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Branson's North Carolina Directory


Branson's North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68

Buncombe County

Population in 1860 ..............12,654
County Seat - Asheville

County Officers

Attorney, Virgil S. Lusk
Clerk County Court, Jesse R. Weaver
Clerk Superior Court, Wm. R. Young
Chairman County Court, A. Burgia
Clerk and Master in Equity, Wash. M. Hardy
Coroners, ________
Register, John W. Gudger
Sheriff, Perry Rich
Surveyor, R.V. Balckstocks
Standard Keeper, James Stradley
Trustee, A.T. Summey

Agricultural Society

W.W. McDowell, Asheville, President
J.G. Martin, Asheville, Secretary

Colleges and Schools

Holston Conference Female College, Asheville, W.S. Kennedy, President
Classical Male Academy, Asheville, Steven Lee, Principal
Asheville Academy North, Asheville, ___________
Asheville Academy South, Asheville, Mr. Murdock, Prin.
Masonic & Friends of Temperance, High Scho'l, Reem's Cr'k, A.J. McAlpin, P.

Churches and Pastors

Asheville, Methodist, Asheville, ________, Pastor
Tabernacle, Meth., Swannanoa, __________, Pastor
Davidson's Chapel, Meth., Asheville, __________, Pastor
Reems Creek, Meth., Reems Creek, __________, Pastor
Asheville, Baptist, Asheville, Thomas Stradley, Pastor
Berea, Baptist, Swannanoa, H.H. Banks, Pastor
Asheville, Presbyterian, Asheville, H.H. Banks. Pastor
Piney Grove, Pres., Swannanoa, H.H. Banks, Pastor
Asheville, Episcopal, Asheville, Jarvis Baxton, Pastor

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Eagle Hotel, Asheville, Wm. P. Blair, Proprietor
Buck Hotel, Asheville, W.W. Smith, Prop.
Buncombe House, Asheville, B.J. Smith, Prop.
Tavern, Swannanoa, Geo. C. Alexander, Prop.
Tavern, Hominy, S.B. Gudger


Atkinson, Nat., Asheville
Cocke, W.M., Asheville
Cocke, W.N. Jr. Asheville
Woodfin, Nich. W., Asheville
Candler, W.G. Hominy
Merrimon, Jas. H., Asheville
Lusk, Virgil S., Hominy
Henry, J.L., Asheville
Bailey, W.M. (jusdge), Asheville
Martin, Gen. J.G., Asheville
McCloud, _____, Asheville
Erwin, Marcus, Asheville
Johnson, R.B., Asheville
Coleman, David, Asheville, (Soliciter for District)
Weaver, ______, Asheville
Hardy, W.M. Asheville
Johnson, Thos., Asheville
Merrimon, Emory, Asheville
Davidson, T.F., Asheville


Foundery, near Asheville, Ephraim Clayton, Proprietor
Tannery, (steam), Asheville, S.G. Kerr & Co., Prop'rs
Tannery, Asheville, W.D. Ranking & Co., Prop.
Tannery, Leicester, J.M. Stevens, Prop.


Polk (E.A.) & Summey, (A.T.), Variety Store, Asheville
Kerr, S.G., Variety Store, Asheville
Alexander, (J.H.)oberts (G.M.) & Co., Variety Store, Asheville
Beard & Chapman, Variety Store, Asheville
McDowell, (W.W.) & Spiers, (G.T.), Variety Store, Asheville
Merrimon, B.H., Variety Store, Asheville
Smith (L.H.) & Co., Variety Store, Asheville
Aston, E.J., Drugs & Books, Asheville
Hilliard (W.L.) & Weaver, Drugs, Asheville
Jones, John, Druggist, Asheville


Atkins, F.W., Methodist, local, Asheville
Kennedy, W.S., Meth., Asheville
Dula, T.M., Meth., Stocksville
Reynolds, John, Meth., local, Asheville
Dula, Thos. Meth., local, Asheville
Carr, _____, Meth., local, Asheville
Merriman, B.H., Prot., Meth., local, Asheville
Reagan, Dr. J.A., Meth., local, Reems Creek
Pickens, R.W., Meth.., local, Reems Creek
Weaver, Jacob R., Meth., local, Reems Creek
Weaver, John S., Meth., local, Reems Creek
Weaver, N.M., Meth., local, Reems Creek
McAlpiine, S.J., Meth., local, Reems Creek
Stradley, Thos., Prim. Baptist, Asheville
Banks, H.H., Presbyterian, Asheville
Morrison, W.N., Pres., Swannanoa
Stewart, Curtis, Pres., Swannanoa
Buxton, Jarvis, Episcopal, Asheville

Mills and Mill Owners

Patton's Mills, Swannanoa, M. Patton, Proprietor
Daugherty's Mills, Swannanoa, Mrs. Daugherty, Prop.
Cathey's Mills, Hominy, Joseph Cathey, Prop.
Jones' Mills, Hominy, R.L. Jones, Prop.
Henry's Mills, Hominy, W.L. Henry, Prop.
Gudger's Mill, Turkey Creek, Adolphus Gudger, Prop.
Reaves' Mills, Sandy Mush, John Reaves, Prop.
Frisbey's Mills, Turkey Creek, John Frisbey, Prop.
Smith's Mills, Asheville, J. Smith, Prop.
Woodfin's Mills, Asheville, Nick. W. Woodfin, Prop.
Coleman's Mills, Reem's Creek, Wm. Coleman, Prop.
Coleman's Oil Mills, Reem's Creek, Wm. Coleman, Prop.


Hardy, J.F.E., Asheville
Summey, D.F., Asheville
Hardy, J.G., Asheville
Hilliard, W.L., Asheville
McDowell, J.A., Asheville
Stephens, J.M., Leicester
Thrash, P.H., Hominy
Sensabaugh, _____, Leicester
Reagan, J.A., Reems Creek
Reynolds, John, Asheville
Baird, J.M., Asheville
Gudger, David M., Hominy
Candler, C.N., Asheville
Candler, J.M., Hominy

Post Offices and Post Masters

Asheville, John Jones
Avery's Creek, _________
Shufordsville, _________
Suannanoa, Miss Patton
Hominy Creek, Miss R.E. Candler
Leicester, _________
Reem's Creek, ___________
Stocksville, __________
Big Sandy, ______________


Asheville News, R.M. Stokes, Editor
Pioneer, A.H. Jones, Editor







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