Chatham County, North Carolina
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Chatham County

Population in 1860........19,101
County Seat........Pittsboro’

County Officers

Attorney, Benj. J. House
Clerk County Court, R.C. Cotton
Clerk Superior Court, J.A. Thompson
Chairman County Court, ------------
Clerk and Master in Equity, H. Merritt
Coroner, -----------
Register, Wm. Hatch
Sheriff, G.J. Williams
Deputy Sheriff, I. Neal
Surveyor, ------------
Standard Keeper, ----------
Trustee, G.J. Williams
Constable, J.M. Blond



Pittsboro’ Scientific Academy, C.B. Denson
Female Academy, Pittsboro’, Rev. R.B. Sutton
Haywood High School, Haywood, L. Holmes
Mt. Vernon Seminary, Mt. Vernon, Monk & Emerson

Churches and Pastors

Pittsboro’ church, Epis., R.B. Sutton
Pittsboro’ Meth., J. B. Martin
Haywood, Meth., J.B. Martin
Pleasant Hill, Meth., J.B. Martin
Hickory Mountain, Meth., J.B. Martin
Mt. Vernon, Meth., J.B. Martin
Brown’s Chapel, Meth., J.B. Martin
Chatham Church, Meth., J.B. Martin
Mt. Zion, Meth., J.B. Martin
Mt. Pleasant, Meth., O.J. Brent
Cedar Grove, Meth., O.J. Brent
Shady Grove, Meth., O.J. Brent
Merritt’s Chapel, Meth., O.J. Brent
Ebenezer, Meth., O.J. Brent
Buckhorn, Meth., J.W. Avent
Asbury, Meth., F.H. Wood
Shilo, Meth., F.H. Wood
Fairpromise, Meth., F.H. Wood
Maroney’s, Meth., F.H. Wood
Shady Grove, Bap., ------------
Gum Spring, Bap. -----------
May’s Chapel, Bap., ----------
Erneus, Bap., -----------
Olive Chapel, Bap., -----------
Rock Spring, Bap., Wm Linebury
Pittsboro’, Bap., Wm Linebury
Rieve’s Chapel, Bap., Wm Linebury
Mt. Gelead, Bap., -----------
Lystra, Bap., J.P. Mason
Mt. Olive, Bap., --------------
Pleasant Grove, Bap., -------------
Moore’s Chapel, Bap., --------------
Bear Creek, Bap., -------------
Mt. Pisgah, Bap., J.C. Wilson
Mineral Spring, -------------
Love’s Creek ------------
Cedar Falls --------------
Rocky River, -----------------
Fall Creek -----------------
Pittsboro’, Pres., Nathan Paton
Haywood, Pres., Nathan Paton
Center, Prot. Meth., --------------

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Haywood Inn, Haywood, R. Faucett, Sr.
Eagle Hotel, Pittsboro’, N.A. Ramsey
Burk’s Hotel, Pittsboro’, H.H. Burk


Headen, James, Pittsboro’
House, Benj. J., Haywood
Merritt, L.J., Pittsboro’
Manning, John, Pittsboro’
Jackson, J.J., Pittsboro’
Waddell, M.Q., Pittsboro’
London, H.A. Jr., Pittsboro’


Egypt Mining Company, Egypt, Robert Payton, Engineer
Foundry and Machine Shop, Lockville, Silas Burns
Iron Manufacturing Co., Egypt, Clegg Dennis & Co.


Brown & Russell, Dry Goods &c., Egypt
Clegg, I.N., Dry Goods &c., Lockville
Durham, F.R., Saddle and Harness Shop, Haywood
Farrar, J.H., Watch maker and Jeweler, Haywood
Fitchet, M.L., Shoemaker, Haywood
Headen & Bynum, Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Headen, A.G., Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Long, J.A., Dry Goods &c., Lockville
Long, Edwin, Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
London, (H.A.) & Sons, Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Marsh & Jessup, Dry Goods &c., Egypt
McArthur & Davis, Dry Goods &c., Egypt
Moore, F.M., Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Nash, W.A., Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Patterson, Wm., Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Poe & Hanks, Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Scott, J.W., Dry Goods &c., Haywood
Vestal, N., Dry Goods &c., Egypt
Womac & Hill, Dry Goods &c., Pittsboro’
Yarborough, A.M., Dry Goods &c., Glenaloon


Sutton, R.B., Epis., Pittsboro’
Holmes, L., Epis., Haywood
Bobbitt, W.H., Meth., Pittsboro’
Martin, Joseph B., Meth., Pittsboro’
Taylor, Wm. P., Meth., Pittsboro’
Johnson, Minton, Meth., Egypt
Farrar, Thos B., Meth., Bellevoir
Cotton, James, Meth., Martha’s Vineyard
Snipes, Wm., Meth., Pittsboro’
Burnett, F., Meth., Pittsboro’
Burnett, L., Meth., Pittsboro’
Long, J., Meth., Grove
Mann, Henry, Meth., Bellevoir

Mills and Mill Owners

Burns’ Mill, Pittsboro, B. Burns
Bynum’s Mill, Pittsboro’, ----------
Hadley’s Mill, Pittsboro’, W.P. Hadley
Haughton’s Mill, Egypt, Haughton & Harriss
Clegg’s Mill, Haywood, I.N. Clegg
Heck’s Mill, Lockville, Heck Clegg & Co.,
Love’s Mill, Hadley’s Robt. Love
Julia’s Mill, Pittsboro’, Mrs. Julia
Moore’s Mill, Pittsboro’, G.P. Moore
Paschal’s Mill, Pittsboro’, Paschall & Newlin
Taylor’s Mill, Pittsboro’, W.P. Taylor
Thomas’ Mill, Haywood, B. Thomas
Womble’s Mill, Pittsboro’, T.W. Womble
Green’s, R.N.-------- Beaumont


Berry, Wm. F., Pittsboro’
Buchanan, W., Martha’s vineyard
Hanks, J.A., Pittsboro’
Newby, S.C., Egypt
Waddell, D.S., Pittsboro’
Wyche, R.A., Haywood
Parmer, A.W., Gulf

Post Offices & Post Masters

Pittsboro’, John T. Mallory
Egypt, H.L. Muse
Haywood, J.B. Drake
Glenaloon, A.M., Yarborough
Hadley’s, ---------------

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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