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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Population in 1860........16,215
County Seat........Yanceyville

County Officers

Attorney, E.W. Withers
Clerk County Court, H.F. Brandon
Clerk Superior Court, James A. Henderson
Chairman County Court, James K. Lea
Clerk and Master in Equity, Thos. A. Donoho
Coroner, ____________
Register, Levi C. Page
Sheriff, John C. Griffith
Surveyor, Samuel L. Venable
Standard Keeper, _________
Trustee, Thomas D. Johnson
Deputy Sheriffs, John L. Stotom and John W. Duke

Border Agricultr’l Society

Wm. T. Sutherlin, Danville, President
Thos. P. Atkiinson, Danville, Cor. Secretary

Colleges and Schools

Dan River Male Institute, Yanceyville, Jeseph Venable, Principal
Leasburg Male Academy, Leasburg, Rev. Solomon Lea, Principal
Somerville Female Institute, Leasburg, Rev. Solomon Lea and Daughters, Pr.
Milton Female Academy, Milton, Mrs. John Wilson, Principal

Churches and Pastors

Yanceyville, Pres., Jacob Doll
Bethesda, Pres., Jacob Doll
Grier’s, Pres., S.A. Stanfield
Milton, Pres., S.A. Stanfield
camp Spring, Meth., Lemon Shell
Harrison’s, Meth., Lemon Shell
Kimbro’s, Meth., Lemon Shell
Newhope, Meth., Lemon Shell
Prospect, Meth., Lemon Shell
Bethany, Meth., J.H. Wheeler
Union, Meth., J.H. Wheeler
Hobson, Meth., J.H. Wheeler
Connallies, Meth., J.H. Wheeler
Shady Grove, Meth., Lemon Shell
Yanceyville, Meth., Lemon Shell
Leasburg, Meth., J.H. Wheeler
Beulah, Mis. Bap., Robert A. Moore
Milton, Mis. Bap., Rev. Hardwicke
Providence, Mis. Bap., S.G. Mason
Kerr’s Chapel, Mis. Bap., F.M. Jordan
Prospect, Prim. Bap., ___Hall
Bush Arbor, Prim. Bap., __________
County Line, Prim. Bap., F.L. Oakley

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Milton Hotel, Milton, Jarvis Friou, Prop.
Caswell Hotel, Yanceyville, A.A. Mitchell, Prop
Leasburg Hotel, Leasburg, John Culbreth, Prop.


Kerr, John, Yanceyville
Hill, Samuel P. Yanceyville
McGehee, Montford, Milton
Withers, E.W., Yanceyville
Tatten, L.L., Yanceyville
Thompson, Geo. N., Leasburg


Tobacco Factory, Leasburg, Fuller (A.M.) & Wilkerson (John E.) Props
Tobacco Factory, Leasburg, Hancock (R.P.) & Taylor (Wm. Jr.) Props
Tobacco Factory, Leasburg, Josiah Stanfield, Prop
Tobacco Factory, Leasburg, John F. Wagstaff, prop
Tobacco Factory, Yanceyville, James K. Lea, Prop


Friaw, James, Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Graves & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Harralson (Brice) & McKee (Jas. L.) Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Hancock, (R.P.) & Paylor (Wm Jr), Dry Goods and Groceries, Leasburg
Holder (S.B.) & Irvine (John L.), Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Henderson, Jas. A., Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Norfleet & Roane, Grocers, Yanceyville
Neal (Jas. N.) & Johnson (Thomas D), Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Paylor, Jas H. Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Patterson, David, Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Smith, Wm. F., Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Stanfield, J.A. Dry Goods and Groceries, Leasburg
Smith, W.H. Dry Goods and Groceries, Prospect Hill
Warren (F.L.) & Richmond (D.W.K.) Dry Goods and Groceries, Prospect Hill
Warren (Jas) & Thomas (W.H.) Dry Goods and Groceries,, Hightowers
Wilson, John Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Watkins & Son (Samuel & W.M.) Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Donoho, Moses (colored) Dry Goods and Groceries, Milton
Morris & Mason, (colored), Dry Goods and Groceries, Yanceyville
Mitchell, A.A. Druggist, Yanceyville
Newbill, R.A., Druggist, Milton

Shell, Lemon, Meth., Yanceyville
Lea, Solomon, Meth., Leasburg
Wheeler, Jospeh H., Meth., Leasburg
Doll, Jacob, Pres., Yanceyville
Stanfield, S.A., Pres., Milton
Mason, S.G., Bap., Yanceyville
Moore, Robt. A., Bap., Leasburg
Ward, Quinton A., Prim. Bap., Anderson’s Store
Oakley, F.L., Prim. Bap., Anderson’s Store
Hall, ___, Prim. Bap., Anderson’s Store
Anderson, Robt., Christian, Anderson’s Store

Mills and Mill Owners

Blackwell’s Mill, Blackwells, Blackwell (John B.) & Mitchell (A.J.)
Bayne’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, Thornton Y Bayne
Graves’ Mill, Yanceyville, William B. Graves
Hunt’s Mill, Milton, Hunt (L.H.) & Walker (H.A.)
Long’s Mill, Milton, Wm. Long
Lea’s Mill, Yanceyville, Sidney S. Lea
Malone’s Mill, Leasburg, Malone (Jas) & Currie (T.W.)
Oliver’s Mill, Hightowers, Iverson L. Oliver
Richmond’s Mill,  Hightowers, James Y. Richmond
Staddler’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, R.E. Staddler
Smith’s Mill, Leasburg, Rich. I. Smith
Slade’s Mill, yanceyville, Thos. Slade
Slade’s Mill, Yanceyville, wm & Abisha Slade
Womack’s Mill, Yanceyville, Thomas J. Womack
Walker’s Mill, Anderson’s Store, Mrs. Rachel Walker
Williamson’s Mill, Locust Hill, Estate Dr. Jas. E. Willliamson
Walters’ Mill, _______, A.G. Walters
Yarborough’s Mill, Milton, J.J. Yarbrough
Yarborough’s Mill, A.J. & R.L. Yarbrough


Anderson, John Q., Anderson’s Store
Brooks, Wm. A., Milton
Bracken, S.S., Blackwells
Dodson, Thos C. Purley
Dodson, Charles R., Milton
Gunn, Geo. W., Yanceyville
Gunn, Allen, Yanceyville
Henderson, Nathaniel S., Blackwells
Roan, N.M., Yanceyville
Roan, Preston, Yanceyville
Richmond, S.P., Leasburg
Stephens, Wm. G., Leasburg
Stanfield, Josiah A., Leasburg
Thompson, Jacob A., Leasburg
Terrell, Monroe, Prospect
Williamson, John L., Locust Hill
Ware, James T., Locust Hill
Yancey, A.G., Yanceyville


Henderson, L.B. Yanceville
Hooper, E.H., Blackwells
Hooper, W.P., Blackwells
Siddell, C.G., Leasburg
Wemple, John D., Yanceyville

Post Offices & Post Masters

Anderson’s Store,  ___________
Blackwells, C.B. Luke
Hightowers, __________
Locust Hill, Mrs. Paschall
Leasburg, Mrs. Susan Paylor
Milton, John J. Jones
Prospect, Mrs. F.L. Warren
Yanceyville, Mrs. Paylor

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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