad
    *Shanks Samuel, lab, h 119 Valley
    *Sharp Adeline, h 195 s Beaumont
    *Sharp Cora, cook, h 12 Grady
    *Sharp Emmeline, h 195 s Beaumont
    Sharp Lee, watchman, h 8 Brook, Biltmore (Jennie)
    *Sharp Wm, lab, h 195 s Beaumont
    Shas Annie Miss, clk Samuel I Blomberg, h 68 Woodfin
    Shas Jennie Miss, clk Ash Dry Goods Co, h Central av
    Shas Michael, grocer, 38 n Lexington av, h 68 Woodfin (Anna)
    Shas Tillie Miss, clk A Blomberg, h 68 Woodfin
    Shaver Z Vance, condr, h 25 Adams (Bertha)
    Shaw Carl D, carp, h Woolsey (Edna E)
    *Shaw Carrie, h 4 Valley
    *Shaw Jane, h 4 Valley
    Shaw Jessie, wid James W, h 73 Merrimon av
    *Shaw Langston, lab, h 4 Valley
    *Shaw Mary, h 4 Valley
    Shaw Ralph, fireman So Ry, bds 428 Depot
    *Shaw Told, lab, h 115 Valley
    Shaw Wm A, foreman J C McPherson, h 54 Vance (Jennie)
    Shaw Wm C, Jr, civil engnr So Ry, 400 Depot
    Shawhan Hubbard W, bkkpr, h 114 Cumberland av (Helen)
    Shawhan Hubbard W, Jr, student, h 114 Cumberland av
    Shawnee Fire Ins Co of Topeka, Kas, 9 ½ w Pack sq
    *Shaws Francis, lab, h 79 Roberts
    Shay D Wm, carp, h 44 Philip (Jessie)
    Sheets J G, fireman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Shehan D Curtis, fireman So Ry, h 91 Depot (Itie)
    Shehan Geo C, propr Kenilworth Brick Works, h 401 s Main
    Shell John Q, clk So Ry, bds 121 Bartlett
    *Shell Wm, lab, h 27 Maiden la
    *Shelton Bertie, h 150 Church
    Shelton Claudia Miss, cook, h 33 Orange
    *Shelton Elvira, h 16 Baxter's al
    Shelton L Bailey, elk, h 450 s French Broad av (Lillie)
    Shelton Louis B, chf transfer elk So Ry frt depot
    *Shelton Paul, driver New York Livery, h 16 Baxter's al
    *Shelton Wallace, lab, h 16 Baxter's al
    *Shepard Charles, waiter, h 17 Weaver
    Shepard Geo J, h 50 Chunn (Mary H)
    *Shepard Newton E, janitor Park Avenue School, h 172 Hill (Lucilia)
    *Shepard Samuel, emp Am Barber Shop, h 172 Hill
    Shepherd Frank, lab, h w Asheville
    Shepherd Monroe, lab, h 22 Central av (Kiate)
    SHERIFF BUNCOMBE COUNTY, office Court House, T F Hunter sheriff
    Sherlan Wesley, driver, h 1 Richard (Ella)
    Sherling Jackson R, lab, h 28 Silver (Laura)
    Sherrill Alexander, lab, h 73 Depot
    Sherrill Chas, weaver, h 46 Avery (Elizabeth)
    Sherrill Daisy Miss, h 126 Woodfin
    *Sherrill Dora, h Ardmion Park
    Sherrill Emma C Miss, bkkpr Munger Lumber Co, 60 Cumberland av
    Sherrill Emma C, wid John, h 60 Cumberland av
    Sherrill John, yard man, h w As'heville
    Sherrill Lottie Miss, h 126 Woodfin
    Sherrill Melvin A, flagman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    *Sherrill Melissa, h 22 Short Pine
    *Sherrill Nora, cook, h r 127 Water
    Sherrill Rufus J, h 126 Woodfin (Anna J)
    Sherrill Thos J, student, h 126 Woodfin
    Sherwood Mildred E Miss, sanitarium, 179 s French Broad av, h same
    SHETLAND PQNY LIVERY STABLE, 25 s Lexington av, C L Mears propr—phone 542
    *Shipmon Frank, brakeman So Ry, h 55 Depot
    Shipmon James, trav salesman, h 10 Blanton (Cordia)
    Shipmon Moses, lumber, h 10 Blanton (Mary)
    Shippen Augusta T, wid Edward, h 306 Chestnut
    *Shippy Wm, butler, h 235 Flint (Florence)
    Shirlin Geo S, lab, h w Asheville (Mary)
    Shirlin Lattie, lab, h w Asheville (Minnie)
    Shirlin Lum, lab, h w Asheville (Minnie)
    Shirriff George R, propr Shirriffs Cafe, h Battery Park pi
    Shirriff's Cafe, 16 Patton av, George R Shirriff propr
    Shitle Columbus L, mechanic, h 27 Reed (Zera)
    SHOCKLEY HENRY S, prin Ash Business College, office 2d fir Paragon Bldg—phone 704; h 36 s French Broad av—phone 493 (Martha P)
    *Shoffner A Osborne, driver W A Boyce, h 35 ½ Hill
    SCHOFFNER WM HENRY, Jeweler and Watchmkr, 27 Patton av, h 28 Soco (Alice)
    Shook Benjamin H, foreman Ash Gazette-News, h 176 , Woodfin
    Shook Caroline Miss, h 145 Park av
    Shook David M, h 145 Park av (Lula)
    Shook Fannie Miss, h 145 Park av
    Shook Henry, clk, h w Asheville
    Shook Joseph B, carp, h Grove nr Silver (Cynthia)
    Shook M P & Co (M P Shook & J L Welch), groceries and feed, 547 w Haywood
    Shook Mattie Miss, h 145 Park av
    Shook Maurice P (M P S & Co), h w Asheville
    Shook Oscar, driver, h w Asheville
    Shook Solon, condr So Ry, rms 446 Depot
    Shope Boone A, painter, h 90 Jefferson drive (Sallie)
    SHOPE JOHN B, sec-treas Paul's Baking Co, h 34 Flint (Mary)
    Shope Pearl Miss, h 34 Flint
    Shope Wm, clk, h 34 Flint
    Shotwell Geo K, h 123 w Chestnut
    Shouse C M, exp mngr, h 42 Asheland av
    Shrum Beulah Miss, h 261 s Main
    Shufflebarger Harry, stengr Biltmore Estate Landscape Dept, h 7 Brook, Biltmore (Bessie)
    Shufflebarger Nancy, wid S, Brook, Biltmore
    Shuford Claud, lab, h 93 Rollins
    Shuford Edgar B, driver Swannanoa Laundry, h 261 s Main (Sallie)
    Shuford Frank A, shoemkr T L Hyndman, h 149 Bartlett (Laura)
    Shuford Frank L, bricklyr, h 14 Crescent (Resh)
    SHUFORD GEORGE A (Judge), atty at law, 9 w Pack sq, h 50 Orange (Julia D)
    Shuford John F, foreman Piedmont Elec Co, bds 149 Bartlett
    *Shuford Rena, h 109 Mountain
    Shuford Wm E, atty at law, 9 w Pack sq, h 134 Flint (Cora)
    Shytle John H, mchst, h 134 Broad (May)
    Sides Addie Miss, cook, h w Asheville
    *Sides Augusta, h 30 Catholic av
    Sides Jane Miss, h w Asheville
    *Sigmon Wm, lab, h 78 Mountain
    *Siler Dollie, waitress, h 86 Ralph
    *Siler Maggie, h 50 McDowell
    *Silvers Filmore, lab, h 16 Ervin
    *Silvers Jno, lab, h 14 Ervin
    *Silvers Melvin, lab. h 6 Ervin
    Simmons Q E, engnr So Rjy, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Simmons Wm G, trav salesman, h 69 Park av (Jennie)
    *Simonds Benj, porter W C Carmichael, h Hill st
    Simons A M, mngr Paris Millinery Co, bds 98 Haywood
    *Simons Mary, hairdresser, 38 Hill, h same
    *Simons Thos J, hd waiter, h 38 Hill (Mary)
    *Simonton Wm, lab, h 5 Mountain
    Simpkins John, brakeman So Ry, bds 434 Depot
    *Simpson Allen, lab, h 141 Southside av
    *Simpson Charles, driver Carolina Coal & Ice So, h 98 Eagle
    Simpson David S, condr So Ry, bds Glen Rock Hotel
    Simpson David L, emp Nichols Shoe Co, h 10 Locust
    Simpson James B, tailor Whitlock Clothing Co, h 10 Locust (Jessie C)
    Simpson Mary D Miss, clk M V Moore, bds 65 Montford av
    *Simpson Mary Jane, h 115 Valley
    *Simpson Mason, porter Patrick Mclntyre, h 12 Dundee
    Simpson Robt J, condr So Ry, h 149 Park av (Claud)
    *Simpson Sadie, h 109 Valley
    Sims Allen H Rev, pastor West End Baptist Church, h 51 Buxton (Mary)
    *Sims Asa, barber Butler & Brooks, h 76 Ridge
    Sims Edward, lab, h 103 Blanton
    *Sims James, lab, Piedmont Supply & Foundry Co, h 3 Rollins
    *Sims James, porter Battery Park Hotel, h 76 Ridge
    *Sims Jasper, waiter Palm Lunch
    Sims John F, watchman, h 172 French Broad av (Hannah)
    *Sims Lulu, h 47 Circle
    *Sims Red, lab, h 146 Livingston
    Sims Wm Thompson, porter The Berkeley Wine Room, h 16 Weaver
    Sinclair Geo A, Associated Press rep, h 107 Church (Helen)
    Sinclair Harriet C Miss, tchr (literature) N & C Inst, h same
    SINCLAIR JAMES A, dentist, s w Pack sq, cor Patton av, —phone 222, h 197 Chestnut—phone 555 (Eva)
    Sinclair Norman M, clk Ward Drug Co, h Vance st
    *Sinclair Rachel, maid Battery Park Hotel, h 109 Valley
    *Sinclair Thos, lab, h 109 Valley (Rachel)
    SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Legal Bldg, s Pack sq. Claude D Thorpe mngr—phone 213
    Singleton Edward, lab, h Kenilworth rd
    Singley R J, emp So Ry
    Sinnotte Catherine C Miss, h 45 n Spruce .
    *Sisney Charles, waiter, h 34 ½ Depot
    *Sisney Charles, Jr, lab, h 34 ½ Depot
    *Sisney Lewis, porter, h 34 ½ Depot
    Sisters of Christian Education and Nursing in charge Asheville- Biltmore Sanitarium, s Main nr Kenilworth
    Sisters of Mercy, 33 Starnes av
    Sites Abraham B, clk Green Bros, h 24 Vance (Kate L)
    Sites Bettie A Miss, h 24 Vance
    Skinner Lena, wid Geo W (S & Hunter), rms Medical Bldg
    Skinner & Hunter (Mrs Lena Skinner and Miss Hattie Hunter), hairdressing parlors, Medical Bldg, Battery Park pl
    *Slade Mayfield, barber, 164 Southside av, h McDowell nr Southside av
    Slagle David, lab S Sternberg & Co, bds 2 Cavassa al
    Slagle Jacob, tanner, h 246 Depot
    Slagle John, cabtmkr J L Smathers & Sons, h 33 Silver (Flora)
    Slagle Mary Miss, h 246 Depot
    Slagle Pansy Miss, emp Misenheimer Hotel, h 246 Depot
    Slagle's Hotel (The), boarding, 98 Patton av, Wm Smith propr
    SLAUGHTER A I Miss, central supt Asheville Mission and Associated Charities, office Court House, res The Henrietta
    Slayden, Fakes & Co, whol grocers, 25-33 Lexington av, Wm J Slayden pres, B R Fakes v-pres and treas, Chas S Davis sec
    Slavden Wm J, pres Slayden, Fakes & Co, res New York City
    *Sloan Andrew, lab, h 11 Weaver
    Sloan Bertha Mrs, elk Bon Marche, h 299 s Main
    Sloan John B, h 299 s Main (Bertha)
    Sloan John N, salesman Lee-Bryant Co, 31 s Main
    *Sloan Maggie, h 201 Depot
    Sloop Columbus T. condr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Sloop Wm J, yardman, h w Asheville
    SLOOP WM R, mngr Standard Oil Co, h w Asheville (Nannie)
    Sluder Dock S, emp Ash Elec Co, h 44 Asheland av
    Sluder Chas L, furniture, 50 s Main, h 39 ½ s Main (Annie)
    SLUDER ERWIN, v-pres The American Natl Bank, h 10 Soco (Cora D)
    Sluder Fidehus, keeper Buncombe County Home for the Aged and Infirm, h same
    Sluder Fletcher S, plumber J R Rich, h 33 Hiawassee (Maude)
    Sluder Fred, contr, bds 52 Starnes av (Lydia)
    Sluder Toseph L, emp Storage Supplv Co, h w Asheville (Mollie)
    Sluder Joseph W, mngr Waddell & Coxe, h 167 Chestnut
    Sluder Julia, wid Erwin, h 167 Chestnut
    Sluder Lawrence C, plumber J R Rich, h 336 11 Main (Lena)
    Sluder Wm, 6 64 Park pl (Lena)
    Sluder Wm R, salesman J M Stoner's Cash Store, h 21 East (Savannah)
    Small Jacob, merchant, h Milfoil Cottage, Albernarle Park
    Smathers Dr, Building, 37 s Main
    SMATHERS FRED, mattress and pillow mnfr, 172 Depot and (JLS& Sons), h 316 Patton av
    Smathers Gertrude Miss, h 88 Haywood
    Smathers Hezekiah N, emp cotton mills, h w Asheville (Loresta)
    SMATHERS J L & SONS (Jasper L, Fred I and Richard I Smathers), furniture and housefurnishing goods, 23 n Main—phone 226
    Smathers James B, baggage mstr, h 72 Depot (Lena)
    Smathers Jasper L (J L S & Sons), h 316 Patton av
    Smathers Jean, fireman, bds 38 Depot
    Smathers Jno E, salesman Green Bros, h 77 Asheland av (Mary)
    Smathers Judson, baggage mstr, bds 38 Depot
    *Smathers Lucinda, h 23 Olive
    Smathers Philip A, agt, h 475 w Haywood (Dora)
    Smathers Richard I (J L S & Son), h 316 Patton av
    SMATHERS WEXLER, spot cash dentist (finished from schools—dental dept Tennessee Medical, Chicago College of Dental Surgery, John H Myer's Post Graduate of New York and Philadelphia Dental), 37 s Main, h 88 Haywood—phones office 219, res 406 (Maggie E)
    Smathers Wm M, mngr M V Moore, h 316 w Haywood (Rebecca L)
    SMITH ALBERT B, special agt Security Life & Annuity Co of Greensboro, N C, office rm 4 Paragon Bldg, h 60 Starnes av (Katherine M)
    Smith Alfred C, lab, h Chunn's Cove (Mary)
    Smith Alice A Miss, h 184 Chestnut
    Smith Alonzo, lab, h 9 Dundee
    *Smith Ambrose, lab, h 65 Valley
    *Smith Amos, lab, h 125 Southside av
    *Smith Amy, h 216 s Beaumont
    *Smith Anna, h 24 Short Valley
    *Smith Annie, h 24 s Beaumont
    Smith Annie Miss, clk S H Kress & Co, h 511 w Haywood
    *Smith Arthur, lab So Ry, h 127 Depot
    *Smith Augusta, maid Hotel Houston, h 15 Catholic av
    Smith Bernard R, medical student, h 117 Asheland av
    *Smith Bessie, h 209 Depot
    *Smith Beulah, h 37 Catholic av
    Smith Carl, condr So Ry, bds 192 Rialph (Florence)
    Smith Carl C, h 29 Asheland av (Lida)
    *Smith Carrie, h 65 Mountain
    *Smith Charles, cook, h 11 Blackwell's al
    Smith Chas, lab, h 144 Hall (Mattie)
    Smith Chas J, emp Ash Elec Co, h Richmond Hill (Alice E)
    Smith Charles P, mngr Shetland Pony Livery Stable, h 12 ½ n Pack sq
    Smith Daisy M Miss, organist, h 184 Chestnut
    Smith Decatur, emp Cotton Mills, h w Asheville (Myra)
    Smith Earl, painter, h 184 s Main (Lillian)
    Smith Elizabeth Miss, stengr J S Coleman Lumber Co, h 16 Grove
    Smith Elizabeth A, wid W W, h 24 n Spruce
    *Smith Ella, cook, h r 63 Clayton
    Smith Estella Miss, h Richmond Hill
    Smith Eva Miss, h Richmond Hill
    Smith Felix L, carp, h 12 Depot (Laura)
    Smith Florence Miss, tchr Ash Business College, h Grace
    Smith Floyd, h Richmond Hill
    *Smith Frank, porter, h 65 Mountain
    SMITH FRANK S, mngr Smith's Drug Store, h 240 Chestnut— phone 1 146 (Beatrice B)
    *Smith George, lab, h 26 Frederick
    Smith Geo E, v-pres J S Coleman Lumber Co, h New York
    Smith Geo G, "The Jail Builder," 2d flr Adelaide Bldg, h same (Harriet H)
    Smith George H, plumber J C Cauble & Co, h 279 s Main
    Smith Geo R, emp cotton mills, h w Asheville (Elizabeth)
    Smith Geo W, clk J T Crowell, h w Asheville (Roxanna)
    *Smith Gertrude, h 211 s Beaumont
    Smith Gertrude Miss, h Richmond Hill
    Smith Gordon, h Richmond Hill
    Smith Gussie Miss, elocutionist, h 184 Chestnut
    Smith H C, emp cotton mills, h 28 View (Eliza)
    Smith Harriet Mrs, 1st reader First Church of Christ, Scientist, h 24 n French Broad av
    Smith Henry, farmer, h Richmond Hill (Lillian)
    *Smith Henry, fireman, h 209 Depot
    *Smith Henry, lab, h r 57 Depot
    Smith Henry M, carp, h 470 w Haywood
    Smith Horace F, carp, h 65 Starnes av (Annie)
    Smith Hotel (in course of erection), Main cor College
    Smith Irving I, blksmith C L Brown, bds 17 ½ n Main
    *Smith J Pinckney, coachma,n, h 11 Baxter's al
    Smith J Wm M, carp, h s Biltmore (Ida L)
    *Smith James, lab, h 211 s Beaumont
    *Smith James, lab, h r 36 Depot
    Smith James B, emp cotton mills, h 475 w Haywood
    Smith James R, lineman, h 12 n Pack sq
    *Smith Jane, h 65 Mountain
    *Smith J M, lab, h 19 Hildebrand
    Smith John, carp, h Grove nr Silver
    *Smith John, lab Ash Distillery, h 107 Valley (Fannie)
    Smith John H, lineman ART Co, h 12 n Pack sq
    *Smith John H, janitor Medical Bldg, h 9 Knob
    Smith Joseph F, printer W E Rankin, rms 31 Temple ct
    Smith Joseph R, clk Swannanoa Ice & Coal Co, h Pack sq cor s Main (Nannie)
    Smith Julia Miss, waitress The Telfair, h same
    Smith Kain D, emp cotton mills, h w Asheville (Sarah)
    Smith Kate Miss, tailoress S T Logan, h 66 Haywood
    Smith Ladd, msgr W U Tel Co, h 12 n Pack sq
    Smith Lamarr M, miller, h w Asheville (Bertha)
    Smith Lee, farmer, h 19 Buxton (Catherine)
    Smith Lillian Miss, seamstress, h 17 East
    Smith Louisa Miss, h Richmond Hill
    *Smith Louise, h 112 Church
    Smith M Chas, mill hd, h 79 Avery (Mattie)
    *Smith Maggie, h 129 s Beaumont
    Smith Maggie Miss, emp Ash Steam Laundry, h 492 w Haywood
    Smith Margaret Miss, tchr Park Avenue School, h 16 Grove
    *Smith Martha, h 37 Catholic av
    Smith Mary Julia Miss, tchr Kindergarten City Schools, h 117 Asheland av
    *Smith Mattie, h 65 Mountain
    Smith Morgan N (S & Stradley), rms 32 Temple ct
    *Smith Monroe, lab So Ry
    Smith Myrtle Miss, h w Asheville
    *Smith Nancy, domestic Asheville Club, h 40 Buttrick
    Smith Nannie A Miss, tchr Park Avenue School, h 20 Pine
    Smith Norman H, loom fixer Ash Cotton Mills, h 475 w Haywood
    *Smith Oliver, lab, h w Asheville
    Smith Oscar, salesman S H Kress &Co, rms Pack sq cor Main
    SMITH OWEN, physician, rms 1-2 Meriwether Bldg, 21 Haywjood—phone 346; office hours 11 a m to 1 p m, 3 to 5 p m, h 122 Chesnut—res phone 631 (Fannie)
    *Smith Peter, cook, h 45 Latta
    Smith Paul, travs alesman, bds 58 n Main (Anna)
    Smith R Sharpe (S & Carrier), h Chunn's Cove (Isabel)
    *Smith Rebecca, h 227 Flint
    Smith Rhode E, wid H W, h 60 Starnes av
    *Smith Robert, lab, h 211 s Beaumont
    Smith Robert L, clk W U Tel Co, h 16 Grove
    Smith Robt P Rev, supt Presbyterian Synodical Home Missions, h 117 Asheland av (Ella)
    *Smith Rosa, h 118 Church
    Smith Ross, tanner, h 32 View (Cordie)
    *Smith Ruth, h 211 s Beaumont
    Smith Samuel J, carp, h 5 s Beaumont (Nora)
    Smith Sarah E Miss, h s Biltmore
    Smith Silas, male nurse Highland Home, rms 75 Zillicoa
    Smith Stephen O, trav salesman Dr T C Smith, bds 46 ½ Main
    *Smith Susie, h 65 Mountain
    *Smith Thomas, lab, h 104 McDowell
    SMITH THOMAS C DR, whol drugs, 12-16 s Lexington av —phone 846, and propr Smith's Drug Store, 1 s Main — phone 116, and Biltmore Drug Store, Biltmore—phone 255, h 184 Chestnut—phone 447 (Annie E)
    SMITH THOS C JR, mngr T C Smith Wholesale Drug House, h 156 Chestnut (Margaret)
    Smith Virgil, lab, h Richmond Hill
    Smith W D, engnr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Smith Whiteford G, chemist Dr T C Smith, h Watauga (Grace)
    *Smith Wm, bellman Rbyal Victoria Hotel, h 17 Atkin
    *Smith Wm, lab, h s Asheville
    *Smith Wm, lab, h 2 Ingle
    *Smith Wm, lab, h 105 Market (Maggie)
    *Smith Wm, lab, h go Mountain
    Smith Wm, propr Slagle's Hotel (The), h 98 Patton av (Laura)
    Smith Wm B, lab, h 492 w Haywood (Frances)
    Smith Wm F, lineman ART Co, h 12 n Pack sq (Margaret)
    Smith Wm H, carp, h 37 Hall (Carrie)
    Smith Willie May, h 181 s Beaumont
    SMITH & CARRIER (R Sharp Smith, A Heath Carrier), architects, 12 ½ Church
    SMITH & STRADLEY (Morgan N Smith, E Boardman Stradley), proprs Quick Service Pressing Club, 39 Patton av
    SMITH'S DRUG STORE, 1 s Main—phone 116, Frank S Smith mngr
    Smoak Virgil D, pressman W E Rankin, bds 27 Penland
    *Smythe Earl, porter, h 63 Clemmons
    Sneed Chas T, h 217 Asheland av (Mollie)
    Sneed Margaret, h 22 Eagle Terrace
    Snelson Lottie Miss, bkkpr Clarence Sawyer, h Livingston nr Victoria av
    Snelson Nettie Miss, h 165 Depot
    Snider Oollie L, farmer, h Chunn's Cove (Jennie)
    Snyder Chas, brakeman, h 145 Park av
    Snyder Chas, lab, h 286 Riverside drive (Lottie)
    Snyder Frank M, shoemkr T L Hyndman, h 75 Seney (Amy)
    SNYDER H A, propr Standard Pressing Club, h 75 Seney
    Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals, rm 4 Brown Bldg, Frederick W Thomas pres, John C Orr sec-treas
    Sofley W B, fireman, bds 400 Depot
    Solesbee Marion, lab, h 35 Panola (Elizabeth)
    Solesby John, lab, h 65 Pearson av (Lula)
    Solesbee Marion, lab Ash Distillery, h Catawba (Elizabeth)
    Solesby Dock, lab, Fred Smathers, h 63 Pearson av
    Solesby Grover, foreman Fred Smathers, h 27 Buxton
    Solomon Henry, h 7 Merrimon av (Lena)
    SOLOMO;N ISAAC, sec Peerless Dry Goods Co, h 7 Merrimon av
    *Solomon Lucinda, cook, h r 201 Chestnut
    Sondley Building, 44 Patton av
    Sondley F A, atty at law, rm 5 New Sondley Bldg, h Atykosia, co
    Sorrell Franklin L, carp, h 23 Sorrell
    Sorrell Pinckney B, carp, h 23 Sorrell
    Sorrells Albert, ship clk, bds 25 Roberts
    Sorrells W Baxter, condr So Ry, h 7 Buxton (Etta)
    Sorrells Bessie M Miss, h 65 Hollywood
    Sorrels Bonnie Miss, h 23 w View
    Sorrels Charles, clk Ash Fish Co City Mkt, h 27, n View
    Sorrels George A, bartndr J E Sugg, h 161 Charlotte (Mary)
    Sorrels James T, trav salesman Lee-Bryant Co, h 17 Merrimon av (Lena)
    Sorrels Mamie Miss, h 161 Charlotte
    Sorrels Rufus Z, propr Ash Fish Co, h 23 n View (Ida)
    Sorrels Sallie, wid Lafayette, h 53 ½ Orange
    Sorrels Wesley, bricklyr, h 30 Philip (Bessie)
    *South Asheville A M E Zion Church, s Asheville, Rev J B Miller pastor
    *South Asheville Cemetery, Chunn's Cove nr Haw Creek rd, Geo Avery and Benj Ragsville trustees
    *South Asheville School District 14, nr Delaware av, s Asheville, Sophie J Wills prin
    South Biltmore Baptist Church, s Biltmore, Rev A C Allison pastor
    South Biltmore M E Church, s Biltmore, Rev Robt H Parker pastor
    South Biltmore School, s Biltmore, Stephen Morgan prin
    SOUTH KENSINGTON ART CO, art goods 54 Patton av, Miss Elizabeth J K Moore propr
    Souther Walter H, bartndr Acme Wine & Liquor House, h 45 Clayton (Georgia)
    SOUTHERN AUTOMOBILE CO, agents Ford automobiles, automobile dealers and repairers and storage, 12-14 e College—phone 244; Pryor W Purefoy mngr
    Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co, Walnut cor Penland (Long Distance)
    SOUTHERN EXPRESS COMPANY, 54 s Main—phone 83, depot office So Passgr Station—phone 598
    Southern Express Co, Biltmore, Geo A Digges agt
    Southern Fire Ins Co of Lynchburg, Va, 48 Patton av
    Southern Insurance Co of New Orleans (fire), 9 ½ w Court sq
    Southern Jackson, carp, h 247 Asheland av (Emma)
    Southern Pressing Club, w Pack sq cor Patton av, Homer L Mody propr
    Southern Railway Dining Room, So Ry Passgr Station, Clarence Gresham propr
    Southern Railway dispatcher's office, Passgr Depot, Chas G King chf dispatcher.
    SOUTHERN RAILWAY DIVISION FREIGHT AGENT'S OFFICE, rms 1-2-3-4 Electrical Bldg, A K Orr agt
    Southern RJailway division supt's office, Passgr Station, Arthur Ramseur supt
    SOUTHERN RAILWAY DEPOT, nr Bartlett, Joseph McGarry agt
    SOUTHERN RAILWAY GENERAL AGENT'S OFFICE, rms 1-2-3-4 Electrical Bldg, John F Hays genl agt
    Southern Railway law agent's office, Passgr Station, A S Guerard, law agt
    Southern Railway Passgr Station, depot w of Southside av, Chas D Clark station mstr
    Southern Railway roadmaster's office, Passgr Station, Simeon C Ramsey roadmstr
    Southern Railway Round House and Shops, Roberts cor Lyman, R C White genl foreman
    Southern Railway, supervisor of bridges and buildings, off Passgr Station, W R Woodard supervisor
    SOUTHERN RAILWAY TICKET OFFICE, 60 Patton av—phone 1 68, R H Graham city ticket agt
    Southern Railway Train Dispatcher's office, Passgr Station Chas G Kling chf dispatcher
    Southern Railway Trainmaster's Office, Passgr Station, J Alonzo Bolich and Wm G Fortune trainmstrs
    Southern Railway Yardmaster's Office, adj to Passgr Station, W R Lyerly yardmstr
    Southern Stock Fire Ins Co of Greensboro, N C, 42 ½ and 48 Patton av
    Southern Stock Mutual Ins Co of Greensboro, N C (fire), 14 ½ s Main
    Southern Underwriters (fire) of Greensboro, N C, 42 ½ and 48 Patton av
    Southern Weighing & Inspection Bureau, off frt depot
    *Southers Doctor, lab, h s Asheville
    *Southers Furman, brakeman So Ry, h 22 Rear Ralph
    'Southside A M E Zion Church, Southside av, Rev Frank R White pastor
    Southwick Chas H, h w Asheville
    Southwick Margaret C Miss, h w Asheville
    Sowers Baxter, engnr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Spane John, lab, h 23 Frederick (Mary)
    Sparks Elizabeth Miss, h 32 McDowell
    Sparks W Hix, h 32 McDowell (Lizzie)
    *Sparrow Clarence, lab, h 36 Madison
    Spaugh James F, condr So Ry, rms Opera House Bldg
    Spear Edwin W, orchestra leader, h 49 n French Broad av (Sadie E)
    Spears Orchestra, Battery Park Hotel, Edwin Spear leader
    Spears Algie R, clk Hotel Berkeley, bds same
    Spears James W, contr 41-43 Patton av, h same (Irene)
    Spears Jane C, wid Geo T, h 16 Woodfin
    *Spears Marcus, driver New York Livery
    *Spearman Lents, waiter Misenheimer Hotel, h same
    Spencer R R, fireman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Sperlin James M, carp, h 85 Blanton (Ela)
    Spilardes Mary Miss, nurse, h 14 Eagle
    Spivey Berry J, drayman, 187 Hill (Martha)
    Spivey Clyde, lab, h 43 Spring (Jessie)
    Spivey Fred, carp, h 1 Spring (Zora)
    Spivey Harrison, emp Buehrer's Bakery, h 3 Aston Place
    Spivey J Tipton, driver, h 38 William (Ora)
    Spivey Jerome, carp, 187 Hill (Josie)
    Spivey Lester, carp, h w Asheville
    Spivey Robt L, carp, h w Asheville (Ina)
    Spring Mountain Methodist Church, Fairview N C, Rev Jame O Wall pastor
    Spring Nancy C, wid Wm T, h 42 Atkinson
    Springfield Fire and Marine Ins Co of Springfield Mass, 42 ½ Patton av
    Sprinkle A P, emp Ash Elec Co
    Sprinkle Marion C, emp Swannanoa Laundry, h 182 w Chestnut
    Sprinkle Nancy, wid Wm, h 182 w Chestnut
    Sprinkle Sallie Miss, h 182 w Chestnut
    Sprinkle W B, emp Ash Elec Co, h Co
    Sprinkle Cleo, emp Swannanoa Laundry
    Sprinkles John R, clk Yates & McGuire, bds 153 Grove
    Sproles Wm J & Mann & Parker, lumber, Am Natl Bank Bldg
    Sproles Wm J, lumber, Am Natl Bank Bldg, h 89 Montford
    Sprouse Annie May Miss, h 2 Fagg
    Sprouse Frances Miss, weaver Cotton Mills, h 484 w Haywood
    Sprouse H M, carp, h 395 Ashland av (Sillar)
    Sprouse James, lab, h 2 Fagg
    Sprouse John, teamster, h 2 Fagg (Amanda)
    Sprouse Joseph, clk, h 2 Fagg
    Sprouse Martin L, policeman, h 20 Fagg (Delia)
    Sprouse Stewart, lab, h 310 Asheland av (Lilly)
    Sprouse Wm, mill hd, h 75 Avery
    Sprouse Wiley J, carp, h 299 Asheland av (Nellie)
    Spurlin John M, carp, h 85 Blanton (Mary P)
    Stack Edwin, lab, h s Biltmore
    Stacy Clarence S, h 21 Chunn
    Stafford May Miss, h 141 Asheland av
    Stafford Rosa Miss, maid, h s Church nr Southside av
    STAG HOTEL, 12 ½ s Main—phone 667, Valentine Woodruff propr
    *Staggs John, barber P A Goins, h 5 5Ridge (Jane)
    Stair E R, fireman So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Staley Sarah A Miss, h 63 Hunt
    Stallings J Henderson, lab, h 13 Green (Minnie)
    *Stanback James, lab, h 178 Livingston
    Standard Life and Accident Ins Co, 1 ½ s Main
    STANDARD OIL CO, 171 Avery—phone 38, Wm R Sloop Mngr
    STANDARD PRESSING CLUB, cleaning and pressing, 12 n Pack Sq—phone 1001, H A Snyder propr
    Stanford Ella, h 1403/2 Eagle
    Stansill Florence Miss, h 176 Woodfin
    Stansill Susan Mrs, h 176 Woodfin
    Stansill Jesse E, baggage mstr, h 286 Southside av (Sallie)
    Staples Chas M, agt, h 935 Asheland av (Nellie B)
    Staples Hattie L Miss, stengr Wells & Swain, h 135 Asheland av
    Staples Nellie B Mrs, nurse, 135 Asheland av, h same
    Star Barber Shop (The), 42 s Main, E W Moore propr
    Star Clothing Co, clothing, 9 w Pack sq, Jacob L Blomberg propr
    STAR MARKET, dlrs in pure meat foods, City Mkt— phones 66 and 535, 524 w Haywood—phone 511, and 4 Plaza, Biltmore—phone 647, Hoffman & Kent proprs
    Starnes Alfred H, surveyor Buncombe County, h Acton N C
    Starnes Brand, h 33 Hiawassee
    Starnes Geo H, h w Asheville
    Starnes Gonano Miss, nurse, h 18 Grady
    Starnes J Harrison, h 78 West (Elizabeth N)
    STARNES JESSE R (Starnes & Co), and atty at law, 5 n e Pack sq, h 143 n Main—phone 670-3 (Margaretha B)
    STARNES JOHN P, supt Imperial Mutual Life & Health Ins Co, h 21 Green (Lillie)
    Starnes Magie E Miss, furnished rooms, 18 Grady, h same
    Starnes Mary J, wid Jno W, h 33 Hiawassee
    Starnes Mellisa Miss, stengr Imp Mutual Life & Health Ins Co, h 52 Hillside
    Starnes Melvin R, clk, h 78 West
    STARNES W B, treas Imp Mutual Life & Health Ins Co, h 14 Bennett (Maggie)
    STARlNES & CO, funeral directors, 5 n e Pack sq—phone 670-2
    *Staton Cornelius, lab, h 41 Velvet
    Staton Emma Mrs, h 53 Atkinson
    Stearns Colville D, clk, h 150 Cumberland av
    Stearns Mildred L, wid Theodore R, h 150 Cumberland av
    Stearns Thornton, h 150 Cumberland av
    *Steele Alice, h r 26 Sassafras
    *Steele Bettie, h 6 Knob
    *Steele Bruce, bellman, h 26 ½ Hildebrand
    *Steele Cora, cook, h Victoria rd
    Steele D N, groceries, 347 w Havwood, h 373 w Haywood (Addie)
    Steele Dora Miss, h 15 Starnes av
    Steele Dora wid Lonnie, h 15 Starnes av
    Steele Harriet G, wid J B, h 56 Hollywood
    Steele Herbert L, mngr, h 11 Brook, Biltmore
    *Steele Jesse C. cook, h 118 Hill (Sophia)
    Steele Lee Hall, pressman Ash Printing & Engraving Co, h 247 Grove
    Steele Martin T, engnr So Ry, h 117 Ora (Nora)
    Steele Mary Miss, h 2 Angle, Biltmort
    Steele Samantha, wid John M, h 247 Grove
    Steele Walter A, mngr Ash Printing and Engraving Co and prpr Asheville Rubber Stamp Works, h 7 Silver (Mary Belle)
    Steelman James T, h 68 Haywood
    Stehle Antonia Miss, h 32 French Broad av
    Stehle Rudolph, h 32 French Broad av (Amalia)
    Steinwalt Mabel Miss, maid Clarence Barker Memorial Hospital, h same
    Stelling Jacob, appr The Citizen Co, h 80 Central av
    Stelling Jacob H, wine steward Battery Park Hotel, h 80 Central av (Katherine)
    Stelling James H, Jr, clk Noland-Roland Grocery Co, h 235 Chestnut (Stella)
    Stelling Julia Miss, h 80 Central av
    Stelling Katherine H Miss, h 80 Central av
    Stelling Regina Miss, h 80 Central av
    Stelling S Jacob, h 80 Central av
    Stephens Harold, engraver, h 9 Central av (Viola)
    Stephens Victor F, clk, h s Biltmore (Nannie)
    Stephens Wm, lab, h w Asheville
    STEPHENSON FLORENCE Miss, prin Home Industrial School, s Main cor Victoria rd, h same
    *'Stepp Alfred W, huckster City Mkt, h in Blanton
    *Stepp Alice, elk A W Stepp, h in Blanton
    Stepp Lulu R Miss, clk H Redwood & Co, h 24 n Spruce
    Stepp W Lucius, foreman, 30 Spring (Lola)
    STERNBERG S & CO (Siegfried Sternberg and Gustav Lichtenfels) , hides, pelts, furs, tallow, metals, secondhand machinery, etc, 353-357 Depot—phone 333
    STERNBERG SEIGFRIED (S Sternberg & Co), (S& Zimmerman), h 102 Cumberland av—phone 486 (Anna L)
    Sternberg & Zimmerman (S Sternberg & F Zimmerman) proprs Ash Packing Co, w Asheville
    *Stevens Bettie, h Klondyke, Montford av
    Stevens Elizabeth Miss, h 15 Bearden av
    Stevens Francis M, h 4Q Hiawassee (Fannie J)
    Stevens Geo W, h 73 Hillside
    Stevens Henry B (Judge), (5 & Anderson), h 306 Montford av (Katherine M)
    Stevens James H, sec-treas Stevens-Kirkland Co, h Kenilworth Park
    Stevens Jennie V Miss, h 49 Hiawassee
    Stevens Jesse S (Webb & Stevens Livery Co), Water nr Walnut, h Western Hotel (St Clair)
    Stevens-Kirkland Co (Inc), whol lumber, rm 201 The Caldwell, J C Adams pres, W L Kirkland v-pres, James H Stevens sec-treas
    Stevens Maggie Miss, h Western Hotel
    STEVENS MARTIN L, physician, rms 1-2-3 Adelaide Bldg—phone 186, h w Chestnut cor Montford av phone 990 (Mary L)
    Stevens Nannie B Miss, tchr, h 15 Bearden av
    Stevens Ralph F, ship clk Mustin-Robertson Co, bds 17 Ora (Mamie R)
    Stevens Robert C, pres Blue Ridge Construction Co, h Central av
    Stevens Rosa L, wid Joseph, h 26 Highland
    Stevens St C Mrs, propr Western Hotel, h 11 ½ w Pack sq
    Stevens Susan J, wid Joseph, h 15 Bearden av
    Stevens W, foreman Ash Mica Co
    Stevens Winnie L Miss, h 49 Hiawassee
    STEVENS & ANDERSON (Henry B Stevens and John B Anderson), attys at law, rms 202-205 The Caldwell
    Stevenson Lina Miss, h Biltmore rd, s Biltmore
    Stevenson Olatis A, engnr So Ry, bds 29 Jefferson Drive
    Stewart Alex, lab, h Chunn's Cove (Lilly)
    Stewart Anna I, wid W A, h 124 Montford av
    Stewart Augustus, lab, h Chunn's Cove (Cora)
    Stewart Cammie Miss, h Main cor North
    Stewart Bessie Miss, h Chunn's Cove
    Stewart Clyde Miss, saleslady Sumner Sons & Co
    Stewart Daniel W, clk J E Johnson, h Grace
    *Stewart Dorcas, cook Glen Rock Hotel
    Stewart E H Mrs, bds 61 s French Broad av
    Stewart Edward, lab, h Chunn's Cove (Lottie)
    Stewart Harley, lab, h 82 Avery
    Stewart J Henry, sec-treas Ash Dray, Fuel & Construction Co, h Yuma, Va
    *Stewart James, bricklyr, h no Eagle
    Stewart Jno M, lab, h Chunn's Cove (Lillie)
    *Stewart Lewis, lab, h s Biltmore
    Stewart Mary A Miss, nurse, h 21 Central av
    *Stewart Millie, h no Eagle
    *Stewart Prince, lab, h 152 Eagle
    Stewart Ralph A, lab, h Chunn's Cove
    Stewart Stephen, lab, h Richmond Hill (Laise)
    Stewart Wm, lab, h Chunn's Cove
    Stewman Estelle Miss, emp Ash Steam Laundry
    Stewman Joseph, carp, h 500 Depot (Sallie)
    STIKELEATHER FERGUS (Aston, Rawls & Co), h 39 Church (Mary L)
    Stikeleather Fergus, Jr, distributor P O, h 79 w Chestnut (Hattie)
    Stikeleather Gilliland, clk Aston, Rawls & Co, h 39 Church
    STIKELEATHER JAMES G (Patton & S), rms Meriwether Bldg
    Stikeleather Jessie Miss, h 39 Church
    Stikeleather Mary Miss, h 39 Church
    Stikeleather Sherrill Rev, pastor Apostolic Holiness Church, h 334 w Haywood (Phoebe)
    STILES H C C, mngr The Maurice Joyce Engraving Co, h Washington, D C
    Stiles Harper, propr Stiles Ouick Lunch, h 25 ½ s Main Julia F)
    Stiles' Quick Lunch, 44 s Main, Harper Stiles propr
    Stillwell Edward P, emp cotton mills, bds 511 w Haywood
    Stine Elbert, farmer, h w Asheville (Julia)
    Stines Mattie Miss, nurse, h 33 Asheland av
    Stinnette Charles, coir Ash Cleaning & Pressing Club, h 60 Blanton
    *Stinson Wm, porter Glen Rock Hotel, h 32 Catholic av
    Stirewalt Adolphus D, carp, h 99 Depot (Lula)
    Stirewalt Chester, h 99 Depot
    STOCKTON A LOWRUE, city editor Ash Gazette-News, h 155 Charlotte (Margaret)
    Stockton Alice C Miss, h 348 Merrimon av
    Stockton Arline O Miss, stengr Hans Rees Sons, h 348 Merrimon av
    Stockton Cora Miss, tchr Montford School, h 348 Merrimon
    Stockton Lizzie Miss, h Woolsey
    Stockton Martha C, wid A H, h 348 Merrimon av
    Stockton Mary E Miss, h 348 Merrimon av
    Stokely Lila E Miss, h 34 Cherry
    Stokely Mabelle E Miss, h 34 Cherry
    Stokely Royal J, auditor Buncombe County, office Court House, h 34 Cherry (Dora)
    Stokely Swann B, electrician, h 34 Cherry
    Stokes Marion B, pastor Balm Grove M E Church, h w Asheville (Pauline)
    Stokes Thos C, agt Life Ins Co of Va, rms 32 Soco
    Stone Harry L, opr, h 39 n French Broad av
    Stone Peyton L, bartndr The Berkeley Wine Room, h 167 s Main (Cora)
    Stone Rudolph B, (The Ash Music Co), train dispatcher So Ry h 39 n French Broad av (Elizabeth)
    Stoner Aurelius D, dry goods and hardware, 5 Plaza, Biltmore, h 2 Brook (Fannie L)
    STONER EUROPEAN HOTEL (The), 26-28 s Main, Jno F McFarland propr
    Stoner John M, propr J M Stoner's Cash Store, h 16 s Main
    STONER O E CLOTHING CO, clothiers, men's furnishings shoes, hats, caps, etc, 26-28 s Main—phone 528; J T Jarnigan pres, G C Greever v-pres, O E Stoner sectreas and mngr
    STONER ORPHEUS E, sec-treas and mngr O E Stoner Clothing Co, rms Stoner European Hotel
    Stoner Wm F, clk O E Stoner Clothing Co, h 28 s Main
    Stoner's J M, Cash Store, gen mdse, 16 s Main, Jno M Stoner propr
    Stopeley S, emp Ash Elec Co
    STORAGE SUPPLY CO, ICE DELIVERY, 36 e College, Abner W Faulkner propr
    Storage Supply Co, ice mnfrs and cold storage, Avery nr Railroad, Fred Kent mngr
    *Stovall Sloan, lab, h 26 Smith
    Stowe Chas D, clk Ward Drug Co, h 114 s French Broad av
    Stowe Hugh E, with Hare-Bard & Co, rms 21 s Main
    Stowe Mabel W Miss, h 114 s French Broad av
    Stowe Mary J Mrs, M V Moore, h 114 s French Broad av
    Stradley E Boardley (Smith & S), h 380 Merrimon av
    Stradley Gedwin F (S & Luther), h 12 Grady (Neolia)
    Stradley Ruth, wid W C, h 12 Grady
    Stradley &Luther (G F Stradley & R H Luther), grocers. 3 e Pack sq
    Strauss Frances Miss, h w Asheville
    Strauss James, paving, rms 162 s Main (Belle)
    *Street Charles, driver, h 22 Baxters al
    Street James R, eng-nr, h 345 s Main (Junia)
    Streetman Thomas L, druggist, 394 Depot, h 336 s Main (Hattie)
    Strickland Chas A, lab, h 33 Louis (Lida)
    *Stroud Peter, lab, h 72 Gay
    Stroup Arthur E, tinner, h 54 Pine Grove av (Millie E)
    Stroup Paul C, motorman Ash Elec Co, h 235 Grove (Annie)
    Stroup Wm, bds 235 Grove
    Strupe C C, winder Piedmont Elec Co, rms Y M C A Bldg
    *Studely James, porter Patrick Mclntyre
    Stuman John, bricklyr, h 49 North (Nannie J)
    Stuman R Vance, plumber, h 26 Buttrick (Estelle)
    Sturdivant Mary, wid L W, h Grace
    Styles J Scoop, atty at law, rms 409-410 Oates Bldg, h 47 Panola (Eloise)
    *Styles Lillian, h 209 Depot
    Suber Evie D, h 21 Rector (Annie)
    Suber Fannie B, wid Presley C, h 21 Riector
    Suber Wm P, plumber, h 21 Rector (Minnie)
    *Sudderth Arthur, hostler, h s Asheville
    *Sudderth Doctor, butler, h s Asheville
    Sudderth Jno S, engnr So Ry, h 16 Green (Minnie)
    Sudderth Martha C, wid W P, h 340 w Haywood
    Sugg John E, propr American Saloon, h 46 Haywood (Winnie)
    Sugg John K, carp W H Patton, h 237 s Main (Cornelia)
    Sullivan Chas F, clk Yuneda Dairy Lunch, h 32 Depot
    Sullivan Georgia Miss, h 106 Cumberland av
    Sullivan Girtie, appr Leroy Ball, h 8 North
    Sullivan Hezekiah H, engnr, h 251 Haywood (Ada L)
    Sullivan Jno, engnr, bds 251 Haywood
    Sullivan John Y, lab, h 8 North (Samantha)
    Sullivan M M, clk Yuneda Dairv Lunch, rms 19 Library Bldg
    Sullivan Mittie Miss, nurse, 29 Ora, h same
    Sullivan Robert, plumber Leroy Ball, h 75 Penland (Minnie)
    SULPHUR SPRINGS DAIRY, 5 miles west of city on the Murphy branch of So Ry, Horace A Wells propr
    Summers Alma Miss, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    *Summers John V, lab, h 78 Wallach
    Summers Mayme H, wid C H, h 41 Atkins
    *Summers Peter, lab, h 28 Davidson
    *Summey Beatrice, h 120 Clemmons
    *Summey Belle, cook, h 312 Montford av
    *Summey Cleo, h 120 Clemmons
    *Summey Commodore, chf cook Alabama Cafe Blomberg Block
    Summey Eugene, lab The Bingham School, h Richmond Hill
    *Summey Hayes, lab, h 10 Brick
    *Summey Peter, bartndr Patrick Mclntyre
    *Summey Wm, lab, h 120 Clemmons
    SUMMEY WM C (S & Williams), h 296 Southside av (Dollie)
    Summey Wm C, lab, h 304 Gaston (Dollie)
    SUMMEY & WILLIAMS (Wm C Summey, Thos Williams), cabt mkrs and uphlrs, 17 ½ Church
    Sumner B E, condr So Ry, bds Glen Rock Hotel
    Sumner Bynum H, v-pres Sumner Sons & Co, h 27 Orange (Annie M)
    Sumner Frank A, pres Sumner, Sons & Co, h 15 Jefferson Drive (Florence T)
    Sumner J T & Co (Thomas J Sumner, James A Penland), proprs Globe Meat Market, City Mkt
    Sumner Ladd M, sec-treas Sumner, Sons & Co, h 15 Jefferson Drive
    Sumner Lonnie, tel opr So Ry, h Bingham Heights (Eva)
    Sumner Robert, tel opr So Ry, bds Misenheimer Hotel
    Sumner, Sons & Co (Inc), dry goods and millinery, 40-42 Patton av ; Frank A Sumner pres, Bynum H Sumner vpres, Ladd M Sumner sec-treas
    Sumner T W, asst baggage mstr So Ry Passgr Depot, h w College
    Sumner Thomas J (T J S & Co), h 203 Merrimon av (Sallie)
    Sumner Wm, switchman, bds 102 Ralph
    Sun Ins Co (fire), of New1 York, 48 Patton av
    SUNDAY CITIZEN (The), 32 Patton av, The Citizen Co publishers—phone 80
    Sunniside Cottage, Sunset drive nr Baird, Mrs Fannie M Baird propr
    Superintendent Buncombe County Schools, office Court House, A C Reynolds supt
    SUPERINTENDENT CITY SCHOOLS, rms 59-61 City Hall—phone 123, Richard J Tighe supt
    Superintendent City Streets, office City Hall, J T Bostic supt
    Superintendent City Water Works, office City Hall, Wm Francis supt
    Superintendent of Instruction, office City Hall, Richard J Tighe supt
    Superior Court, County Court House, Frederick Moore, resident judge, Marcus Edwin clk
    Sutherland Wm H, lab, h 5 Seney (Alice
    Suttle Augustus, fireman Ash Elec Co Gas dept, bds Chunn's Cove
    Suttle B Frances Miss, tchr Montford School, h 68 College
    Suttle Chas P, h 68 College
    Suttle Drury D, h 68 College (M Jane)
    Suttle Emma Miss, h 68 College
    Suttle Joseph B, salesman, h 68 College
    Suttle Lon R, h Chunn's Cove
    Suttle P B, chf engnr Asheville Electric Co Gas, h Chunns Cove (Mollie)
    Suttles Callie Miss, h 158 Park av
    Suttles Lloyd, fireman, bds 158 Park av
    Suttles Martha E wid Wm, h 158 Park av
    Suttles Oliver C, farmer, h 158 Park av
    Swain J Edward (Wells & S), rms Y M C A Bldg
    Swain Walter, clk, h Beaver Dam
    Swainmund Edmond, h 14 Short Woodfin (Rhoda)
    Swan Darby, driver, h 167 Valley
    Swaney Florence E Miss, clk, h 13 Carter
    Swaney Harriet S wid John M, h 13 Carter
    Swaney James H, h 13 Carter
    Swanger Henry, lab, h w Asheville
    Swanger John D, lab, h w Asheville (Sarah A)
    Swanger Lee, lab, h w Asheville
    Swanger Wm J, lab, h w Asheville
    Swangume Effie Miss, h 265 s Main
    Swangume Egbert, h 265 s Main
    Swangume Emma F Mrs wid Benj, h 265 s Main
    Swann Dudley G,clk, Maison Blanche, h Woolsey (Minnie)
    Swann Elia Miss, stengr, McConnell Bros, bds 125 n Lexington av
    Swannanoa Baggage Co, rm 36 Library Bldg
    Swannanoa Barber Shop, 55 s Main, J Balis Rector propr
    SWANNANOA HOTEL, 47 s Main—phone 32, J Balis Rector propr
    SWANNANOA ICE & COAL CO (Inc), 8 Market, Charles R Whittaker mngr
    SWANNANOA LAUNDRY, 22-24 Church—phone 70, Canie N Brown propr
    Swannanoa Lumber Co, rm 2 Paragon Bldg, J E Hawthorn propr
    Swartz Elsie C Miss, h 2 Hunt
    Swartz Minnie M wid J W, boarding, 2 Hunt, h same
    Swartzberg Amelia Miss, h 83 Starnes av
    Swartzberg Isaac (J B S & Son), h 83 Startnes av (Anna)
    Swartzberg J B & Son (Jacob B and Isaac Swartzberg) clothing, 13 n Main
    Swartzberg Jacob B (J B S & Son), h 135 n Main (Rachel)
    Swartzberg Leo I, clk, Asheville Dry Goods Co, h 1 Merrimon av
    SWARTZBERG MOSES, propr Asheville Dry Goods Co, h 1 Merrimon av "Osage Place" (Hannah)
    Swartzberg Noland B, clothing, h 135 n Main (Ray)
    Swartzberg Roy E, clk, Asheville Dry Goods Co, h 1 Merrimon av
    Swartzberg Sadie Miss, h 1 Merrimon av, "Osage Place"
    Swayne A E, trav salesman Hackney & Moale Co, h 28 Ann (Lou M)
    Sweeney Charles, bartndr John O'Donnell, bds Windsor Hotel
    Sweeney James, bartendr John O'Donnell, rms 12 ½ w College
    Sweeney Patrick, bartndr John O'Donnell, bds Windsor hotel
    Sweeney Peter, bartndr Patrick Mclntyre
    Sweeney Wm E, driver, h 44 Pearson av (Minnie)
    Sweet Jennetta Mrs, h s Biltmore
    Sweet Orrin T, h 3 Biltmore
    *Swepson Dolly, 70 ½ Hill
    *Swepson Ernest W, tailor College Street Dye Works, h 21 Gudger (Jennie)
    *Swepson Pink, lab, h s Asheville
    Swepson Pinkney J (S & Jarrett), h 70 Hill (Edmonio)
    *Swepson Wm, bellman Royal Victoria Hotel, h 118 Church
    *SWEPSON & GARRETT (Pinkney J Swepson and James W O Garrett) , real est and loans Y M I Bldg, Eagle nr Market
    Swicegood D Lindsay, h 165 s Main (Mary)
    Swicegood John M, h 140 Grove (Florence)
    Swicegood Wm, salesman, h Chunns Cove
    Swiggett Walter F, h 144 Montford av (Edna M)
    Swink Archibald, appr W A Boyce, h 180 s Main
    Swink Archie F, h 146 Church
    Swink Frederick, h 146 Church
    Swink James C, blksmith, h 180 s Main (Jane E)
    Swink James W, lab, h r 180 s Main (Lula)
    Swink John, paper hngr T J Perkinson, h 18 s Main (Susan)
    Swink John J, painter R E Bowles, h 18 ½ s Main
    Swink LeRloy, painter, h 146 Church (Ella)
    Swink Nellie P, clk, h 180 s Main
    Swink Oscar C, h 180 s Main
    Swink Robt, painter, h 146 Church (Susie)
    Swink Wm W, driver R E Bowles, h 146 Church
    Swope Harold B, landscape gardener Biltmore Estate Landscape Dept, h 16 All Souls Crescent, Biltmore
    SWOPE RODNEY RUSH REV D D, rector All Souls Episcopal Church, Biltmore, h 16 All Souls Crescent, Biltmore—phone 308 (Mary B)





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