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Abstract of Marriage Bonds

From originals in office of the Clerk of the Superior Court at Edenton, N.C.

(Source: North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol II, Publ. Jan 1901. Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

Year Date Names Sureties
1838 Jan. 16 Miller, Solomon and Sarah Copeland.   
1838 Apr. 23 McClenny, and Mary Smith.   
1838 May 17 Parish, Ednmnd and Mehmca Simpson.   
1838 Oct. 25 Parish, Richard and Nelly Bacchus.   
1838 Nov. 14 Phelps, William and Eliza Luton.  James Phelps.
1838 Dec. 21 Perry, Orrister and Nancy Dail.  Joshua Dail.
1838 Jul. 19 Roberts, Frederick L. and Sarah Jane Pophelston.   
1838 Jan. 01 Smith, Amos and Mary Boyce.  Elijah Smith.
1838 Mar. 23 Skinner, Job and Elizabeth Ann Jordan.   
1838 Jul. 21 Spivey, Jacob and Peninah Goodwin.   
1838 Oct. 16 Smith, Alfred and Temperance J. Chambers.   
1838 Dec. 13 Skinner, James B. and Martha Hartnras.   
1838 Mar. 14 Woodward, Nathaniel and Emily Elliott.   
1838 Nov. 20 White, John and Axey Hollowell.  Silas White.
1839 Apr.20 Ashley, Josiah and Judith Haste.  Henry Morgan.
1839 May 04 Ashley, Miles and Winney Perry.  Isaac Cail.
1839 Feb. 13 Birum, James I. and Elizabeth Forehand.  
1839 Mar. 13 Byrum, Isaac J. and Easter Hollowell.   
1839 Apr. 06 Byrum, Edwin and Mary Hollowell.  James Boyce.
1839   Butts, Willam E. and Marv J ane Elliott.  
1839 May 06 Boyce, Benjamin and Levinia Walker.  Joseph Norcom.
1839 Aug. 19 Birum, William and Eli Asbell. Humphrey Birum.
1839 Aug. 23 Bacchus, Thomas and Prudence Bunch.   
1839 Sep. 03 Brooks, Joseph and Elizabeth Goodwin.   
1839 Nov. 01 Bunch, Josiah and Tamar Asbell.  Humphrey Birum.
1839 Feb. 12 Davenport, Richard and Elsey ('hatman.   
1839 Dec. 04 Elliott, Elisha and Ann Elliott.  Nathaniel Hathaway.
1839 Jun. 20 Felton R. R. and Mary A. Fitt.  Micajah J. Bunch.
1839 Jun. 29 Floyd, William and Sarah Morgan.  Halsey Floyd.
1839 Jul. 17 Fife, Charles and Martha Proctor.  Moses D. Hare.
1839 Aug. 20 Goodwin, Richard and Christian Ward.   
1839 Mar. 27 Goodwin, Sanford E. and Penelope Small.   
1839 Feb. 06 Halsey, Isaac and Harriet Woodward.   
1839 Mar. 16 Hurdle, Lemuel and Susan Goodwin.   
1839 May 29 Jordan, John R. and Sarah Cochrane.  
1839 Sep. 10 Jackson, Samuel and Frances Taylor.   
1839 Nov. 28 Jordan, Theophilus and Eliza Dail.  Julius B. Dail.
1839 Nov. 26 Kirby, Samuel H. and' Lucinda C. Benton.   
1839 Jan. 22 Miller, Smith and Temperance Ward.   
1839 Mar. 09 Morgan, Hardy and Elizabeth Munds.  
1839 Mar. 19 Mallory, William S. and Mary D. Hoskins.   
1839 Nov. 28 Manning, Richard H. and Lydia S. Howett.   
1839 Dec. 23 Morris, John and Eliza Stallings.  Benjamin Gregory
1839 Jun. 12 Nixon, Robert and Frances Smith.  Nathaniel Bond, Jr.
1839 Mar. 09 Perry, Willis and Ashley Smith.  William Bush
1839 Nov. 01 Parish, Joshua and Milley Green.  James Robinson.
1839 Jan. 28 Riddick, Thomas E. and Ann B. Carter.   
1839 Feb. 16 Smith, Henry and Martha P. Liles.  Alfred Smith.
1839 Aug. 20 Skinner, James C. and Elmira Ward.   
1839 Jul. 08 Ward, William and Sarah Lane.  James Boyce.
1839 Oct. 08 Walker, Manuel and Mary B. Nixson.   
1839 Nov. 01 Winslow, Job and Clarkey Spivey.  Elisha Bunch.
1839   Ward, Allen and Juliana Winslow.  
1840 Jan. 07 Bonsal, John and Elizabeth D. Skinner.  
1840 Jan. 21 Bunch, Paul and Charity Hudgins.  William Bush.
1840 Jun. 23 Beasley, Nathaniel I. and Emily Norcom.   
1840 Jun. 07 Blount, Edmund C. and Mary E. Whedbee.   
1840 Dec. 31 Bond, Henry A. and Margaret G. Manning.   
1840 Dec. 15 Elliott, Willis J. and Sarah Bateman.  William Rea.
1840 Jul. 23 Gregory, Mathias and Penelope Jordan.   
1840 Jan. 20 Halsey, Lemuel B. and Eliza A. Blount.   
1840 May 03 Hoffler, Asa G. and Sarah Welch.  Noah P. Deanes.
1840 May 14 *Hathaway, Burton W. and Sarah A. Bent (2nd wife).  H. E. Rascoe.
    * Father and Mother of the Editor of the Register.  
1840 Oct. 26 Hardy, Jackson and Lucy Ann Bullock.   
1840 Feb.14 Jones, John and Mary Jordan.  Josiah H. Jones.
1840 Jul. 14 Jones, Enoch and Martha Ann Waff.  Henry Martin.
1840 Jan. 25 Luton, Noah and Martha Cabarrus.   
1840 Apr. 01 Long, Henry A. and Sarah Elliott.  Henry Scott.
1840 May 26 Leary, William and Mary Eliz Taylor.  William Deanes.
1840 Dec. 22 Noxon, Robert M and Mary Small.   
1840 Mar. 05 Privett, William and Elizabeth Freeman.   
1840 Oct. 26 Parker, John and Peninah Grifr-'n.  Cader Piercy.
1840 Nov. 21 Rea, Christopher C. and Mary Frances Nixon.   
1840 Feb. 05 Skinner, Augustus and Martha Taylor.   
1840 Apr. 02 Standin, William H. and Elizabeth B. Littlejohn.  William A. Littlejohn
1840 Aug. 11 Smith, William and Mary Newborn.   
1840 Jan. 20 Whiteman, Richard and Mary Sitterson.   
1840 Feb. 25 Wood, Jordan M. and Elizabeth Felton.   
1840 Mar. 12 Warren, Dr. Thomas D. and Penelope J. D. Skinner.   
1840 Jul. 20 White, George Sr., and Temperance Baker.  William Bush.
1840 Nov. 09 Williams, William and Sophia Topping.  Willis Evans.
  1841 1841  
1841 May 27 Asbell, William and Jane Harrell.  Job Parker.
1841 Jun. 29 Brooks, Josiah H. and Mary P. Gorham.   
1841 Jul. 29 Barclift, John H. and Penelope Waff.   
1841 Sep. 28 Bunch, Nathaniel and Rebecca Floyd.   
1841 Oct. 09 Blanchard Easton and Absala White.   Joseph Brooks.
1841 Nov. 30 Bunch, Willis and Michel Ward.   Thomas Forehand, Jr.
1841 Dec. 27 Blanchard, Jesse and Elizabeth A. Blanchard.   
1841 Oct. 05 Cameron, John W. and Elizabeth A. Smith.   
1841 Dec. 24 Dail, Elisha and Achsa Mitchell.  Daniel Hollowell.
1841 Jul. 28 Forehand, Joel and Ann Dail.  Daniel Hollowell.
1841 Jan. 09 Goodwin, Harvey P. and Elizabeth Mary Evans.   
1841 Aug. 11 Goodwin, John A. and Martha L. Small.   
1841 Mar. 03 Hurdle, Henry and Elizabeth Elliott.   
1841 Apr. 23 Hudson Joseph and Sarah Twine.   
1841 Jun. 16 Hare, Moses D. and Elizabeth Moore.   
1841 Dec. 14 Hudgins, Thomas W. and Lavinia M. Small.   
1841 Dec. 28 Harris, Joseph and Sarah Burruss.   Jacob Bass.
1841 Jan. 27 Jordan, Cader and Eliza Chappell.   
1841 Apr. 01 Kirby, Isaiah and Corasand Elliott. Willis J. Elliott.
1841 Feb. 18 Martin, Henry and Ann Catharine Chambers.   
1841 Apr. 06 Moore, Charlton and Sena Winslow. Asa Blanchard.
1841 Dec. 02 Norfleet, Rev. William J. and Eliza P. Howett.   
1841 Feb. 08 Perry, John and Mary Bunch.  William Jordan.
1841 Jan. 19 Riddick, Jethro and Elizabeth J. Jones.   
1841 Jul. 27 Roberts, John W. and Mary S. B. Haughton.   
1841 Apr. 08 Simpson, William and Elizabeth Hurdle.  
1841 Apr. 24 Sanderlin, Nathaniel and Jane Whaley.   
1841 Jul. 09 Small, Elisha C. and Mary Bond.  Richard Wilder.
1841 Nov. 10 Topping, Samuel and Milley Parish.  John Williams.
1841 Sep. 16 Virnelson, James and Milley Green.  Charles Smith.
1841 Mar. 02 Waff, George W. and Susan Ann Elliott.   
1841 Sep. 30 Walker, Thomas and Elizabeth Stone.   
1842 Jul. 06 Ashley, Benbury and Eliza Halsey.   
1842 Jan. 08 Byrum, Joseph J. and Elizabeth Privett.   
1842 Mar. 18 Bateman, Nathan and Nancy Riddick.   
1842 Apr. 11 Briggs, Henry and Zenith Todd.   B.W. Hathaway.
1842 Nov. 16 Bazemore, Malachi and Penelope Sampson.   
1842 Dec. 28 Caddy, James and Sarah Canaday.   Thomas Jones
1842 Sep. 20 Cochrane, Thomas, Jr., and Clarissa E. Benton.   
1841 Nov. 27 Ferrell, John L. and Martha Bartie.   
1842 Jan. 17 Harrell, James N. and Ann Goodwin.   
1842 Dec. 08 Harrison, Thomas A. and Louisa M. Collins.  W. C. Warren.
1842 Jan. 10 Kail, Isaac and Nancy Smith. Charles Smith. Charles Smith.
1842 Jul. 10 Leary, John L. and Harriett A. Skinner.   
1842 Jan. 17 Miller, Solomon and Thusey Belch.  John B. Small
1842 Jun. 18 Paxton, Richard and Elizabeth C. Benbury.  H. A. Gilliam
1842 Oct. 25 Riddick, Joseph E. and Margaret E. Harvey.   
1842 May 12 Swain, Thomas and Martha Mann.  William Kirby.
1842 Aug. 01 Snowden, Rev. William E. and Harriet Skinner.  Yelverton Read.
1842 Oct. 24 Small, Baker D. and Rosina Hudgins.  
1842 Feb. 09 Turner, Asbury and Sophia Jordan.   
1842 Feb. 17 Webb, James, Jr., and Sarah Frances Cheshire.   
1842 Feb. 07 White, Henry and Peninah Boyce.  William White.
1842 Feb. 07 White, James and Sarah White.   R. R. Felton.
1842 Oct. 11 Wiggins, William and Celia Blanchard.   
1842 Dec. 23 White, Gabriel and Ann Hudson.   Samuel Lane.
1843 Feb. 20 Ainesley, Asa and Margaret Wynn.  Tully Davenport.
1843 Jan. 02 Bass, Arassiha (Horatio) and Cassandra Nixon.   
1843 Mar. 25 Cruthers, Wilson and Sarah Dail.   
1843 Dec. 09+ Coffield, Henry and Ann Bacchus.   John Bush.
1843 Feb. 24 Davenport, Ephraim and Mary E. Speight.   
1843 Jan. 16 Elliott, William B. and Marv Jolliffe.  Moses Burke.
1843 Feb. 21 Elliott, Elisha and Sarah L. Elliott.  J. R. Lemmett.
1843 Feb. 14 Edus, Joseph and Harriet Carliles. Willis Elliott.
1843 Jan. 17 Hare, Burrell and Ann Perkins.   William Kirby.
1843 Jan. 17 Hurdle, Charles and Penelope Ming.   
1843 May 31 Halsey, Samuel and Mary Munds.   Benbury Ashley.
1843 May 25 Jacobs, Solomon and Elizabeth Coffield.  
1843 Nov. 21 Jordan, John and Charity Woodward.  
1843 May 11 Kirby, William and Elizabeth Smith.   
1843 Jan. 25 Long, Thomas B. and Elizabeth M. Bartee. .  
1843 Feb. 23 Mixson, Charles W. and Anna Maria Underhill.   
1842 Dec. 27 Newbold, James and Mary Elizabeth Bonner.   
1843 Jul. 06  Parrish, Joshua and Mahala Simpson.   
1843 Nov. 01 Parish. Stephen and Lucinda Roberts.   
1843 Feb. 07 Stafford. John and Mary Wood.  William Bush
1843 May 25 Stafford, William and Susan Wood.   James White.
1843 May 25 Shepard, William B. and Ann D. Collins W. C. Warren.
1843 Sep. 04 Sutton, Samuel and Elizabeth Ann Mixson.   
1843 Jan. 25 White, Josiah and Susan Hurdle.  Washington Spivey.
1843 May 31 Warren, Dr. Thos. D. and Margaret L. CofKeld.  R. T. Paine.
1844 Jan. 02 Birum, Humphrey and Mary Ward.  William C. Simpson.
1844 May Bratten, John and Deborah Smith.   Willis Elliott.
1844 Dec. 12 Boushall, John and Deborah F. Gaskins.  Chas. MeXider.
1844 Jan. 18 CofKeld, William and Margaret Simpson.   Benjamin Howcoit.
1844 Aug. 24 Cannon, James Iredell and Harriet E. Baker.   Edward Brown.
1844 Mar. 13 Dixon, George B. and Mary B. McDonald.   Casper W. Norcom.
1844 Jul. 04 Dixon, Alexander and Corisand McDonald.   Casper W Norcom.
1844 Jan. 06 Forehand, Thomas, Sr., and Catharine Hollowell.  John Forehand.
1844 Jan. 29 Godfrey, Joseph G. and Margaret M. Haughton.  Charles G. Haughton.
1844 Nov. 22 Goodwin, Miles and Elizabeth Cochrane.   
1844 Jan. 17 Hurdle, Seth and Mary W inslow.  Robert Stallings.
1844 Jan. 24 Hatfield, James and Naomi Spruell. Hezekiah Arnold.
1844 Mar. 27 Hines, Benjamin A. and Elizabeth Chapman. John Cox.
1844 Apr. 28 Hammond, Henry George and Harriet Ann Swinson.  John W. Cameron.
1844 Dec. 26 Hall, William T. and Mary Smith. Jesse Williamson.
1844 Dec. 17 Moore, Edward and Lucy Ann Moore.  Charles S. Moore.
1844 Oct. 22 Manning, Dr. Joseph and Emily L. Cleveland.  Thomas C. Manning.
1844 May 01 Parker, Samuel T. and Lydia Kail.  James C. Bond.
1844 May 13 Perry, Allen H. and Margaret Ann Bush.  Miles Goodwin.
1844 Nov. 08 Parish, James and Margaret Mitchell.  James L. Roberts.
1844 Nov. 29 Pierce, John and Lydia Hobbs.  C. L. McNider.
1844 Jan. 11 Simmons, John W. and Mariam Jordan.  Zachariah Evans.
1844 Feb. 13 Speed, Dr. Rufus K. and Elizabeth M. Jones. Thomas G. Haughton.
1844 Apr. 09 Small, Humphrev and Elizabeth Floyd.  Jeremiah Floyd.
1844 Dec. 09+ Todd, William H. and Susannah Smith.  Smith Miller.
1844 Feb. 07 Ward, David and Mary Moore.  Moses W. White.
1844 Dec. 15 White, Moses and Sarah Ward.  William King.
1844 Jul. 25 Wilson, James and Catharine Boyce.  James C. Bond.
1844 Feb. 07 Winslow, Jos. H. and Maria Hurdle.   
1845 Jan. 01 Brown, Benjamin and Cynthia Harrell.   John H. Jones.
1845 Aug. 26 Byrum, Henderson H. and Elizabeth Burruss.   Gideon Byrum.
1845 Nov. 05 Bunch, Thomas and Sophia Mood.  John C. Fleetwood.
1845 Nov. 17 Bonner, James and Caroline E. White.   P. F. White.
1845 Nov. 29 Bonner, Abraham and Harriet Ann Simpson.  John Bonner.
1845 Feb. 01 Clayton, Addison W. and Elizabeth Bond. W. H. Wilder.
1845 Apr. 23 Featherstone, Edward (of Amelia Co.)and Mary H. Howett R. H. Manning.
1845 Jul. 14 Goodwin, Stephen and Judy Boyce.  Theophilus Goodwin.
1845 Dec. 03 Gordon, George and Mary G. Standley.  
1845 Jan. 08 Hobbs, Henry and Elizabeth Smith.    Abner Hollowell.
1845 Jan. 09 Harrell, John and Margaret A. Miller.   Samuel Eshon.
1845 Apr. 15 Hatfield, Charles and Deborah Pratt.  Whitaker Myers.
1845 Jul. 21 Hinton, Peter W. and Sarah J. Righton.   N. Leggett.
1845 Aug. 28 Halsey, Cullen A. and Charlotte Perry.   
1845 Sep. 12 Hackney, Henrv and Caroline Lawrence.  William H. Todd.
1845 Dec. 16 Hinton, John W. and Martha J. Small.  Thomas W. Hudgins.
1845 Jul. 24 Jones, James and Sarah Harriss.  R. R. Felton.
1845 Oct. 03 Jordan, Willis H. and Sarah Halsey.   Arasha Bass.
1845 Dec. 09+ Jordan, Joseph J. and Elizabeth Ann Clements. James C. Bond.
1845 Dec. 17 Morris, John and Harriet Ward.  Drew Welch.
1845 Apr. 15 Norfleet, James E. and Nancy Hill.   Richard Wyatt.
1845 Feb. 12 Perry, Willis and Elizabeth Ward.   Allen C. Ward.
1845 Aug. 15 Pearce, William and Martha Nixon.   Henry Byrum.
1845 Jun. 04 Small, Malachi H. and Eliabeth Ward.  John D. Small.
1845 Oct. 03 Sansberry, Charles and Rebecca Bagley. William McCoy.
1845 Jun. 20 Ward, Wellington and Asbilley Gregory.   James C. Bond.
1845 May 13 Wilson, Henry and Nancy Veazey.  Elijah Smith.
1845 Jul. 22 Ward, Trotman H. and Charity White.  Henry W. Hobbs.
1845 Sep. 03 Williams, William and Julia Hill.   Joseph B. Newby.
1845 Dec. 23 Wyatt, Richard and Eliza M. Norfleet.  Thomas B. Howett.
1846 Mar. 10 Alexander, James and Mary Hall.  Asa Ainesley.
1846 Jun. 19 Asbell, James and Martha Ann Twine.  William Asbell.
1846 May 04 Baker, Andrew and Elizabeth Brinn.  Harvey P. Goodwin.
1846 May 06 Bonner, John and Sarah E. Waff.  Joseph T. Waff.
1846 Jul. 22 Bunch, Harvey and Nancy Parks. Henry White.
1846 Jul. 26 Bunch, Josiah and Ruth Nixon.  Horatio Bass.
1846 Sep. 10 Bond, George and Harriet F. Parker.   
1846 Feb. 23 Coffield, John and Grissell Bunch.  Cullen Mitchell.
1846 May 16 Costen, James K. and Mary White.  Rizop Rawls.
1846 Jul. 30 Culipher, James C. and Sallv Ann Smith.  Abram Culifer.
1846 Oct. 22 Floyd, Jeremiah and Temperance Smith.   Samuel Eshon.
1846 Nov. 02 Griffin, Exum and Leah Goodwin.   Leah Perry.
1846 May 05 Halsey, Samuel and Lydia Roberts.  Samuel Topping.
1846 Jun. 04 Jackson, James S. and Sarah Sansberry.  Augustus A. Skinner.
1846 Nov. 02 Kehoe, Richard and Penelope Bazemore. Enoch Jones.
1846 Dec. 22 Legget, William and Mary Ann Ashley.  Miles Leggett.
1846 Apr. 16 Messmore, Daniel and Mary Matilda Norcom.   George Price.
1846 Oct. 14 Mitchell, Henry and Martha Jones.  Jeremiah Floyd.
1846 Dec. 31 Miller, William and Mary Dail.   Thomas I. Miller.
1846 Aug. 22 Pratt, Joshua and Margaret Johnson.   John L. Ferrell.
1846 Aug.14 Smith, Zachariah and Harriet Hofler. William Bush.
1846 Dec. 03 Smith, Charles and Mary Bond.  Stephen Smith.
1846 Jul. 04 Taylor, William and Matilda Pratt.  Joseph Taylor.
1846 Jul. 18 Thompson, John and Hester King Lee.  John Cox.
1846 Oct. 14 Winslow, John L. and Harriet P. Winslow.  Allen C. Ward.
1847 Dec. 27 Avery, Joseph and Sarah S. Harvey.  John Bush.
1847 Jan. 19 Byrum, Isaac, Jr., and Mary Copeland. Joseph Copeland.
1847 Jul. 21 Byrum, James W. and Anna I. Asbill.  Wrighton Ward.
1847 Oct. 27 Bockover, Benjamin T. and Sarah E. Hathaway.  Charles R. Hankins.
1847 Nov. 11 Byrum, Francis and Elizabeth Halsey. Bryant Burross.
1847 Jan. 30 Copeland Timothy and Elizabeth Vcazey.   Isaac Byrum, Jr.
1847 May 27 Citizen, Charlton and Lewey Spruell.  Joseph Taylor
1847 Jan. 26 Evans, Josiah and Martha Perry.  Harvey Goodwin.
1847 Dec. 29 Hendrix, John F. and Catharine Sanderlin.  Thomas S. Hoskins.
1847 May 20 Haste, Abner and Achsah Ward.  Tredwell Bunch.
1847 Jul. 05 Halsey, Samuel and Elizabeth Chappell.  Edwin Evans,
1847 Nov.18 Halsey, Baker and Sarah Parker.   Josiah H. Jones.
1847 Jan. 15 Mitchell, Lewis and Jemima Griffin.   Alfred Boyce.
1847 Feb. 11 McNair, Edmund D. and Elizabeth Ann Cheshire.   A. H. McNair.
1847 Dec. 01 Nixon, Andrew and Lovey Nixon.   Horatio Bass.
1847 Mar. 31 Price, George and Maria L. Haughton.  H. E. Rascoe.
1847 May 30 Perry, Harvey and Emily Perry. Miles Goodwin.
1847 Dec. 29 Perkins, Martin C. S. and Corasand Kirby.   John J. Maurice.
1847 Apr. 10 Spruell, Joseph and Mary Ann Phelps.  James H. Spruell.
1847 May 04 Saunders, Willis N. and Elizabeth Coffield.  Mark D. Hathaway.
1847 Jun. 08 Skinner, Myles and Sarah Jordan.  Jordan D. Elliott.
1847 Dec. 06 Skinner, John and Elizabeth Halsey. T. L. Skinner.
1847 Oct. 02 Twine, Joel and Sarah Jordan.   Nathaniel Griffin.
1847 Feb. 09 Waft', Joseph T. and Elizabeth A. Benbury.  Charles W. Benbury.
1847 May 11 Williams, John and Mary Rea. H. E. Rascoe. H. E. Rascoe.
1848 Jan. 19 Bunch, Newby and Elizabeth Burke.  Josiah Coffield.
1848 Jan. 29 Bunch, Micajah and Harriet Byrum.   Frederick Bunch.
1848 Feb. 14 Boyce, William and Christian Hollowell. William Byrum.
1848 Apr. 11 Bond, Henry and Elizabeth Hudson.  Thomas W. Hudgins.
1848 Jul. 13 Burke, James W. and Martella Johnson. James D. Birner.
1848 Aug. 08 Boyce, Baker F. and Harriet Jordan. Daniel Hollowell.
1848 Jan. 12 Copeland, Joseph Jr., and Susan Boyco. Elijah Smith.
1848 Mar. 09 Creecy, William F. and Sarah E. Brinkley.  James E. Norfleet.
1848 Dec. 12 Cannon, Caltern C. and Martha Winslow. James l. Camton.
1848 Feb. 07 Denson, John B. and Elizabeth M. Boushall.  James C. Bond.
1848 Sep. 07 Evans, Josiah and Lavinia Nowberne.  Jeremiah Evans.
1848 May 25 Foxwell, Thomas L. and Rebecca K. Boushall.  Joshua T. McCoy.
1848 Apr. 12 Hendricks, Josiah and Sarah Holloway.  Josiah Byrum.
1848 Oct. 17 Hudson, John W. and Sarah Frances Dolby.  Thomas W. Hudgins.
1848 Mar. 14 Jordan, Thomas and Harriet McClenny. James Bass.
1848 Apr. 27 Jones, Albert G. and Nelly Miller.   Jesse Parker.
1848 Jan. 18 Manning, Thomas C. and Marv Blair.  Tippoo S. Haughton.
1848 Mar. 23 McClenny, Jesse and Elizabeth Jordan.   B. Nixon.
1848 Jun. 27 Moore, Charles S. and Martha L. Goodwin.  Samuel T. Bond.
1848 Sep. 21 Miller, Reuben and Lavinia Coffield.  William H. Todd.
1848 Oct. 27 Moore, Jackson and Mary Ann Copeland.  Charlton Moore.
1848 Dec. 19 Munroe, Patrick M. C. and Elizabeth Satterfield.  James Bonner.
1848 Oct. 02 Nixon, John and Caroline Rudolph. N. S. Perkins.
1848 Mar. 30 Perry, Alfred and Rachel Wood.  John A. Busby.
1848 May 08 Parks, Elisha and Milly Modlin.  Francis Modlin.
1848 May 24 Parish, Richard and Pheriby Bunch.  John Churchill.
1848 Dec. 14 Riley, William Charles and Martha Harrell.   T. J. Robertson.
1848 Feb. 24 Reed, Thomas N. and Mary Ferrell.  Thomas B. Long.
1848 Feb. 23 Smith, Willis and Mary Lane.  John R.Smith.
1848 Apr. 15 Spivey, Jesse and Cynthia Hobbs. Moses W. White.
1848 Sep. 08 Smith, Stephen and Nancy Jordan.   Charles Smith.
1848 Nov. 24 Trotman, Ezekiel and Elizabeth Blanchard.  Josiah Blanchard.
1848 Jan. 12 White, George and Mary Hollowell.  Elijah Harrell.
1848 Feb. 09 White, Josiah and Martha White. Moses W. White.
1848 Mar. 15 Williams, Nathaniel and Frances Churchill. William Williams.
1848 Mar. 17 Walker, Emanuel and Naomi Hatfield.  
1848 Apr. 13 White, Silas and Mary Ann Byrum.  Henry White.
1848 Oct. 19 Wilson, Samuel P. and Sarah Ann Smith.  James C. Bond.
1848 Nov. 29 Wilder, Henry and Harriet Stanton.  A. W. Clayton.
1848 Nov. 29 Welch, Dorsey and Emily Welch.  William Coffield.
1849 Jan. 18 Burke, William and Susan Smith. Charles E. Robinson.
1849 Feb. 24 Burrows, Bryant and Nancy James.  Frances Byrum.
1849 Jun. 04 Burk, John and Harriet Privett.  Josiah Coffield.
1849 Aug. 23 Byrum, Jesse W. and Sarah A. Ward. Allen C. Ward.
1849 Nov. 13 Baker, Richard B. and Nancy Johnson.  W. C. Wood.
1849 Nov. 21 Caddy, John and Lovey Ward.  John L. Bratten.
1849 Jan. 16 Evans, Stark B. and Esther Hobbs.  W. H. Elliott.
1849 Feb. 11 Eason, George and Sarah Jordan.  Thomas L. Hollowell.
1849 Jul. 05 Foxwell, Thomas L. and Mary C. Gaskins.  Jesse A. Williamson.
1849 May 03 Goodwin, Gabriel and Lydia Chappell.  Ambrose Perry.
1849 Mar. 08 Morris, Eason A. and Sarah Hedricks. William Hedricks.
1849 Nov. 13 Munds, William and Harriet Ann Munds.  Alex G. Bailey.
1849 Dec. 04 Moore, Joseph M. and Martha A. W. Howcott. James C. Bond.
1849 Mar. 21 Parish, James and Leah Hobbs.  James Parish.
1849 May 26 Pritchett, James and Mary B. Harvey.   James Norcom, Jr.
1849 Dec. 26 Privett, William, and Harriet Smith.  Willis Jordan.
1849 Dec. 24 Parker, Newborn and Elizabeth Small.  Jesse Parker.
1849 Mar. 17 Roberts, James L. and Elizabeth Simpson.  Charles E. Robinson.
1849 Mar. 31 Stacey, Stephen B. and Nancy Davenport.  Stephen B. Stacey.
1849 May 03 Saunders, Rev. John M. and Sarah A. Thorpe.  Rev. W. H. Wheelwright .
1849 Aug. 18 Smith, Isaac and Mary Hobbs.   William H. Todd.
1849 Sep. 18 Smith, James and Emma Harris.  Francis A. Harris.
1849 Apr. 24 Webb, Moses W. and Agnes P. Rea.   T. M. Nixon.
1850 Feb. 14 Butler, Starkey and Harriet Newborn. William H. Wilder.
1850 May 07 Byrum, Jacob and Rachel Copeland.  Thomas S. Hoskins.
1850 May 15 Bland, Theodorick J. and Mrs. Julia A. Miskell   J. U. Floyd.
1850 May 23 Bratten, William and Penelope Floyd. Richard Goodwin.
1850 Apr. 10 Cullifer, Benjamin and Judith Ashley. Starkey Perry
1850 Nov. 28 Copeland, Thomas J. and Rachel Ward. Henry R. Chappell.
1850 Jan. 01 Evans, Zachariah and Penelope Goodwin. Jeremiah Goodwin.
1850 Mar. 02 Felton, William and Sesson J. Bartee.  Joseph S. Leary.
1850 Dec. 24 Goodwin, William and Mary White.  Jeremiah Evans.
1850 Jan. 01 Goodwin, James and Sophia Jordan. Richard Woodward.
1850 Aug. 27 Hunter, William C. and Mary M. Whedbee. E. S. Hunter.
1850 Nov. 23 Harris, James and Penelope Eliz Ashley.  Myles Ashley.
1850 Jun. 27 Jones, John M. and Martha Ann Jones.   Joseph S. Jones.
1850 Jan. 24 Miller, Jonathan S. and Leah Copeland.  William H. Todd.
1850 Jun. 04 Munds, Lemuel and Mrs. Tempey Savage.  Charles Smith.
1850 Sep. 24 McClenny, Henry and Rosa Jane Savage.   James Bass.
1850 Sep. 19 Outlaw, David and Charity Goodwin. James C. Bond.
1850 Feb. 19 Perry, Turner and Balinda Deanes.  Thomas Cochrine, Jr.
1850 Jul. 18 Pickett, James T. and E. J. Haughton.   W. A. Littlejohn.
1850 Oct. 31 Phelps, William and Hester Canaday.  James Wilson.
1850 Jan. 26 Robinson, Charles E. and Martha Swain. Jesse A. Williamson.
1850 Apr. 10 Spivey, Allen and Sarah J. Blanchard. Jesse W. Blanchard.
1850 Nov. 29 Spivey, Baker and Cynthia Ward.  James C. Bond.
1850 Jul. 28 Trotman, Elisha and Ann Eliza Hagarthy.  Charles S. Moore.
1850 Feb. 12 Ward, Righton and Sallv Ann Byrum.  Andrew Ward.
1850 Jan. 14 White, Thomas and Esther Hudgins.  James L. Roberts.


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