Catawba County, North Carolina
Branson's North Caroline Business Directory

Catawba County

Population in 1860........10,729
County Seat........Newton

County Officers

Attorney, M.E. Lowrance
Clerk County Court, M.L. Cline
Clerk Superior Court, D.F. Moore
Chairman County Court, Dr. O. Campbell
Clerk and Master in Equity, Dr. O. Campbell
Coroner, F.L. Herman
Register, D.B. Gaither
Sheriff, Jonas Cline
Surveyor, J.P. Cline
Standard Keeper, A. Summit
Trustee, J.P. Cline

Colleges and Schools

Catawba High School, English and Classical, Newton, J.C. Clapp, A.B. and Maj. S.M. Finger, A.B.

Churches and Pastors

St. Pauls, Evan. Luth., P.C. Henkel
St. Johns, Evan. Luth., P.C. Henkel
Trinity, Evan. Luth., P.C. Henkel
Hasses, Evan. Luth., P.C. Henkel
St. Pauls, German Reform, John Lantz
Newton, German Reform, John Lantz
Mathews, German Reform, John Lantz

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Newton Hotel, Newton, Capt. Bost


McCorkle, M.L., Newton
Lowrance, M.E., Newton


Cotton Factory, near Catawba Station, Powell & Shuford
Cotton Factory, near Catawba Station, Powell & Tate


Berier, Geo. General Hardware and Dry Goods, Newton
cline & Bost, Dry Goods, Hardware, Notions & c., Newton
cobb, (J.S.) & Son, Dry Goods, Newton
Gaither, (D.B.) & Son, Dry Goods, Newton
Fry & Wilfang, Dry Goods, Newton
Holt & Brothers, Dry Goods, Newton
Yount, (J.M.A.) Bro & Smith, Dry Goods, Newton


Helton, Rob’t , Meth., (local) Jacob’s Fork
Warlick, D.E., Meth., (local) Jacob’s Fork
Sherrell, Dr., Meth., (local) Mountain Creek
Hughes, J.P., Meth., (local) Newton
Henkle, P.C., Luth., Newton

Mills and Mill Owners

Reinhardt’s Mill, W.P. Reinhardt
Heldebrands’ Mill, P.M. Heldebrand
Bostian’s Mill, F.W. Bostian
Sawyer’s Mill, Silas Sawyer
Setzer’s Mill, G. & J.L. Setzer
Younts’ Mill, G.D.L. Yount


Abernathy, T.M., Newton
Campbell, O., Newton
Nichols, Geo., Newton

Post Offices & Post Masters

newton, Miss Harriet E. Bost

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)

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