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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Burke County
Population in 1860........9,237
County Seat........Morganton

County Officers
Attorney, S.C.W. Tate
Clerk County Court, E.W. Dorsey
Clerk Superior Court, J.B. Kincaid
Chairman County Court, J.H. Pearson
Clerk and Master in Equity, _________
Coroner, H.P. Lindsey
Register, S.A. Betts
Sheriff, E.A. Berry
Surveyor, W.H. Bristall
Standard Keeper, Henry Abee
Trustee, D.A. Berry

Colleges and Schools
Morganton Academy, Morganton, ___________
Table Rock Seminary, Morganton, Rev. R.L. Abernathy, Principal.

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Mountain Hotel, Morganton, J.W. Happoldt, Proprietor
Walton House, Morganton, J.T. Walton, Prop.

Avery, A.C., Morganton
Caldwell, Tod R., Morganton
Gaither, B.S., Morganton
Tate, S.C.W.,  Morganton

Britton (Jos.) & Kincaid, Morganton
Bell, S.H.H., Jeweler, Morganton
Cleywell, J.A., Morganton
Frazer & Cleywell, Morganton
Nelson, J.S., Morganton
Pearson, D.C., Morganton
Walton, E.S., Morganton

Bawman, P.G., Methodist, Morganton
Nelson, J.S., Meth.,. Morganton
Schutz, W.C., Presbyterian, Morganton
Roberts, S.C., Episcopal, Morganton

Wilkerson Gold Mine
Pack Hill Gold Mine
Brindletown Gold Mine

Mills and Mill Owners
Caldwell’s Mill,  Morganton, Tod R. Caldwell, Proprietor
Mull’s Mill, Morganton, Asheley Mull, Prop.
McKesson’s Mill, Morganton, W.F. McKesson, Prop
McElrath’s Mill, Morganton, John McElrath, Prop
McElrath’s Mill, Morganton, Jackson McElrath, Prop
Pearson’s Mill, Morganton, R.C. Person & Co., Prop
Warlick’s Mill, Morganton, L.F. Warlick, Prop
Shuffler’s Mill, Morganton, Jas. Shuffler, Prop
Suddeth’s Mill, Morganton, Charlie Suddeth, Prop.

Berry, David, Morganton
Callett, W.A., Morganton
Happoldt, John W.,  Morganton
Happoldt, C., Morganton
Laxton, L., Morganton
Pearson, R.C., Morganton
Tate, W.C., Morganton

Post Offices & Post Masters
Morganton, Miss Jennie McElrath
Brindletown, James Hall.
(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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